I took screen-shots of the locations which I knew I'd probably never see again after Beyond Light. I know it's a little late to share these but sometimes I sincerely miss these locations and the activities associated with them, especially the Strikes, Nightfalls...and Soccer.

I took screen-shots of the locations which I knew I'd probably never see again after Beyond Light. I know it's a little late to share these but sometimes I sincerely miss these locations and the activities associated with them, especially the Strikes, Nightfalls...and Soccer.


Mercury was such wasted potential If it ever comes back hopefully it’ll be a *real* patrol zone


what i wonder: what's gonna happen for halloween now? wasn't its event kinda tied to the inf. forest?


leaks say there's gonna be a different event zone that isn't the infinite forest


The EAZ! 🤣


European Nightmare Zone




Oh no\~ Scary Taniks chasing us\~ :O


I'd be down for that! Put on some spooky darkness make us use our ghostlights, make the invulnerable knights roam the area and you'd have one hell of a spooky experience!


Probably splicer zone


Haunted lost sectors


Yup. On the season banner when you click details it says Haunted Sectors


The new Shattered Realms this season are perfect for the new Halloween event.


man i wanted an infinite forest raid so fucking badly


They could have the main boss encounters, then build out 2-3 options for other encounters so each time you load in you get a different raid as the infinite forest “tries to adapt to you”


Mercury of the past was beautiful, and should be been what the patrol zone looked like; a sprawling disco savannah


And the traveler, Completely new, in the distance


I remember trying to go back into the infinite forest after the campaign thinking it would be a repeatable activity, felt such a rush of disappointment flow over me when I got bounced back from the entrance :(


Doesn’t help they advertised it as such


They finally fixed the sparrow bug like a month before it went away lol


I'd always assumed it was an intentional choice to mask how it was basically a patrol zone for ants.


Same for Red War lol


God titan is so gorgeous, looking inside the arcology on the savathun strike with the trees and little world all enclosed and protected is breathtaking. Everything about titan was breathtaking, and leviathan… oh leviathan the nostalgia


Titan was my absolute favorite. So much more could have been done there. I really wanted to see more of the arcology. It had a kind of horror feel to it.


Dude I love horror everything and the first second I walked into there I was like “oh fuck they’re gonna do some bitch ass shit like throwing 100 really at me with exactly 0 warning” but they never did which was kinda sad. The dark areas alway work tho


Titan should have had a raid or a dungeon. Best location they made in D2


Titan is the best planet imo


I miss my midnight coup... Maybe when raid rotation arrives they Will add Levi with with its wapons with random rolls


Ooh I never got the luck of getting one but the idea sounds fun


Levi hit hard man


Such a great time I had with my clan doing Leviathan raids


Although we left late and encountered a couple monsters along the road, the two of us were still faster than a full raid party of several dozen, so we could still see three groups milling outside the dungeon entrance in its deep valley by the time we got there.


Leviathan was a well designed raid! Did it with an old friend and a couple others quite a few times. I lost contact with him but I still bring my Ghost Primus and other armor pieces into Crucible even if they're garbage now sometimes as a sentimental thing.


Damn I just remembered how much scary and badass pyramids actually look. The mercury one is just pure cocaine. Season of arrivals was really phenominal in regards to artwork and environment.


I agree, now we have just one Pyramid on Europa


There's also the one underneath the Moon. Does seem odd storyline wise how they just disappeared and haven't went to the remaining planets.


It's important to remember that the Darkness isn't particularly interested in just wiping us out, so a consistent advance isn't really to be expected from them. I think later on, perhaps in the coming seasons, we're gonna find out what they are actually *doing* on those worlds, rather than them simply moving on.


They don’t mind if we live, they just want us to work for it


Yeah bingo. More pyremirds!!


I remember I was in voice comms with my clan when the servers came up for Season of Arrivals, I loaded into Mercury, looked out where the sun should be and saw the Pyramid. I audibly gasped and went "HOLY SHIT THEY BLOCKED OUT THE SUN!"


I personally miss Titan and Mommy Sloan


When I started with shadowkeep I was 2 weeks only on Titan and did everything in hope to get a Exotic. Good Times


Nice I did the same thing


I miss these wonderful places


I really miss Escalation Protocol. but with infinite primary ammo this activity will come back in some form, and possibly more horde-y.


I played the shit out of D1 and then D2 until 4 years back when I had to move across continents . I just saw this. May I ask what happened ? Are they removing parts of the game ?




Man although ep was irrelevant I was fun to solo and shit and was usefull for bounties.


I fucking hate ep. I could never get the shotgun, and it was the one thing I needed for the wayfinder badge, and now I can never get it. I will never forgive it.


