Have you ever done a MTG setting campaign?

Have you ever done a MTG setting campaign?


Only a Ravnica game after the book came out, and because the 10 guilds have enough going on, it definitely felt more like a d&d setting than anything to do with MTG, which I consider to be for the best, as Ravnica actually makes an excellent d&d setting. Wasn't any more caster-heavy than 5e usually is, we had an Orzhov mobster fighter with a chain was gonna be wonderful, but the campaign petered out for a heduling issues. The usual. I did get to set a warehouse on fire while the party was inside it, so I consider the campaign to have been a moral victory of nothing else.


Gonna play in Ravnica soon. Definitely not all casters.


Ooo sounds fun. I definitely would like to play one in that setting someday.


Yea! It went really well. Using MTG as a setting doesn’t take a whole lot of tweaking. I basically ran it like any other D&D setting but used characters from MTG lore as NPCs, figured a way for the party to travel across planes, and that kind of thing. Everyone I ran the game for was very familiar with MTG so there weren’t any big issues there either.


You could even homebrew your own plane if you wanted. And have it just set up like a MTG plane. Then activate their spark a few levels in once they move past killing wolves haha.


I played a campaign in innistrad once, it was great. Almost everybody in the party was a caster but not intentionally


I ran a Theros campaign for about a year that I hope to be revisiting eventually. I had a ton of fun with it, and my players (the majority of which had little to no pre-existing knowledge of MtG) all were able to get into the setting without any difficulty.


Ran a Theros underworld adventure dark souls style, it was great. Really fit


I'm currently running a Theros campaign, it's been doing pretty well, and I can tell, even after about 3 or 4 months since we started, the players are still very hyped up about the story and what's going to happen next.


Running a game in Theros right now. Power level is high because of boons and piety, but its easy to compensate for. I have a barbarian, a paladin, a ranger, a warlock, and a bard. It's a solid party.


Currently running a Theros campaing, we have a leonin barbarian (Iroas), a satyr bard (Purphoros), and a minotaur cleric (Keranos) \[all red mana gods, yay (?)\] First time i DM'ed since pandemy began so i was kinda nervous (first time using roll20 also), but they are having fun so far. The setting gives A LOT of room for "heroic" plot ideas (which is why i dont mind the boost with the supernatural gifts), from journeys to the underworld, to quests based on godly weapons, or glorious tournaments (Iroas Games).


No and I have no intention to. For me D&D and MTG are their own separate things and trying to merge them together is like trying to play superheroes in D&D. I mean, you could, but it wouldn't make much sense.


Theros was a blast to run two campaign within, really fun seeing the party take down a fleecemane lion or punch above their weight class when exploring the Underworld. As far as classes go, people will pick what they like, regardless of setting.


Not the official released ones, but I ran an Ixalan campaign and played in a Innistrad campaign. My Ixalan campaign ran about 14 months before it imploded for drama reasons, and the Innisrad one just sort of stopped, I can't remember why. Both were fun and had a great flair; really loved where the party was going in my Ixalan campaign, a massive civil war so close to breaking out. Lol everyone was not a caster.


Running a game in Theros rn


I'm running Theros but it's mostly removed from the MTG multiverse and story. I'm just running it as any other world. Most of the major events in the MTG stories still happened, but I've altered them to be independent of planes walking. E.g. Xenagos found a way beyond the magical borders of Theros and discovered the truth of the gods, rather than going to another plane. Elspeth was just a champion of Heliod, from Theros herself.


Played in a Ravnica game. I was Izzet but not a spellcaster. I played as a *just* rebooted robot Rogue, that was an experiment with artificial intelligence.


Why should it be different than any other setting? Unless you actually try to implement Planeswalker mechanics and card duels it's just another fantasy setting.


I'm just trying to hear about others experiences and what it was like.


As I said I'm pretty sure that for everyone was just a setting as any other one. It doesn't matter if it's from MtG or from a B-series movie of the '90s


No need to be confrontational about it. Just a fun question for the community.


