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I really love this sub and I'm so glad it's back. I'm very sad that it was closed for 2 Easters. My friends had come to depend on me for dank Easter memes and I let them down.


Hit me up if you ever end up in this situation again. I have a subterranean cellar full of dank [easter memes](https://i.imgur.com/rWTM24z.jpg). I’ll roll away the stone and let you in to browse…


Jesus Christ




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Wait why was it closed. I was wondering why this is the first time i have seen this sub in a while


The short story is that the mod team was too small. The sub closed until we got more mods onboard.


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I think the modern translations have it as “spirit hug” to more accurate reflect the Greek.


Why did it get closed?


The sub closed until we got more mods onboard.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


I tried to use r/dankchristianmemes2 while this one was down, but omg it was terrible.


Love this! I'm not a christian but my family is, and I love coming here to find memes to share with my brother (pastor).


I knew someone that had the situation as you , but his family is currently in shambles because they got too much pride on their plate. Respect to you and your family, I mean it.


Yeah it's like we're all gonna die someday anyway, whether you believe it or not just be good to your loved ones. That's the big thing.


My family is pretty religious, and I'm a pretty staunch athiest, and oddly enough my family and i have an amazing relationship. They don't tell me I'm going to Hell, and i don't walk around talking smack about their religion. But I've met other humans, so i understand why it can be difficult.


I border on atheism, and enjoy poking fun at Christianity, but gently. I might not believe in God, but I'm down with Christian ethics.


For sure! Im an ex catholic now atheist and i pretty much do the same


Wholesome but unironically


Sounds like you have a great family and you're a pretty cool dude/lady yourself!




Dude is genderless.


I wish you would have mentioned that to that soviet lady I was butchering chickens with one day a couple decades back. Said "dude" in a sentence in passing talking to her and she lost her fucking mind. Just something like "aw dude, that sucks". "I AM NOT. FUCKING. DUDE!" she started yelling. While we're holding knives and shit. She was fucking pro though at butchering them chickens. Between the two of us we were unstoppable. Edit: I just realized what sub I posted in. Apologies for all the expletives if that's a problem.


Yeah I once called my now wife a dude on accident when we were dating... She wasn't pleased lol


My husband regularly refers to me with “Dude, sweetie.” In California, EVERYONE is dude. Everyone.


Agnostics over here just happy that everyone is having a good time


Hope you do well!


You're Awesome!


Agnostics are just atheists that like to be more confusing. Source: Myself, and agnostic atheist.


I have faith in my ability to be indecisive.


All I know is my gut says maybe.


Atheist : Choose Christian : Choose Agnostic : But what if I didn't though


Agnostic just means you don't know whether a god exists. Theism is about whether you believe it. You can be an agnostic atheist or agnostic theist or gnostic atheist or gnostic theist. 99% of the time if someone tells you they're agnostic, they're an atheist that doesn't want to associate themselves with the word atheist.


Nah I would love to say that I'm simply an atheist like when I was a pretentious teenager, instead of explaining my entire perception of religion as an agnostic atheist lol


Wait…so like Calvinism, but for atheists?


Well. I suppose an agnostic that leans towards aetheism would basically be aetheist, Though I'm truly on the fence of possibility. I have plausible working theories for a universe with/without a god(s) as well as a third possible matrix scenario, with added possible layers like inception, with a "true reality" somewhere else that also may or may not have a god(s)


I thought the difference is that an atheist truly *believes* there is no God, an agnostic atheist thinks “there probably is no God”, and an agnostic thinks “who knows?”.


I wonder though .. why is it just a comparison between christians and aethiests? I'm sure I'm missing a joke of sorts here


Just because within this sub the meme is that it’s the only place on the internet that atheists and Christians come together to poke good-hearted fun at each other that remains civil and wholesome. Of course, as is the r/dankchristianmemes way, all religions and creeds are welcome to participate as long as they keep it chill and daaaank.


