Colleges have liberal arts but not conservative arts? No fair!!

Colleges have liberal arts but not conservative arts? No fair!!


‘Yungian psychology’ tells me everything I need to know about the poster


You don’t remember Yung? He was a student of Sygmunt Froyd


I hope they teach some German in the conservative arts course


Oh, you can bet they'd be teaching German. Probably from an untranslated Mein Kampf.


My college library had a copy of Mein Kampf. Omg, I must have wandered into the Conservative Arts section of the library when I made that discovery! How embarrassing.


Nothing left for you now but pepe the frog memes and binge watching OAN 24/7 between masturbation sessions on your signed Glenn Beck centerfold. Sorry my friend.


Man, I knew this day would come!


German is a fun language. I took German in high school and it was a blast!


oh i thought he was a rapper


Yung Ian




Frood dude!


Frude Dude with a Bad 'Tude!


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Let's not forget Yohn Locke


Uh, you mean that one bald dude from Lost? /s


No that's Juan Loch


Oh shit really? He's awesome, I have a Dark Side of the Moon shirt


It took me a while to notice that the Anon misspelled "Jung".


I’m pretty sure he’s actually talking about gungan philosophy


Meesa no think so


If you look at what Jung thought about women, it makes sense, too. I mean, the whole anima/animus thing... where men are logical and intelligent while women are irrational and guided solely by emotions. I can see why they'd be like "yes, tell us more about that..."


anima, animus, anime... the answers were staring us right in the face


Amoga, amogus


Didn't know Yungian psychology was so yuuuge among conservatives.


We have Jordan Peterson to thank for that. He singlehandedly popularized it among that crowd.


Do you mean Jordyn Pyterson?


Jung was a hack


A lazy hack who married into money so he didn't have to get a real job. No wonder right-wingers love him.


Someone has clearly never looked into the actual programs at various colleges as I am sure that many colleges have a history program that covers the classical period, a politics program that would include Classical programs, and maybe something that covers Jungian psychology


I mean, generally the only way you’re going to come across Jungian psychology is in an “intro to psychology” course, since most (or really all) of his contributions weren’t really scientifically sound…


Well, hopefully he'll discover something new from the Intro course


But discovering new things would be liberal indoctrination 🤔


His stuff’s still pretty valid in the critical study of literature and folklore. The idea of The Monomyth probably wouldn’t exist without the idea of Jungian Archetypes. But yeah his approach to psychology was essentially psychic magic


Made for some dope video game concepts at least, ig Persona


I keep playing with my tarot cards but no demons are getting summoned. Maybe I need to go back to P3.


Just put the gun down, son


try burning your bread


*Nights into Dreams* also.


And Tool's best album.


I think his contributions are mostly philosophical and not literal, or scientific, especially in the present day. The archetypes and shadow stuff is still very interesting in my opinion even if you see it as scientifically unsound. Critical thinking doesn’t have to be truth to have an influence.


Still useful but as an intro thing yeah. Like this is how this used to work and what they used to think and most of this is wrong.


I read some Jung for philosophy and cultural studies courses, and I went to a fairly left leaning school. I don't think Jung being taught is very rare at all. But yeah if I was being taught Jung in a psychology class, I'd definitely have some questions Edit:wait shit I was thinking of Lacan, not Jung. Shows how well my college experience went lol


What ? You're telling me the totally legit theory of synchronicity that enables schizophrenic delusions as a spiritual experience isn't scientifically sound ? I am shocked.


> maybe something that covers Jungian psychology Oh... I took this course... it was called... let me think.... oh yea, it was called "psychology." Also, like Freud, we learned that his ideas about psychology were, at best, a good starting point, but none of them are actually considered to be accurate today.


Nuh uh! Jordan Peterson told me Jungian psychology is great! /s




I distinctly remember a lecture in my Philosophy Before Aristotle class where the prof came in looking even more defeated than usual, spoke quietly for fifteen minutes about the futility of trying to pass on philosophical habits of thought to undergrads when the school administration doesn't understand or care about philosophy and won't support the program, transitioned into a series of personal anecdotes about formative moments that affected his philosophical perspective, then realized he was rambling and ended class early. I don't know what they did to that man but I still feel for him. I have a feeling it has not gotten better.


