I'm not doing it

I'm not doing it


I feel terrible. I just got a bunch of minis and I do not paint. They’re all grey and bland but I’ve never painted and my hands aren’t as steady as they used to be… I feel if I even try they’re gonna look like trash… but I’m also tempted to try… I’m just worried they’ll look stupid… and I’ll have wasted the time.


DO IT!!!! I was the same way, the I tried it and discovered I had a natural talent for it.


Start with one you care less about. If that works then paint some that you actually want to use or display.


Dipping.. The easy way of getting desent minis with minimal skill.


There are lots of styles to paint a mini in, if you're not confident in hyper realism, go for something else. Base colour, dry brush highlights, apply a wash across the entire model to tie the tones together. Quick, easy, results good enough that anyone casually looking will be impressed by your skill.


Smash it mate. I find resting my elbows on couch arms helps steady my grip, and prevent shaking. Give it a red hot go, and even in the unlikely circumstance that you mess them up, you can always strip them with some methylated spirits and a tooth brush, and re-paint them.


This spoke to my soul


I'm in this picture and I don't like it.


I mean, yeah. You have to paint those other hundred+ minis first, right?