My Kaweco Sport collection, so far

My Kaweco Sport collection, so far


My Kaweco Sport collection, to date. Far and away my favorite fountain pen line. And in the year and a half since getting into fountain pens, they have been the most reliable. I don’t think they have ever dried out, even when I don’t use them often. Whereas I have a beautiful Cross Botanica fountain pen and it seems like every time I use it, it’s gone dry. I love the shape, the colors (especially the Skyline series), the heavy metals (stainless steel and brass). I should get more aluminum at some point. I am head over heels over my aluminum lilac pen. All but the raw aluminum, brass, and stainless steel effectively have matching inks. The fox and lavender skylines with clips have Lennon Tool Bar’s pigmented inks (sunset glow and night sky). Both of those colors I had to have twice and was happy to find matching distinctive inks I could put in each of them.


Do you have a range of nibs or the same one in each?


All are Fine point except for two mediums - the raw aluminum (with Diamine Aurora Borealis ink) and the stainless steel (with Yama Budo ink). The medium nibs write super smooth. The Aurora ink just glides out of the aluminum pen. It’s a little too thick for me to use much, but those two inks look great with thicker lines.


You should try a broad! I have a little broad banana one and it’s so juicy and bright!


Kawecos are adorable. Have you seen any of the “Frankenpens” posts? You could make some great combos with you collection.


Life goals.


To be honest I really don't understand the hype about collecting the same pen with different color. Have 2 may be 3 same pen mainly for nib variety I can get it, but for color only is too wasteful for me.


But these colors are so pretty! Actually what happened is right before my birthday, I ordered the Fox skyline for myself. And before it arrived, a friend gave me the same color for my birthday. And as orange is one of my favorite colors (first two inks were purple and orange - murasaki-shikibu and asa-gao), and the Fox colored pen was absolutely striking, I decided to keep both. My full favorite color is lavender / lilac. When those were announced as special editions, I just had to leap and grab two. I wanted another Lennon Toolbar pigmented ink, but it had also been a while since I’ve had a pen for carrying Mirasaki-Shikibu ink in my pocket. The Lilac aluminum sport has that ink and it delights me every time I write with it and see the ink match the pen. But that pen is the one Sport in my collection that I protect and treat gently. Hence - a second lavender pen in resin! In general practice, I don’t expect to do this again unless there is another limited edition of a color I really love. There were pictures last year of an olive green Sport from some pen show. I think that’s the only other one I would get multiples of.


I don’t think you need to justify or reason why you collect what you collect. It’s the same pen for sure but the different colors make them a different pen. Whatever is fun for you is fun for you and doesn’t have to be fun for someone else. Enjoy it.


I don’t either, in fact, once I get a single model of pen in one nib size I don’t get another. So many other pens are out there.


Some of us prefer to have the pens match the ink. And, when we find a pen that works for us, suits us well, then the different colors are a great pleasure.


I have one frosted sport in banana yellow and it came with stratchy fine nib and i upgraded to a broad nib and its wet nib but i cant see myself buying the same pen in different materials as it uses the same nib as the plastic version There are rumours that there will be a piston version like the vintage model if that comes out ill buy that


Great collection! I really want to get a plastic kaweco sport but the seamline at the bottom of the cap and worry about scratch on the body keeps me from getting one.


I thought the resin sports would be a step down from the brass/steel/aluminum (what I started with), but they have their own charm. They aren’t machined quite as nicely as the metal pens, true, but the price is great and I just really love the Skyline series colors. But I don’t think I’d mind scratches on them. I got the raw aluminum and brass as my first Sports because they’re meant to get scratched and/or develop patina. I want (most of) these pens to collect character. The only one I really protect in this collection is the aluminum lilac sport. I might protect the Black Crystal (far left) too, as it’s a unique design and it looks like its writing could rub off.


I just wish they smooth the seamline at the plastic sport. I really want a Kaweco Sport, so my only choice left is the AL, BRASS, or STEEL. I don't like the smell of BRASS sport, and I can't find the STEEL in my country. AL sport looks really nice and clean, especially the black and deep red. But because it's aluminum, I'm afraid that I will ruin the "perfection" by scratching them accidentally. But this is a pocket pen! Accident meant to happen! Then I found my solution. Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed! Some people hate the stonewashed version because "you have to develop the character yourself" but for me, I really hate it when my smooth like new pen have just ONE SCRATCH on it! I purchased it last month and it's been staying in my pocket ever since. Chest pocket? attach a clip. Jeans pocket? remove the clip. But I still want the plastic sports, especially the classic one, in black and gold with gold nostalgic clip. I'm a sucker for black and gold color scheme. So maybe someday. One question though, with the plastic sport, does putting on or taking off the clip scratch the body?


I haven’t noticed any scratching from removing / placing the cap on the resin Sports. I haven’t noticed any scratching at all. But I’ve only gotten them within the past year where I seldom leave the house and haven’t done much carrying of pocket pens, so they haven’t been tested by keys and other pocket stuff. On rare occasions when I’ve left the house with a notebook or two, I’ve been using Carry-Tite cases from Penco to bring 4-6 pens along and keep them protected. The case can fit in a back pocket or I sometimes attach it to notebook via a rubber band. https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/lts9ao/the_small_carrytite_cases_from_penco_are_terrific/


Is it really that good? I got the one brass one with an extra fine nib. It wrote dry even Iroshizuku ink and it felt somewhat scratchy. I was expecting something along the lines of at least Pilot Metropolitan. I have it in fine and writes sooooo smooth. I've heard it could be a case of baby bottom. I've handed my pen to the retailer to have it looked at.


The only Kaweco nib I’ve ever really had problems with was on my copper Liliput. Granted, I never tried extra fine. Most of mine are just plain fine, with medium on the aluminum and stainless steel. But they do have a reputation for sometimes being a bit off. Iroshizuku always flows fine out of these. What has impressed me more is that inks that were problems in other pens seemed to work in the sports without problem. The only really weird thing I’ve encountered - I’ve got Iroshizuku Shin-Kai in the brass Sport, and in a brass Kaweco Special. Both loaded in short cartridges via syringe. Yet one always writes darker than the other - even after changing out the nib in one of them!


Thanks for your input. Would you say the fine nib writes/feels better than the extra fine? I'm picking up my pen back tomorrow. They said it was fine and it's just a little bit of feedback. It just feels so different to any Pilots.


I haven’t tried the Kaweco Extra Fine. I leave that to my pilots and they do feel different. A couple of my fine nibs are a little scratchy. For the most part, they’ve all been smooth except the Liliput. And that may be an ink / usage issue as much as anything.


I know what it’s like collecting the same model of pen. My favourite pen is the modern Parker Duofold and I have quite a lot of them. I do have a brass sport with a BB nib


This is so beautiful and satisfying!


You seem like a big Pilot fan