I’ve taken 5 years of Ancient Greek and in my opinion classics is just being cut back because people have very little interest in them. they simply no longer feel relevant, in a more career focused liberal arts world. Not that there’s nothing valuable to get from classical studies but there are few practical things and most of them you can now find in another program. Princeton got rid of its requirement that classics majors take greek or latin last year and conservatives threw a massive fit. Previously, in order to be a classics major you had to come in with an intermediate level of the languages, and they wanted to open up the field to those who didn’t just go to wealthy, private, or religious high schools that offer classical languages. People (who had obviously never taken classics themselves) hit the classic “college is bad now” and “diversity is evil” right-wing talking points, but the department was pretty clearly just desperate to lower the barriers and get *more* students, regardless of their background. With their departments on the brink of shutting down and interest in the area plateauing, they want anyone who is interested to study classics. The field is fairly stagnant at this point, and the only impactful research that broke into the mainstream in the last decade was the first ever English translation of the Iliad by a woman, whose feminist perspective is exactly what made her translation valuable. If any field needs to recruit a more diverse group of students it’s the classics or soon they won’t be offered anywhere.


But what about ‘Yungian’ ?


You have to be able to read to know which courses a college offers.


And I have a feeling that the more they learn about Greeks and Romans, the less they'll like them.


Romans were surprisingly inclusive in terms of immigration. "I'm Egyptian" "Hmmm no, you're Roman" "But-" "Do you want citizenship or not ?" "I guess, but-" "Great, welcome to the Roman empire, let me show you to your quarters, you got Latin in the morning so better get some sleep"


Not to mention, if you're interested in learning about something, you don't have to pay a college to teach you. Even someone who is web-illiterate can probably find introductory books at the local library. The barest understanding of the internet puts most of the world's knowledge a google search away. They don't want to learn, they want to be mad.


This has to be a troll. Almost every university offers classical studies as an entire BA/MA/PhD track and everything else mentioned has at least a major or interdisciplinary opportunity to be the focus of your research, wtf


It could be a troll, it could also be someone who is an abject failure in life and blames their own inadequacy on nebulous "liberal" ideology. If you only watch Ben Shapiro and PragerU for your information you would probably unironically argue what the OP is posturing. There are millions of Americans who believe colleges are leftist brainwashing centers because they have no experience attending an actual campus


Back in the day I would've been pretty sure this was a troll, but since all the edgy humour on 4chan attracted so many actual, unironic neo-Nazis and incels I can't be certain any more.


Same. I used to think edgy humor was just fun and games. Just something to piss off easily offended idiots. That no one ACTUALLY thinks those things. It took longer than it should have to realize that at least 1/3 of the time, people who say awful shit aren't really joking, they're just hiding behind the bare minimum plausible deniability.


Then you wonder why people got so offended.




can u not


> Almost every university offers classical studies as an entire BA/MA/PhD track and everything else mentioned has at least a major or interdisciplinary opportunity to be the focus of your research Mention Classics as a major to them and they'll go off on how it's a "useless major." Unfortunately some on the Left are just as bad with "useless major" rhetoric as well.


It's only "useless" because tuition costs skyrocketed to the point where it's financially irresponsible for most students to take a class solely because they might be interested in it. If it doesn't directly support your major or fulfill one of the requirements, it may as well not exist for most students. If there aren't a lot of jobs for graduates in your major, it's pretty difficult to justify unless you are in a pretty secure financial situation and/or have your tuition costs covered. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if that's by design, the cynic in me thinks it's just the natural progression of commodifying education that increasingly treats college as an employment training center instead of an institution of knowledge and discovery.


I can believe it's real. I was once discussing colleges with my cousin and mentioned that the one his son was looking at is a pretty good liberal arts school and his response was, "Well, it's not a LIBERAL arts school." My brain shut down for a few seconds.


I think the part where they say there aren't any conservative arts programs really seals it for me that this was a troll post meant as a joke.


It is a screenshot from 4Chan... why is everyone ITT thinking it is serious?


Bruh is this sub this stupid? It’s 4-Chan for gods sake of course it’s a troll.


