Which will break first: my controller or my mind?

Which will break first: my controller or my mind?


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Both? Both? Both. Both is good.


I tell you what, I feel dumb about picking fisher to saint on my server. It's gonna have a floor of nearly a million it looks like




Lol. The no-lifers let me think I had a chance and then came back and ran 21 hours straight yesterday. I'm just gonna take comfort in the fact I have a life, a spouse, and date nights. Even then, I'm still making some bank off what I do grind out in Diadem. :-)


My score ended up where I wanted it to, but looking at how the Saint scores on my world *multiplied*, I've decided to stop and just craft for Kupons and scrips to sell things for profit. No longer worth it.


"I got 70k points today, I should go up a few ranks" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I WENT DOWN A RANK!?"