Man, spells sure are expensive!

Man, spells sure are expensive!


The Artificer selling the Diamonds: Ok, some are, but not all. The Diamonds came from planetoids that exploded. Those planetoids put carbon under a great deal of pressure and heat and formed diamonds. The same process is occurring on our planet right now. Some planets, either from impacts of large enough comets, or maybe from exploding stars, or collision with other similarly sized planets, cause massive amounts of the planet to be broken loose and flung into deep space. Some of those bits and pieces from those planetoids are diamonds. However, the vast majority of the diamonds you use are from our own planet, but they aren't poop. Poop is a waste product made from some other mechanism, living biological organisms like us. The meteorites themselves didn't make the diamonds, and they aren't a waste product.


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Hmm see what you want to do is buy up as many of the diamond mines as you can and then do what diamond companies do in the real world and create an artificially reduced supply thus driving up the value of diamonds, business that generates income, you no longer have to buy diamonds and you don't need as much cause each diamond is now worth more.


Worried about the price of a few diamonds, so decide to instead buy all the diamonds in the world. Makes sense.


Hey it's easier to obtain ownership of a whole mine full of diamonds through Bribes, Murder and Forgeries then to buy or even just steal a few diamonds.


Most are a product of high pressures and temperatures from deep underground (although your world might be different and that's perfectly valid). High pressures and temperatures of course happen when meteors hit the ground so diamonds can be created that way, but they are incredibly tiny. In Switzerland (I think) there is a town made entirely inside a meteor crater and since people made it out of local rock almost every building has diamons in their walls.


I'd make it a twist that the diamonds aren't now technically worth the amount needed to revive someone, since you haggled. Would work great for trickster deitys or merchant deitys


Wouldn't they be more like planetary bloodclots?