Ahh thanks!~ Smh I should've noticed the sub. xD


That's a pretty dank image


I’m an atheist and love this sub, plus it gives me some real dank shit to send to my Catholic gf


A good Christian meme is especially dank, like it spent a couple thousand years in a dark and moist church crypt, maturing.


Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff


I’m currently seeing this girl who is pretty religious, and I’m pretty much entirely atheist. I wanna ask how y’all cope with it? Like obviously I’m understanding and stuff but it more so comes with the fact that I know it’ll be an issue the day we wanna start a family. Like we can avoid talking ab it right now, but she already implied she wants me to go to church with her and I just feel like that’s hypocritical of me. And then hypothetically the day will come where we have kids and that is such a fundamental issue to face, and by that I mean I want my kids to freely find their path of religion, meanwhile most Catholics/Christians want to raise their kid in the church and think it’s almost mandatory. I’m not asking bc I believe I will have kids with this girl, but it’s hard to ever become fully invested knowing that a day like that will come and it’ll be a split decision with no changing of minds on both sides. And I live in the Bible Belt so this will be an everlasting problem more than likely, and that’s why I’m asking for a perspective that I haven’t seen possibly.


I am religious, but I would approach it like you might kids sports. When they're young they, and you don't know what they want. So maybe you sign then up for t-ball. It has a lot of potential to be good for them, exercise, team work etc. And there maybe a day they don't wanna go to practice cause they'd rather watch cartoons, in which I would encourage them to go. But eventually the kid will get old enough that they can decide they don't wanna do t-ball, maybe they wanna play soccer instead or maybe not do sports at all and play the piano. Or maybe they stay with softball/baseball all their life. However I know nothing would kill their love of "the game" more, than forcing them and presuring them about it.


I’m a sucker for a great metaphor and that is a great one. Let them feel it all out and see where they truly feel their best.


That’s our approach too!


I’d like to address this question from the perspective of a child of two parents with wildly different belief systems. My parents are still married and happy and do everything together, but my mom is an elder in her Presbyterian church and my dad is a dyed-in-the-wool atheist. I grew up in the south. Now, they are different people than you and your girlfriend so what worked for them may not for you, but they got married in my mom’s church, and my dad would go to church events that were big (ie Christmas Eve, Easter, etc.) but was not expected to attend church regularly. Once they had me and my sister the same question you’re dealing with came up: how do we raise the kids? They settled on: my sister and I had to go to Sunday school and church with my mom, and go through confirmation class (a Presby thing where for a year or two before you turn 13 you go to a Sunday school class that specifically is about guiding you in your decision to become confirmed in your faith and join the church or not; not sure if other denominations do it). When the time came to get confirmed we were allowed to pick whether to join or not, no pressure either way. And during aaall those years of Sunday school my dad was openly allowed to answer any questions we had about the universe as he saw it, as was my mom. They love each other and are relatively even-keeled people, so they would never do so in a derisive or insulting way in regard to the other’s beliefs. That’s key to this whole thing. I didn’t get confirmed, my sister did. There are no hard feelings between any of us. I made a lot of close friends through that church who I still stay in contact with, and every year when I come home for Christmas I go to the midnight Christmas Eve service on my own. I don’t believe in it, but the songs, atmosphere, and familiar faces are comforting and I’m glad that it’s a part of how I was raised. Kids don’t like doing anything that makes them wake up early on the weekend, so if given the option they’ll almost certainly say “I don’t want to go”. Don’t get that confused with “I don’t like it/I don’t believe”. Encourage your kids to go and experience it and learn how they feel about it, but always be open to discussing their questions, doubts and suspicions. You BOTH have to be on board with allowing those kinds of discussions. You also BOTH have to be willing to compromise and bend a bit, while not insulting the other’s side. I’m lucky enough to have parents who were able to treat it that way and not expect the other to change. Here’s how I think about it: you aren’t two teams tugging in opposite directions with the hope that your side wins the heart of your child, you are one unified team and your goal is to offer your child several methods by which they can make themself feel at home in this world and become a good person. If you do that then your whole family wins!