Its funny that a lot the responses here are pretty positive, but go to literally any other threads about the content in mtg setting books and its a bunch of people screeching about how the mtg settings suck. You might not have known that, but I can get why some people get defensive.


Huh that's a shame people hate it. Glad everyone is being positive here!


I played in ravnica but the DM was horrible, at level 3 we were put against 3 CR20 angels. Apparently we were supposed to lose then get healed then sent on a mission. Why beat us down with CR20 mobs just send us on the mission.


I’m about to play in it. Have a character who’s part a small cult to the Eldrazi(they know nothing about the Eldrazi). Should be fun.


Zendikar? If I remember right the first Vampires were transformed cultists to the imprisoned Eldrazi.


Its actually Ravnica. See, I dont play magic, but i used to, but only during the Eldrazi sets. So i worked with the DM who is a big MTG nerd and we’ve figured out a way to integrate the eldrazi . Its been written in a way so that its less of an actual demon-summoning cult and more like a conspiracy theory that the Eldrazi were the original gods, rulers, and creators of all planes. For the cult to work, the Eldrazi might not even have to exist.


True makes me wonder how they learned about it.


Copies of a book just started appearing randomly in black markets, and it bece their holy book. If my DM ever wants to explain it further, i’m leaving it up to him for a potential plot hook


Oh cool!


not personally, but damn it’s fun to turn those cards into magic items and creatures


It very much depends on which plane you are playing at. I am playing a sandbox in ravnica were we are part of a cult. The team is very balancer between casters and martials. I am also playing an exploration campaign in Ikoria which is very different from the ravnica one. If your DM and a hanful of players enjoy mtg, there will be a lot of cosy moments when an important card or even a planes walker makes an appearence. I am not a fan of mtg (im playing those because the dms are my friends) and even I enjoy these cameos. At the end, if your gm is passionate about something that can be translated to 5e, you are guaranteed to have a nice campaign in you hands


Played in a Ravnica game, and the setting was amazing. I might be biased though, since I love MTG itself.


I ran a Ravnica campaign, though it was right before the setting book cameout, in which the players were a series of people working unwittingly for Dimir agents to uncover the hidden maze that ran throughout the city. probably one of the best campaigns I ever ran. I think everbody was a variant of half or full caster, except for a monk, but we didn't have the Guild backgrounds, and none of the players were familiar with mtg lore, so it was all novel for them. I also ran an Innistrad campaign as my first ever campaign, it was based on a fan module made more than half a decade ago called Army of Damned. The module super helped since I was new to DMing, and was super fun even for a first time. I do hope to run a planehopping campaign too, since I found a MTG planeswalking fanmade addition to 5e about two years and it has been burning a hole in my pocket. However all my MTG playing DnD players have been locked into a campaign for years, so when that finishes maybe. If any of the notes or modules for those campaigns sound interesting I can DM them to you! I still have all my notes from my Ravnica campaign, and the modules mentioned above. I am also a huge mtg lore nerd, even if the novels aren't the best, lol.


I love the mtg lore too. And tempting offer. I might have to get back to you on that. My schedule is pretty busy rn.


technically every campaign is already within the MTG setting. Now if you mean have you taken a specific setting from MTG and used its as a campaign setting, no. at least not until the MTG Forgotten Realms set releases.


Yeah but it's not officially part of the universe. Like how the MTG D&D is considered a part of MTG Beyond but not MTG.


I can't speak for whatever MTG Beyond is, but since the Ravnica and Theros settings (and by extension all other MTG settings) exists within the framework of DnD the unified cosmology of DnD implies that all DnD settings exist within MTG.


Eh sure in theory even Modern Day Earth is another realm in D&D. I still don't count it as a official setting. But that's up to the DMs.


Played in a parody of Ravnica called Fantasy Denver, party was a frat house brew crew called the Party Ponies (all hooved characters) who "accidentally" robbed several liquor stores and had to run from the feds in our magic van. I'm not knowledgeable of how Ravnica is supposed to go, normally, but I liked the distinct neighborhoods of the city pretty well.