First fragrance you ever bought

First fragrance you ever bought


Perfume oil called Rain. I was around 14 probably.


Are you from the SF area? That stuff is amazing! ♥️❤️♥️


I am not but yes it is. I’ve actually been toying with getting a bottle for my new collection inspired by joining this sub 😂


Was it only a Bay Area thing? I remember it as a kid and I grew up in the city.


Yea, it started at [Body Time in Berkeley ](https://chinarain.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImZ3s_9-M7gIVZYJbCh2-7AS0EAAYASAAEgKCKfD_BwE)


Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I think I was 12 and I wore it all throughout middle and high school.


I had perfumes before that had been gifted to me, but the first one I bought for myself was a miniature bottle of Marc Jacobs Decadence back in 2015. I bought it full price because I didn't know anything about fragrances or discounters. But I felt so grown-up buying my very own fragrance that I picked out for myself.


Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme, but not in the 90s. This was in about 2010, when I randomly decided I should "own some cologne".


Are you me? I literally thought the same thing in the same year and bought the same bottle o_0 I even checked my Amazon history, January 31st 2010!


Yes, electrodan, it's me - you! What we were missing in life wasn't cologne, it was the other half of our soul.


Lol, I finally found my soulmate after all these years!




Same lol


Yeah same but in like 2015


RL Safari. I got it right before a Halloween dance in 9th grade, 1994. I refereed 8 year old’s soccer matches all day on Saturdays for weeks to save up for it.


Love’s baby soft. I was 5


My mom always gifted my fragrances. But I think the first fragrance I ever bought was Caswell Massey Sandalwood my sophomore year of college. My academic advisor was a chemistry professor who worked in industrial fragrances. He had a very impressive collection of raw materials. The labs he ran often centered around synthesizing various aroma chemicals. I was introduced to sandalwood around that time and bought CM Sandalwood on an utter blind buy. I wore that almost exclusively for about a decade. Each bottle lasted me about a year.


Bath and body works winter candy apple i think.. good ol 2014 youtuber days


I actually just got this for the first time the other day, I like it!


I still have it!! Love using it for the nostalgia and during christmas


Fahrenheit in 1988


1st frag bought with own money: Tommy in 10th grade. \~1997/1998. Still one of my top favorites. 1st ever fragrance (gifted) was Gravity by Coty for Christmas in 1995. I felt like I was too young to wear but I loved the scent. Still have a bottle I spray for when I want that hit of nostalgia.


Aramis - Aramis I was 10 and bought it on our first holiday abroad with my family for my own pocket money. The entire sum allocated 😀 Thought I was being very grown up and dapper. Chose Aramis because I knew the name from the Three Musketeers. 😜 Must have been hilarious for people to smell a scrawny little ten year old boy smelling of what at the time was a true powerhouse fougere. Still love it though, and bought a contemporary bottle again recently. It will always be in my collection.


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Polo. Everyone had it, and I wanted it, too. 1980. I was in 6th grade. Before people got so worked up about whether a fragrance was too "mature" for the wearer. LOL.


Love's Rain Forest. Probably 12 or so. Started buying Britney Spears Fantasy in high school, it's still a guilty pleasure of mine. Lol


I believe it was Curve when I was in middle school


Me too! For men or women?




Did you also happen to buy it at a Ross? Lol.


Oh jeeze I have no idea. I probably asked for it as a gift or something. I just remember there was a girl I liked at the time who had mentioned to me that she loved the smell of Curve, so I was like "I must have this"


Amazing story. Did you end up with that girl somehow??


I did. So i guess it worked


Dior Fahrenheit! :)


I’m pretty sure it was JLo Glow. Followed very shortly by Lolita Lempicka. I would have been around 12.


These posts make me feel old lol.


Estee Lauder Knowing. I was in my early 20's, I started fragrance late.


YSL Rive Gauche in high school, because I smelled it on another girl in class and I thought it was wonderful. I am thinking of buying it again, to see if it seems the same. I think I remember it but it was a long time ago.


Adidas moves. I was like 11ish.


I was gifted with Love's Baby Soft from my mom and I smelled like baby powder all through middle school until I got my hands on the Our Moment One Direction perfume.


I miss juice bar gummy bear so freaking much! My sister had it when I was young and I would basically bathe in it every time she left the house haha. The first fragrance I bought was with love by Hilary duff. Still my favorite fragrance and the only 3 ounce bottle I’ve ever finished haha.


