It’s real. 5e PHB, page 121.

It’s real. 5e PHB, page 121.


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A bearded female female dwarf who hates being mistaken for a male? Time for a Discworld campaign, starring Cheery Littlebottom!


I play a female bugbear who keeps her face clean-shaven but grows out some rockin' [Martin Van Buren muttonchops.](https://cdn.britannica.com/w:400,h:300,c:crop/53/96053-050-350CF9BC/Martin-Van-Buren.jpg)


I'm a little disappointed that this was actually Martin Van Buren.


It should be the same picture, but with a word balloon saying "You don't even know who I am"


I laughed at that joke in Family Guy and then had a real traumatic flashback to GCSE history module on British Prime Ministers from the 18th Century onwards.


I was really hoping for a bugbear with face mutton.


I played a sylph whose gender was 'they maybe know but the rest of the party really doesn't' They would respond to 'sir' or 'madam' both, never referred to themselves as either gender, never corrected anyone using any pronoun, and dressed androgynous. I liked to think their gender was 'I don't care one way or another'.


Pronouns: any / any 💕


Responds to: Yes.


Responds to : do you want to go on an adventure


Responds to: the call to action


I actually wasn't shocked at the trans stuff, that is basically normal to me because a lot of my friends are queer and I'm gay. I was shocked they just outright admitted that female dwarves can have beards. It is now canonical in my \[Never going to be played because my friends hate reading world\] that there is a clan of Dwarves that are so prideful on beards that woman tend to grow the biggest and bushiest beards of them all, and since the person who grows the biggest, best beard is usually a woman they are given emperor status until they retire. I just love that it is in the book so I can say it's fair game without just using my word for it.


This comes from Tolkien: somewhat famously, in the LOTR canon, the genders of Dwarves are rather difficult to tell apart by non-Dwarves, as both grow beards.


Maybe it's just me being enby but I really like playing characters whose gender can't be visibly determined by other species. Like, how would you even tell a lizardfolk's gender? Probably with about as much accuracy as you could guess for an actual lizard. Frills might vary in size, but a human character who doesn't interact with lizardfolk much isn't going to know that.


Gotta take a peak at that cloaca.... NSFW Oglaf Link: https://www.oglaf.com/lonelymountain/


Oh good old Oglaf....


If it's anything like fantasy video games? Male lizardfolk are eight foot tall scale covered monsters oozing weird slime with yellow teeth and black claws. Female lizardfolk are human women with thick dark hair, coloured green, with a tail lifted in the air, and massive badonkadonks, I mean huge walopadoos, I mean absolutely enormous tattywattydoodahs.


Your choice of descriptive terminology is both disturbing and hilarious. Well done.


[Reference to this I believe. ](https://youtu.be/7yaCKsb0vUg)


Thank you for providing context to an old man with little education in anime / hentai.


Wow your comment gave me flashbacks of a game called arknights I used to play. There was an event about lizardfolks where the dudes looked like bipedal lizards and the chicks like [this](https://i.imgur.com/fLSfLfZ.png)


I mean, this is basically true for most mobile/mmo styled game. Especially ones released prior to 2018.


Oh that's easy, obviously the male lizardmen wear facial warpaint through lipstick and mascara to show off their masculinity


The last character I played was like that. She was a dragonborn who, by her culture's standards was the girliest of girly girls and considered really pretty, but for most other people, it was really hard to tell, as she was super buff and didn't have any traditionally human secondary sex traits. She's six foot four, buff as shit and has a voice that's deeper than most human men's. She was hella fun to play, and was basically the dragony version of a ballet brat. It didn't really come up in our campaign, as we were in Avernus and the game was more about killing demons and devils than anything else, but my husband and I did some role play of before the game where she got rather upset just after entering Faerun as a whole and kept getting misgendered. It ended up with a conversation between her and her best friend (male dwarf forge cleric) about cultural differences and the assumptions that people make based off of their own experiences of the world. And you're not alone in liking to play those characters. I usually play characters where it's pretty difficult to tell what gender they are, either by the necessity of their existence, or by how different their own culture is. This is mostly because I feel weird playing female characters in this setting, and my husband says I'm really bad at playing male characters, but won't talk with me about what I can do to be better at it.


