Original concept art for a Splicer in Bioshock. Certainly a lot more disturbing than the final product.

Original concept art for a Splicer in Bioshock. Certainly a lot more disturbing than the final product.


This is from the concept art book. I love this franchise and still have this, if I can find the time I can post more of the concept art


Please do friend, the images are awesome.


The really are. Done deal. Depending on my work schedule I'll post up the entire thing tomorrow or the day after.


I appreciate the time taken to post them. I had the book but I moved to another country and somewhere along the line I lost the book. And I just had surgery today and the pics would be fantastic to see and be a distraction from the pain. So thanks dudette/dude.


My pleasure! I'll make sure I link you in it so you can't miss it. ;)


Thank you


You are very welcome!


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There's a ton more of this on the wiki at [https://bioshock.fandom.com/wiki/BioShock\_Removed\_Content#Splicer\_Models](https://bioshock.fandom.com/wiki/BioShock_Removed_Content#Splicer_Models) (scroll down for more pics). There's also similar pages for Bioshock 2 and Infinite. This series has loads of cut/altered content.




Remastered has the museum room with this in it.


Thank you for the link, much appreciated.


Wow, some of these are practically necromorphs.


would you kindly?


I have the Bioshock remastered version on Switch, it has an interactive museum which shows a lot of cut content and unused enemy models.


Pc version of the remaster sucks. Is unplayable


Ah man, I used to have that concept art book. But then it was destroyed unfortunately. Did you get it from the collectors edition of Bioshock 2?


I know you asked op but I just wanted to say yes, that's where I got my mine. Great add on to the game. And like you I don't have it anymore unfortunately (see above). Can I ask how it was destroyed? Obviously you don't have to answer, I'm just curious.


Oh, oops I misunderstood somehow. Unfortunately my house burned down last summer so anything I couldn't fit in my car was destroyed.


Wow, sorry about that my friend, that is rough. I hope you weren't hurt and are recovering any loses etc .


Thanks, no injuries from that since I was evacuated in a timely manner. Insurance covered some, but yeah slowly collecting things again.


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I’ve got the one for Bioshock 2 and it’s pretty great. As for the difference between this splicer and the end result, it’s important to think of when the game was made. Iirc the engine could only handle 4 splicers in a zone at a time due to the cpu and memory restraints, much less manage super detailed models.


He looks like homeless plague doctor


This is more eldritch horror than genetic tampering, imo. I like it, but not necessarily for the bioshock franchise, so I'm glad they went the direction they went. Although I'd love an underwater city Lovecraftian game.


I think the closest to that feel would be sinking city. It's seems to have sherlock esque gameplay (look for clues, establish build the case in your "mind palace," etc.)


It's so much fun. I just started playing this the other day and I'm having a blast with it. I'm obsessed with Lovecraft so having a game this heavy handed with the references is amazing to me. Call of Cthulhu fell really flat


That game is bonkers dude I love it


The underwater parts are just plain terrifying


It's rated pretty poorly, is it game you'd recommend?


Not the person you asked, but: As far as Lovecraft games go, it's pretty good, but that's a very low bar. It'll become pretty clear pretty quickly that the scope of the game and its open world is way, way too big for the developer's resources, so there are a lot of cut corners in gameplay, story, and environments. Lots of recycled enemies and buildings. That being said, it's solid, and I think it works a lot of the time. It just should've probably been more focused rather than trying to make a big open world game.


The Sinking City was made by a developer who mainly focuses on Sherlock Holmes games, so the similarity in style is not surprising.


Does everyone really cry lovecraftian because they see some tentacles lol


Only if they're scary tentacles


As opposed to sexy tentacles, we use a Japanese word for that.


Yeah, I disagree with it being hard Lovecraftian. Works perfect for Bioshock, really.


Bioshock is more biopunk to me (at least in the first two games, because Infinite isn't convincing)


Infinite is more steampunk


I wouldn’t call myself a fan of steampunk, but I will say it’s the healthiest way to prepare punk.


