Kinda Scary

Kinda Scary


Remorazes are one of those monsters you see and RUN. No questions asked, you're not allowed in whatever biome that thing roams in.


“Multiple leviathan-class lifeforms detected in the region. Are you absolutely sure that whatever you’re doing is worth it?”


"This ecological biome matches seven of the nine preconditions for stimulating terror in humans."


Damn it, I had almost forgotten how much fear that game instilled in me of the open ocean!


Which game is it?


Subnautica, where you survive in and explore an alien ocean.


Survive is a loose term in subnautica tbf


"Kill its gods with sharpened sticks and wits"


"Entering ecological dead-zone. Adding report to databank."


"Entering ecological dead-zone. Adding report to databank."


"Entering ecological dead-zone. Adding report to databank."


Remorhazes are second only to dragons in our campaign universe. As far as non-sentient creatures, they're near or at the top of the food chain on every planet they can be found. Oh right, our DM made them interstellar. They infest a planet, breed and grow until they're so big you need a 10-story robot to kill one, and then yeet their broods at other planets. They're known as "star wyrms" for people who want to use the eclectic name.


I don’t know if I’d punch them in the face or kiss them, but I’d really like to meet your DM.


He's great. We always have fun with him.


That's horrendous. I'd hate to ever encounter such a thing. I'm totally stealing it.


"Service guarantees citizenship"


Or "tyranids" for people who want to use the imperial name.


Brother, get the heavy, twin-linked, high-powered combi-flamer.


Damn Klendathu! Military Intelligence said the brood-yeeting would be random and light.


Only good bug is a dead bug!


All creatures (exception of constructs, which will also have excpetions) are sentient.


I guess that depends on which of the several academic and colloquial definitions of sentient you use. I was using the one that indicates self-awareness and other traits that we would associate with humanity that differentiate us from most animals. I think that should have been pretty clear from the context.


Quit putting your modern definitions in my 50s SciFi/Fantasy!


The term people are looking for is sapient


I made a grappler fighter/rogue and fought one of these for the first time. Tough fight that I nearly died in, but was able to harvest its chitin or whatever to pay someone a shit ton of money to make armor out of. It’s pretttty dope


I’ve actually fought them every time they’ve popped up. They’re bastards but they are fun to fight. Maybe I’m just a masochist lol


We ran into a young one at lvl 2 Our powerhouse monk got knocked out in the first hit of steam Our barbarian couldn't rage cuz he had to take care of the monk Me, a bard had to heal everyone Our cleric who chose the life thingy was pretty much useless and instadied from a single hit And then our fucking paladin did 42 damage in a single turn... At lvl 2


Unless you have my DM, who threw 3 of them at us (6 level 10s 2 level 9s and a level 8) and made it to where we couldn't retreat. It was not a fun time


What the hell is that thing? I need to make my party fight it




Do you think the Heated Body damage would apply when it takes the bite action and successfuly grapples a player? Since I imagine that would involve touching the Remorhaz? Likewise when the player is swallowed? Seems to be a bit too much to me but reading it, doesn't seem to say why not.


The heated body damage is already baked into the bite attack. You take 3d6 fire when it bites you in addition to the 6d10 piercing. If the Remorhaz restrains you in its mouth it cannot bite anyone but you until you escape, and since it will at that point have advantage with +11 to hit you are probably still getting bitten and swallowed. Once you are swallowed I think it just the acid damage.


Ah of course, somehow I did not put 2 and 2 together. Thanks!


It's called a Remorhaz, as can be seen under the name of the attack. At least that is what I assume considering Remorhaz isn't a common word you'd just throw out in that context




Ancestors voice: "How quickly the tides can turn"


**Death’s Door Bell**


In a pathfinder game, our Alchemist was fighting a monster one on one, and the monster managed to finally land a hit on his 32 AC The DM rolled 2d4, they both came up as ones. He deadass looked at our Alchemist and said "take 37 points of damage" I laughed, asked the DM "What's the point of rolling dice when your monster has +35 to damage?" The DM replied "They make fun click-clack noises"


Bruh is fighting a cr 11 monster at like level 6-8. It be like that sometimes.


yeah, I was like… why is a d10 char with less than 70 hp fighting something of that CR?


To be fair, a level 7 or 8 party can take a Remorhaz, though not without taking a significant beating and only if they're at full strength.


yeah, I just came off DMing a group to lvl 9, and they could have taken out a Remorhaz with relative ease at lvl 7… but they were absolutely STACKED.


There’s nothing saying the Ranger was at max health




A certain campaign module that will remain nameless throws one of these at the players at level 7 or so. It's brutal.


This monster specifically can be beat at around 7, but 1+ pc will die. The +11 is brutal and since once it bites someone it has to bite that pc again, it's going to punish HARD on whoever gets unlucky


In a recent campaign we beat two CR 20 monsters at like, lvl 10? Just a couple barbarians whacking on them for a couple of turns.


What were you fighting and how many of you were there? Chances are your dm didn’t play the monsters right or you were absolutely stacked with magic items and even then the dm must have not played them right.


Been a long while I've seen a meme about Remorhazes.


Huh. Weird looking worm. Should be easy. *Dark soul's boss music starts playing*


I remember watching the episode of Critical Role where they fought *one and a baby* and nearly lost half of the party. The only reason they got Beau back was because Fjord got some insanely lucky STR checks.


