Embrace the chaos.

Embrace the chaos.


Yep. My wizard has a bone boy in every town.


what’s a bone boy??


[Spooky Scary Skeletons](https://youtu.be/-1dSY6ZuXEY)




well is it like a boy toy they have relations with?? or an actual bone boy like an enchanted skeleton? Sorry i’m dumb lol but if it’s the first one, the guy who’s gonna be a wizard in my campaign will probably do the same thing haha and i’ll definitely allow it


Why not both 🤷🏻


A bone boy that’s a bone boy. Daddy likes.




I still remember to this day, when I let my players have their own army. Complete with captains, lieutenants and sergeants. 1. Paladin, Barbarian, Wizard and Thief (AD&D) 2. BBEG ran their own armies as well. We actually ran out of dice to roll!!! So each company and regiment had their own hit-points but because each hit die was a person, that meant the army got weaker as it took more damage.


So you homebrewed Warhammer?


lol pretty much. I took the massive battles home-brew guide from a Dragon magazine article from the library.


Solo leveling is amazing


Had to start over from the beginning to regain perspective on how strong the MC was. Noticed some inconsistencies like how his “power level” was measured as 10 and noted that even E-Rankers were around 70. But then the numbered power ranking system was promptly never mentioned again.


I was re-reading the novel pretty recently. I think how that was set up is that average E-rankers were at 70 but MC was at 10 which was barely stronger than regular human. >!After some time power scale just went off the charts with measuring crystals, literally, shown not being able to measure anything higher than A-rankers power(and after that point anything lower than S rank is treated as cannon fodder anyway so no need for ranking)!<


Would you happen to remember the scaling? I was curious about it because I only read the manga and there were obviously parts that were glossed over. Also I never knew there was a novel. Any good and does the novel go beyond the current manga? (Chapter 158 for the manga so far).


Don't remember scaling but, as you said, author, pretty much, drops it immediately as far as i recall(only there to show how weak MC is). Novel is competed. I'm still waiting for manga to finish so i could re-read Wich all the fancy graphics. As of it being any good... As of quick glance of 158 - it's on the "final stretch" of the plot with most of the players being revealed, so you already know what you are getting. I would say that i enjoyed epilogue a bit more than final story chapters just because all the constant power fantasy does get a bit old after a while.


Player: "I want to offer the demon a gun" Me: Do you have a gun? Player, ooc: "are guns a thing in this setting?" Me: make a history check Player: 22 Me, coming up with a massive sidequest: "ok so you've heard of these mysterious devices from the continent across the sea that are basically handheld cannons"


Something I find myself saying a bit these days: “I don’t know where this is going, but I’ll allow it.”


Tried to set a serious tone with an introduction to Out of the Abyss. Get done with inserted monologue and have the players introduce themselves since they’re locked up together. First player, Captain Murica , the arakockra fighter who looks like a bald eagle. I’m visibly upset.


Flashbacks from the last cybepunk campaing I GM:ed. The party had an armored rw with frag-explosives on the sides, a minigun on the back and a huge emp-device.. Just in case. Oh and the whole thing could be remotely driven by the netrunner. Fun game.


I feel this deeply. I am far too reliant on the "rule of cool" and have a problem saying no.


The last time we let our Paladin voice his own God he chose JFK from Clone High


Lmao one of the players in my campaign gave his character that voice, but toned it down after a few sessions since it was getting a little annoying


The worst part was the Cleric asking God for stuff and just hearing "I er uh... N O."


Love it, this is what I do. Also Shrek IS a God.


He is the god of ogres, swamps, and misunderstood monsters.


And onions. Shrek got layers


Onions are his holy symbol.


And Donkeys.


What do you think the cleric rides?


But Shrek is love Shrek is life


I always enjoy seeing more [Solo Leveling](https://www.reddit.com/r/sololeveling/) (Manwha) on this Sub-Reddit


Thanks for easing my mind! I knew that I would not be the only one to know this!!!


solo leveling template is most appreciated


Also does any of yall other DMs get that one player that is a minmax murder midget? Cuz I have four regs that are.


Also one always yells that's my purse before every attack


"I DON'T KNOW YOU!" And then I kick them in the nuts


as a halfling rogue with 18 DEX i feel called out


Had an interesting session yesterday: Party just finished a long rest and is getting ready for the next day of travel. DM decided to throw a modified hag at us intended to be CR7. We were a group of 5 at level 5 His intention: A challenging mini-boss to give us some combat as we hadn't had any major combats for the past 2 sessions. What actually happened: Party makes a deal with the hag for her to accompany us on our travels for the low "price" of some humanoid flesh once a month.


Yes finally! Some DM that is similar to me and embrace the caos


Yes, embrace the calcium osmate!


I alowed my players to use the spell "Awaken" on the undeads of the necromancer,now thay are santient and trained to beable to have class levels,Toot the Skeleton bard is my favorite skeleton now


That's incredible! Does Toot happen to play the trumpet, by any chance?


