I think I am not alone in this

I think I am not alone in this


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Definitely not alone. Some scenes need to be carefully prepped and run, while others can just go with the flow. Nothing wrong with enjoying the best of both worlds.


"That's my secret Gang, I've always improvised". Meanwhile also me: currently several sessions ahead of the group, prepped with battlemaps and encounters.


Hey I get it. I have a wild party of 8 that will just end up wherever. I like to try to plan for it with extra maps up my sleeves and side quests to flesh out the world. But sometimes ya just gotta roll with it!


I have done this exact thing before. Almost wiped the party until the rogue hit with a poisoned dart and the beholder suddenly didn't have a CON score to speak of...


Alright, I have like 3 sessions worth of fun stuff planned, INSIDE THIS FOREST. How do I get them to enter the forest to enjoy this interesting stuff I've put a lot of effort into preparing? "Hey DM, I want to start a forest fire to flush the evil witch out!"