Personally I’m a childfree nondenominational Christian, so I don’t have a major problem marrying an atheist/agnostic/Catholic. But honestly if you plan on having kids one day, I’d recommend cutting it off sooner than later. It’s gonna cause issues with child-rearing, she will expect her children to be raised in a church.


Yea, I would if given the option, but living in the Bible Belt that’s just like ignoring the problem instead of finding a solution. It’s like if a plants dying, you can either pull it out and discard it, or you can nurture it and there’s a chance it’ll regain its health. If I cut this girl off, there’s a chance the next girl I see will be religious as well so eventually my garden will be empty instead of fruitful if I carry that mentality.


There's always getting Tinder and adding that you're looking for someone non-religious. It also could just be a thing with this girl - I've dated a few Christians and most of them have been pretty chill about the belief thing, grew up in a religious area too (different country though).


There are more non-religious folk around you than you might realize. In environments like that, many people pretend to be religious or are quiet about their less religious beliefs so as not to "rock the boat." I wouldn't assume there aren't women around you that aren't religious. Only you really know your situation. It sounds to me like you know what you want to do. Having a robust dating life is meaningless if you're unhappy with the relationships you find yourself in.


Hey man, I’m an atheist that has a Catholic gf. I want to marry her one day, and this is how I look at it. Nothing wrong with religion if it’s not hurting or breeding hate of others. My wife can believe in whatever she wants, and I can know that she’s wrong, but if it gives her a sense of purpose or meaning, who the fuck am I to argue with her? ^(I only “know” that she’s wrong because I truly believe what I believe, as many of you “know” that you’re right.) Specifically with kids, I don’t mind if they’re raised religiously, as long as they’re taught science and culture first and most important. Also, I’d be honest that I don’t see it that way, but that they’re more than free to choose whatever they want to believe in. Come to their own logical conclusion, just like their mom and dad had to. We just came to different ones, but if we’re both decent people and love eachother, that’s a successful relationship and it’ll last.


Thank you! And yea I agree a lot with what you said. I never try to debate religion with people of my age specifically bc I’m able to understand how important their faith is to them and I don’t want to be one to take that from them. A good example is that scene in Orange is the New Black where Piper beat the one chick and basically made her lose faith and she talks about how “he was all I had, now I have nothing” basically, she felt as though there was no point to life, she lost a part of her identity and purpose. So I respect their beliefs and views but I’m more so worried about indoctrinating these beliefs in their very easily manipulated and formative brains. Like kids believe in Santa and there’s always parents and siblings to tell them he doesn’t actually exist but when it comes to God the only people who can tell you he doesn’t exist are those who are unable to, the dead. But you did add to my perspective a good bit so thank you.


I'm atheist but if I have kids, I'll take them to church for sure. Beside the God part, there's a lot a church rounds out in a person like community, feeling supported, respecting elders, seeing other kids behaving and being respectful, etc. All good things that I'd want my kid to care about. If they decide they don't care about religion like I did once they're old enough, fair. But they still have to go with Grandma on Palm Sunday and Christmas just like their mom does until the end of time.


