Aah yes, Reapers.

Aah yes, Reapers.


Were there scholar job changes announced?


I don't think Scholar is getting changed. It was already Barrier focused. Astrologian is the one getting the big changes. Since it was pretty much designed to be the middle ground between WHM and SCH, in that it could go Diurnal and do Regen, or Nocturnal and do Barrier. Now it's going to be pushed towards Regen while SCH and Sage are the Barrier heals. Makes you wonder just what changes are going to be made to Nocturnal Sect, to help differentiate it from Diurnal, now.


More than likely they’ll just drop Noct entirely. The end. The job quests already don’t make sense with the abilities anymore. So I doubt that will hold them back from just removing it entirely.


If they drop Nocturnal, they'd probably drop Diurnal as well. There is literally no point in having a "Day" without a "Night", after all. And it makes less sense to drop "Night" from a job that is heavily influenced by stars and the night sky.


Yeah, by dropping Diur, it’s just forever Diur stance on by default.


I felt it was implied in dropping Noct but apparently not. Yes, they’ll drop both stances and it’ll just be sparkly regen heals. They don’t need night. They just need “stars”.


Do you this also has something to do with endwalker and the moon?


SCH is the worst healer to play right now. With the introduction of another shield healer everyone will naturally gravitate to because it’s new and shiny, SCH will need a massive rework in order to stay relevant and not be the least played healer in 6.0. Yoshi-P also told mr happy that SMN is getting a heavy rework so it could mean more changes to core arcanist pet gameplay for both jobs. I think you’re overestimating the AST changes. They are literally just going to remove nocturnal sect and rename some stuff to make it make sense from a lore perspective. Diurnal AST is in a good place and doesn’t need to be reinvented. Resources need to be focused on BRD/MNK/WAR/SMN/SCH.


sad to see Scholar at this state :( I used to have fun playing SCH


why does everyone wanna reinvent BRD? BRD got the best rework in SB that made it feel like an actual Bard. ShB didn't do much to BRD and it feels just as good to play in Shb tbh


BRD's main drawback right now is that its rotation is 80s, which doesn't line up with anything else ever.


yeah that should be fixed. but the core gameplay with rotating between songs shouldn't be changed in my opinion


It doesn’t need reinventing, just fixing. It lost a lot of its utility and its damage doesn’t make up for that emptiness. Playstyle wise it’s just fine and functionally not much different from sb, but the numbers are depressing.


I really doubt Nocturnal Sect is getting the axe, like people seem to think it is. Besides which, AST is pretty heavily focused on the stars and constellations. That leans more into Night (Nocturnal) over Day (Diurnal). Removing Noct, to be honest they might as well remove Diurnal as well. There would be literally no point in having a singular "stance" for AST to use, after all. Which is what would happen. As soon as Diurnal unlocked, it would, in essence, become the annoying action you have to manually turn on when entering a Duty, and an inclusion in a gear-set Macro to automatically turn on whenever you ran AST. Tank Stance is the only one I can think of off-hand where it's the only one of a Job. And there are reasons why you'd turn off Tank Stance, at least in a raid or trial where multiple tanks were present. So yeah, I'm expecting Nocturnal's effects to be altered as something different from Diurnal. Both can be regen focused still, but function differently.


I really honestly expect that we'll lose sects altogether, and have one nocturnal-themed ability added/modified to serve as a shield for pulls. There's still plenty of night and stars stuff without having the sects; Earthly Star, Celestial Opposition, Collective Unconsciousness, and the card seals. If anything, I think they're going to just lean into the "diviner" identity that AST has, and most of the newer abilities and reworks that were introduced in ShB feel like they've been working towards that anyway.




It's easy enough to add a description that says "calls upon the x sect to..." and have individual abilities not run afoul of established lore, I think.


Yeah thats what I'm thinking. Rather than stances, you'll have abilities flavored as nocturnal and diurnal


I'll wager they may come with some animation changes, too, for existing spells that will have stars to denote the diurnal ones.


In before diurnal and nocturnal sects just become the new cleric stance lol


Darkside is explicitly mentioned by name in the 50 DRK quest and DRK no longer has it. The cards also used to do different things that were explicitly laid out in the AST job quests and they no longer do those things either. They aren't afraid to gut the lore for gameplay. Sadly.