When I was in kindergarten I wore Chaps by Ralph Lauren. The one with the bull on it, haha. I remember standing in front of the mirror every day as my mom put it on my neck for me. We were always in a hurry, but it was part of the routine.


Versace Eros flame


12 and it was Prada Amber Pour Homme. I still think about it from time to time as I no longer have it, but it’ll always be my first!


Acqua Di Gio. Bought a 200mL after I finished using the first bottle which I am still using


Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Candy Pink. I didn't actually buy it, it was a 16th(?) birthday gift, but I did pick it out. With my own money it was a Dior Addict flanker, possibly Eau Sensuelle.


Adidas Moves


Bath and body works ocean.


Pdm - Layton was my first fragrance purchase in my life about 1.5 years ago after watching youtube video lol


Im tempted to buy this also because of the youtube videos. Apparently people are going crazy for this. Do you get many compliments with Layton?


I wear what I like and don’t actually think about compliments, but this was damn good at the first sniff for me and yeah people around me liked it :). I suggest to get a small decant like 3ml, 5ml to try out couple times before going for a full bottle.


Long, long time ago. Can't remember. Maybe **Cool Water.**


Heaven by The Gap - thanks for making me remember, it was much loved. ☺️


Hugo boss somewhere around 92'. I can't remember what it smells like but I'm sure I'd hate it now.


British Sterling, I think I was 9 or so. Third grade.


Skin Musk cooler by Bonnie bell. The blue one. So good, I still have a bit left


First actual fragrance that wasn't a body spray that I bought was Lolita Lempicka, though actually, I asked for it for my birthday, so I didn't technically buy it. The first several fragrances I owned were gifts, actually. For a long time I had a hard time spending that much money on something so unnecessary (the psychology of growing up kinda poor). So I'd ask for fragrances as gifts.


Nautica. The original one. Bought it in the 90's.


Chanel Chance. Ended up giving it to my mom as it started giving me migraines. Planning to get the MFK B540 soon🥰


Stronger with you Armani


Door Sausage EDP


Not including B&BW body splashes, Hanae Mori! I think I was in college. I still have it.


😂 Hanae Mori!!!! Blast from the past


The first I bought with my own money? Manic Love for Him. (Neotantric Fragrances)


Paco Rabane: Ultraviolet


Versace Pour Homme


Burberry - Mr Burberry back in 2016


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDP. It is still a sentimental favorite of mine. When I bought it, the sales lady thought I had a British accent, and I cannot figure out why (I'm from the northeastern US, and I do not sound British). Good times.


First one I ever bought with my money was pretty by Elizabeth Arden


Abercrombie and Fitch 41. I think I was in 4th grade 😂


Chanel Allure Homme.


Miranda by Fragonard, the summer I turned 16 on a trip to France. It’s been discontinued, but I can still imagine the smell perfectly. Such good memories!


Mango Mandarin by Bath & Body Works in the frosted glass bottle at 11, but first EDT was Cacherel’s Amor Amor at like 13 or 14. Still a good one in my book.


First-ever fragrance? Old Spice Pure Sport body spray, when I was a senior in high school. I actually got quite a bit of compliments on it. First-ever REAL fragrance? Nautica Blue. I didn't work or have any allowance or sort of income, so the $12 I spent on that felt like a fortune. I wore that all throughout my first 1-2 years of college too. All while wishing I could afford Nautica Voyage.


Alfred Sung


Armaf's Rixos but It was kind of trash.. My first good purchase was my 2nd one - Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Man!


Polo Explorer. I somehow still have it and after not spraying it for like a decade, I sprayed it the other day and it smells amazing. A great outdoorsy scent.


It was a Gwen Stefani perfume called Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties G. I bought it when I was 11 because I liked the packaging but I also ended up enjoying the fragrance. Still have it in my collection!


Cool Water and Xeryus Rouge. Still two of my favorites.


An older Cuban perfume called Mariposa (Butterfly but the name is based on a flower called Mariposa which is Cuba's national flower). Before that I used to pilfer my mom's Red Moscow ;)


Aramis - circa 1983; I believe I was 15 wish I still had it


First I bought with my own money was either Rive Gauche YSL, Halston, or a little mini of Calvin Klein.


Kenneth Cole Black. And I thought I was the king of the world.