You’re going to love [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbVh6MUc2Xs). TL;DW: Lizardfolk worship a non-binary hermaphroditic god (Semuanya) and their creation myth is that they were a non-binary hermaphroditic god (Kecuala) that split into male and female. Kecuala is also the name of their race in their language. So intersex lizardfolk are their shamans because they’re considered closer to their race’s godly form. I really want to play a Lizardfolk shaman and I also headcanon that they also use Kecuala as the name of the third gender in their culture. For even more fun, the character idea I have actually has the shaman worshiping the Dwarven god. And so it’d also be fun to see their biblical literalists try to figure out how to apply gender specific rites and rituals to a non-binary cleric.


>Like, how would you even tell a lizardfolk's gender? Huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big ol' tonhongerekoogers.


For extra fun, the average lizardfolk will probably have no idea how to tell a human male and female apart.


Yeah, they don't have frills and they both just smell like "human". How are you supposed to know?!


Food is food


And they don’t even have tails to help you tell them apart. I thought they were just really small and hidden under those “pants” things but I was doing meal prep for the week and found out they have no tails at all.


Tolkien said that male and female dwarves looked alike but he didn’t mention that female dwarves grew beards. Fans just assumed that. But if you run with this it’s quite possible that some of the dwarves in the Hobbit were actually women!


I've looked it up. In The Hobbit Bilbo claims that somebody clearly is not a dwarf, because they do not have a beard. In Appendix A for LotR it's stated that female dwarves are indistinguishable from male dwarves. Those two facts together heavily imply that in Middle Earth female dwarves do in fact have beards. But that's nuanced and open for at least a little debate. But in 1994, The War of the Jewels was published, which contains a lot of stuff that didn't end up making it into The Silmarillion, where it's explicitly stated that both male and female dwarves have beards. As for Discworld: Pratchett introduces Cheery Littlebottom in Feet of Clay which was published in 1996, or two years after it was confirmed that Tolkiens female dwarves have beards. But I'm not 100% sure if she was actually the first confirmed bearded female dwarf on Discworld, or just the most notable one.


I recently finished a thing where the dwarves were unfamiliar with humans, and kept trying to console the female character. "There there, I'm sure you'll get a beard one day"


Can you share more details? If that was a book I’d really love to read it!


Yeah I wrote it in my book beneath the dragoneye moons. It’s free on royal road


It's a classic fantasy trope that female dwarves have beards. Pratchett uses it a lot in his discworld novels to address gender issues


I've been playing Gwent and Thronebreaker and absolutely loved seeing them actually make their [female dwarf characters have beards](https://i.redd.it/xjw57fd4t8341.png)! I'm pretty sure that's how it works in LOTR but it's not something I feel like they depict and take seriously in the movies.


Sorry, but I just can't take the last name "Littlebottom" seriously.


Yep. She was expecting Vimes to laugh like everyone else but he just noted that that’s a common dwarves name. Then when she left his office he let out the pent up laughter.


Are ... Are we supposed to?


It's Pratchett, so no.


Noone can


Just you wait to see what her name is in Dwarven!


I can’t remember the spelling but phonetically it’s “Short arse.”


Yup; *Sh'rt'azs*


It's a Pratchett character, you're not supposed to take it too seriously.


So mad they made her tall and conventionally femme and attractive in the TV show Also extends ta Sybil Ramkin.


There's a lot to be mad about with that show tbf


Omg I've been watching it The only character they did justice to is Detritus AND THEY KILL HIM OFF IN THE SECOND EPISODE like he was PERFECT And Ankh-Morpork has always been steampunky and ahead of itself technologically, but they always justified it someone. They have cameras? An imp lives inside the box. And stuff like that. But there's so much modern tech that goes completely unexplained cause they were too lazy to properly worldbuild.