Maybe ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭


And has Toot ever played a song that has a similar title to "worrying frightening animated corpse"?


God you are a genious!


Just cultured, I think. Or telepathic. One or the other. ;)


Hey, a fellow sorcerer lover who also Embraces the Chaos! I'm currently running a campaign, and at this point the Changeling Monk runs a Bar in an airship, the Dragonborn cleric has an indepth study on anything and everything the party has encountered, the Half Dragon Bard has become a Silver Dragon leading a massive clan of Kobolds that live in a pocket dimension, and the Warforged Druid is a living meme that some how guess's everything I'm going to do. My Campaign is absolute madness, lol.




One session, in our fallout game, the party tracked down a group of wastelanders who had performed a heist on the local vault which the government of a settlement was based out of. I *thought* the party would either just kill them or steal their goods. **Instead** the party tracks them down, kills two but shoots one in the spine and paralyzed him for the waist down (they called this and then successfully rolled). Now, he is an assistant dj at the radio station and even has a wheelchair one of the party members built for him. I was speechless.


Explosives fuckery was fun for them


I still remember the church choir dude, poor lad.


Can I join you guys? I have this titanfall inspired artificer subclass that I made that I’ve been waiting since forever to play with.


My parties artificer just decided that making basically just brotherhood of steel in it's state as of fallout 4 was a good idea. I agreed that it was a good idea


I did once make an artificer who built a small army of AI constructs that eventually just became this small nation of really prosperous robots. They accepted humans into the city, and though the robots always outnumbered humans three to one, they were quite peaceful and enjoyed letting the humans live in comfort and relaxation while they handled labour and work and such.


My Cleric is a granny who worships the god of pies. Probably the 2nd sanest character in the party tbh, and she's kinda senile.


embrace the chaos


What a great manwha by the way


I would absolutely love to play a “no holds barred” campaign where anything(within reason) goes, just for some chaos


My players want / have so many pets it's become quite the challenge to get an overview... 2 dogs, 1 faery dragon, one trained monkey that the gnome rogue tries to ride, an imp, a flying snake, 5 horses, 1 familiar owl and 14 (formerly 19) cats in a bag of holding that they use to activate traps


Do the cats in the bag of holding have cat food?


They found a legendary item that's a bag of holding where time doesn't flow for anything that is fully inside the bag.


My players also had a small pet army with them. Then i decided to make animal maintenance a thing. Now only they have a dragon which they struggle to keep fed so that it doesnt turn on them out of hunger.


Sad thing is, I introduced it too and now they spend one hour every session trying to teach their pets new tricks and find out what their favorite food is... Well whatever makes them happy I guess


Flying snake.. As in with wings or magically slithering through the air? Second one would look freaky.


With wings. It's actually a celestial being that has spent too much time in the "middle plain of existence" and can no longer revert back to its original form, has lost most of its memory and powers. Our paladin can talk to it telepathically and is slowly healing its mind


YES this... THIS is my my kinda dnd. I just hope my players will be creative enough to do it.


The Cleric is the most powerful one there U-U


Divine intervention is scary.


Yeah. Personally I play bards and rogues and I'm gonna attempt a bardbarian at some point.


Lmao my group just started a side campaign with one of our players dming and our bard has a half dragon son


This is the only correct way to DM.




SOLO LEVELING I LOVE THAT THING. good meme sir good meme


We're building an airship in our pf2e game... It's a whole thing...


I love how nearly everyone of them has something that would hurt them to lose.


This is the way.


Our cleric has annoyingly fashioned a rudimentary pop-goes-the-weasel toy from an undead goblin and a barrel of salt.


Wish I was there. You are loved for it.


Solo Leveling is the sauce for anyone wondering. Extremely early in the series.


Hah. No. I know this. I know what happens. You can't fool me.


i see nothing wrong here, you're a great DM. ps. pet the bone-boys for me!


I have a slutty cleric with kids, a werewolf warlock/fighter, a damphyr bard/rogue, a Dragonborn ranger/paladin, and a fallen Aasimar blood hunter in the game I run. Last night they killed my homebrewed Creeper from Jeepers Creepers. They’d been hunting him for months. For a while we literally had 2 goblins in a trench coat.


How the hell did you make 2 goblins a trenchcoat work? As a 30 yrs exp Dm I'm impressed. That had to be some fun rp.


Thats probably how I'd dm if i ever dm'd. I love crazy stupid chaotic shit like that.


Awesome dm


I laughed from the inside of my lungs when I saw the Cleric one. Genius stuff.


True chaos would be coming up with creative ideas instead of just repeating memes.


I don't meme it. I just lean into it.


why is one chaos but the other one not?


Because following others is lawful at best. Parroting memes is about as chaotic as holding up a spork and proclaiming yourself the penguin of doom.




i was just curious lmao also that is the second time i've seen that vid linked today