Girl reviewing some male perfumes

Girl reviewing some male perfumes


I am offended by your Bleu de Chanel description.... Excuse me, I sleep at 10 PM and not 9.


This description made me giggle. I helped a friend by fragrance for her husband and the description actually fits him perfectly. She picked BDC.




I'll give you one better and have all of those fragrances


I worked in a bar where all the Asshole customers wore the same cologne so imo Dior sauvage=f*ckboy


If you wear a hugely popular fragrance, you run a risk of people already having associations with it.


So true! one of the advantages of wearing a scent is that you can leave more of an impression on people, but if you wear a basic one you really leave a risk of being associated with people you might not want to be.


I'm laying in bed with my husband who wears Bleu de Chanel. It's 8:18. You're description is *eerily* accurate.


I drown myself with 10 sprays of Sauvage every day. Blocked because I’m offended


Learn to spin and a YouTube channel awaits you, providing you learn the following phrases: - ‘Bubblegum DNA’ - ‘Opening smells like Lemon Meringue Pie’ - ‘Iris note, which gets compared to lipstick’ - ‘Sexy boys, sexy girls’ - ‘This one can be challenging’ - ‘Aligakiwood’ - ‘Best for warmer weather’ - ‘Beast mode projection’ Etc...


I hate him lol


Understandable but he got me into it lol


Who is this? I am now curious.


I guess they’re talking about JeremyFragrance


I was thinking of the most used phrases by Jeremy, Ashton (Gents Scents) and Dallas (Chaos Fragrances). Literally no Fragrance YouTuber can mention Allure Edition Blanche without the Lemon Meringue comparison haha.


"this smells so good... I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A HOT WOMAN NOW!!!" whatever he's smoking that guy's one of a kind




'Fresh shower gel scent with a peppery vibe'


‘Raspberry with a lawn-dary sheet vybe’


that post makes me die every time


It’s not even the best Jaguar scent!


Jeremy may be a goofy guy who only seems like he sometimes knows what he’s talking about, and contradicts himself, and humiliated himself in front of Tom Ford, and acts 20 when he’s almost 40 (maybe), and says stupid shit that makes you cringe in your seat but he got a lot of us into fragrances so I owe that idiot goof ball one


“Fabric softener with a sweet raspberry touch”




Loved it! You should def do some more I was tickled at some of the descriptions


Would be curious to get your take on Aqua Di Gio Profumo vs the original. I think you'd find it quite sexy. Its like if Aqua Di Gio grew up, got a little grey hair, bought a motorcycle, and now owns a company.


Sounds about right with Versace Eros EDP. 🤣🤣🤣 I have the edt version but I been eying the EDP version.


It's not very different at all. I'm waiting until I run out of the EDT, there's not really a reason to have both because of the similarity.


You HAVE to review JPG Ultramale, if Versace Eros is a womanizer who can’t be trusted, Ultramale is the devil himself.


Dang I’m a 23 year old woman that wears Ultramale


Im 21 and I find Ultramale on women extremely addicting.


Hmm I kinda wanna try this! I'm a woman that enjoys and wears JPG Le Male. To me, Le Male is like when someone emerges from the bathroom after having used all of their expensive hygiene products, freshly showered, shaved, teeth brushed, deodorant, etc... and the air that wafts out of the bathroom smells glorious.


Me too! I’m 32 though lol


"nice guy who works 9-5 and is in bed by 9pm" im dead 💀💀


Loved this! Fun read!


That Dior Sauvage description tho...


That was fun to read 😅


I’m 35, have a bunch of “grown-up” fragrances... but wear Sauvage when IDGAF. Totally agree with your assessment on it!


Do you own the original Eau Sauvage? If not, get your hands on a vintage sample. It’s perfect.


I don’t own it but I’ve sampled it. It’s a nice, grown up scent. It reminds me of TF Grey Vetiver.. which I have and use for work quite a bit


I do the same thing. I have more complicated scents, but I wear sauvage when I don’t feel like thinking about it. It’s great at nothing but good at everything.


such fun descriptions! the other day i was smelling my fragrance samples with a friend and we had some similar comments about just a few "men's" fragrances. Gurelain Santal Royal: this smells like a *prince*. his family has old oil money, and while he was more reckless in his youth as he's grown up and had to take more responsibility in the family business he's become a strapping young man. i could imagine deeply inhaling this fragrance next to a fireplace in his family's aspen cabin. XX John Varvatos: this smells like a good man who will treat you right. don't have many other comments. if i went on a date with a guy who smelled like this i'd probably like him twice as much. Toy Boy by Moschino: this smells chaotic, like a friend from college who's always tripping or in k-hole. he's probably still a good friend though who you like to keep around. this also smells like a chef to me because of so many "food notes:" it starts off really spicy, but as it dries down i personally get a dill/yogurt scent when i smell it on a paper card, kind of reminds me of Mediterranean tzatziki.


My dad wears john varvatos, my mom bought it for him because "it smells like a good husband just like him" haha interesting


exactly haha! i knew i wouldn't be the only one


Fucking excuse me?!?! I'm a 21 year old man who uses Aqua Di Gio and I let my girlfriend go almost 20 minutes without telling me where she was just last month. Not all of us are controlling! /s


This is dope - i'd actually love to read more of your notes on other frags going forward. Also, this rating system but for womens perfumes. Brilliantly done!


