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Hey sir your clothes are ready.


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Had a cat that did this on the bed whenever the door would get shut. Not because it was trapped or in there for a long time. If the door got shut when the cat was in the room, it would instantly shit on the bed. I'm talking like 30 seconds until shitting. This cat never grew out of that. We still think twice about closing doors in the house and the cat has been dead for years. It's fun living in fear of a shitty cat.


Had one that hated when we left the house and would immediately pee in my son's lego bucket. We set up a small dummy lego bucket whenever we left which got put under the outdoor faucet when we got home. We would store his usable legos in his closet. Eventually we found him a home with an elderly lady who hardly ever left the house, took a while though. He was a good cat otherwise. Poor guy just didn't like us leaving.


Separation anxiety isn't something you see a lot of in cats but it's definitely a thing. Good call on finding it a home and not just abandoning it (not that you would!).


>Separation anxiety isn't something you see a lot of in cats Meanwhile my cat has to come to the kitchen with me from the couch when I get TV snacks. It's like 4 steps away. They are essentially the same room.


Our cat does this with my wife. Drives her nuts. She'll be trying to get ready in the morning and he's just glued to her ankles.


Cat sleeps on my friends bed and when he gets up, so does she and loves trying to get squished whilst begging for breakfast


squish the cat


Yes! I will admit it is hard for me sometimes. Especially when I am trying to cook food.


My one cat does this. He's the most affectionate when I'm getting ready in the morning. Lately he has taken to falling asleep on my lap whenever I sit down for a few minutes before leaving. Last time I tried to wake him up gently but the butthole started purring really loudly and didn't move at all.


Mine has been like this since I was about 4 months pregnant and I'm a month postpartum now. Drives me nuts. He has to be sitting on me or touching me all the time.


Sounds like he's responding to your mommy hormones...the same ones that cause kittens to stay with their mommas. I had a cat separated too early from momma. She clinged to me every pregnancy and until I stopped nursing each baby. Once my hormones settled, she went back to normal.


It's good practice for when you have children. Only more screaming and less purring. Even the scratches are mostly the same


Mine just loves to come sit on your lap, or beg you to let him sit on your lap while you're pooping.


My cat has the opposite of separation anxiety. She gets annoyed when someone is home when they aren't supposed to be.


One of my cats is the same. I thought she might ease up a bit since I'm home all the time now. Nope. It's been a year and she's still as clingy as ever.


I got my clingy cat another cat hoping she'd follow me around less and be more happy. Now two cats follow me everywhere.


You now need to get them a cat they can cling to...


They love you.


My cat always starts to rapid-fire meow every night whenever I go to bed, or when I leave for work. It doesn't matter if my boyfriend and roommates are home, either.


Your cat is bonded to you, so the presence of other people doesn't really matter. Separation anxiety is a real thing in cats.


We got our cat during Covid when we were home all of the time. I think that probably conditioned her into thinking that I was going be near her all the time.


Sometimes, getting another cat can help. They keep each other company. Or, they can decide they hate each other and every day there is hissing and growling, like in my house. They've lived together for 8 years, and still with the hissing and growling.


My cat screams at me if I lock her out when I'm in the bathroom. She hates being cuddled but she also hates being more than five feet away from me at all times. It's adorable, but not when you're trying to go and there's a cat yowling at the top of her voice right outside. The other cat sit right at the door of any room we're in. Refuses to come in, refuses to go further away. Closing the door is inviting a cat tantrum. I got cats because I wanted independent pets who could stay happy without a lot of attention. It worked out splendidly. Damned furballs.


That's our dog. It's fine and dandy except we have a 3 foot wide galley style kitchen.


I stayed at my friend's place overnight night and left my cat at home with food and water. Came back with puke everywhere and him rubbing up against my legs like crazy. Poor guy can't stay alone for an extended period of time.