Bible Belt is tough, I don’t envy you your situation for that alone. I’m in the Philly area so our religious folk tend to be less, uh, radical. **The bottom line is you need to figure out if your values align and if you can find a lifestyle that works for both of you today.** You don’t have to sweat the future too hard, you’ll work out the fine details in time. You just both have to be 100% OK with one another’s beliefs and lifestyle, and willing to respect boundaries where those lifestyles create friction. You don’t have to figure it all out right now, you just need to make sure you’re on the same team even if you’re on different sides. My gf and I talked about faith on Date #1. I told her I’m an atheist and bisexual, and if any of that is an issue to her we shouldn’t waste our time. But we found our values were actually very similar, and over time we’ve worked out the specifics : I go to church with her for weddings funerals etc. but never for regular mass. She and her family all know I’m only participating socially, but I’m respectful and informed on church customs for those events. She doesn’t want me to convert, and I don’t want her to leave the church. Her family goes beyond just accepting my lack of belief, they ask good-faith questions to understand my point of view and are never judgmental about the discussion. We’re a few years into the relationship now so we’ve talked about the future. She wants a church wedding at her home parish. We’ve agreed that our (future) kids will go to church but will be taught early on that not everyone believes, including their father, and let them know the decision of whether or not to go to church is always up to them. We both agree that giving them a base understanding of religion is an important piece of letting them choose their own path. We fear that forcing them to go would foster resentment, but never bringing them in the first place may do the same if they eventually find God on their own. We want them to feel like they were given all the information and opportunity to figure out their own beliefs, and to understand how to get along with people who don’t hold the same beliefs as them.


Same exact situation for me haha. Plus my best friend is a devout baptist. It’s an interesting groupchat.


I don’t really know what I am religiously anymore. I grew up Christian, but for years I’ve just been drifting further towards atheism. Like I believe that there was some power that started it all since we don’t have a scientific explanation for the dawn of time, but for most other things I side with science. I sorta just call it “passive Christianity”


Sounds like you're agnostic


More like deist


I'm an atheist who used to be a Christian and I had your exact same belief system for awhile. I think it's pretty common for people to go to deism before they go to agnostic atheism. It's really a hard thing for your entire belief system and world view to be uprooted and fall apart.


What a lot of people who are questioning beliefs forget is that the "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" quote popularized by Sagan goes both ways. It's as presumptuous to be convinced that there are no higher beings as it is to be convinced that there are. Basically, I also took the Christian-deist-atheist route but then circled back around to a sort of agnostic paganism. My partner is a scientist who set me onto Sagan (who despite being held up by atheists, was avowedly not one himself), and reiterated the sense that, the more physics you study, the more you realize we don't actually know shit. I find that comforting tbh.


>What a lot of people who are questioning beliefs forget is that the "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" quote popularized by Sagan goes both ways. It's as presumptuous to be convinced that there are no higher beings as it is to be convinced that there are. It doesn't go both ways. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. It goes back to [Russell's Teapot](https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell%27s_teapot). The absence of something that has no proof is hardly an extraordinary claim. Not quite as egregious but also problematic is the God of the gaps scenario that is happening in this chain. As out scientific understanding grows, those gaps diminish or become smaller. That too is an unconvincing position.


I think Russell's Teapot is an adequate retort to traditional religious concepts of God as a well-defined human-like character, but not for evidence of any higher being. It depends on one's conception of a God - it's easier to use that argument for an anthropomorphic deity than something like [Spinoza's God](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinozism) or [Pantheism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantheism). At some point, something would have had to come from nothing - to bring up Carl Sagan again, the only definitive proof against a creator would be proof of an infinitely old universe. Same thing for the "God of the gaps" point. My argument is more that it's ludicrous to me that people confidently say "Nothing happens when you die, consciousness is just meat and electricity and humans are the only beings who are sapient, etc" because we simply don't have adequate data to make those claims. These assertions take a type of faith themselves. That doesn't mean it's proof of a god, but just that we do not know and can't know at this time that what militant atheists claim is true. Interestingly, scientific research on death and consciousness is often shunned and taboo in the scientific community -- even the psychiatrist responsible for our modern palliative care and stages of grief model (Kubler-Ross) was heavily criticized for even trying to do psychiatric research in the area of near-death experiences and afterlife, despite being an acclaimed expert in death and grief. My point being, humans are all subject to their egos and prejudices to the point that they will actively block knowledge-seeking that may not fit their worldview, even if it's an area we have very little knowledge about. With regard to topics like quantum physics, alternate realities, and cyclical time models, the actual scientific discoveries can point to the fact that some things are not actually possible for us to know/prove in our current state of being. Similar to [Platonic realism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_realism) - some things just cannot be proven with our senses.