Britney Spears’ Curious when it launched and it came with her free CD 💿


Egyptian Musk from Whole Foods


Amor Amor Cacharel I was 16 shopping with my best friend she bought Halloween.


Versace Blue Jeans.


Colognes for kids from a local brand when I was a kid, around 7 maybe? I've always loved nice smelling things 😄


I would love to say Marc Ecko Blue but my father bought that for me back in middle school. In high school, the first fragrance I ever bought was Acqua Di Gio Profumo. I wore this as a daily driver and to this day I pull it from the collection every now and again.


I started with one of the best in the game - Montale Black Aoud. I was 19 years old.


Paco Rabanne Invictus


First ever fragrance I bought with my own money was One Million... (200ml 👀) 😬🤦‍♂️ Shortly afterwards La Nuit thank god. 😪


Ted Lapidus. 87’ in high school.


Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, 1983


Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, 1983


Drakkar Noir 1986. We all smelled the same in high school 🤣


Britney Spears Fantasy. I haven’t smelt it for 10+ years but still feel like I would love it!


Diesel Zero Plus.. I was 12 and it was my absolute favourite at the time!


Curious by Britney Spears, I think I was around 11/12 so that was back in 2008/2009


Axe and Lynx body sprays aside, First one I got was a perfume called Romano classic. Then I got Remy Latour Cigar and finally I got Burberry London after a year of which I got into fragrance collection.


It was from Calvin Klein - was either eternity summer or ck one summer


Nautica Voyage. I bought it blind because I saw some good reviews online and it was cheap, but I don't like it.


J'Adore Summer Fragrance was the first perfume I bought whilst on a school trip to France. It was limited edition and imo much more pleasant than the original.


Dior Fahrenheit 1996


Kenzo Power. I was in my early 30s and thought I should start wearing fragrance. It didn't do much as I didn't get in the hobby with that fragrance. The one that got me into this rabbit hole was TF Noir


Shalimar when I was about 17.


I probably as gifted Old Spice by my aunt in my early teens... Then besides dehodorant, I only bought one at 22yo (Emporio Armani He), and then back to dehodorant until last November (36yo) when it hit hard and I have since bought some 8 perfumes for me (first were ADG Profumo and Ultra Male), 4 for the GF and some >15 decants.


Tony Moly Pocket Bunny. It's a perfume stick with a cute bunny shape. I sniffed it every minute like it's crack.


C.O. Bigelow Deodorizing Body Spray Elixir White when I was 14.


Princess by Vera Wang; I was 14 and I requested this gift specifically along with a camera and an ice cream cake. I was gifted these 3 things specifically. I was insanely happy. Best gifts ever 🥰


I loved Princess, too! I got a rollerball set with three different versions and they were all great.


Lol. Curve


Jazz Club when I was 18…I started kinda late 😂


How did you like its longevity? For me its accord didn’t last on me.


Longevity is really good on my skin, but I also don’t have problems with most of the frags people say aren’t long-lasting, so I think maybe I just have lucky skin chemistry (if that’s a thing)


I bought some roadside aqua di gio. Probably fake but I was the smoothest smelling teenager in high-school. Everyone else was wearing axe.


The movie theater I go to (Before COVID. Can't wait to see movies again) has a vending machine in the bathroom, including an "Inspired by ADG" fragrance. I just love the idea of a 15-year-old nervously talking himself up in the bathroom mirror, slipping a few quarters into the machine, and walking out feeling suave as hell for his date.


First one i ever purchased on my own was Nollie. They still sell it in PacSun and I still use it today. I think my first “big girl” perfumes were DKNY be delicious and Glo by JLo


candie's perfume lol got it at kohl's. it was bougie.


Started at 25 and I bought Lacoste Blanc L12.12 and Versace Dylan blue!


David Beckham Instinct. I was in my early forties.


My first fragrance I ever bought was at 23 chanel’s chance eau tendre


Al Rehab Soft, 17 y/o


The first fragrance I ever bought was Eau des Minimes Cologne by Le Couvent Maison de Parfum. It was heavily discounted at ulta but it was a fancy looking bottle so I went ahead and purchased it, haha.


First ones I was gifted that I can remember: Fantasy by Britney, ari by Ariana grande, that one direction perfume, beyonce heat and midnight heat and my first designer perfume gifted was Alien. First ones I bought myself were Lynx Amber and Tobacco (lol) and Alien Essence.


Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue. Middle school me thought I was such hot shit in that lol