Haha, great descriptions!


“D&G the one” had me all happy but I got crushed right after by your review on Blue de Chanel😂 Thanks tho, I wear both of them a lot so it was pretty interesting to hear your take


Agree. Have both and both are loved by ladies


Which version of Bleu do you wear?


Perfum, I chose it because I found it had more distinct notes and you could pick up on things like nutmeg that you couldn’t quite pick out on the lighter ones. (I’m actually not 100% sure if the eau de toilette one had it) But it doesn’t mean it’s over powering or anything, it’s normal, I just prefer to have one spray of something more established than three of something more vague. Just my opinion tho, I have to admit I’m not an expert.


I dunno, nice but boring seems like a fair description of BdC. But it was one of my first buys, and not one I regret.


Definitely, got the travel pack thing with the twisting spray bottle and two refills so it’s super convenient, and definitely one I’ll keep around


Very nice, I got a decant of Eros recently too and that's the vibe I get from it too! Great reviews, I seem to smell oversprayed Sauvage everywhere too lol.


Omg one time a guy came into my work wearing the one and I just had to stop him and ask what it is. One of my fav male fragrances I wanna add this one to my collection I love to switch it up


Bleu de Chanel Parfum is my all time favorite scent on men ever. I used to recommend it all the time when I was in retail and not just because I worked for Chanel… I seriously love it so much. Which version of Bleu are you reviewing here, out of curiosity? ETA you make a good point about how different fragrances smell on paper!! I had so many clients who were shocked at how fragrances smelled on their bodies versus the little tester papers. Once I had on Chanel Mademoiselle and a woman was like, I need whatever perfume you’re wearing. It smelled awful on her. She made me get a new tester from the stockroom because she was sure the one we both had used was bad! It took around 20 minutes of talking to her about the chemical differences in everyone’s skin before she gave up. We were both disappointed for her.


HAHA! Love the commentary and "If this fragrance was a guy"


That review of Dior Sauvage is precisely the reason why I'll never wear it. It's like mustard gas the way some people just drench themselves head to toe in it. Ridiculously common too.


Imagine a service that delivers common or your choice of synthetic/natural fragrance notes. You could test how they interact with your body chemistry. it’s like a body fragrance chemistry service enabling you to better choose fragrances that really mix well with your particular body. I feel like someone could sell this service.


I really want this to be a thing


The Bleu de Chanel description is what I aspire to be, at least when I'm wearing it!


Haha very enjoyable read. Couldn’t agree more with your review on Sauvage


I wear both Bleu de Chanel and Versace Eros and now feel like I’m in a paradox


Please do more!!!


Your reviews gave me a good laugh. Thank you.


Damn, never knew I was a womanizing nice 9-5 in bed by 9, controlling guy who doesn't give a f*** about what other people think. But I'm happy to find this out.


LMAO. My husband and I have been getting into niche fragrances lately, but he used to wear Aqua di Gio years ago and that punctuality bit is so him! I'm still laughing


Please do more of these.


Please do more of these.


I love Sauvage but I know I can’t wear it because this is what goes through people’s minds when they smell it.


more of these please!


Wow this bleu de chanel description is accurate af I wear this fragrance in the summer and I’m the type of guy who works 12h/day plus some travel time especially in the summer time. I wish I have more time but my priority is to get good sleep at night. Edit: I’m 27 yo if that’s the maturity you’re describing


keep doing these they’re great


I saw people ranting and raving about sauvage, so I got some. But I’ve only worn it a few times because it’s not that mind blowing to me. Recently got ADG Profumo and D&G the one edp and I LOVE both of them, especially the D&G. Sometimes I’ll put them on even when I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got Eros too and gave my 16yr old nephew a bottle for Christmas. I told him not to take advantage of the fboy powers it gives him lol


Love the content. Hot take commentaries are one of the main reasons that I'm on reddit.


Great read, please do more!


The only one on the list that I personally like is Blue, and I’ll have you know Im very irresponsible, have poor impulse control, and generally fall asleep at like 3am. Although tbf I only use it as a day scent. Evenings my go to is Oud wood.


I love these persona reviews.


I love him😭🤣


I love it! This was a fun and amusing read, you should do this again sometime! Other popular colognes like D&G Light Blue Intense, Fahrenheit by Dior, La Nuit De L’Homme by YSL and some others, I’d love to hear these sorts of descriptions. I wear D&G The One 👀 I’ll take the compliment! On a side note, guess niche fragrances are out? Wouldn’t make sense to spend $100 on tiny little testers from Creed and Tom Ford 🤣


Lmao mad funny son you should make a YouTube channel and do reviews like this I'd watch


I want your opinions on some of the ultramasculines now like Kouros, Fahrenheit, RL Polo, Chanel Antaeus 😂


For whatever reason, Eros is a major love of the immigrants in my area. Doesn't matter if they're from Europe, South America, India, Asia etc they all seem to gravitate towards it.


If I had an award to give, you‘d deserve it. You really made me (and my girlfriend laugh). I‘m a bleu de Chanel guy, it‘s 11:30 pm here and I just went to bed.


Interesting point of views! What are your favorite perfumes?


What if someone uses more than one


Thanks, you should start a review blog or channel. 😄


“The perfect guy in a bottle. I love him.” You can almost say that… he’s the one. I’ll see myself out.