What your basic point boils down to is there is a leap of faith to dismiss something when there is no evidence for it. I don't subscribe to that and I don't understand how you only equate Russell's Tea Pot with only one notion of a god. It is an adequate comparison for any fantastical claim Again, with the spontaneous creation of the universe, it still is a God of the Gaps in that you are inserting divinity of some sort. Sure, we don't know if it's an infinitely old universe that expand or contacts upon itself in perpetuity or if it something different, but there is no logical reason to place divinity as the answer.


**[Spinozism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinozism)** >Spinozism (also spelled Spinozaism) is the monist philosophical system of Baruch Spinoza that defines "God" as a singular self-subsistent substance, with both matter and thought being attributes of such. In a letter to Henry Oldenburg, Spinoza wrote: "as to the view of certain people that I identify god with nature (taken as a kind of mass or corporeal matter), they are quite mistaken". For Spinoza, our universe (cosmos) is a mode under infinite attributes, of which we can perceive two: Thought and Extension. God has infinitely many other attributes which are not present in our world. **[Pantheism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantheism)** >Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity, or that all-things compose an all-encompassing, immanent god. Pantheist belief does not recognize a distinct personal god, anthropomorphic or otherwise, but instead characterizes a broad range of doctrines differing in forms of relationships between reality and divinity. Pantheistic concepts date back thousands of years, and pantheistic elements have been identified in various religious traditions. The term pantheism was coined by mathematician Joseph Raphson in 1697 and has since been used to describe the beliefs of a variety of people and organizations. **[Platonic_realism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_realism)** >Platonic realism is the philosophical position that universals or abstract objects exist objectively and outside of human minds. It is named after the Greek philosopher Plato who applied realism to such universals, which he considered ideal forms. This stance is ambiguously also called Platonic idealism but should not be confused with idealism as presented by philosophers such as George Berkeley: as Platonic abstractions are not spatial, temporal, or mental, they are not compatible with the later idealism's emphasis on mental existence. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/dankchristianmemes/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)




I read the finally word at Biology and not Bigotry and had a moment of deep confusion/reflection that maybe we're robots trying to keep the humans off reddit... I need more sleep.


In the end we´re all just flesh-robots. Lol just realised I said this on a Christian sub. Sorry if this doesnt fit with what you think, I´m just a scientifically tinted catholic.


Everyone on Reddit is a bot except you


The whole world is just a simulation. Awaken from the dream. Join the resistance.


Wet mineral sticks wrapped in meat and powered by electricity. Weird stuff if you think about it.


Hell our brains work exactly the same as computers. Only cooler.


Former Christian, I love reading wholesome memes that I understand but don’t necessarily agree with. The sub is for dank memes, as the Germans say *danken memen.* I love all countries, cultures and religions and love to see us laugh together. ^^^^^\(with ^^^^^the ^^^^^exception ^^^^^of ^^^^^any ^^^^^Belgians)




1. Why would you get rid of that beautiful name? 2. I am pretty sure, no german has ever said that...


Thanks but I’ve been to many Germans’ houses and they said before their great great grandpas left that’s how they used to say it


Left? Where did they go?


Christian here, thankful to have a community filled with non militant normal people from both sides.


I'm militant about quality memes and that's it.


Me too, my dude!


Absolutely. It's kind of a safe haven on reddit.


Atheist here, thank God there is a community that actually understands what Jesus taught. Just be a good person. Not that hard. Love your neighbor as yourself.


Should I tell him?


No. It’s funnier this way


Tell what?


Hmmm, don't you mean thank science???