Man seeing mars hurt. I miss escalation protocol


Mars was my favorite, I always defaulted to Mars when trying new guns.


I miss hearing rasputins music


I don't understand how you can just erase IO it was one of if not the prettiest OG D2 planets next to Nexus since the game's original launch.


it was always my favourite planet, i loved the armour and the pyramidion strike was also my favourite one. was such a shame to lose it :(


The Pyramidion Nightfall was where I first went “oh shit” playing this game. Great maze, great boss, immense scope. It remains one of my faves to this day


yup, exactly! plus it was always funny watching/going through the lasers and seeing who dies or who had the timing down lmao


I loved the fossilized ocean floor terrain and the giant trees I also really liked the pyramidion strike.


I hope they bring back a refurbished Io. Or near the end of the lifecycle, they bring back all the planets so anyone can do any campaign


Fuck, RIGHT? I came back this May after not playing since a month after the initial release and I was flattened at everything they decided to scrap. I genuinely don't understand the reasoning behind doing this. Does it... help...something? Retain players? Incentivize participation? I don't get itGIVEITALLBACKYOUASSHATS


In beyond light they had a significant engine update under the hood to both increase game stability, lighting, and seemingly their backend process to update the game. The issue is like a true engine upgrade every location had to be hand vetted to ensure everything was working and in most cases significant changes had to been made. This + the shrinkage of staff from the Activision split + the increasing game size led bingo to cut some planets out. It's sad, and it leaves a bad taste because specifically mars and Mercury were paid content but it was a necessary technical challenge.


I stopped playing after that. I can understand the reasons but they erased half the game i used to play and paid for.


It reduces the game size and by doing this the devs have an easier time updating the game because new stuff won't mess up something older or vice versa,and in the era where an entire COD game won't fit on a base PS4 storage unit,I think it was also a nice addition for the players. And most locations that got vaulted were pretty much irrelevant. Like before sunsetting nobody gave a shit about escalation protocol on Mars and most people were calling it irrelevant, now suddenly everyone misses it's presence.Io and Titan had a couple of strikes and there were locations for Xur, the only other reason people would visit those locations is for seasonal content or if the planetary vendor had a powerful drop. Yeah I do miss the old story missions but Bungie also said that they might bring in old content but revamped and to give you an actual reason to play them.


> nobody gave a shit about escalation protocol on Mars while this was my most played activity that i enjoyed and miss the most i agree with you, even in my friend group they ran it with me every once in a while. the moon rituals kinda scratch that itch for me


The only thing really valuable on the four planets they got rid of (besides visuals since those are always great) was Whisper, and even then that gun wasn’t relevant for some time. As a whole, the most damage that the initial wave of content vaulting did was getting rid of a bunch of crucible maps (plus two gambit maps despite that mode being starved for attention) and five whole raids.


I miss titan and just seeing the gap in saturns rings. I probably spent most of my time on titan just doing whatever.


Titan was my favourite zone and I was so dissapointed to see it being deleted when I came back during season of the Chosen. The pure industrial design was completely unique as a zone, everything was buildings or hard surfaces, industrial corridors and pathways everywhere, I really enjoyed Presage because it gives this same industrial vibe. Cherry on top was the visuals when looking to the ocean or the celestial bodies out in the space.


But if you close your eyes…


I'd gladly sacrifice the space on my hhd to have everything back


Fuck planet sunsetting, all my homies hate planet sunsetting


[FUCK PLANET SUNSETTING ALL MY HOMIES HATE PLANET SUNSETTING](https://i.imgur.com/hiwUyju.jpg) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


Good bot


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They're as beautiful as the day we lost them...


I loved farming on Titan and Mars. Loved going to the farm and playing football with othet guardians. Those were the days.


Yea I really miss playing football myself. Sometimes I'd be the only one playing and another fellow Guardian would join me, before we knew it we had a full team match going on...ahh good times indeed


They do bring those planets back they need add more things


There is still football in the hangar in the tower … or did they remove that as well?


Wow I got the feels. Great shots!


Thank you:)


Where is that last screenshot from????????


The last part of the "Interference" quest line from Season of the Arrivals. The pyramid speaks to you and tells you to go to Europa, just a week or two before Beyond Light launch I think


Oh right, I only played the first half of arrivals so probably why I didn't see that


Posts like these hit me hard. D1 is probably my favorite game of all time, so back when D2 was first announced, I was all aboard the hype train. Pre-ordered and got the expansions too. But it just wasn’t as fun, after a few months of trying to get into it I just gave up. Then college came and I left my ps4 at home. Just got back in with Beyond Light and seeing how much the game has grown and how amazing the story has become hurts me because I know there’s so much I missed. Better late than never though, and I’m stoked for Witch Queen.