I have this theory that every cat in the world does one stupid fucking thing that makes their owner intensely hate it in those moments. Sometimes two things, but usually one really obnoxious thing. My first cat would murder any and all creatures it could find and drag them into the living room through the cat door. Snakes, birds, decapitated bunnies. Next cat would bite the backs of my legs when I walked by if I was wearing shorts. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason and the fact that he did it seemingly randomly always made me on guard but never certain when it was coming. I currently have two black cats. One of them randomly pisses on blankets or clothes, even when the litter box is clean. The other relentlessly pukes everywhere. Why the fuck do I keep doing this to myself?!? It's like living with an abuser! EDIT: I appreciate y'all sharing your cat stories both for and against my theory of "one awful thing". The cat that murdered everything. I've never experienced it to that degree. He was a fairly small cat too. One time he dragged a snake in that was approximately three and a half feet long. We'd have live birds flying around the living room after he brought 'em in. The bunny massacres were the most intense though. From left to right, on the carpet: bunny head, massive blood splatter with some kind of organ right in the middle and then a little cotton tail all the way to the right. I've seen the killing mice/birds thing but this feller, named Hades, was on a relentless warpath against surrounding wildlife. And we lived in a fairly populated college town. This wasn't out in the boonies. He disappeared one day and I imagine him still sitting on a thrown of skulls, grooming himself and plotting his next murder. EDIT 2: I'll try taking chicken out of their diet! I know some of the puking is one of the boneheads will find the tiniest piece of plastic from any of my kids food or candy wrappers and eat it. I wish I could tell him to stop trying to murder himself that way but instead I'm constantly on the hunt for any scrap of refuse he might try and consume while he's being a lunatic. Also, I will say that my cats are incredibly loving toward our family and do particularly well with our kids. Never had an issue there and they are generally sweet. Aside from the puking and pissing...


I had two cats growing up. One was a giant dickhead and the other was perfect. She kind of breaks your rule. The reason I won’t get a cat? Nothing else will be as close to perfect as she was. She was tiny and cute. Loved to cuddle. Used the litter box every time. Didn’t bite ever. Didn’t knock things off the counter. The only issue is she got cancer and died pretty young.


Aw sorry to hear your awesome cat passed away… I’m with you. I’m reading all these stories and thinking *WTF?* My fiancé and I were never cat people. We were actually looking to adopt a dog when our current cat, a black tabby, basically “chose us.” She was already about 2 years old when we met her at the adoption center. She was super sweet with us, though she hated being around other cats. Anyway yeah, 4 years later and she’s honestly kind of perfect. NONE of the issues people above have said. No biting ever. Can’t imagine her biting someone. No clawing furniture. No middle of the night attacks. No vengeful shits. She’s Social and follows us around, but is fine being alone. She runs and greets us at the door when we come home. She sleeps on our laps or in bed with us. When she is ready for us to wake up, she’ll come up to our faces and meow a few times, but if we want to sleep in, she takes the hint and goes and lies back down, patiently waiting for us to get up. I can pick her up and toss her around any which way and she’s okay with it. She’s honestly perfect. I’m now feeling very lucky!


I've got a near perfect model myself, the only trouble is around food, he was found in the streets at about one y/old so we have no idea of the extent of his past trauma, food will always be a (very vocal) problem I guess. Also he's a bread thief but on a grain free diet so that wrecks his tummy and yet he's always used the litter box (bar one time that I really really can't explain).


My dad always says never trust a fart. Maybe your cat learned that first hand 😂


She sounds lovely, but that isn't as rare as you think! My cats don't knock stuff off counters, always use litter box (one time Harley pooped directly outside it, but that was my fault) both are cuddly! Not small though, haha. The one is laying in a canyon between my legs, and the other girl is sitting on a chair, beside the bed, just kind of gently breath purring. Tl;dr there are more good kitties out there, don't deny yourself just based on a memory :)


Pissing places randomly can be a sign of uti or stones. They trying to tell you something is wrong. Sometimes they are just jerks though.


My cat started doing this, urine completely free of signs of UTI. The vet said 'sometimes cats just communicate with pee'. I wish he was a better communicator.


My friend’s cat started doing it but we worked out that it’s because she’s an at home hairdresser and now she can work again, the cat doesn’t enjoy strangers in the house so he marks his territory by peeing in random places. He humps my shoes when I take them off there.