I'm not religious in the least but I love the Bible and this sub has all the funny memes about them and it's so friendly to people like mr


You would probably enjoy the condensed version: God Is Disappointed In You It's a great read


I like the preface: "A long time a go two humans decided to eat some fruit. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."


This subreddit truly brings the wholesomes moments :)


I think you accidentally Islamed. We are here for it, but the crescent 🌙 is not Christian. It is based though. Very powerful symbol.


Shout out to r/Izlam


I grew up and out of the church, so I just like the nostalgic memes I get from here. Plus I feel like this sub is much more of just actually good memes, rather than places like the religious(or not) subs that judge the members of other groups.


I’m atheist af but this sub brings me so much joy and the people in it all seem so genuine and kind


Yes please!


Happy Cake day!


I’m an atheist but damn Jesus was a cool dude


Jesus showed up and was like "don't be a dick, ok?" I can vibe.


Except with fig trees that don't fruit out of season.


He asks people to do the most difficult thing you can do: forgive and love those around you, even if they’re not deserving of it. I think that’s beautiful because everyone is going to have a time in their life when they feel unworthy of love or forgiveness.


And hopefully any non-believers here can see Christianity for this and not for the flawed Christians.


This is extremely ignorant even as a joke. He may have made customs more lax, but He made the moral law more strict with repentance as the mercy, as in sin is now worse if you commit but you can repent and sin no more to receive salvation. He also taught the existence of Hell whereas many Jews did not believe in Hell.


> This is extremely ignorant even as a joke. He may have made customs more lax, but He made the moral law more strict with repentance as the mercy, as in sin is now worse if you commit but you can repent and sin no more to receive salvation. He also taught the existence of Hell whereas many Jews did not believe in Hell. You may have a point, but dude you gotta read the room here There are nicer ways to say that in a thread where people just want to be chill By using strong words, a strict tone, and extensive discussion points, your comment will be interpreted as an invitation to break the rules of a subreddit meant only for dank memes that happen to be christian in nature


I don't believe, but I love that this place tries to emulate the truer humanistic traits of Christianity. This place and /r/RadicalChristianity are great places to laugh and learn.


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I'm neither Christian nor atheist tho am I still allowed.




All are welcome in this place!


Can I ask what are your beliefs?


I'm a pagan agnostic. I take an animist-type belief in the divinity of the natural world which humans are a part of rather than exceptions. I believe there is a creator spirit of some form, but it's not one we can conceptualize as easily as the Judeo-Christian God. Time as a sphere or circle rather than a line in tune with the cycles of the earth. I am interested in old religions, and got into this by noticing how many ancient or pre-christian people had similar beliefs. In terms of practice, I try to take a reconstructionist approach in a culturally ethical way. Lots of white "eclectic pagans" end up appropriating non-European practices in ways that are harmful to indigenous people (eg settler demand for white sage and sweetgrass smudging has made it harder for indigenous people to conduct their traditional ceremonies). So I want to avoid that and try to look to my own Gaulish/Gaelic roots for pre-christian practices and beliefs, using scholarly sources rather than new age ones.


Yo that sounds super interesting. How do even go about finding sources on that?


It's not an organized church or anything and I came to my beliefs by basically reading a lot of varied things. This site has a good book list you could check though: https://www.paganachd.com/faq/readinglist.html It's not related to European paganism directly and its very different from the above list, but I'd also recommend the book Nature's Way by Ed Mcgaa. He discusses how spiritual beliefs should be in pursuit of lasting values and respect for the world rather than economic gain and exploitation and has some good criticisms of the role of institutional religions in capitalism and the destruction of the environment. It made me think of how old European religions had similar values to American indigenous spirituality, and we have just lost much of those values due to a lack of written sources and the church's efforts at eradicating or incorporating pagan practices.


where pagans


we stole all the paganism. is ours now.


Was Catholic, can vouch.


Thought the Pagan dynasty was wiped out by the Korea/China/Mongols😏


Lots of atheists showing up here to express their support, so I'll join them as a Christian. I love you guys and this sub. Also Jesus loves you, of course!