>kill off Detritus What the FUCK?


oh Oh OH Here's the fuckin best thing, right? Guess how he is killed? A crossbow. A normal fucking crossbow. The massive ass troll, immune to physical damage, so much so in the book he had an exploding crossbow and was basically a walking artillery, is slain by a SINGLE CROSSBOW BOLT I was waiting ALL EPISODE for him to be back and make an 'I'm a troll, that didn't even hurt me!' joke but it NEVER HAPPENED


That's so fucking stupid a crossbow bolt would probably just bounce off his LITERALLY ROCK SKIN TROLLS ARE SENTIENT ROCKS We'll never get a good Pratchett TV series eh


I know right‽ Like he's even rocks in the show, and it's really well done, but it still kills him! Ngl I think the reason is probably it looked TOO good and cost too much. I mean, these are the same team who couldn't find a single short person in the world to place Cheri.


>We'll never get a good Pratchett TV series eh Well maybe not a *modern* one, but did you ever see the animated series from the late 1990s? Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music were done, and they're nestled deep inside my brain (I would've been about 10 years old when I saw them). Whenever I read the three witches I hear their voices from the cartoon, I'm definitely not mad about it. Edit: it was Soul Music, not Mort, and produced by Cosgrove Hall Films.


Thanks for this. I had been on the fence about watching it but this makes it a solid no. Sounds like it is another case of World War Z. The only things it has in common with the source work are the title and a couple of character names.


>he had an exploding crossbow Wasn't it a fucking ballista, like one from a building? That shot like an entire table?


It was a ballista except instead of a ballista bolt he just filled it with loads of normal arrows which immediately disintegrated into a giant cloud of flaming debris every time he fired it


Not normal arrows, 6ft lances or something.


The Piecemaker.


So glad I didn’t even start watching it. Even the promo pictures looked disappointing.


That show was written as a "unspecified steampunk detective show" which some bright spark in drab suit decided to attach to the Discworld name. So they shoehorned a beloved and rich novel series into someone's random idea and voila: Tripe. PTerry's Estate disowned it and anything related to it, Rhiannas response to it is _scathing_.


Even if you haven't read Discworld (I haven't read very much) it's just... not a good show. I made it through like half an episode.


One of the reasons I've always liked playing Warforged. You're a construct. You have no gender unless you want one. ​ Flirtation Subroutine: I have a belt sander up in my room.


i have many 'attachments'


This gives me an idea of a domestic warforged that takes up adventuring. Like if the maid on the Jetsons got a battleaxe, but still had to vacuum up afterwards.


This adds up because rosey was 100% capable of murder


90% of the programming was to prevent her from realizing that humans continuing to live is the largest source of dust.


It wasn't enough


"Which size do you prefer?"


You must have quite the collection


Belt sander? Nah. *Buffing wheel.*


Whoa, we just met. Let's get to know each other before that level of commitment.


What weight of oil do you prefer? I'll buy you a drink before taking out the buffing wheel.


I am functional in every way, of course. I am programmed in multiple techniques, a broad variety of pleaauring.


Alternatively: *”I am a machine. I have mo need for mating.”*


>You're a construct. You have no gender unless you want one. So the construct takes on a construct?


I am the Crushinator


"Darla and I are gonna have some *quality time...*"


>You have no gender unless you want one. Tell that to Jude Law.


It’s great that you don’t gain any special benefits or hindrances from playing male or female characters in D&D. Not like Shadowrun where smell sensors get a bonus on detecting you when you are on your period.


Some of us are old and remember AD&D that did have differences in the two. But that also include lvl caps based on your race, stat caps based on your race so it has definitely come a long way.


Never forget [Gygax's strength penalties for women](https://1d4chan.org/wiki/-4_Str)


The best take on trying to tackle sexual dimorphism in stats I've seen was in the CRPG Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, because it's light touch. Women get one less base strength and one more base constitution than men, a specific background you can pick (Tomboy) can straight up reverse that, and you can easily counteract the effects as you deposit your points as you level up (both genders base lines are really weak next to what is possible).


That's such a minor difference that it's more a question of why even bother including it.


If I remember correctly such small handicaps could prevent you from reaching certain bonuses at max stat levels. I think you could use consumables to bypass this limitation, but it might have been bugged, it was a long ago since I last played. Apart from gender, every race and background had its advantages and disadvantages. People reacted to you differently based on gender, race, or background. Dwarves could use magic but spells had twice the mana cost. Halflings could fit through small passages that allowed you to access certain areas. Half-Orcs faced social stigma and some non-player characters refused to talk with you or even attacked you. All of these little things contributed to roleplaying and replayability. I loved that game, I might play it again if I have some time. Or just start playing Divinity: Original Sin II since I bought it anyway, I heard it has similar roleplaying elements.


