This guy is already a winner. The top miner in Hyperion.

This guy is already a winner. The top miner in Hyperion.


How do these people get such crazy scores....


Step 1: Have stats good enough to hit the GP breakpoint and either the perception breakpoint or the gathering one. Maybe both. Step 2: Follow your route and don't drop the chains of nodes. (Nodes are in chains of 8, with fixed locations for +5 attempt/+1/+2 nodes.) If you have problems drop waymarkers at key spots. Step 2a: Only go to weather nodes if they are favorable. Dropping your current chain is never worth it, and if it is all the way across the map your travel time costs you more points than you get from the weather node. Step 2b: If you have good enough stats, use both node chains when you need to go slow and only one node chain when you need to go fast. This lets you (almost) always be within 1/4th of the map of the next weather node. Also, you can "loop" node chains in some areas (finish node 8 go back to node 1) to put a hard stop on your path if you need to. Step 3: Never let your GP hit max, use Hi-Cordials on cooldown, and never let your aether bar fill all the way either. Step 3a: Use your aether bar as "I need more time for GP/cordials to become available before the next +5 node" juice. ​ Following those steps gets you \~17-20k points every 3 hours. The rest is just time spent in the diadem.


Can you hit all 3 points with miner using food? I’ve seen someone say you could for botanist in diadem before.


While I'm unsure about miner, I don't see why it would be any different than botanist, which totally can.


i have aesthete hq gear with advanced melding, and i passively break the gp and the perception checkpoints. any food that provides me with 27 gathering will also result in me breaking that checkpoint as well. Im using the i500 skysung or w/e its called tool, i think if you instead go with the aesthete hq mainhand and advanced meld that you can break all 3 points without any food. I usually go with the peppered popotoes, since they also give extra 40 gp. its a shame i find gathering super boring if i do it for more than 30 mins. I just did it this week to get the crab mount and im gonna do another 30 min session or 2 to get the broom emote and be done. I don't know how people do this 18 hours a day.


Having another monitor helps take away from the boringness of gathering/crafting. I've been watching Netflix while I do my expert crafts.


I avoid firnament like the plague after getting top 12 on last patch, but yes, you can easily get there without even pentamelding all gear. You wanna hit GP and Gathering/Perception node check cap then meld rest on Gathering/Perception to get close enough then eat a food that boosts that stat + GP


Miner and botanist gear has the exact same stats and is indeed the same pieces for everything but the tools.


Yes. I personally do


Yeah you can. I use the perception/gathering food and have pentamelds I found somewhere on reddit during the previous ranking challenge.


I have a pentameld set of aesthete gear for both BTN and MIN. I hit all the breakpoints for all 3 stats without food or pots. It is exactly the break points though except for gathering where I am above it by 2. It is possible it just takes tons of planning.


Fisher is the only one that’s pure cancer to hit the breakpoint(s) for. Although I’m not doing it this tier so idk what the meta most points/hr settled on. But one of the methods people were debating on day 1-2 and the meta for the previous tier you needed perfect pentameld HQ gear, the HQ crafted aesthete rod pentamelded w/ gathering materia and food.


>Step 2: Follow your route and don't drop the chains of nodes. (Nodes are in chains of 8, with fixed locations for +5 attempt/+1/+2 nodes.) If you have problems drop waymarkers at key spots. Ackshully...XD The big thing (and this is why the Artisanal Logs are completely worthless on the MB) is both classes have all 8 nodes for both paths on the northwestern island. You literally just hit 1-7 right up to the tornado-jumpy-thing and then back track to the eighth node (which is +5 attempts on Artisanal Logs for BTN), and then repeat endlessly. Keep doing that tight loop over and over. See: [https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/kw76qn/541\_diadem\_minerbotanist\_gathering\_loop/](https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/kw76qn/541_diadem_minerbotanist_gathering_loop/) I believe you ignore all clouded nodes on BTN and only take the fire rocks on MIN, but I'm here for gil so I run the full route so I can diversify my sales and hit all the clouded nodes because $$$$$.