Could easily have added it tho. You already tear the slugs out of the Little Sisters. Looks a bit like "The Faculty" movie.


Bioshock 2 spider splicers?


I'll put you in a dress


I'll wrap you in a sheet




What if I'm already in a dress, do i get a new dress?


Yeah but you have to wear both at the same time, so its kinda uncomfortable.


I don’t remember if it was from the 1st or 2nd game guidebook, but based on the disgusting things coming out of its hands, I would say so.


True enough! I loved the Bioshock series. Even had a big daddy tattooed on my forearm. And plan to add more! Makes me want to replay them lol.




Oh that would be so sweet. Revolving around even the first one with Jack would make a great movie. And give a lot of exposure to the storyline overall.


You’ve gotta figure that so much of the allure of the games was in exploration, which you can’t *really* do with movies as a medium. Plus, packing everything that happens in even the first game into a 2 hour movie would be pretty difficult.


Man those guys are annoying. Tough, fast, projectile attack. You can be doing anything and suddenly have your health go down by a chunk, and it's almost impossible to predict or avoid.


I remember cheesing the game with chameleon skin and the max melee damage mod. The moment I heard a weird noise I'd stop moving and become invisible. Then wait for the enemy to come around, memorize it's pathing and wrench it in the head for a quick 1 hit kill.


It has a mouth on the back of its head


An early example of central 'eating


Imagine what its internal structure is like and try not to vomit.


But no jaw, so the teeth are pretty much just for show?


Well, it is a mutation so it may not be functional at all. Or maybe it isnt a "mouth" so much as the closest the human body can come to a suction cup using the DNA at it's disposal. Remember, all the slicing was done using ocean creature DNA.


The concept art from Infinite was gnarly also. The original concept was that the citizens would jump into alternate realities and sometimes merge with their alternate selves. Too much of this would have terrible effects like having your alternate self merge with you and have stuff like two mouths on your face or other distorted features. They look nasty in the concept art book. [some images ](https://imgur.com/a/aFLRPIx)


Honestly, Infinite was almost a fairly different - and in my opinion, better game than what we got. I love the game, but it doesn't hold the same place in my heart as the first two.


I have a lot of love for the game. It’s lame how much was cut from it, but I forgive a lot of it’s BS because of the ending. The only other ending that’s hit me that hard since then is Death Stranding.


I love infinite but I really hate how they tried to play the whole "both sides are bad" thing with Vox Populi being much, much more violent in a different reality. Like, can you really chastise enslaved people for violently revolting in a way that doesn't sound like neolib shit? Such a stupid story thread.


I can see that. Those parts of the game with the revolutionary bits were annoying.


They tried to pin the revolution as "just as bad as the oppressors". Sorry dude, people have every right to flay the skin off their oppressors and everyone who stood by and benefited.


I always got from that bit that they were justified in what they did, but things probably weren't going to get better.


One can simultaneously hold the opinions that its wrong to enslave people and wrong to kill children.


No doubt. The ending is beautiful, and I've played through it several times. I mainly found it a bit harder to emotionally connect to Booker due to the lack of meaningful choices. Aside from how much of the world-building that got cut, that's my main critique of the game.


I liked the main characters aside from Daisy Fitzroy. My main problems with it were how much they cut down on some of the enemy types. I remember reading about Ken’s vision for stuff like the Handyman where they’d be tragic characters that you might catch crying or suffering in some way. They make comments during combat that is consistent with that, but overall, they were boring. Also stuff like a clairvoyant event type that eventually became Lady Comstock. Then songbird didnt really deliver as a big baddie IMO.


I saw the E3 demo showing Elizabeth and Booker combining those powers and the mechanic of summoning allies with flares and it all looked so cool. I know it was system limitations that led to it being scaled back but it came out so late in the 7th generation I don't get why they didn't wait till the next gen consoles to fully execute their vision.


