ilevel 280 gear in HW?

ilevel 280 gear in HW?


I think the Ilvl 280...well..thing was the coven weapons. They were pretty damn pointless so you cant get them anymore basically.


Getting a Coven weapon better than a 275 relic (pick your stats) was like getting a lucky Pyros light reroll with 800+ in your job's good stats. Basically didn't happen, sure as hell wasn't worth grinding it.


Not to mention getting the weapon you wanted was almost impossible since it was just a random drop. You didn’t even need to have the job activated to get a weapon for it.


You might be remembering the old diadem weapons that dropped towards the end of HW. Those were dropped from this special fate thing, had random substats outside of its Weapon Damage and Main Stat (Vit/Str/etc.) and required you to win a loot roll against everyone. They're no longer obtainable.


The highest iLevel from HW is 270 for Gear and 275 for the weapons. 270 you can buy the Poetic Shire Gear. The 275 weapons you'd have to either do Alexander - The Soul of the Creator (Savage) or go through the process of getting a completed HW Relic weapon (long process.) Edit: There's also the i280 Coven weapons, but I'm not sure you can even acquire them since the Diadem was repurposed for the Ishgardian Restoration. Just stick with Shire.


Anima weapon isn’t that much of a grind if you’ve got a decent FC to help you out.


The grind itself comes from farming poetics. Depending on side activities you need between a minimum of 8k and maximum of 17k poetics for a weapon but those side activities take several weeks thanks to daily/weekly limitations. So depending on playtime, poetic grind might actually be faster.


That would be the 280 weapons from Diadem 1.0, they are no longer obtainable. They had random stats and didn’t have a unique appearance. I don’t know if anyone that had such a good 280 weapon that surpassed savage/relics are that time. I am sure someone out there had one, but it was so rare and it was random what weapon you got.


Like others said, it was from Diadem which has been revamped and is no longer obtainable.