4chan is probably the most conservative forum online, the whole ironic thing was always a cover to say neofash shit and then giggle at how edgy you are, that’s why people despise 4chan


All these people ating like 4chan *became* a shithole who conveniently forget all the people they bullied into suicide, then harassed the families of for years afterwards.


Yeah of course but my point is they don’t actually think liberal arts has to do with politics. That’s obviously a joke. They do probably think the curriculum in colleges is too liberal though. Most if 4-Chan is semi-ironic like this.


>Yeah of course but my point is they don’t actually think liberal arts has to do with politics I'm fairly confident if you ask the average republican voter for their thoughts on liberal arts in colleges they will start talking politics


You can’t be sure these days. Since 2016 when the Trump era began, there are more and more people who take 4Chan completely seriously as an alt-right forum space. It’s the exact thing that happened to /r/t_d, originally it was a Trump campaign satire sub but slowly got taken over by actual Trump supporters until it was a full on Trump dick riding forum by the time he was elected.


> Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company


Gotta be a troll. That said, you can definitely learn all about classical liberalism in a humanities class. They just won't be as repressive in the lecture as you want them to be.


don't they literally teach all of those except the last one in liberal arts? Idk what the last one would even teach though since the concept itself would be based on social constructs. I guess one chapter on biology and chromosomes and then jerk off to ben shapiro?


I took a gender studies class in college, it could be taken as a biology or a sociology class, depending on the prereqs you had.


Yes, that's the joke. Op is an idiot


What the fuck is wrong with this sub that they can't see the most obvious jokes?!


This just tells me you haven't actually exposed yourself to conservative idiocy, nothing in the OP is impossible to believe. If someone only consumed Prager U and Ben Shapiro they could easily believe this or something comparably stupid. There's no reason to believe that this person is definitely joking, Poe's Law exists for a reason.


1. You can study the greeks and romans. I have met many people studying Latin and Greek 2. You can study jungian psychology, its just that its been horribly debunked and you have to study why that is as well 3. Again, you can study classical liberalism 4. Biology based gender studies is just called gender studies. Spoiler alert for the course, you learn Gender is more complex then the neat boxes you learn in high school


Also, you you can shock people when you mention that math and science are two of the liberal arts. I was an English major, but I also took logic, biology with a lab, physical anthropology with a lab, a course on the scientific method, statistics, etc. I actually had a job proofreading statistics at a market research firm for a couple years.


> Gender is more complex then the neat boxes you learn in ~~high school~~ your entire childhood


"I majored in grifting with a minor in racism"


1- That's not that kind of liberal, Anon. 2- What's with the dead bird?


>2- What's with the dead bird? Prolly a hamfisted attempt at symbolism.


Conservatives hate art and anything that enriches their cold, dry, twisted souls.


Correction, they only like art when it is in a photorealistic style. Anything else is Entartete Kunst and should be destroyed. Music should reflect America's greatness and conservative background. Everything else is subversive and Entartete Kurnst and should be silenced. Physical art should be statues and monuments showing off the greatness of America's past and Christianity. Everything else is Post-Modern nonsense and Entarte Kurnst and should be melted down for materiel. >!/s !<


“The only permissible recorded music shall be the following: Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, Jack Jones, the marches of John Philip Sousa or The Star-Spangled Banner. In no event shall any music be tolerated that is not of a temperate or pleasant nature.”


Pat Boone


Third Reich-approved art.


Say what you will about conservative music. [At least it’s motivational.](https://youtu.be/OEwzin9EtFw)


I mean Idc for art and I'm a leftist, but I think it's just more that conservatism relies on safe spaces or tons of money


Art expresses ideas, and that terrifies them


… i think this is a joke i think you’d have to be insanely stupid to fall for “conservative arts”


I see what you're saying, but it's worth remembering that most conservatives are insanely stupid


Liberal arts just means "free art" and it's Greek origin means "knowledge/abilities the free man should acquire"


Karl Jung (not Yung) believed all humans were connected by a collective unconscious. There’s a reason his contributions to psychology aren’t taught as fact.


I wouldn't dismiss the theory outright.


*Liberal* literally stems from *liberalis*, Latin for *free*, and I would prefer free arts to, well, conservative arts.