We're all here to laugh at silly memes and goof off. Can I get an amen?








Good modding


I have to say, I really like the direction you're taking this sub mods. Pretty rare to see this level of effort and engagement. Kudos!


I'm an atheist and I still get a kick out of these memes.


I am Atheist, and I have many people I love very much who are Christians. I *absolutely hate* Atheists who act high and mighty, and call Christians stupid and such. As long as you’re not a *fuck*, I’ll be your friend.


I'm an atheist, but was raised Christian, and I like this place because it's a fun place where I can "get" all the jokes.


Non religious here but grew up in the church and most of my friends are believers. This sub has become a life saver for ways to poke some light hearted fun. So glad the subs back.


It's nice to be able to just have a lough together. Where are all the crazy internet people btw?


Honestly wasn't sure if anyone here was actually Christian because of how dank some of these memes get, that's good to know!


Can I get this picture without the text? It’s funny


I grew up pagan with a broad education in global spirituality, my husband grew up catholic. We often go to send each other the same memes from this sub hehe.


Witch checking in, love this community!


The meme template for those who requested it https://i.imgur.com/cC9MEEc.jpg


etc. doesn’t show her here.


If only i could grow a beard


How is that hair trickery even possible


I love you all!


this has always been the covenant here as long as i've been around


I recently got a girlfriend and she believes in the Christian religion. I'm agnostic, but im trying to make her understand that I really love the Christian memes and I learned a lot of references thanks to them. Really love this sub.


This is the most absurd template i’ve seen in a long time You have my upvote


I’m an Atheist. Big love to my Christian Brothers and Sisters ❤️


Me who’s not either and has my own beliefs.


i'm agnostic & this is a pretty good sub, currently Christian theology is my special interest & I love all of the metaphors about humanity in its doctrine.


it's great how open and respectful this community is. they are friendly too all, even if they do not share the same beliefs. you absolutely love to see it


This place is fun because my atheist ass understands a lot of the biblical references from my time in Catholic school.


I love this sub, I was raised christian but I’m not anymore, so I understand the memes and love em


I Love yall <3


I’m here for the dank memes and cool Christians.


The fact this guys did that with his hair… just epic!


This sub honestly feels like the calm between two storms.


Hey, Jesus loves you, you fuckin heathens.


Former Baptist, current Atheist. Love this sub. Love you bros


Atheist here. Came for dank memes, stayed for the wholesome community.


Nah am good


Reject bigotry, embrace “hey maybe we don’t agree on this one thing but we can still walk hand in hand and make the world as good as a place as we can make it.”


So dank I can smell it from here!


Well that's a new one 🤔 (The beard/hairstyle, I mean)


This sub is at its BEST when the content jokes With Christianity, not makes a joke out of Christianity.


Glad to have this sub!! Happy Wednesday!


You're Awesome!




I wouldn't say I'm atheist, I'm more in the church of psychedelia but I fuckin love this sub. There's never anything stupid or rude or mean here. The content is almost always pretty decent, it's one of the few if not only meme subs that is consistent and not just mean as hell to be honest. This sub rocks, thanks to all ofk the posters and commenters who keep this sub real.


Wait do you go to an LSD chuch?


Nice post.


I’m an ex-Christian and this is the only Bible themed content I’ll still look at that doesn’t like trigger a bunch of traumatic feelings, love that we can all come together and have a chuckle no matter where we are at


Yeah, people forget it be like that. That how it be tho.


Hey Mutahar


>Edit: It’s “delicate areas”.)


Help you get started


Agnostic, but I love the Biblical mythos and stories. It's like a peek through history at another culture and time. I also love some Christian philosophy like St. Augustus.


Damn bro it’s “delicate areas”.)




Catholic reporting in, love y’all.


this sub is a nice place, nothing is taken too seriously (: