Why I enjoy DMing more than being a player.

Why I enjoy DMing more than being a player.


I feel this way too much


To me, being a good GM is about immersing the players in a world and telling a story in cooperation with them. So I don't really agree with this image.


I don't think OP meant in-game interaction, they meant that planning and worldbuilding and so on is all satisfying engagement that the players don't get to do at all. Or at least, that's how I read it and why I like being the DM. When I end a session, the players don't get to do any more fun D&D stuff again until the next session begins. I, the other hand, can continue to do fun D&D stuff every day without them.


Basically this. Also I don't really have to wait for my turn in combat. Even player turns have to be done through me.


I mean... Obviously this is true. Is that drip enough for players, though? Is this why we struggle, as DMs, to cross the screen? "you're restricting my ceretonin, and I'm NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT"


Also drowning is a thing that exists and can happen to new dms when they realize "why would my players ask about the economic infrastructure of this town? That seems irrelevant I wont need to world build that much."


Agreed! When I started making facets of the religious pantheon for a failed homebrew I knew I had tried to go too far.


Same. When you're the DM it's always your turn.


I prefer being the player, but I’m always the dm


Could also be: “Work and effort put into the game.”