They cut so much from infinite. I really hate that they simplified the level design so much. In early versions there were huge areas with these ziplines going everywhere and you could really play on your own a bit, but in the final game the level design felt more like a glorified cod singleplayer with mostly corridors that you had to walk through.


They should have actually done that


That game had a lot of neat ideas that didn’t make it into the final product. I remember Lavine hinting at this concept really early on with that very first teaser trailer for Infinite. He had said he wanted this conductor that appeared in the trailer to have “two mouths”. He left it at that and didn’t offer any other explanation. It only made sense after the game came out and I saw it in the concept art.


Man I wish they had embraced the horror side of the series more with stuff like this in infinite. It's even distinct enough to not feel samey with the splicers from the first two. Infinite just never really had the same sense of atmospheric tension as the others for me (even when it was trying to) and I think the enemies were a big part of that.


Never played that one. Is it still worth going back to pick up and try? Not sure if it's available on newer consoles or not. I'd definitely be down for a remastered version of the game with higher detail graphics. I miss that series, though admittedly I only played the first two. The story was great and engaging. As much as I fear it would be done terribly, considering how video game movies typically turn out, I'd love to see a film series set in Rapture and based on the game. I think it could be adapted well, but theycd obviously have the challenge of changing the story to fit the third person rather than the first person narrative experience.


There’s a collection for ps4 and Xbox one that has what you’re looking for. It’s got everything. I THINK the first two games are also remastered to look nicer. I recently picked it up for Xbox and it runs great on my series X.


I haven't upgraded to the latest Xbox console as I'm still using my One at the moment. I so rarely play that I haven't felt the need to upgrade to the newest edition yet. Might check it out as I certainly wouldn't mind running through the first two games again, and always wondered what I missed with not having played Infinite.


The new consoles are definitely not needed to enjoy the collections. The Xbox one should be perfectly fine. Thankfully, the collection isn’t very expensive and can be bought for around 20. Best of luck


”I don't have those accidents no more"


I am so glad this franchise isn't dead.


*Cries in Dead Space*


I don't like horror games, I don't like TPS games, I don't have a thing for space games either. Yet Dead Space was so fucking good. I even originally hated the demo I played of it because to me it felt clunky (boot stomp animation in the first game was sloooow) I know the games progressively get worse, but I would gladly take a deadspace 4 that plays similar to 3, it wasn't that bad. It will never happen, but I would love if Microsoft bought the rights to Dead Space since EA killed the studio that made them. Probably taboo, but Dead Space is better than Halo and Half Life in my eyes, though both those games did a lot of heavily lifting for the games industry.


Dead Space is meant to be clunky and awkward. The guy is an nerdy engineer wearing a heavy metal suit.


Glenn Schofield and others from Visceral Games formed Striking Distance Studios, and are making a game called The Callisto Protocol. Supposedly it has some story tie-in to PUBG, but it should be more similar to Dead Space than anything. We shall see. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Callisto_Protocol


I’ve been playing Dead Space 2 on Game Pass. Man EA really did us dirty.


> museum Well rumor is they are working on a reboot but nothings came from it since that was reported. If not theres always Negitve atmosphere (indie) or The Callisto Protocol (from the creator of dead space)


Dead Space is awesome. I really like all 3 games. However, i also feel like the games get worse and less focused as each sequel came out. Dead Space 3 was essentially an action game, which is a shame because, because the first game was such an expertly crafted horror game. The first game seems like it had a lot of thought put into every little inch of the game, from the UI to your the guns work. I even enjoyed the scripted sequences in that game, and usually I hate those. I kind of feel like being forced to become an action game by the studio meant that later games lost their character and what made the series fun and unique.


An I the only person who noticed the socks? The fallen one switches feet.


They both have several differences, I don't think they're supposed to be the same, but just depictions of two itterations, if Bioshock has different models for the same enemies for the sake of graphic variation then it would make even more sense, but I don't know


Is it possible that it is supposed to be mirrored to show both sides? I bet there are some rules/ guidelines when it comes to drawing these kind of concepts, but I don’t know about it so idk


Loved everything about this series artistically.


