My take as a fan of both h3 and Trisha (and after watching *all* of the videos surrounding this shit show)

My take as a fan of both h3 and Trisha (and after watching *all* of the videos surrounding this shit show)


I agree that this should have been handled privately. I wish the episode hadn’t been aired but I’m sure they had to fulfill the contracts with the sponsors. I’m a fan of both as well and I’m also disappointed in both. I honestly hope the Off The Rails episode tomorrow speaks nothing of Trish. It’s time for someone to be the adult.


I wish they had cut down the episode, at least. Like after the first time Trisha says I need this to stop, that should've been it. Trisha shouldn't have had to walk off. Everything else should've been dealt with offline. But honestly they also shouldn't have kept the last few minutes of them arguing anyway. They could've paused once things started escalating, taken a break and then come back. But since they didn't, I don't know why they left it in the way they did.


I completely agree. I really don't like that Ethan keeps pushing after Trisha tries to disengage. They were trying to do what they learned in therapy, which is disengage before things go haywire, and Ethan didn't want to allow it.


Exactly, they should have ended it the moment trish said to stop the very first time


I totally agree. The last 10 minutes should have been excluded. But apparently Trish said put it out unedited?


Ethan should have put his foot down. This entire conflict hinges on Ethan having too much creative control. He could have said no, and should have.


Omg this a million times


Yeah that exactly how I feel


Could not agree with you more. While Trisha is obviously not 100% in the right here, they also aren’t solely to blame for the situation. Before the episode was posted on Tuesday I checked out the H3 subreddit for spoilers. From the way they were talking about the situation on there, I was full on expecting Trisha to have cursed everyone out. By the time I finally watched the podcast, I was deeply confused as to why everyone had reacted so strongly. Not downplaying what happened, but I don’t think they deserved the amount backlash they received. Not to mention the amount of misinformation that is being thrown around as well. I think that a lot of the uproar stems from the fact that Ethans fanbase does not like Trisha. Since they presumably make up the majority of people who pay to see the episode early, they’re also the ones controlling the narrative in a sense. By the time the episode actually came out, I think most people had made up their minds about what happened. When the entire comment section is negative towards Trisha, it’s hard to not have a bias towards the situation. You hit the nail on the head here. Neither Trisha nor Ethan are solely to blame. It really did seem like a lot of miscommunication that should have been dealt with privately. And even if Trisha did give Ethan the go ahead to post the unedited episode, I think that as her friend and future brother-in-law, Ethan should have recognized how wrong it was to exploit what was likely a manifestation of Trisha’s mental health struggles.


I definitely agree about the narrative being controlled a lot by members/fans. I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan and the crew were pretty much fine with things, then saw the members freaking out about how Trisha "trashed the crew" and got more upset. I've seen similar things in real life, a minor disagreement becomes a huge deal when someone not involved decides to gas them up. From the spoilers, I definitely thought it was going to be way worse. I was also really confused by the huge amount of backlash. People were raging before even seeing the episode, and I think that's a big reason why everything broke down the way it did.


agree. will still watch both & I fully expect they’ll resolve things privately, but if they no longer do Frenemies (at least for a while) bc of this two-sided mess and drama.... ok 🤷🏽‍♂️


I agree with everything but what I would ask is why didn’t Trisha ask for a contract? I feel like as a business owner he definitely slipped up, but she’s been in this business for over a decade. She knows what’s up and should have also had the foresight and wisdom to ask for a contract. I’m really disappointed in the both of them, and I hope they resolve things private for the sake of their family ;(


It's Ethan's job to do the contract, he's hiring Trisha on as talent.


I already acknowledged that, but like I said, I think we should also be mindful that Trisha should have asked for one when Ethan didn’t suggest one to protect herself from this exact situation. Because of a slip up on both of their parts (more so Ethan’s as the employer than theirs) now their relationship business wise and familial is strained when it could’ve been avoided :/