Yup, one of my cats does this. Vet said "yeah, he might just be an asshole"


Exactly. I spent over $500 in vet bills to be told that my cat is just a jerk.


During a breakup & before the move out i started sleeping in the guest room. Cat started pissing on the guest bed after I got up for the day. I was like yeah I get it pal. This too shall piss.


My old kitty would piss in any open suitcase. No suitcase? He'd use the litter box. Suitcase? Yep, piss. On the plus side, it taught me to put my shit away quickly after traveling, so I guess that's good.


My cat goes through moods where it incessantly screams for no reason


Me too, my black cat, he pretty much *has* to sing the songs of his people, daily, otherwise he might forget the proud oral history of the line of Bagoons


I mean.. the first thing is completely on you though. Cats are carnivores and have the urge to hunt, of course they will hunt if their owners let them roam free.


I think you're right. We have three cats. Cat 1: pees in the bathroom sink, gets "horny" and tries to suck on people's fingers really aggressively Cat 2: shits on the floor of the bathroom beside the litterbox Cat 3: pounces on us and bites our toes through the blanket in the middle of the night while we're sleeping


Number 3 seems like an easy fix, just don’t let it in your room at night? But Cat 2 would get to me, like homie take two steps into the box I know you can see it, everyone else does it


Cats are definitely like that! For your cat that throws up, you might try taking chicken out of his diet. Many cats are allergic to chicken.


Our dog used to angry shit immediately whenever we'd start the car to go somewhere.


>We would store his usable legos in his closet. Eventually we found him a home with an elderly lady who hardly ever left the house, took a while though. Brave call. Most people would have kept the kid.


You know, LEGO bricks might feel a bit litter-like, because I remember as a kid (with the whole family in the room) the cat stepped into my LEGO toolbox/bin and just went at it.


I had a cat that would shit on my dads bed the day he got home from a work trip. I have no clue how she knew when he was coming home. Just that my mom would leave for the airport to pick up my dad and there was no shit on the bed and then they’d get home and there it was. I miss that cat. She was a good girl.


*There's nothing like the good old warm welcome home-shit in bed.* -The cat, probably


Not a cat but I had a pug that was the nicest sweetest thing in the world but holy hell did it hate one of my friends. He would crash on my floor from time to time and everytime he put a pillow down that dog would casually walk in and unload on his pillow. Never did it to any other of my friends. Just him.


>It's fun living in fear of a shitty cat **, casting its shadow from beyond the grave**. FTFY


**\*Shuts door\*** 30 seconds later **\*Ghost cat shits on bed\***


Ooh, so that white liquid on the sheets is ectoplasm, got it.


It was a spooky ghost!!!!


A spooky ghost, I tell ya!


does ghost shit fly tru the bed or float on it?


It appears on the bed, and then when you look away for a second, its gone. The shit smell lingers, though.


They got shwifty?


*It's right here Ray. It's looking at me.*


Horror movie monsters can only dream of reaching your cat's level.


lol ... 16 years ago I had a German Shepard/collie mix who we adopted from the Humane Society... First thing he did when we brought him home was check the house out, jump up on my parents bed.... Then proceed to take a shit on it xD... R.I.P Charlie


This made me laugh. Hard


Cat was thinking " finally some fucking privacy!".


I love it when you get a chocolate on your pillow it reminds me of hotels


nah that thing would be out the house in 30 seconds


I don't know why such shitty behaviour. How do you tolerate it lol. If my cat did that I would be pissed.


I mean, you can be pissed or not. The cat wouldn't give a fuck either way.


This is how I live. Add dogs and birds and horses to the mix. I married a veterinarian and I live in feces and eat hair daily. I am the shit/piss magnet as I always find it with my sock.


NGL, I don't understand the appeal of living like that. It just sounds fucking disgusting.


Yeah what the fuck? There's having one animal that acts up... But a whole bunch?


Sounds... the Scent alone makes me gag to the point im like uhh no more animals one is enough to clean up after. When people have over 3 dogs cant get them groomed they shit and piss everywhere thats concerning imo maybe even signs of Depression... Also these dogs have the right to have a good life not to be negelected because theres always a favorite that pretty much dictates the other two dogs quality of life. Source: i manage a grooming company and the amount of times they only want to get one dog groomed is absured... Like dude your other dogs have nails and fur too...


