Is there a bathroom in the Rise of the Resistance queue?

Is there a bathroom in the Rise of the Resistance queue?


At Disney world there is a restroom in the queue near the hangar. We were stuck in that room for a half hour one time and needed a restroom and the cast members led us there. I haven't been to Disneyland ROTR yet so i don't know about that one.


I had a similar breakdown while we were in the hangar. For an hour plus though. The cast members were great attending to us and lead us to restrooms while also having to coordinate whatever they had to do to get the ride moving again. They were all playing First Order officers so we joked around with them that the waiting was an interrogation tactic they were using on us. Leading us to the restrooms was them playing good cop. But that for FO officers they were incredibly nice, they laughed and replied for us not to tell Supreme Leader. It helped the time go by and seemed to brighten the cast members up a bit as well, I’m sure they were expecting most everyone to be getting real grumpy


I've been on the Disneyland version, never been to a bathroom in it, but one time the ride broke down at that point and they led everybody through a CM corridor out, and I think I saw a restroom back there.


There is. You have to ask though. It’s out a back door right before they let you in.


In the ROTR queue you shouldn’t be waiting too long. The way that they load the boarding groups works in a way that you’ll be in line for about 45 minutes- at least from my experiences. With that said, I don’t remember seeing a bathroom in the queue, but I could be wrong!


Hm, I specifically remember hearing somewhere there's one in the Star Destroyer portion. Interesting. It seemed too good to be true, haha!


There very well could be! I don’t think I’ve thought to look because the wait isn’t painstaking haha


When I went last weekend they had the queue almost completely outside - once you scan your magic band you basically walk into the first part of the ride. The times I’ve been on it before I don’t recall seeing a bathroom but I’ll have to keep an eye out next time!


I’m not sure about Rise but my son had to go when we were in the Smugglers Run queue and the cast member was able to get us to one of the employee restrooms inside of it and back in line.


There are backstage restrooms in the ROTR queue. You can ask a castmember and they take you back there through one of the hallways. They can even take you back through another hallway so you can join up with your family.


Wait there's now bathrooms in line. Idky but that just makes me laugh hysterically. 😆


I'm not sure about RotR, but there is one in the Flight of Passage queue. There didn't used to be, but I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw one.


There isn’t a restroom in either queue. But RoTR is a virtual loading system, so the wait isn’t long. Still, hit the restroom before entering either ride. Edit: There is now a restroom in the FoP queue. I didn’t realize it. Thanks for correcting me, guys!


There is, in fact, one in the queue for Flight of Passage.


Seriously? I’ve been thru that queue 50x and never knew that. Either my mind is blocking it, or I’m too oblivious to have ever seen it. Thanks for the correction!


No worries - it wasn’t there when the attraction first opened, but was added at the end of 2019. It’s in the bioluminescence section of the queue.


That makes sense. I’m getting old, but I remember CM’s telling us specifically that once you go inside any restroom breaks would result in separation from your party. Glad to know I wasn’t dreaming that.


Not at all, that was the case for a long time. I think it became a problem, so additional bathrooms needed to be added.


After you go through the rock style portion, and do the long stretch where everything is glowing, the bathroom will be directly in front of you before turning right. After you turn right, you're in the zig zag portion that goes up into the laboratory before the split queue.


Dang. I was just there and didn’t look for it. Thanks!


There’s an employee one backstage on RotR in Disneyland. It was hit and miss whether they let you use it though. We were told they usually don’t let adults use it. Our toddler had to go when we went two different times- both in the same location. The first time, the cast member took us backstage and waited until she was done (she was full on sobbing because she needed to go right that second). The second time, they walked us out of line, and had me walk my struggling-to-hold-it- toddler to the bathroom in the marketplace. We took her to the bathroom both times before we got in the queue, but she just has a tiny bladder, and when she gets nervous, she has to go.


Is it Star Wars themed?!


No, it’s just a backstage bathroom for employees. It was weird being backstage.


Yes. Pretty sure there’s two actually


I wish they had this in all the longer queues. There are a lot of chronic conditions and medications that can make people very suddenly have to use a restroom.


There’s a few trash bins in the queue