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I'm exactly the same. Totally normal..mine can even like go back inside sometimes.


> even like go back inside sometimes. Funny how we feel that if we are like something its totally normal. That going back inside part though , Your a candidate for hernias, as that passage is supposed to close and at some point your intestines may find their way down there and its as painful as having your nuts in a vice. As men Grow into the 40s this condition may raise its ugly head and require surgery due to changes in replenishing tough collagen.


Huh, TIL. I will continue not to play sports or do much heavy lifting. At least now I can kinda justify it :P


Mine do the same thing and I've herniated both sides.


Get older, and the sag will return.


If only this were true. I’ll be 37 in a couple of weeks and I still have the nut sack of a 14 year old. High and Tight Gang…


Same here, 37 and I think mine are getting tighter instead of sagging. Lol. I’m a shower(4.5 -5f, 7.25 e) with a big turkey neck (Which I also dislike). It’s like the skin that should be on he bottom of my sack is almost half way up my dick lol. I’m happily married and it doesn’t bother me nea as much as it used to tho.


I'm talking 50, not 37. Under 40 might as well be 19.


Perfectly normal. You just happen not to have balls that hang when you are erect.




I've always wondered, in porn, how some of the talent seem to have zero testicles. It always threw me for a loop, but now I know.


One of a million reasons to say "no" to genital mutilation.


I'd consider each intact man living a perfectly normal life a reason each, so if you add things like these here, it is one of multiple billion reasons. yourwholebaby.org


Foreskin ugly tho


You only find foreskins ugly because you are not used to them. Dried out glans and scars on the dick aren't really better.






That happens to a lot of guys. Not unusual at all, nor anything to be particularly concerned about.


Have you tried a ball strap?


I have no advice just wanted to say thank you for making me laugh out loud with your descriptions!


That's something I never considered was an issue given I'm a shower with big low hangers. I'm guessing that you are not alone in this and wouldn't woryr.


It's normal, but I agree it doesn't look that great. Get a neoprene ball stretcher, they aren't that expensive and will stop that


Damn, that Sucks, Make my problem seem insignificant, I cant sleep on my side easily any longer , my balls hang to the point I have to choose tucking them behind to take up the slack or letting them hang free in the front and getting squished under my leg. God forbid Ive even considered wearing briefs to sleep in.


They’re pretty saggy when soft, it’s just when I get hard my dong uses all that sag. My gf doesn’t even notice it so I guess I’m overthinking things.


Scrotal weights and foreskin restoration


Bro this shit made me laugh twice " Greedy dong" And " Varys pornstar brother" Well done, sorry bout your acorn problem.


Few things are hotter than a guy so hard his balls get sucked into his dick.


I have no advice for you, as I'm in the same boat and have just accepted my tight-sacked fate, but wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your writing style. You're clearly a fan of Burroughs and Thompson, a consummate gentleman, and a cunning linguist. Godluck and goodspeed my taut-testicled cohort.


Your sack's cold.


It’s because whoever circumcised you cut off too much skin, you can restore it though it takes a long time. if you’re interested check out r/foreskin_restoration


I don’t think it’s so aggressive I’d need to alter anything, interesting the know the source of it, thank you.


This isn’t true though. I’m uncircumcised and have the same issue as you.


Uncircumcised and as described above plenty of slack , I propose its a matter of stretching and after 30 years of free balling they will do it on there own. On reflection, maybe its stress and you need to find a way to relax the micro muscles in the skin


Are you circumcised? This is a common issue that happens when the shaft doesn’t have enough loose skin. You know you don’t have enough skin if you have hair on your shaft when erect. It’s not an issue that needs fixing though.


Lots of hair, like Bigfoot’s dick levels of hair, I imagine.


Are you secretly Bigfoot?


Now that you mention it…


Are your feet hairy like Bigdick’s feet?


... I thought this was normal. well. TIL


People have had luck stretching their scrotum skin.


Could possibly look into ball stretching?


Is this a comedy piece you wrote


Have you thought about [this?](https://www.thechaingang.com/adult-adventure/male-body-jewelry/ball-weights-and-ball-stretchers.html)


Check out r/ballstretching101 and r/ballstretching.


Not much you can do


Same situation here. I’m cut, but that probably has nothing to do with it. It’s not a problem, but sometimes I feel the weight of my balls might be the reason my dick doesn’t salute very upwards. It’s perpendicular to my body plus/minus a couple degrees.


Lol sames bro my sack hangs but when I’m hard them balls get stuck in my stomachs


Lol. Same. There is a rare time when they stay loose when I'm hard and it's my very. favorite. thing.


Let’s not even get started on cumming I damn near choke on the bastards


Interesting word use


Same. Used to do this pull down on the sac while stretch/stroke the shaft upwards to relax the sac and get that erect shaft with the testes hanging loose - takes time, 50/50 chance that the sac will tighten up in 30 seconds again anyway. Stopped doing it when my partner made a comment about how she loves when she sees my sac all right - who knew?


It's actually a survival mechanism to protect the balls aka the baby makers from damage. You'll notice during sexy time they go up and tighten more than relaxing. It's to protect them from the pressure and smacking and stuff during the actions. Your eggs want to be protected!


idk if this is your specific situation, as ik it's not mine but I have a similar thing going on, it might be related to your circumcision (if you are). depending on how tight you were cut, your erection might stretch the skin enough to actually pull some from your scrotum. generally speaking, you should have hardly any pubes on the actual shaft and anything more than the bottom maybe 5-10% shows that it's being pulled up. to the extreme this can cause tearing on the skin during erections, but most likely it's just a case of your specific circumcision. if you are interested at all in learning about this, I'd check out r/foreskin_restoration if not then like me, you could just have a small scrotum. just like dicks, balls and sacs come in all different shapes and sizes.


I have this same thing a lot of the time, and as weird as it is, every time I smoke weed my balls hang and swing all over. I’d love to know why this is, but I’m sure I’ll never know.


Same with me bro. While I go from a 4.7” to an 8.7”x6.3”, i still have all that extra skin for the length when erect and of just sticks to my thighs whenever it wants.


I think I'm the same, never thought about it, and I don't really care. I have however noticed that during a blowjob that includes a lot of attention to my balls, they loosen up quite easily.