You just finished a long rest. Calm down.

You just finished a long rest. Calm down.


Omg this is relatable, but as a player; "Wait . . . we killed them?" "Yes." "But . . . how-" "*DM still deadpanning after the cleric rolled 31 damage with Inflict Wounds*"


Hold up isn’t inflict wounds 3d10, that cleric rolling crazy


Upcasting, probably.


Or critical hit.


Or death Cleric Channel Divinity


Make them buy some custom mini's for there characters and the next session will be a total party wipe.


Or the campaign will be canceled


DMe: knows that the first set of figures are petrified creatures My party: confused when I take out a group of dragon chickens.


Damn glass cannons players. All valid and no offense of course but I have no idea how to balance it. I kept increasing mob count untill a level 3 player willingly ran into 5 orcs. Hes making a paladin now.


Make them have multiple encounters a day. That's really the only way I know to have "balanced encounters", but really I like letting them feel strong sometimes. They all know I could kill them if I wanted to.


This is always the case, because if they don't blast them down then they'll be blasted down. I've always felt default stats are way too low on HP while way too high on dpr. I'm about to start dm'ing for the first time and I'm seriously considering applying a multiplier to one or the other for every fight. I'm thinking upping everyone's HP so you still have that feel of large damage done. But since both sides are upped the balance should hopefully remain the same.