> Darkside is explicitly mentioned by name in the 50 DRK quest and DRK no longer has it. You still have Darkside. It's the damage buff you get from Edge/Flood. Exact same appearance with the wispy red aura. No, it's not the explicit toggle it used to be and it doesn't report in the battle log but it's still a thing. Basically like AF/UI for Black Mage where those don't appear in the combat log either but they're clearly still "things" in game (where they used to be visible buffs before the Stormblood addition of the job gauges).


Next time you play DRK, pay attention to the red aura you get from using edge/flood of shadow. That’s dark side. It’s just not a toggle anymore and has its own dedicated hud element. Also, the Esteem you summon with living shadow? Also a representation of your dark side. They don’t gut lore for gameplay, people just don’t pay attention. I highly doubt AST will lose their sects.


Funnily enough the faerie for SCH is similar to the hypothetical for diurnal you’re describing but even worse, tbh. There’s no reason not to have one out, you have to manually resummon it on death, and on top of that it both has a cast time (longer than one GCD, I’ll add!) and a mana cost.


Faeries, Egi, and Monk stances also need to be annoyingly turned on when you enter duties and job swap.


Monk and egi i understand, as they each have a different function. Faerie should be automatic tho


you pick your pretty faerie, but it should just use an egi glamour system (so you can use carbuncle too)


Ah yes, Alphinaud’s personal Lunar and Obsidian Carbuncles that are way more powerful than Seraph could ever be.


However, there is a reason to switch Egi. You use Ifrit for solo targets/boss and you use Garuda for trash stuff. Same with Monk Stances. You swap to Earth when you are gonna get unavoidable hit to mitigate damage, alongside Riddle of Earth. You swap to Fire otherwise for damage. You swap to Wind to speed up running about between areas. As far as faeries, that one is largely useless, since it's cosmetic and no real difference in them.


Faeries used to do different things though... RIP Selene.... i used to really like the fact that Sch is the only job with AOE esuna and can like minibuff DPS.


For casual play with monk once you get fire you never need to leave it. You're just another DPS as far as your healers are concerned if you aren't utilizing riddle of earth and earth stance to their max. Should you? Yes, but if you aren't it isn't the end of the world. Just don't stand in telegraphs and do your positionals to do your damage. If you want to push into savage content you should probably learn when the best time to earth is. Monk having stances is weird and it should probably get removed with the power moved into riddle of earth instead and roll the speed boost into freeform or something or have it perma up like NIN. For SMN outside of dungeons you're going to be in ifrit 99.9% of the time. You'd swap to titan for the same reason you'd swap to earth stance, and geruda if there's a trash phase in a boss fight. Maybe with the SMN reworks egis are going to get normalized and instead you'll be picking different moves based on the situation rather than egis. So while there is reason to use the other things, you're still pushing a button whenever you swap into a job that other jobs don't have to deal with. It isn't the end of the world, but it is an annoyance.


> Resources need to be focused on BRD/MNK/WAR/SMN/SCH. I think everything you're saying is correct but this mindset isn't 100% correct. Classes don't exist in a vacuum, and in many situations (especially the upper echelon of skill) classes are picked in relation to how they perform over others. A simple example would be two selfish DPS (SAM vs BLM) where apart from range vs melee utility the best players have to simply pick the one with more raw damage. If SAM was weak to the point of being problematic, buffing it can help, but in this very specific hyperscenario, nerfing BLM achieves the same thing. Game dev is extremely holistic, and balance happens best with increments and learning rather than targeted sweeping changes.


Here's the thing though, there's always going to be a least played healer. And besides, imagine the shit storm if they introduced Sage and then Scholar is just better. I'm sure they'll have their pros and cons but scholar just might be sealed to that fate for awhile. Same for Drg with reaper being new maiming. I dunno. Being least played isn't really a bad thing


He didn't say SMN was getting a heavy rework. He said it reached a breaking point and that's it. Rather they tweak things slightly or completely change up smn...again...is yet to be seen


While I agree a lot of people are going to gravitate towards sage, if the faerie exists as is. I can only see Scholar outperforming sage by leaps and bounds from just a playstyle perspective.


lol AST in a good place


Barrier focused, lol. Good one.