Dude what a great game. The duality between magic and technology and how they effect each other was awesome. I also thought they had the smartest layout of stats I've ever seen.


Holy shit, Gary. Minus 4? Like a stat cap that was lower I could excuse, but you could roll up a female PC with a -1 STR


it’s so weird that in a fantasy game with elves, dwarves, magic, dragons and all sorts of things would draw the line at generalising gender differences. what a weird time.


As someone who's considering playing Shadowrun but and only knows limited details... Excuse me the actually hell what?


Last time I checked this was from 4th edition (i need to look it up again) I get that it’s supposed to be a crapsack world but ... imagine getting your team caught while on a low profile megacorp extraction because your character just happens to have female biology.


Don't think it's 4th; I played 3rd through 5th and have never seen this.


were you the dm ? because dumb stuff like that are often overlooked by good dms so that could be why you never saw it


The books for Shadowrun don't split that way, and *everyone* goes shopping in the cyberware sections. I know the types of scent enhancement that they're talking about, but none of them called out "and you're better at smelling women on their periods".


Historically, d&d also has all kinds of dumb gender and race shit too so I'm never surprised when older games do.


Yeah, exactly. It's only a concern when those old weird things get enshrined as part of the game's identity, not when they're weird old trivia.


Yea this page screams an attempt at making amends for their past views. Cause everything on this page is implicit. And it hits an insane amount of "hot button" issues.


fucccc... Colonel I'm trying to sneak around but it's that time of the month and the smell of my flow keeps alerting the sensors


Imagine having to track your period in a TTRPG.


"realism" yeah, that's exactly why I like to play make belief with my group of friends....


This is especially funny to my 40+ year old stupid self, as ~25 years ago I had no interest in Shadowrun at all; I wanted my fantasy to be fantasy, and my sci-fi to be sci-fi, and any significant deviation from those boundaries broke my immersion. Like, a sci-fi setting would not be realistic to me with orcs and dwarves, and a fantasy setting would not be realistic to me if there were mechanations or cyber-anologues. Now, my historically-martial-character self owns all the recent Shadowrun CRPG's, and has enjoyed thinking like a spellcaster in Cyberpunk 2077 as a Netrunner.


Hot take: sci-fi and fantasy are equally imaginary sub-sets of fiction. Also, Netrunning is OP in Cyberpunk 2077.


Netrunning being OP is a staple of the Cyberpunk series, it's just that on the tabletop it's also a crunchy nightmare


They're definitely both subgenres of fiction. But imo they're similarities depend on high vs low. I think high sci fi and high fantasy become interchangeable. But in low sci fi and low fantasy, sometimes the mechanics are really important.


As if incel ballfunk wouldn't give smell sensors a bonus.... Edit : Oh god it's real in the 4th Ed sourcebook page 254. DAMNIT SHADOWRUN PHEROMONE SCANNER TABLE Condition Dice Pool Modifier: Character exertion (lifting, running, fighting) +2 Menstruating (females only) +2 Edit 2: looks like that entry of modifiers for the pheromone table modifiers was just removed wholesale in 5th ed so....that's better


The game system has all kinds of weird specialist items that give weird bonuses for almost anything. My character had a tail that literally gave him +1 to balance and that was a "normal" cybernetic tail that you could walk around with in public and not get harassment from strangers (usually) Having sensors go detect if someone is having hormones makes sense when there are literally bioware designed to emit pheromones to help win debates with natural sex appeal. It's just apart of the game if albeit just focused design.


you do actually have to take the freaks sidebar penalty for a cyber tail if your game includes run faster.


Is that a new edition thing? Cause when I played it was just "what grade you want?" To determine how much essence it devoured of your body and how much it cost


I think its sensing the actual blood in their pants.


In 2011 some scientist vets used thermals to detect when female horses were breedable. I don't think it's a far cry to have technology that can sense when someone is ovulating. Is it weird and creepy? Absolutely and I'm not arguing that fact. The extension of technology can get scary in that game with surveillance, hot sims, hacked internal body mods, and the like. They hint to this in one of their lore writeups in the 20th anniversary edition book where they reference a girls traumatic PTSD with a rogue hot sim.


> The extension of technology can get scary in that game with surveillance, hot sims, hacked internal body mods, and the like. It's almost as if "what the actual fuck" is the genuine reaction that this wanted to provoke, because *fucking cyberpunk isn't meant to be a fun exploration of what cool things you can do with tech but how disgusting this shit can get if left unchecked*. Invading your privacy is the absolute basic of the fucked up stuff, and judging by the disgust here it seems to work pretty well. Don't want strangers to know you're on your period? Just buy a privacy implant^TM Or idk just remove those ovaries, how much can that cost. Probably done on the street corner over there. I'm baffled by the responses in this thread. Disgusting is the point.


Shadowrun is a game where optimisation and specailisation can be so refined that simply throwing more dice at a problem will simply not work against both players and GM's. This combined with the fact that you can customise just about everything with it havining *\*some\** mechanical benifet made it so Shadowrun had some very.... ....***Maverick***..... Builds ​ Some of these include: The *Pornomancer*: Which is exactly what you think it is, making a shaman with such high Charaisma and willpower that, with some gernous use of minor magics, have entire buildings worth of people simply orgasim from the mere preseance of this person. So you could sneak into a building and just incapacitate the entire staff by having them orgasim until you were done or the fainted from exaustion, and leave. It was also one of the best builds for PR, because of how it worked, no one had to die, no one got any lasting effects and security teams are going to have a hard time explaining to thier boss the reason the culprits got away was because they were too busy jizzing themselves for 14 minutes striaght! The *Supersoaker wars*: So this is a percoutionary tale about how you word your flavour text. Basically there was fluff section about how different acids worked, one of them was a super corrosive acid which, by a mixture of magic and mundane, burn though anything organic, but could be held saftly in certain inorganic containers. Some players, being a bunch of smarty pants, found out that the compounds were also found in $5 super soakers and those cheap, department store wetsuits. So it was soon discovered that one could make martial adepts and specialize them in chemical handeling, making not only one of the cheapest and easiest builds to play, but one that was basically impossible to counter exept for making the exact same builds. So for a while you had wars between massive cororations which consisted of super soldiers squiting each other with toy squirt guns. The *Naga gaurd dogs*: Naga's, much like thier DnD counterparts are massive magical snakes which utilise magic and telepathy to manupulate things around them. However, they are rare, exotic and very reconisable awakened beasts (Which is very, vey bad). To make matters worse, thier natice homes (South/Latin America and India) are massive hotbeds of awakened v corprate conflicts. So when the cropo's discovered them, they simply acted like big, dumb animals. However, some of the Corpos found a liking to them and took them home as pets. Here they found out was that pets were fully fed and homed, had extensive breeding programs and, if given the role of guard or support pets, would bascially get unpresedented access to every bit of thier owners lives. So for the next 100 years, they preredned to be big, bumb dogs while secretly siphoning funds and dirt on thier owners in order to racket a home for themselves without retaliation. And because people never expect thier dog to be spying on them, they had pertty much given the naga full access to insane amounts of dirt and secrets. Yeah, so read up on some of the more redicoulous things Shadowrun has to offer, a pheramone sensor would seem a ton more mundane after that.


I have played 5th edition Shadowrun for years and don’t think it’s in that one


I've played Shadowrun for ages and never come across that. I won't say "I don't think it's real" or anything because Shadowrun has all sorts of weird tiny things, but it would be as simple as saying "no, that's not a thing". I am curious what edition that's from, though, because it's not 3rd through 5th.


It's probably one of those throw-away lines deep in a sourcebook that most people skip over, if they read it at all.


Suddenly Shadowrun seems more dystopian nightmare than ever before.


Old editions of dnd penalized women strength scores.


Yeah, in 1st edition there were literally only downsides to playing female characters. They have lower score caps in stuff like strength, but don't have any bonuses to make up for it. They're just objectively worse.