Exactly. The seven artes liberales consisted of quadrivium (the four ways: astronomy, mathematics, geometry and music) followed by the trivium (the three ways: rhetoric/public speaking, grammar and dialectic/logic). Ultimately derived from the ancient Greek education system, they are named thus for their perceived aptitude for any free man.


"Liberal Arts" is basically the old term for STEM


There are conservative arts programs, it's just that they usually hide behind the name "business." Working on my business degree was an interesting and often depressing journey with how much "Capitalism is the best and America does it better than anyone" was littered throughout all my textbooks.




The "liberal" in "Liberal Arts" isn't the opposite of "conservative." It's to distinguish it from "Fine Arts." And in this context "Arts" refers to a learned skill. So whereas "Fine Arts" would refer to learning the skill of painting or sculpture, "Liberal Arts" would have been more vocational, technical, or professional. Liberal comes from "liberalis" or "worthy of a free person," or skills someone would acquire in order to take an active part in civic life, something that included among other things participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and participating in military service. So, not the same thing, anymore, we just use the name.


How does nobody get this joke lol? Y’all too serious on the hate train man.


*Imagine if there was a program where you could study things like the \[ancient\] Greeks and Romans..."* We don't have to imagine that.


I’m pretty sure this is ironic


Wait'll they find out the sexual shenanigans the Greeks and Romans got up to...


Nope no they were all just hertero buddies. Love between men was entirely bromantic in the ancient times of Greece, so sayeth r/sapphoandherfriend


Isn't the red text sarcastic? Everyone's treating it as if it's a serious statement when I thought it was obviously making fun of the green text


“Biology based gender studies” tells me all I need to know


>conservative arts OP has to be trolling, nobody can be this stupid lmao


The stupider people are, the more literal they are. "Liberal" = to liberate as in "to liberate from ignorance" "Liberal arts" = the broad intellectual inquiry into many academic subjects such as history, philosophy, art, music, literature, psychology, science, and others, as opposed to vocational education or job training programs.


Holy shit dude this is a troll on 4chan. You took the bait


TIL posts on /pol/ now qualify as forwards from grandma. Get this stupid shit out of here. Everyone should be downvoting and reporting this post.


You guys know this is satire right


Reddit has turned into a liberal shit hole


imagine if you could study these things at college already. woah!


I believe Ben Garrison did a Conservative Arts Degree


We do have biology based gender studies tho 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️


Uhhh “biology-based gender studies” affirm transfolk, sorry, oh budding fascist.


this looks like something i’d see on r/toiletpaperusa


deadass doe tf is liberal arts. the vast majority of people in uni dont take it but conservatives still use it as a strawman


Liberal Arts doesn’t mean left-wing ideology. It means a scholastic programme that includes general education requirements and is built on a philosophy of having a “well rounded” education. Aka most traditional and conservative universities.


“I want to go to a school that confirms all my pre-existing beliefs.”


Obvious satire i means he’s Dutch! They literally have socialized health care and better schools now if it were American flag I’d believe it


Yeah that’s a joke. I’m sure a lot of people find it to be in bad taste, but it’s definitely a joke.


Why is grandma reposting 4chan for karma What's really going on


Greeks lol


Noone seems to be mentioning that *that's not what liberal arts means.*


Really eager to see how a “conservative art class” would go down.


That ... is literally ... what a liberal arts program studies .... This has to be a fucking troll man


All I wanna ask the OP of the 4chan post is *are you mentally deficient* before I realized this is a shitpost and was made ironically


Smartest 4chan user ever Edit: /s


These same people complain that degrees that don’t focus on practical things are useless.


Does this moron think you don’t study that stuff in college? Or am I getting whooshed?


Big time woah, it's /pol on 4chan


huh? - i'm so confused - what are you trying to say? - & why did you kill that red-tailed hawk (it could also be a broad-wing can't quite tell)?


Hey buddy, hey all those programs exist and they are called liberal arts.


The main thing killing me here is the misspelling of Jungian, Carl Jung did not invent a whole branch of psychology for this.


I love that everything he says he wish was taught is already covered in middle-school


This is an obvious fucking troll and all of you are falling for it lmao