I like the way they went. Making the splicers lunatic people hits more deep than mutating into monsters.


This little fish looks like he just had his cherry popped!


Wonder if he's still got some ADAM


Oh no, I have to play it again don't I?


If the next Bioshock game has Rapture again (or at least splicers), I want them to add some more splicers based on the concept art


im stilll mad the movie didnt happen ​ give us an M rated movie set in rapture, doesnt need to be the main plot, even a story that happens after 2 or before 2


Im still baffled they havent made a bioshock VR port yet


Oh, I'd be so bad at that. I booted up Bioshock for the first time in ages just a few days ago. It's amazing how often the game still manages to make me jump.


Ive bought the game 3 times now and i’ll buy it again if they release it in VR. Its such an easy win and guaranteed slam dunk. Idk how they havent done it yet.


I really think it would be easy to adapt and do well enough. And since you would structure it as a thriller/horror typically that genre is cheap to make, you could do it on a Netflix movie budget, and probably only really need CGI on the ocean bits, most other stuff could be practical.


Bio shock had the potential to be terrifying. They toned it down so it was more acceptable for most players, but I can imagine that game being a hell of a lot scarier.


More monsters need sock garters.


I always wonder why concept art often looks way cooler than the final product. I'm sure that hardware limited character design significantly at that time, but I feel like this still happens today.


System limitations usually. The more “messy” and “organic” something looks or moves, the more difficult it is to model, which then increases the system requirements to keep the detail levels high and animations smooth. So compromises have to be made in order to make the game usable on machines that don’t have high end components.


Fascinating and gorgeous.


Concept art in a nutshell: draw the coolest characters then use the shit ones, Jenny the intern made.


Hell yeah, Bioshock is one of my favorite games because of the art/theme


I like it tho


Kinda hot


skinny legend


I got a strange Spy vs. Spy vibe off of this.


Best fucking game


I do not like this. Like, really, really realllllly do not like this. WTF. I had an irrational fear of The Boys of Silence in Infinite, but this version of Splicer would have made the others freaking unplayable for me. I hate them.


Is that a Spider Splicer from Bioshock 2? I can just hear their high pitched wailing when you set them on fire with incinerate


Wild! Love it!


Oh I know him yeah he’s one of my old college buddies


This came from the art book for Bioshock 2 specifically, so this was the idea for later generation Splicers who are even more mutated than in Bioshock 1.


Geez. This way way more creative then the splicers in the game


It's esidisi from Jojo!


This looks like it comes from WH40k.... I am frightened


Long fingers automatically makes everything scarier to me...get them sausages away from me


Such talent. Such wow.


I'm glad they went with what they did. Bit this would be great for something like a resident evil game or some Lovecraft style horror


Idk if it's possible, but seeing a mod like this for bioshock 1... just an overhaul to make it spooky and more horror as it was intended... pls...


The Bioshock 1 remaster has a cool museum feature where you can gawk at old art and models from the production of the game along with blurbs about why they didn't end up using those assets. It's pretty neat.


A game like no other. I was so torn when the first time I played it. I couldn't decide if I should harvest the little sisters or save them. I sat there for the longest. So awesome on so many levels.


If you like this art, you'd probably really dig Chet Zar's stuff. He's awesome.


Reminds me of tiny from House of 1000 Corpses


Heard there's some snorks around here


This makes a lot more sense since they fucked up their DNA


Almost all the splicer's early Concept arts look way better than the final design (i guess it has something to do with age rating or production related stuff)


You have to remember that when Bioshock came out the available horsepower on consoles and PCs was still pretty low. Toning them down was necessary for no other reason that the more wiggly a model is, the more system resources it takes to put it in-game in real time.