In other words: Be whatever the fuck you want to be.


"bearded female dwarf" I don't see how that is different from normal female dwarves


There’s an image in the PHB of what I think is meant to be a female dwarf, but she does not have a beard. Do some of them not have beards, in D&D?


Well I think this would be up to you as a DM. In Warhammer Fantasy some dwarven females have beards others not... Just like even in humans some males have more hair than others. It's phenotypical differences! Like we all have!


I see. Thanks!


It's possible some of them shave too.


Fair enough, she just appeared so clean shaven that it looked like she didn’t have any hair growing at all.


Most of the ones in the official artwork don't.


Forgotten Realms female dwarves are not bearded.


As someone who started playing DnD back in the 90s and fits into the stereotypical beardy middle aged cis white dude mould pretty snuggly it does always make me laugh/cry when some kind of weird prejudiced dude starts ranting to me (as presumably I would be on his side for some reason) about how there's too many gender diverse or non-straight people playing RPGs now. 'You mean the game where you can create a character who is literally anything you imagine, in a world that you can define to have completely different societal and racial attititudes towards sex is popular with people who don't feel normalised in our real world society? My shock is also palpable!'


It's funny, I ran a D&D campaign in college back in the 90's and one player flat-out refused to reveal her character's gender (it was a very androgynous homebrew race). It never really occurred to me that she might be trans or might be wanting to play a trans or ace character. I was pretty naive to gender identities at the time; looking back I just hope I was understanding and that she had fun. I suppose she would've quit if I wasn't.


I started playing these games at such a young age, and if you asked me if so was a gamer at any time between like 3 and a few years ago if I was a gamer I’d have said “hell yeah”, but otherwise just a beardy cis white dude who liked movies and comics. It’s most noticeable in the 40k sphere, but how in the world did all these reactionaries play all the same games and hear all the same stories and come to entirely opposite conclusions?


Having spent some time musing on it I think it normally boils down to one of two things: 1) The person in question is irreedemably toxic and ended up in DnD/Wargaming/Other Niche Interest because they were literally bounced away from every other past time/community until they landed in one filled with other 'outcasts' and weren't moved on. 2) The person got into niche interest as an escape from a situation they felt excluded or otherwise isolated from other people. They eventually start to identify not just the people they originally were fleeing from but all other groups as the problem. When any of those other groups (most commonly, women and LGBTQ+ people) start entering 'their' space they lash out because they genuinely believe they have only this one thing and that these other people are trying to steal it. They don't see the parrelells between their own experience and that of the newcomers they just see their surroundings changing and go back to that original space. UNfortunately it's incredibly easy for someone in number 2 to move up to a number 1.


I made a curse that the spider Queen Wyvskinner inflicted on the dwarves whose realm she conquered called Skinner disease, which causes males to kill their female counterparts and spread it to other males. When one of my trans players asked about how a skinner dwarf would target them, I simply told them how it works and let them tell me. Her character was born female but non-binary in gender so when faced with a skinner dwarf it simply knocked her out as it was confused. I wanted that moment to be my players choice, and they ended up not needing to make it as their companions saved them before anything else could happen, but it’s something I often consider.


Yikes that God ain't got no chill effectively genociding and entire race by killing off the means of reproduction.


Another god seized the means of production and they didn't want to be upstaged.


She also kills people by peeling off their flesh while they are alive and then eating them. All of my archvillians in my campaign have a name and title and a little story behind them and that’s hers. There is a cure to the skinner disease, the first step is to fight another foe much stronger than yourself and win in single combat. Next is to craft or build something worthy of the gods. Last is, while you don’t have the temptation of the skinner after the first step, to remove your monstrous form you must learn to love again and find someone who truly loves you. Or you know, kill Wyvskinner. One of those two. But yeah lots of archvillians are keen on corrupting heroes instead of killing them because then heroes become terrors on the land and ruin the reputation of heroism.


> I simply told them how it works and let them tell me. Something more people need to understand. If you're not sure how someone feels about a topic, ask them.


Preserving player agency and respecting gender. Love this. Keep up the good work!