With VoG coming back, I thought they’d bring back an extended Venus too


You gave me memories brah my goodness


I miss the Io strikes, they were both great


Honestly I miss the ones on Mercury but yes Io ones were awesome as well


Why you have to hurt me this way


Stupid triangles


Man i miss all of these but the entrance to leviathan really hit me. It was the first and only raid i did with all of my irl friends in arrivals before they quit and i was left alone. It was a very fun raid and the reason i still play destiny to this day


I’m super pissed about it. I paid my hard earned cash in order to play on Mars, titan, and Io. Bungie got rid of so much content that we paid for and will probably “re-release” the content as new and charge more money. I love D2 but damn the devs suck. Don’t get me started on sun setting!!!


I know how you feel, and there are many who will agree with you


I predict they are at some point gonna remove Forsaken content as well.


One of the ghost shells added this season has a lore tab noting a conversation between The Spider and Drifter, and whether the latter could smuggle him out of the Reef before Queen Mara likely puts an end to him. This sets up for the flagship character of a location to be removed, along with the location (Tangled Shore).


They will. Bungo has already said something about that I think


Yeah i thought that maybe with this season being in the dreaming city they would announce that the forsaken campaign is going F2P because somebody said that they said everything they remove will go F2P a couple of months in advance. And it's probably not unlikely i think that the season that arrives alongside with witch queen will be the last one we have the forsaken campaign


I'm pretty sure you're right. I remember reading something about the devs saying they want to eventually get rid of it because they don't want the confusion for new players to see the Prince as a bad guy in the Forsaken campaign but then see him as a good guy in the current storyline.


I miss the farm a lot


Man i remember this holy shit ☹


I forgot how badass the pyramids look when looming at those locations.


do you know...tyra karn, guardian ?


Yup she was at the Farm. Got the Strum quest from her I guess


she is kind. and clever [insect like chattering]


I literally read that in his voice lol


"she is *k*iiind..and cLEV*er* kinda just like that ? lol


Fuck you Bungie. *Sees reprised armor this season* I love you Bungie. But still, fuck you.


I miss mars


i do miss running Escalation Protocol


I joined the game last month. I am very confused.




New player here, why did they vault those locations? I thought the game is supposed to be ever-expanding and it would've been 100% cooler if we could have a whole solar system in the game.


Bungo said that in order to make more room for future expansions and also to reduce the game size they had to vault some of these locations.


It was primarily to save space since the majority of the content on these locations was essentially 'dead content bloating the size of the game' and honestly for the most part bungie weren't wrong to remove it from the game for now. There's only a few missions I truly miss that got vaulted but there's potential for them to come back in the legends tab, where VoG is, in the future so who knows.


Maaan, the Legends tab has a lot of potential. Escalation Protocol, The Menagerie, Tribute Hall. Fuck it, lets get Prison of Elders in there too.


are they getting rid of them?


These locations are already gone. Vaulted to make room for new and further expansions. Same fate awaits Forsaken content as well




they'll probably do that with lightfall.


Mars and Levi


Callus is still alive, so maybe he will visit us again


I played Destiny 2 a bit but I enjoyed WoW a lot more. Due to recent events I am not playing WoW. I really took for granted having 16 years of game still in game.


one thing that kinda sits with me is that my (ex)friend was one of the people who sent complaints to Bungie saying the game took up a lot of space on his drive but also had cod warzone installed and refused to delete it because he doesn't like deleting games. he never once complained about cod being like 190 GB+


I enjoyed what was removed more than what remains


Rose colored glasses. all of you.




Man, Arrivals was cool as fuck


But what is that last pic from?


Interference quest


Ohhh right I totally forgot that


Where's the last pic on?


Interference seasonal quest


I cri...


Damn :( saw you're screenshots and now I miss the game...


Honestly i think i miss Titan the most, it was suck an easy place to get bounties done. Now i use the moon.


I miss the A Garden World strike, my favourite in D2. Can’t wait till it comes back


Forever miss Savathun’s Song strike. We liked Savathun before she was cool!


Whatever happened to that growing tree on io?


It's in the Vault now I guess


Ah, it never fully grew or anything? Sorry I missed the end of that season


Last we saw it, it was fully claimed by the Darkness


Good pictures OP


Thank you:)


I often click top right of director to go to nessus, guess its just muscle memory haha.


Nice shots! Good memories. I was lucky to start game just month before BL release. I managed to play through all campaings (available at thet moment) twice, now I see that it helped me to remember those stuff a bit. Can you please tell what the place (where it was) in the 20th screenshot?