I have seen several diadem lockouts where so many people were doing this that not enough mobs spawned to keep up with their collective compressed aether. You \*technically\* lose a little bit of time doing the full loop, but I'd rather not have to hunt for mobs. Also, while big island is good for miners, it is the furthest point on the map from one of the botany nodes, which makes dustleaf not worth getting if doing this route. Which, coincidentally, is why dustleaf sells for 10x what wind sticks do.


There is a monster island directly below if you get too close to cap but I'm unsure of the math on traveling to it with 4 or 5 bars. And yes, if you're not going for rank the full route and all clouded nodes (even those for the other class) are so much better for both scrip and coin. :-D EDIT: Please see responses below. They Did The Math (TM). XD


They're comprable on time per 8 nodes (on average.) Both options (full loop or big island only) have 30-40 seconds total travel time average per 8 node chunk. (jump pads take anywhere between 5 and 16 seconds depending on the pad, and backtracking takes 15 seconds. Most chains of 8 have at least one jump pad involved, with the exception of big island.) Making sure to hit both paths when going across lightning rock REALLY helps the full route here, as those nodes are so close that using your mount is a time loss compared to sprint. Conversely, getting across wind tree island AS FAST AS POSSIBLE speeds things up too, because wind tree island BOTH doesnt have a full path AND has huge gaps between nodes. As for Aether shots, if they take longer than 5 seconds each you waste points, so adding ANY travel time is a loss. (5 full 8 node chains gets you 9 shots. If 5 shots adds a minute of travel time, then you are adding 12 seconds per 8 node chain.)


Yeah, I didn't understand all the people touting the "northwest island" thing. I tried it and there was basically no difference, or even a small loss compared to my full map route. If there is a win with more efficiency, it must be very minor. Also the botany mat you get the most of from northwest island (tortoises) sell for nothing at least on Odin. The only thing that sells is cotton bolls. (While I want to focus on the rank, getting some gil out of it is nice too.)


It's way too far for how optimised this is.


Savage crafting


Gotta save that CUL LB3. Wouldn't want a wipe after all.


I have a lvl70 miner and most of this was gibberish to me! I have so much more to learn.


Diadem chat claims botting. But I accuse of people having nothing else to do. Plus Diadem is weirdly addictive.


Plus we're still in a pandemic. Also helps that right now you can make a good amount of money selling mats for the competing crafters.


There's definitely botting, but the blatant bots aren't high in number. On the 3rd day, I saw someone with a score that was unattainable without some form of ToS breaking ability. Likely botting to "play" the game for 24 hours a day on top of wall hacking to go in a straight line between nodes in order to score that high that quickly.


Some of the top crafters/gatherers are very obviously botting or account sharing. It's impossible for someone to be farming points 20+ hours per day without causing serious harm to themselves.


My guess is the bots are A) gathering and B) aren't even on the leaderboard tbh so I'd favor account sharing, which while against the TOS they dont...appear to really enforce unless it's egregious. I'd go so far as to say it's a set of roommates or couple working in shifts. With the pandemic on, 20 hours even if 10 of those hours is some disinterested spouse mashing a macro ~~(which you can do on Expert Crafts, you just get middling results)~~ to scrounge together some points from non-expert crafts can brute force a ton of points while the primary is napping or eating. Anyway, the why of the bots not being on the leader board at the moment: After the the ban waves on the last day of the first season (completely turned over the top 12 in FSH the first season on several servers), the botters became hoarders second season. Being in the top 12 seems to attract at least a cursory examination from the GMs. Gathering is pretty easy to full bot, also. ~~For expert crafting, an account shared between engaged crafters managing the RNG of an expert craft will out perform any bot AND you still have to turn in because there just isn't enough inventory space.~~ EDIT 2: So, I went down the rabbit hole on this and just...let's not make this claim. There are forums for a particular easily Google-able bot and wow are they bragging about their magical scenario scripts! TL;DR: You won't see the bots till the final leader board for gathering and maybe the leaders on the crafting side *are* botting. Previous phases have shown being in the top 12 attracts...attention. So let us hope SE are thorough. EDIT: I've been corrected on people macroing expert crafts for "middling" points.