Sometimes it depends on the person. Two of my coworkers have a bunch of animals and when it came to grooming they took all their animals to different groomers based on the job they did, who the animal liked, etc.


We’re not hoarders and it’s not as bad as I’m sure you picture it... but I can’t wait for the cats to die at least. They stink and we have enough animals. Two or three dogs is my upper limit and we’re beyond that. Edit. Unfortunately my wife is very good at her job and the animals all live forever.


So you get no say on how you live your shared life, you hate it, it went conpletely past your limit, and you just take it while she does what she does.. Doesn't sound like a very healthy way of living for you. Hope it works out and you don't completly hate her in 10 years.


Well I certainly don’t enjoy stepping in shit but the sex is unbelievable! Nah, just kidding... I’m sad now lol.


I don't know where or how he picked it up, but my cat learned to shit on my bed in protest if it's been too long since I changed his litter box. I can't even be mad at him because it's my negligence that led him to poetic justice. And y'know... It worked. I'm a better pet owner now.


*Shitty cat , shitty cat , why are they shutting you?* *Shitty cat , shitty cat , it's not your fault*


Pressed and steaming.


This shit looks way to massive for a cat. I've had cats for ages and never seen a pile that big. Also the cloth don't seem disturbed that much, just the shit in the middle. Cats don't do that He might need to look into someone living in his basement^^


Agreed it's more the diameter of the shit than the amount. Either that cat has the loosest butthole of all cats ever or this shit is fake.


Yup. Definitely too big for a cat. I think it's fake crap and a playful cat that has no idea why he is being chased. Just having fun.


Haha for real, that cat is slender and small and that's a wrist wide shit right there in the middle of the folded clothe pile... I can't believe everyone in the comments thinks it's cat shit.


Well, I mean, that's the joke. I'm sure *some* people are stupid enough to have taken it at face value, but I think other people are just reminiscing about poopy pets or talking about hypothetical situations.




Just one more thing I have in common with Clooney, thanks!


It's definitely fake. Look at the video cut around the 3 second mark.


The poop is coming from INSIDE the house!


My cat literally takes bigger shits than this. It is definitely possible


Nah, matches the size of my cat's shit for sure. She does mondo turds.


My younger cat's poops are so dense you can hear him dropping bricks in the litter box. 😸


Depends on the cat. My cat takes human size poops. They're wide as a nickel and so LONG. Vet says he's fine.


It looks about right from my experience. We have a 16 pound gray tabby, and that's about what he generates.


This is like a 6lb cat. There's also a cut when he pans to the right sooo


Yep. I've had indoor cats (2 girls and 1 boy) for 10 years now. Not once have I found a turd that big. Not even close.


That is 100% domestic cat shit. The girth may seem unusual but I attribute this to the pressure gradient between the animal's internal and external anal sphinchters, the latter of which is relaxed by contact with a warm laundered cottony surface.


Telling you the litterbox is dirty. If it's not dirty, it is either revenge, or just letting you know they dislike the litter used. Ours **hated** the nonclumping pellet litter, and would routinely take a dump on the floor of our living room. Switched to the tiny gravel kind and they stopped immediately. I guess pellets felt weird on their paws?


I had a cat that whenever my ex-girlfriend stayed over, he would shit on her side of the bed. That was the only time he ever shit anywhere other than his litter box. He apparently had better taste in women than I did.


Cat: "orangefly, see what I put in bed? See what you put in bed? Same."


Did she break up with you because your cat shat on her side of the bed? Or did you break up with her because you took the cats advice? Either way, give that cat a high five!


I don't think that's cat poop anyway. This video is just the punchline for the lulz. Which is fine.


Yeah, I'd bet litterbox is filthy. Also I recently put down my very elderly cat, and towards the end she started going outside the box, vet said it was common, and a means of communicating something was wrong.


It can be arthritis or similar pain in older cats. Getting in or out can be hard if it is a high box, and squatting can also be hard so they misjudge the edge. Treating those things can help some cats.