That would be the last part of the seasonal quest called "Interference" and yes even I miss those "Heroic" missions


Best part of a living game. Things change and the experience isn’t the same year to year. Imagine having all this content still. It would be overwhelming for any new player. And any normal player trying to keep up with content.


OP, I hope you cross-post this to /r/DestinyTheGame. Content vaulting has never been popular. I think the new person in charge (Joe Blackburn) has realized this to some degree, as old gear is getting re-issued, including old armor sets from the sunset destinations. I can only hope that one day we can go back to all of the removed destinations. The art is beautiful.


Mars my beloved


I missed a lot of these because I stopped playing before the first expansion and came back quite recently, some parts of the game are just gorgeous to look at.


My only regret was not doing any of the adventures before they got sunset.


It's actually called football.


Infinity forest is the only thing that I’m not missing


I really, really miss Mars. One of the most stunning locations in the game IMO. Anyone who walked in on me playing Destiny 2 while I was on that planet stopped and stared immediately because it was that striking. I wish Bungie could figure out a way to have all the planets return but that’ll likely never happen


I miss escalation protocol so much. :(


i want the farm back just for the music


So, im gonna buy the expansion rn, what should i buy? lol


I miss the times when i played football with random guardians at the farm


My dream has always been that we would be able to go to every planet, including d1 areas of mars or earth etc. It will never happen as the resources to do that are not in the company's best interest. I get it. Why waste time on old stuff when you can dedicate time to new stuff. Still....a guardian can dream


I miss Titan


Me too!


Never got to do leviathan, yet I somehow have a triumph£ for it.


They REALLY need to bring back Titan.


Yeah I never even got the chance to really give leviathan a good try since I never had friends playing. Joined some randoms once and that was like subjecting myself to bullying on purpose lmfaoo


Remember the good ol days were asher called zavala vuvu zuela and that annoying ass boss in the og campaign and sagira she was the only ghost who has the most personalities out of every single ghost the radio tower where we revive her to our ghost and killed the boss from the past and turns out it was one step ahead and mars where we met ana one of andals apprentice and we killed that fucking giant ass worm god and saw how big rasputin was and how good the protocols even when most of the times the other guardians dont do anything oh and theres that one chick in titan she was okay i guess


I've played this game for years, and haven't done a raid since D1. I only know what Leviathan looks like when I tagged along to do the final boss as a pickup.


*just a burning memory starts playing*


What was that last picture?


RIP Brother Vance, Ashir, and Ana. Yall were real ones.


miss the soccer no cap, they need to introduce more social hubs


The artwork in this game is really unbelievable. Best in the industry bar none.


I did the same as well. Ended up with about 120 screenshots on my Steam account. Always go back and look at them from time to time.


Think I definitely miss Titan the most. I used to run around doing useless stuff just because I loved the aesthetic so much.


The Mercury skybox was so incredible when the pyramids showed up


I missed my Mountaintop, pls bungo bring it back, I wont abuse it, I promise !


You see I don't like the meta we have now but I NEVER want that back


I’d love to see the farm come back *definitely not just for drawing backgrounds*


Titan and Mars 😔


I’m not gonna lie I’m not entirely sure why these got vaulted. It feels like a shame to have them just not there rn. Was it primarily to save space (esp for console)? Or is it a long term thing to rework parts of the game from the ground up? I only ask cuz I heard that it was a necessity to work on the engine and physics for the game with older content; are we even likely to see these places again?


I used to hate the mercury strikes but now I really miss them


Thanks for all the wallpapers kind stranger!


Weren’t they gonna rotate old content as needed or something?


I miss them so much :(


I'm boutta tear up, bro


Wait, is the farm no longer accessible?


As someone who came in on Season of the Chosen, I really regret not giving this game a chance earlier, if only so I could have seen some of these gorgeous planets and skyboxes in person... it's a real bummer. They all look so cool! In comparison to some of the environments in Titan and Io, the rest of the game environments can feel samey at times....


I miss Mars


Penultimate shot – the new 6G cell phone tower


I really wish they had some more with Mercury. Could’ve been so cool if it wasn’t so small and empty


Garden world was one of my favorite strikes. Man I miss it.


I miss playing football with randoms in the farm


They will be miss why did the farm remove


God I miss titan so much, such a cool planet


I don't miss Mercury.


What I really want to see is a skilled multi media artist put all the missing locales, plus the existing ones into a hypothetical director.


I miss SO much Mars 😢


i hope calus will come back 1 day


titan was the best planet but I wanted more missions and secrets any map that has a golden age research facility should have a lot of lore and secrets.


Remember Mars