Use that theology degree!

Use that theology degree!


Except thats not it at all. Troll can throw BS out 10x faster than a thoughtful person can respond to it. The troll doesn’t care about the answers, is just there to waste other people’s time.


Brandolini’s Law. That’s why trolls always win.


Thanks. I was feeling too lazy to look up the name of the law. It’s also why the Internet is destroying America. Trolling is just too effective, and a lot of people, like the Boomers, but others, too, haven’t adapted be able to filter out the flood of trolling and misinformation washing over them.


What trolls need to know is that their blows often land on unprepared targets who just take it on the face. Neo above has learned to have it merely be a waste of time, but like Smith, the trolls are usually doing a lot of damage in the service of a force they work for, which owns them, which they don't really understand.


There's also the dilemma of knowing that there's a vastness of things you don't know which adds difficulty to honestly battling someone who just writes what they happen to think at the moment.


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I only studied for my MDiv for 3 years. Trolls study a lifetime, 24/7, 365. At the point where Neo switches to one hand the troll grows tentacles and heads and cannons instead of feet but the cannons spray pure fecal material.