Yeah mine was just an idiot, as long as he had at least one foot in the box he'd call it good. He was accidentally kidnapped on several occasions when he randomly got in neighbours cars for no reason we could ever see, he had no particular interest in getting in our car. He was an odd animal, I liked him.


Yeah, my 19 yr old cat regularly pees outside the litterbox. Her entire body is in the box, but because she can't squat low with her arthritis, it ends up angled right off the front edge of the box, thankfully on a mat to catch it that we can easily pour out and clean. She usually poos inside tho, because she's faces her behind towards the back.


Our cat lives to be 19, and the last two years she was almost blind and had some dementia. She started pooping next to the litter box, so we just put an old shower curtain under the box and let her do it.


I have two cats. The box can be washed and litter fresh. One will always dump on the floor. It’s also the same cat that is so scared it refuses to go outside and hides for days. It’s been indoor it’s whole life but since we’ve moved into a house it hasn’t even attempted to get fresh air. Other cat has been chilling on the deck soaking some sun. Some cats are just weird.


> Telling you the litterbox is dirty. If it's not dirty, it is either revenge, or just letting you know they dislike the litter used. Or it's constipated. I had a cat that did this for years, vet said the same thing - oh he's probably just upset about something. Until the neighbour told me "oh yeah my cats used to do that all the time until I started putting a 1/4tsp of polyethylene glycol in their food". So I started doing that, just a tiny bit of the stool softener in their wet food, once a day, and sure enough, now kitty can make it to the litter box.


Those feces are big enough for a small Labrador. Definitely constipated. If my cat dropped mega turds like this I'd be changing it's diet and force feeding fluids.


Or the cat could just be getting old an senile. I've got a very old boy now and got to watch the drama of him finding that someone peed in his cat bed (hint: it was him). He started circling it and yeowling in distress because he wanted to lay down and it smelled bad and he eventually got so upset that he pooped on the carpet next to his bed. Then he discovered that someone had pooped on the carpet near his bed and was distraught about that. Had to get his favorite backpack to sleep on out of the closet to calm him down while we washed his bed. It makes me sad to think we're going to have to put him down some day soon. He's currently not in any pain, he's just getting really really stupid. Another story about him was that we decided to add another litter box to the house so the cats wouldn't have to share. All went well on day 1 and the old guy found the new litter box and seemed pleased about it. Then follows two weeks of this dumbass being unable to find any litter box despite his old litter box being in the exact same place as it had been for his entire life. It's like adding a second location to poo was too much for his brain and both locations vanished and had to be relearned. Still love that ugly fat senile lazy blob of a cat though.


When your outfit is unacceptable to the king of the establishment.


The cat is just trying to keep /r/funny from making fun of your clothing choices...


I had a pet cat that knows where he would take a shit. Because my grandfather trained our cat.


wow. imagine having a pet that's picky about where it shits.


Yep, that is a message. I remember years ago we had some cats that liked me out of all our family the most. We left to visit some family for a few days and when we got back they let me know how mad they were at me for leaving them for a few days and pooped in my bed.


Why is there a cut in the middle of the video? Makes the whole thing seem fake


It is fake. I'm not sure what's happening in the first half, about that crap, whether it's one of those fake plastic craps you put on stuff, or some animal crapped in clothes or whatever, but it likely wasn't that cat. I have two cats and neither has ever produced a steamer that big, or that neatly. However, if I chase either of my cats, for no reason, they will run away, usually to their favorite sitting or hiding spots (on a cat tree or chair or something where I can't run or under a table or behind the couch or something). This is staged and just cut together for laughs. It's a funny idea, but not real. Related PSA: if your cat poops where they shouldn't, it's usually a protest. Clean their litter. If the litter is clean, try a different brand of litter or a different scent or something. If they're pooping where they shouldn't be, there is something wrong with the place where they should be pooping and they're trying to tell you that. Cats need their litter cleaned daily whenever possible. Missing the occasional day isn't usually a big deal. You should also have at least one litter per cat. These are pretty simple "rules" that if you follow them, you won't have cat crap, anywhere that it should not be.