This is further reinforced in MTF: > Ever changing, mirthful, and beautiful, the primal elves could assume whatever sex they liked. When they bowed to Lolth's influence and chose to fix their physical forms, elves lost the ability to transform in this way. Yet occasionally elves are born who are so androgynous that they are proclaimed to be among the blessed of Corellon-living symbols of the god's love and of the primal elves ' original flu id state of being. Many of Corellon's chief priests bear this blessing. > The rarest of these blessed elves can change their sex whenever they finish a long rest-a miracle celebrated by elves of all sorts except drow. (The DM decides whether an elf can manifest this miracle.) Dark elves find this ability to be terrifying and characterize it as a curse, for it could destabilize their entire society. lf Corellon's blessing manifests in a drow, that elf usually flees to the surface world to seek shelter among those dedicated to Corellon.


In Forgotten Realms, there's even a canon word for trans people. The elven word *Sildur*, meaning "at rest after changing". Referred to an animal, insect, or plant having reached maturity after passing through a life-cycle of changes. Was later borrowed by Common as a term for transgender individuals.


Aww, that's sweet! I love it.


Worth pointing out that that’s not a perfect synonym of transgender. A trans person that is pre-transition would not be sildur but a trans person that is post-transition would be sildur. Not knocking you or anything, it’s just a fairly common misunderstanding that leads people to think someone isn’t trans until they’ve transitioned.


Eberron is great for this reasons e.g Warforged, Changelings and perhaps Khalistiar but I dont know enough about them


Khalistiar would be chill with it cause in Eberron everyone’s chill when it comes to gender identity and fluidity.


In the 3.5 lore, the shaman Lizardfolk were all intersex and essentially considered a third gender.


That's badass


What kind of self-respecting Drow would not want to get topped by mommy Lolth?


“Vhaeraun? More like GAY-raun. Got’im.” -Quenthel Baenre


Diversity and Dragons


Me who read through the whole phb when I got it, “you mean you haven’t read this?”


Somehow, it slipped past me.


So do most people not read through the phb before picking up the game? I'm just suprised by the amount of people who say they never noticed it. And like most things in dnd this is a no issue it's a two minute conversation in session zero to figure out how everything will fit in the world. People seem to forget that this is a game where we shoot magical bullshit bullets out our asses to mythical creatures. People can do what they want as long as it isn't completely over powered or break the rules of the dm's world.


Often when you drag someone over to play DnD with you for the first time you don't want to ask them to read a several hundred page book, they'll just go over character creation and basic combat rules (if even that, often another player will explain) and get cracking


Okay that's fair. Everyone doesn't enjoy reading and it isn't exactly in the most important section of the book.


I think it's more about people losing their shit over "woke bullshit" or whatever they think it is. I knew a guy who absolutely lost his shit over the Tasha's ruling for character creation, made a bunch of jokes about how he's now an orc who identified as an elf, and how he would never buy another 5E book. Needless to say, I will never play TTRPGs with that guy.


Yep. One of my earliest NPCs was a gender fluid bard who was one of the Blessed of Corrlon and could change their gender on a long rest. They started as a random bard in the very first tavern my party visited, and the party managed to convince them to travel with them, and eventually they became the party's life-long companion.


Currently play a changeling sorcerer in a curse of strahd, and cause of my own head canon with that race, gender and sexualities is kinda a mute thing for them, cause it's a race where you can be whatever gender and sex you wanna be from birth, so why does it matter? Though their true form might be that of a woman, they change to whatever they feel like, and that currently is that of a male drow.


I've once accidentally created a trans npc. I'd prepared this npc ahead of time as she deals in magical items and such, and I'd written a physical description, picturing her as a guy, including a thick, braided beard. Then when it came to introducing her I, for some reason, pictured her as a woman and introduced her as such, until I looked over my notes and noticed the beard. So now I've got a trans women artificer proudly sporting her thick luscious beard.


Perfectly reasonable, only thing I would like to be cautious about is male drow clerics. He can be a cleric, just not of Lolth.


This is why I run entirely homebrew settings. It's more flexible and you don't run into stuff like this. My orcs are aristocratic, and view their tribal past as distasteful. Still have the same stat blocks, they just choose to live differently as a society. Individual players can, of course, choose to go along with that or be "traditionalist".


