12 best vinyl test records

12 best vinyl test records


This is lame. It doesn't discuss production or engineering. Google best produced album on the Grammys site. You'll get a ton of suggestions


Also doesn't discuss mastering or pressing. Even a well-produced and recorded album can sound quite different based on different masterings and pressings. Useless article.


There’s also no point testing a system with a record you’re not familiar with. If you don’t already know the minute details of a recording, how can you tell how well a system is reproducing these? You’re better off using music that you know very well and anything found on a list, unless you have a good ear for the record on the list already.


Yeah and I don't like daft punk so I'm not playing that. I have my own test songs that i use to test stuff. Usually it's music that I'm very familiar with and know what to listen for. But if you know those songs/albums pretty damn well then sure use those.


Not necessarily. Usually yes. But if something is produced exceptionally you should be able to immediately tell. If you know how to listen analytically anyway. Trial and error and A B testing is a must with any system and combination of equipment.