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The other athiest called me mad when I said Christians can unhinge their jaws


I would just call you Beelzebub


Eastern hog-nose snake, btw.


Hoggies are so cute ❤️🐍




The actual picture ought to be a whole snake chain of "local folklore and culture" swallowing another layer of "local folklore and culture", dozens of times, with Christianity at the back, itself being swallowed by "local folklore and culture".


So duel ouroborus


Why do some people say that the Christians stole the pagan traditions as if it was some outsider Christians that did it and enforced it onto everyone? Sol invuctus was changed to Christmas under Constantine the great, literally the emperor of the Roman empire. He of all people should be allowed to do so. Same with Yule, it was under Haakon the good, king of Norway who shifted Yule to coincide with Christmas. It's also just basically evolution of celebrations, one can say that capitalism "stole" Christmas and easter and made it about consumerism.


Imagine if those cultures reclaimed their rightful identity, and there was a huge culture clash, and the pagans would fight the Christians, and then Odin would come down, and Jesus would be there too, and the eastern gods would be wondering what the heck is going on, and it would be a combination of John's apocalypse, Ragnarok, and whatever other cultural end-o-te-world scenario, and then the Mass media would become personified and deified, and anyway in the end, we all realize that we're really not so different after all.


Hahahahaha so true but I would like to be annoying and clarify "people under the robs of Christianity."


I mean tons of stuff is practiced near universally in Christianity and was taken from non religious sources. Not quite the same as a king having the KJV Bible compiled so he can commit adultery.


But it's referencing the actual religion stealing stories which is very true


It makes me view the war on christmas stuff as a bit silly since its just 1 part paganism mixed with 2 parts jesus and sprinkle liberally with capitalism


Noah is just a knockoff Gilgamesh


Nah, flood myths are everywhere in human history. Or did the Aztec and Maya knockoff Gilgamesh, too?


The story of Noah and Gilgamesh probably do have historical connections given their locations. Yeah, most cultures have a great flood story, and cultures who existed near and developed along with others probably had similar stories.


I’d just chime in to note that early agricultural societies were often in low lying areas next to freshwater sources. Also, my second favorite great flood story is “Five feet high and rising” by Johnny Cash.


I'm sure you don't practice any of those pagan traditions like decorating a Christmas tree.


The fact that this is downvoted is wild. Do people really not know the history of their own traditions?


But all Christians knows that the Christmas tree is not actually part of the religion, a simple decorating addendum.


Yeah I gotta agree with this take


imagine all the culture and folklore that has been squashed and forgotten because of the snake of christianity?


A lot of it just got tweaked and added to Christian culture


This. When Christianity was being spread, it was often times easier to simply alter and assimilate the traditions that already existed there as opposed to throwing out the old and bringing in the new; people tended to get antsy around that. Things like Yuletide, a significant part of Norse mythology, all kinds of religious and cultural practices were altered or tweaked by the Christians to fit the narrative they wanted as they were expanding and conquering.




And it’s a good thing


All in All


Pagan traditions don’t deserve to be preserved.