I actually really liked AST at 80, so the loss of nocturnal shields is a bit upsetting. I assume we've got a few months tho until we get the official job changes


I tend to favor Nocturnal as well. It honestly feels like the shields just work better than it's regen in Diurnal.


Aw, but I liked hopping in a full party and basing Noc/Di on the opposite of my co-healer :/


Perhaps they will take the scholar route, and just make them the same...


> Makes you wonder just what changes are going to be made to Nocturnal Sect, to help differentiate it from Diurnal, now. My guess is that both Sects as separate stances will be going away, where the default state of AST is just Diurnal. And further, what's going to change is that some of the "generic" star-themed support skills are going to be renamed accordingly. So... * Aspected Benefic is renamed Diurnal Benefic. Celestial Intersection is renamed Noctural Benefic. Probably becomes a level 40-50 skill. * Aspected Helios is renamed Diurnal Helios. Celestial Opposition is renamed Nocturnal Helios (and basically acts as AoE CI, rather than matching the Sect you have now). * Side note: I'm betting WHM will get a similar skill. They already have Divine Benison but would be missing an on-demand AoE shield compared to AST in this hypothetical. SCH sorta-kinda already has equivalent "regen" functions from Whispering Dawn and Aetherpact. SGE will almost certainly have on-demand ST/AoE regen oGCDs as well. * Lightspeed is renamed Diurnal Sect or Alignment or something like that, otherwise functions the same. * Neutral Sect is renamed Nocturnal Sect or Alignment or whatever. It also changes to basically be Temperance with some other minor twist on it because AST already has Collective Unconscious (and I *really* doubt they'd ever get rid of CU). I'd also be real skeptical that Neutral Sect (or its replacement) would remain the same regen+shield tool. They can basically CTRL+F/CTRL+H all of those names and make minor dialog adjustments to compensate. Those are just my predictions though. I'm just looking at it from a structure of every healer basically having a single target and AoE oGCD heal that provides the opposite benefit of their main kit. So SCH/SGE have oGCD regens while WHM/AST have oGCD shields. Just as their basic "kit".


Just like Selene, it will basically just be a free glam.


No, this is just a meme.




Same, that is an odd spell for that class, doesn't fit imo.


Or at least made it better




You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.


A beautiful coincidence that the reaper reveal day was the same as Legendary Edition ME launched :P


[It-it is not a thing you can comprehend.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wisHcuBzTCM)


We have dismissed that claim.


Can't wait for SCH to lose Energy Drain again.


And then get a bunch of disjointed skills that are antithetical to one another and become highly situational to the point where you can count on one hand when you actually use them.


I can hear the title so vividly.


SCH using stands like this was my hypothesis for their rework, now I don't now since Repers are the one with it.


I'm thinkung that because reaper use this system they will actually use it for Arcanist, so Scholar and Summoner. You're onto something.


Please look forward to it.


I understood that reference.


So uh, where can I read these class updates?


I don’t think they’ve done them yet, otherwise it would be all over the front page


We haven't gotten any new details. Just speculation


Very fitting title since the Legendary edition just dropped


At this point, they could announce that they're just outright making Scholar completely identical to White Mage except reskinned, and I'd be happier about that than... pretty much anything else about the job in the past two years.


Please refer to my flair. I really love sch, although I hate ooming myself prepull just to fish for critlos. And pet ai can be inconsistent sometimes. But I love the job dearly. Best tank upkeep off a free resource that I passively generate, all the ogcds in the world, smart fairy positioning to pull off fun tricks, and beefy no-shield succors on a very short cooldown.


I main a SCH, and I absolutely love it. I would dislike it greatly of it simply became a WHite Mage. Obviously, I know they will be staying a barrier healer. It makes me happy that we are getting another one in the game. SCh won't be alone anymore!!!!


They prolly going to let the bunboys and burley cat girls equip all the helmets and hairstyles and leave the bungirls and burley cat men with nothing.


We are likely to find out changes soon