You really can't macro expert crafts with even "middling" results now. That was really only possible in 5.2. You could definitely make a macro that finishes the craft every time, but the collectability would be garbage. Macros can't intentionally take advantage of any status, and you definitely need some amount of Good, Pliant, and/or Sturdy to get anything worth turning in. Also you would at least 2 macros and probably 3 given the length of expert crafts.


> You really can't macro expert crafts with even "middling" results now. That was really only possible in 5.2. You could definitely make a macro that finishes the craft every time, but the collectability would be garbage. You can certainly hit minimum collectability often enough that you can still gain points when you teach your little sister to hit buttons in a row and then turn in stuff. > Also you would at least 2 macros and probably 3 given the length of expert crafts. FFXIVQuickLauncher + Macro Recursion plugin? Even still, I never understand how "press button 1, wait for /echo Craft Complete , press button 2, repeat" is constantly pointed at as a deterrent from using macros. You really only need the macro to work 50% of the time and have someone to sit at the computer and craft for a few hours while you nap. It's points when you otherwise would be getting 0 points and enough that it's not something you could easily make up for when you're trying to hold on to a top 12 spot.


Minimum collectability is garbage, you might as well go for the level 80 non-expert craft if you're macroing for that. You can actually make a consistent macro which will probably make up for the lower point value of non-expert crafts by not failing half the time. I wasn't considering 3rd party tools for macros. I guess people could do that.


I'll concede the point. My overall argument was people working in shifts on the same account is probably more likely. :-)


>It's impossible for someone to be farming points 20+ hours per day without causing serious harm to themselves. I think you're severely overestimating how hard it is to rank that high. one of my FC friends is in the top 5 on our world, but she's a stay at home mom who prepared herself for this week.


It’s not impossible - it’s just not healthy. When I was in my early 20s I used to get to work for 7am, work until 3pm, pick up dinner on the walk home and then game from 5 to 3am. Then sleep for about 3 hours. Rinse and repeat. Catch up on sleep during the weekends. I did that for 2 years solid. I stopped when I started to feel sick all the time because it was clearly have a huge toll on my body. I have a friend who HARD no life’s this game. I can believe 100% people do play insane hours. Sure bots exist - and we can count a few of the top 100 to be using them. But the kind of people topping the leaderboards most likely don’t want to ruin their account and this is just the content they enjoy all the time.




They could just be unemployed.


If they have an "office job" and they're working from home, they might have only 4 hours of work to do across the whole day. Easy to keep Diadem on one monitor, work email on the other, and bang out 20 minutes of mining while waiting for a response.


I was fishing in the last phase and I got tells from 8 people saying “are you a bot/Reported for being a bot” Because I flew between islands. I didn’t know it was faster to use the wind jump. Can I not Fish and Netflix in peace?! If I put my status as busy to stop these tells people get more suspicious. You can’t win :(


Either a virgin who will never get laid or a bot. Probably even still a bot. That's all this event does is show the bots


Well, that's rude my guy. I don't like bots too much either, but assuming he's a virgin isn't very fair >.<


that’s my FC lead :D (he doesn’t bot btw, just likes a good meme)


Had two people tied for first on Cactuar with that exact score


I don't see it


The score has already been updated my guy






I've seen this guy around the Firmament, good for him XD


For fishers on our server it looks like this Step 1: Try to hold back your bot scores to a ~100k per day Step 2: Nervously Glare at that one other botter on the server fighting you Step 3: Tired of his competition. Welp, day 4, let's go 24/7 300k babyyyyy Fuck i hate squenix stance on bots...


Saw him in the Diadem shout chat a few times! Glad to see he went through with it, the crazy bastard.


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