Looked fake to me. Especially because those poops are thicker than any my dog makes


It looks like a different wall color even. I'm thinking two different videos with the cat part just being playtime. Or it was way later since it could just be brighter.


it's definitely the same room, as you can tell the wall trim and bed is the same (you can see the pattern on the end of the bed right at the beginning of the 2nd video) but, it's definitely 2 different takes and probably entirely fake.


Because the cat definitely wasn't waiting next to the door the first time and the guy went out of his way, probably luring his cat into the room with treats, to make it seem like the cat was taunting him. Judging by how neatly the shit is placed on the shirts, I'd bet he even put the cat shit on the shirt himself.


Honestly those shits look too big to be cat shit anyway. It's probably not even shit.


It was me. I did all the poops.


It may just be a few dropped frames where it was refocusing from the outside light to interior light. Bedsheet pattern is consistent, I'm going with real video but questionable dooky.


Well...you're onto something there


"is my offering deem wort... oh shit!" - cat


Why is the video cut in the middle? Is this spliced?


Because it’s fake. Putting shit on your clothes and scarring your cat for karma.


The cat isn't actually scared and is probably running away for fun, its tail is in the playful/friendly position and the way its running is not panicked :) Our cat will meow at the hall way until someone gets up out of a chair and immediately run away and repeat until someone chases him, then if you chase him he will run behind different obstacles and eventually pounce out as a couter-attack and chase you back, he is also extremely terrifying when he is stalking towards someone steadily and lets out a little screech before going for a death pounce that always gets my heart beating in fear unlike anything else


Scarring or scaring?


Why not both?




Cat poop is not that thick.


So I was living with a couple of my friends last year. They had two cats. The one cat was my cuddle buddy, but we had a bit of a falling out. I'm not sure what exactly I did to piss him off, but for about a week, he'd take a shit on the floor in my room on a near daily basis. The one day, I'm walking into the bathroom and I see him standing in my doorway. I look at him, he looks back, making eye contact. He squats, and shits, right there. Eye contact still unbroken, he walks away, leaving a turd on my carpet in my doorway. Cats know when they're being assholes.


As someone with a cat this seems fake AF. No way they’d perfectly center their shit in the middle of those shirts and leave the shirts unwrinkled. They’d try to cover it up.


One time my cat vomitted and then stole my husband's underwear from the laundry to cover it up lmao. They do have strong "cover it!!" instincts.


That is too funny. My pupper steals my clothes but only to sleep with while I'm away. Came home to a trail of clothing leading from my laundry to my room. Socks, pajama bottoms, shirt, and she was laying on my boxers. I think she was trying to rebuild me


Some do, some just don't. I have one cat that never buries her shit, and neither of my cats bury their vomit. What's even weirder about the cat that doesn't bury her shit, she still digs a hole for it, and sniffs it when she is done. Then just seems to be like "yah, I'm fine with this vintage."


That looks like one massive jobby for a cat that size.


That looks like a full-grown Labrador pile of doo doo


No cat shits that big, that is dog poop.


Yeah, cat's really hate leaving their business uncovered. One of my cats accidentally tracked a small nugget just outside of the box once, and they stood there alternating between urgently crying at me and trying to dig at the floor tiles to cover it up.


Wtf, thats way to big to be cat shit. Did op shit on his own clothes?


Special delivery!


The fact that it actually waited for the human's reaction is something else. Lol


Frame cuts to a different period when camera is turning, it's not the same moment. They probably called the cat to come to get that shot. Also, cat turds aren't that big.


>Also, cat turds aren't that big. They most definitely can be.


Guy shits on own shirt, blames it on cat


*Xanax Nights*




I heard on a podcast (Bill Simmons podcast, the guest was one of Clooney’s old housemates) about a prank that George Clooney pulled on his housemate. The housemate had a cat and he was very lazy to clean its litterbox. Clooney got fed up, cleaned the litterbox for like two weeks instantly the cat had used it, to make it look like the cat wasn’t pooping. Then he himself took a shit in it for the housemate to find. Housemate lost his mind and cried what is wrong with his cat.