Not in the translated version I guess 😅 but it’s nice that they did that


I always loved that part in the book


I don’t know how it took me that long to see.


Bcs it's "hidden" in the book in a section that not many people reads. I found it like 3 years after started playing dnd


The paragraph title is "Sex", how can anything be less hidden?


It's not actually hidden, it's just in a very unimportant part of the book. With Chapter 4 of the PHB, you can pretty safely skip up to the Backgrounds section unless you really wanna roll random height and weight for your character.


The D&D PHB has had a long history of really trying to do its best to keep gender equality a part of the game for the time it was in. When it came to grammar, AD&D 2nd Edition explained that they would use "he/him" only because "they" was too confusing when explaining a rule. In 3e, they chose a gender to stick with in each class/race. The game has always done its best to be as inclusive as possible.


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Welp Im worried about what the comments are going to be.


Surprisingly so far I’ve seen very few bad ones but the bad ones I’ve seen are pretty shit


We’ve had to nuke the comment section straight to the ninth pit of hell, so that way be why.


iTs BeInG sHoVeD dOwN oUr ThRoAtS


We had it since 1e - whenever discussed with DM and group was not full of dicks. This happens half of the time.


TL;DR: Just play what you want. It's your game, who tf cares?


From what I understand, Ed Greenwood created the Forgotten Realms to be a world with very few taboos in regard to sex and gender. So if you're playing in that world at least, it definitely follows the lore to treat the Forgotten Realms as a world where queer people are no big deal.


So just chill and have fun.


This has never been an issue in our group, everyone basically plays what they want if they can explain how it works in the world.


Man, I had forgotten about this part! Been too long since I've casually skimmed through the PHB.


I mean determining the gender of a dwarf under the beard is part of the courtship Ritual!


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A good rpg campaign should be irrelevant of the dangly bits between your legs.


I disagree. A good RPG campaign _doesn't have to_ be about the dangly bits between your legs. It might be, though. And it might still be a very good campaign.


A good campaign isn't ruined by someone having a trans character.


Except for many people, their identity being represented is a major part of storytelling. Check out the Unsleeping City with Pete for a great example of this.


might not be the best example as IIRC according to Ally the whole point of Pete (in season 1 at least) was to have a trans character and not have it be front and centre in their character, they only bring it up like twice or maybe 3 times.


thank goodness that gender has nothing to do with what is between your legs!


You can even play someone literally trapped in another person's body. A rogue halfling, hidden from all eyes, biding his time to strike a deadly blow against the dark lord.


[a literal AssAssIn](https://i.imgur.com/JnF4p0p.png)


I mean, it also is an entirely different topic for non-human species in the first place. Maybe they have 30 biological sexes and their culture defines 10 genders? Or sexual orientation isn't even a thing in their culture?


Mordenkainen’s Fome of Toes even has a sidebar for nonbinary elves. Blessed of Corellon can change their sex on a long rest, and this applies even to drow - which is actually a pretty cool call to adventure for a character as these drow get hunted and often have to leave the Underdark because they could destabilise Lolth’s whole matriarchy thing.




It took me while until i read that part because i always skipped the whole section, but now it's my favorite one! It makes me really happy that WotC do their best to be neutral and inclusive.


In one of my campaigns, I’m playing a non-binary half elf wizard. Their backstory has them as a defeated necromancer who is rebuilt by the Arcane, and when the Arcane got to the gender checkbox, it just said “Yes.” So now I’ve got a Chaotic Good Enby necro who is determined to save the world, no matter the cost.


Polymorph pretty much could make any of this happen.


when the PHB is based 😳


Players Handbased


So, historically, this sub tends to divide itself on certain issues. This may start a war.


...are you saying that because you're *trying* to start a war?


Well people like to post memes to start fights for some reason. Even posting things that have been posted many times before just to try to get a rise out of people. This is not really a contentious issue with most D&D fans. Just a vocal minority. I've played D&D since the early 90's and most it's always been heavy on inclusion. Obviously some things were not covered as much but it's a big part of what the game is about. You are literally building and playing your fantasy as you see fit. Don't take a vocal minority as anything but that.