Oh yeah I'll put some context for the meme. So our party consists of a Bard, Paladin, Wizard, Ranger and a Barbarian/Warlock multi-class (All level 9).We were traveling to find the eye of a ice storm as per a letter asking us to investigate.On our way when our cart driver (the Bard) had to roll 1d8 (for a random encounter essentially), the bard rolled an 8 which was 1 Remorhaz and 2 Young Remorhaz's. When the first one appeared I (the ranger) was up front with the bard, we both started screaming because of how large and scary these things are, while backing the cart up (Its like a not complete spell jammer ship, so it floats about 5ft off the ground). While we were screaming about this the other players were inside playing yahtzee poorly and staying warm as it is snowing outside, so all they could here were muffled screams. Some time passes and the Adult Remorhaz finally catches up to the cart with normal movement, as I had been littering it with arrows it chose to attack me as it considered the ranger the more threating target compared to the bard who was driving the cart. Damage of its first and only attack is in the meme above.We ended up winning with no one dying so is all good. Oh and my Con Mod is +1 and we are using averages for HP TLDR: Chased by a Remorhaz that bit me like crazy.


So, something like 15 years ago I was playing 3e with my friends. The dm had our party fighting several of these suckers. Now, we sucked at strategy or working together and I was playing a fighter/sorcerer/rumathari battlemage basically making me a glass cannon. Anyway, I got swallowed, and since the party had all run off to do their own thing, I was pretty sure no one was going to save me before it digested me. But, for some reason (don't remember why) I was immune to the damage from my own spells and with my prestige class I could use spontaneous metamagic. So I cast a silenced lightning bolt, pass the crazy concentrate check to keep the spell while being digested, and the DM HAD THE MONSTER MAKE A REFLEX SAVE. How? How is it going to dodge an internal lighting bolt? How does that work? All these years later and I still remember how annoying that was.


Reflex save to straighten out and open its mouth so the lightning shoots straight out.


Reorients you so you shoot the healer on a Nat 20?


That's just the reddest, downright crimson flag for "This is not a fight you're supposed to win"


Our DM threw it at us (6-8 lv party) it was downed in around 3 rounds. It never downed anyone because action economy.


What was your party made of, class wise?


2 Warlocks a Sorcerer a paladin a Barb and a Rouge/ fighter multi


Why did it very to attack twice?


+11 to hit. It rolled a nat 20 and rolled the damage twice


Ah the remorhaz. Now I’m fondly remembering the time my party’s cleric got swallowed by one 3 times in a single encounter. Good times


Our DM threw it at us (6-8 lv party) it was downed in around 3 rounds. It never downed anyone because action economy


We had to kill one of these things once and it took our fucking NPC frost giant pal to get us through


That thing has scared so many players


Nah... they'll be fine. Usually when I have a remorhaz out there, the party takes it in a few rounds. Had a party with bladesingers and that damage probably messed them up worse than anything else I ever did.


>Ranger with 67hp >Damn I thought even the 3.0Lhad like 155 or so Definitely thought this was a totally different meme/sub lol


This killed my same character 8 times, I was a wild magic sorcerer and rolled a 91 on the wild magic table so I kept coming back to life but still


A nice dm sometimes pulls punches on situations like that. I always role hidden from my players when we do online sessions. We had our rogue out for the day and I had to play him along with my normal dm stuff. Played him perfectly in an encounter the party decided to not run away from ( purple worm ) and they were all level 7-8. There were 6 players and in short the rogue always used uncanny dodge whenever he got hit and he got attacked by the worm and saved on not being swallowed. Then the tail strike.. now a Nat 20 dealing in short 6d6 and 24d6 dmg... To a level 8 rogue. And I think I was a total of like 30 points off max dmg. This is before I hid my roles so the party realized I just one shot one of them insta-killing the rogue.. thank fully I had a saving grace we had an artificer with the iron sentinel dog. I allowed him to sacrifice it in the rogues place cause one shotting a character that isn't there, In a fight that should have been avoided but 3 natural 1s in stealth just happened to be rolled isn't fun for the party. But of course it's fun for the dm >:)


67 HP? I don’t know how you build you ranger, but with a Con of 14 and taking average HP, that’s about lvl 9 worth of HP. For a 4 man lvl 9 party, a Remorhaz is a hard encounter. And with only a single attack, a Remorhaz is quite swingy when criting, so this should be expected.


I’m considering having my party of 4 level 9 PCs fight it, but I don’t know if it will be too difficult. They are unoptimized but do have a lot of ranged abilities. Right now I’m properly going with a hydra instead, but it is slightly less epic, I think. Lowers the risk for a TPK though. What do yuh think - can a 9level party take it down?


Solution: *”DODGE!”* And pray you can level enough to actually do something to it. Cause otherwise, use the Joestar secret technique.


These fuckers haunt me. Immune to my fire and cold spells. And when i tried to mind spike them it didn't work cos they were too dumb. And they are bad beefy in melee and reflect damage. A flying character with a bow can take them all on, but the rest of the party is useless against them. But then they can just burrow. Like wtf


My party went into a cave with a remorhaz nest, though I did let them see the statsheet before, as they found a book with the sheet... They almost died, our paladin got downed in 1 hit, because of a crit, but they managed to escape in a combination of fear and a teleporting magical item.


We’ve only had 4 player deaths in our campaign. 3 of them were too this bastard.


At one point my party tried to tame one. Keyword: Tried. The Artificer took enough damage to down him instantly, and he took my offer to lose an arm to take half (he could make a metal one eventually) and they just bailed. Might throw a realigned one at the party in my next campaign as an optional superboss.


Holy... I didn't realize they were that dangerous, I'm terrified of remorhazes now...


Remorhaz are bad but at least they only make 1 attack per round, could you imagine if it had multiattack?


I recently died to one of those when it quit its bite attack against me. I was also unfortunately alone as I had fallen down a hole into its nest so after I made my initial death save it swallowed me.