Yeah, my pet tiger takes massive dumps!


Clean the litter box?


That cat knew what he did. My cat was also an a*hole. He would shit in front of our glass paned frontdoor, and place it in a way I had to fully open the door and smear it open for me to be able to enter my house. As I did that, he sat on the stairs watching me make a disgusting mess...


1) that looks way too big to be cat poop 2) if the cat is deliberately shitting on your clothes, he is extremely pissed off about something you're doing.


My cat now goes outside to poop. We have tried 4 different litter boxes and many different litters he hated all of them, or maybe he just prefers to go outside to do his business idk. He used to be a barn cat or it's probably just what he is used to.


My cat does this too! He never had an issue with the litter box and wood pellets over the winter when I kept him inside. Now that it's summer and I leave the windows open he comes and goes as he pleases and never uses the litter box. Haven't had to change it in over a month now.


And this is another reason I'll never have another cat.


Happened to me once. Had left the door open to the bedroom. When I got out of the shower, room had a stink. Looked around. Poop on my bed and piss spray on my tshirt.


Fake. Too big to be cat turds.


*squatting over clean laundry* "I fucking love being an influencer! This is my job! I do this for money!"


Yeah they clearly shit on their own clothes for internet clout


Honestly this would not surprise me in today’s weird ass world lol


There's also an obvious jump cut as he pans the camera away from the clothes.


Um, those are the size of my cat's turds.


Those aren't the size of my cat's turds. Checkmate


Tell your cat their shit is weak and they better watch their back in the Golden Corral parking lot.




Meester, I thought you said you wanted fresh sheets!


Am I the only one who thinks that a huge shit for a cat to take?


This isn't cute or funny this is disgusting.


I am just going to leave this right here. 💩💩💩


My cat would refuse to use her litter box if she’d pooped in it, even if it had been scooped. I guess the smell lingered? So we changed to the cheapest “gravel-y” litter and dump the whole thing every day. Annoying but much better than cleaning cat shit out of the shower every day.


*sigh* Cats... What's that song?


I got matches with these songs: • **Run (Beautiful Things)** by AWOLNATION (02:15; matched: `100%`) Released on `2015-03-05` by `Red Bull Records`. • **Run (Beautiful Things)** by AWOLNATION (02:01; matched: `100%`) Released on `2016-07-08` by `Red Bull Records`.


They do it when they don't like someone. This act was premeditated.


Fukin cats! I had the exact same thing happen to me as a kid. Laid out my clothes for school and the little demon pissed on them.


Come here u lil bich


He clearly likes you. Left your a present!


I’m never getting a cat


I used to love them, but my brother moved back and has three of them and this whole experience has mad me never want to live with them ever again. I'll just stick to admiring other people's cats on the internet. Can't deal with this shit in my house. I really can't.


One of my friends cats will shit on the bed when she goes away and I cat sit. I think he has separation anxiety. However he ONLY does it on the bed and ONLY overnight. So if I shut the bedroom door in the evening then he doesn't poo somewhere else. He clearly has his reasons 🤷‍♀️. He's not scared of me and will harass me around the house for snacks, for whatever reason he just can't deal with that empty bed after dark.


I'm not ashamed of the rocks that I got, I'm still the shitty kitty from the block. I used to have a human that I loved a lot, but now he knows where those rocks came from!


How have so many people not noticed that it cuts to a completely different room when they turn around?


Fing cats


That’s intentional, he or she is showing dominance. Best of luck to the owner, that’s shitty behaviour hard to train out.


Ours started doing this, and getting aggressive when he didn't get his way, so we gave him a lesson in consequences and cut his balls off.


Our family cat used to piss on my little brother's stuff because he was a dick to her (like kid stuff, not animal abuse), so.. yeah


I see you made a game of it, good luck now.


Last year I was helping my dad unfold all the insulation rolls in the basement to put in the ceiling and as we unrolled it a bunch of cat turds fell out, fun experience


I fucking hate cats for this exact reason.


Proof cats are evil


Fucking cat


It's better than being pissed on


"Hey the shits you wanted are in your room" Aaagh I said *shirts*


That little shit


Shitty kitty