The eye covering kinda looks like an optometrists instrument. Maybe this guy had bad eye site and couldn’t afford a pair of glasses. And seeing as how he was too poor to even find out his prescription, he couldn’t see properly! So he did what he had to do, he stole an optometrists instrument that would allow him to correct his vision. But it was too heavy and his nose alone wouldn’t hold up the instrument to his face. So he painted a cone black and glued it to his face. Now he could wear the instrument and could see again! How great! But he looked hideous and people would always tease and bug him. He got beat up all the because he was so hideous. Sad story really.


I appreciate the backstory but to burst your bubble in Bioshock things went awry during a New Years Ball. One of those fancy masks required events


Think we will ever get another bio shock game? I loved that universe


As awesome as this design is, it's more "eldritch horror" than "genetic augmentation" so I can see why they didn't end up going with it.


This is so much cooler than the final designs in game. I'm guessing they had to compromise quite a bit with the limitations of 360 and PS3 hardware at the time.


The artist is Colin Fix. He’s an extremely talented artist, and a good friend of mine.


Oh man you just reminded me that I have this concept art book and the vinyl record of the soundtracks. I absolutely love reading that book from time to time.


These would have been amazing enemies!


I get why they wanted to make them people to make us more sympathetic to the people of rapture but the older designs were so much cooler.


That's really cool. Feeling the need to play the game again.


Bioshock is one of the most amazing game series' ever, and I heard they are making a fourth one. I seriously hope they do because I want more Bioshock in my life. Even all these years later, all three games still hold up and are still amazing today. Except the 2nd game's remaster on PC. It crashes constantly and there is no fix. So stupid.


Personally think the medicine man masks are overdone...


Usually game art shows you what the developer would love to have in the game if there were no technical limitations to having all these great details on the models.


I got the game for the Switch and it features a museum with the models of scrapped enemies


NECA made a toy of this guy. Obv his in-game model is a little less mutated but he’s still horrific. https://imgur.com/a/XGi9f5P


Weren't the original splicers bug worm things?


omg yes please


I think I like this design more but it also makes them look less human and takes away the sympathy that these were once people makes them look too much like monsters. Still like both designs.


It's a no from me, dog.


Wow, this is great. Is that an orifice or a wound on the back of it's head?


Looks like teeth!


At least this makes more sense the real ones were just drug addicts in masks for the most part


I like it very much


I’m at home be like:


This is what I want to see if/when we ever get a Bioshock movie.


That leg muscle tho


Dudes jacked


Looks inspired by Keith Thompson’s work


I could see this has an vrchat avatar


Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? “No,” says the man in Washington, “it belongs to the poor.” “No,” says the man in the Vatican, “it belongs to God.” “No,” says the man in Moscow, “it belongs to everyone.” Goosebumps everytime.


In this one the System Shock 2 influences are seen more clearly.


Personally I find the direction they decided to take with splicers, with them being disfigured and driven mad from the abuse of eve, more fitting for the plot. As opposed to mutated and deformed physical monstrosities like this.


I love his hands and feetsies. Looks like dude has some lizard and horse floating around in his genes.


Wow. Looks absolutely nothing like the game. Always felt like Bioshock was waaaay too cartoony looking for the story they wanted to tell


this is very pretty !! :D


This was in the final product though. This is a spider splicer from Bioshock 2


Right, I just put Bioshock as a whole because I don’t remember what book I saw the pic in (I actually took this pic a while ago just never got around to posting it). The spider splicers ingame just used metal hooks to get around though. They didn’t have hand veins like that


Oh you have the book also?


Yeah I have the guides for 1 and 2, a special edition guide for infinite, and then the art book that came with the special edition for 2


Nice, and I meant this one: "Breaking The Mold: The Art of Bioshock"


I like where it ended it up, they look much more human which I think makes it more unsettling. I think they used early botched attempts of plastic surgery as inspiration?


Bioshock has bad design in weapons and some characters which prevents you from believing in overall quality of the game. Too good that the idea is great itself


Man, that game has some cool stuff, doesn't it


Sure does


Great game


His socks switch feet between poses and that irritates me more than it should Still awesome art