Apple Music Teaser: 'Get Ready – Music is About to Change Forever'

Apple Music Teaser: 'Get Ready – Music is About to Change Forever'


I’m really hoping for the AirPods 3 to coincide with this. My first-gen pair are not doing well.


Mine cut out constantly, the left one first normally 😤


Lol anyone else have theirs go wild when the microwave goes on..?


Oo that’s not a great sign, microwaves are supposed to be faraday cages, so in theory you shouldn’t be affected at all… might be time to get a new microwave


Same with WiFi? My connection cuts out when I use my microwave.


Microwaves operate at the same frequency (2.4 GHz) as Bluetooth and often WiFi. Also, microwaves are not perfect Faraday cages. Therefore, the noise on the 2.4 GHZ frequency from microwaves can cause issues with BT and WiFi connectivity.


You can see that microwaves are not faraday cages. Put a Bluetooth device in one and close the door. (Do not start the microwave, duh.) It still has connection.


If there’s enough radiation getting out that is significantly affecting a Bluetooth signal and Wi-Fi connectivity, that’s a problem, it’s one thing if you’re losing a couple packets, but if the whole thing is disconnecting, that’s worrisome


My microwave has killed my wifi since the day we bought it, 1200w on 2.4ghz shitternet tends to do that.


Microwaves can make a lot of noise around 2.4 GHz. This is common and does not necessarily mean you need a new microwave. You should be using 5 GHz for wifi whenever possible; it’s better in almost every way.


I do recommend trying to use 5GHz over 2.4GHz, but there is one very important area the lower will do better -- distance and penetration of walls/other mediums. Lower frequencies go further. It's why AM/shortwave radio works 6gazillion miles away compared to FM and other higher frequencies. So if you change to 5GHz and you seem to get worst signal, you may need a better access point, a repeater system setup, or maybe open a few doors to let the radio waves have an easier path to travel.


Yes 5GHz is terrible on decent-sized house with a good amount of brick walls. I use Wifi 6 access points around the house, but I only use 2.4GHz unless I stream VR/Nvidia Gamestream. My PCs are connected via LAN cables and 2.4GHz speed is enough for whatever my phone and tablet use.




that's false. No microwave is going to achieve perfect isolation of the microwaves. What is really happening is that the microwave operates at several orders of magnitude more power than you wifi. Wifi power is milliwatts, microwave power is hundreds if not thousands of watts. Even a tiny amount of leakage will overwhelm a wifi signal.


When using my AirPods when the microwave is on my ears turn into this glowing green. Is this normal?


Yes, but only if you’re circumcised


Not always true, you need to also have gotten the COVID vaccine. It's clearly Bill Gates telling you to buy the Surface Headphones instead.


Have you heard of the story where scientists/radio astronomers were baffled about mysterious signals they couldn’t find the source for? Took them something like 17 years to figure out it was the microwave in the break room. Funny story and worth a read. Don’t think this is uncommon for microwaves either with the strength of power they put out. Same frequency of your 2.4ghz WiFi. Anyways, funny story worth a read. Microwave is probably fine but I’m not an engineer either.


Microwaves have leakage which is normal.


Leave it to Random Redditor to take a high level core concept they read about and extrapolate it to being a subject matter expert.


Mine die in about 3 mins. Used the shit outta them for 3 1/2 years tho.


If you’re in America you’re in luck. https://www.thepodswap.com/


Well that’s cool!


Thanks man! But I think I’m just gonna cop the 3s. I can ride it out.


Yeah… too expensive for me to upgrade from my series 1 to the new 3’s unfortunately. I’m looking at 30-60 pound refurbished Samsung galaxy buds on eBay and it’s tempting 👀


I have AirPods Pro and every time I make a call outside everyone says they can’t hear me. So I think I have a bad mic or something. Would love to upgrade.


Same. I can’t remember the last time I put them on and had them both connect on the first try. They randomly disconnect all the time too.


I know hyperbole is kind of their thing, but it would be cool if this means something bigger than a bitrate bump.


All music is going to be played in reverse. This will be a permanent change. We make no apology for our brave and revolutionary decision.


The Paul is Dead conspiracy will be reborn!


Out of all conspiracies I bet Steve believed that one


And we think you're gonna love it.


I hope so but most people wouldn’t be able to tell. I think it’s some sort of a new genius playlist.


Well if they can top Spotify's algorithms i'm all ears but still.. bleh if it's just that. That's not gonna change music forever.


I have tried Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube music and Spotify's discover weekly was always the best.


I‘ve only tried Apple and Spotify. Apple has some nice playlists but it always felt like they‘re trying to push too much mainstream pop on me.


I listen to music constantly. Been waiting for a bit rate bump for a long while. Spatial would be a nice add. This is a big deal to me.


Special audio on Apple Music? Why?


So you can hear the Janic, Dave and Adrian like they were playin live in front of ya


There was a format called DVD Audio that was around for a while and contained music in 5.1 and super high bitrate. The remastered version of Hotel California in that was pretty amazing.


Well, yeah---but "remastered" is the key. Somebody went to the studio and created a 5.1 mix. I don't see how that works with everything in the Apple Music catalog. Maybe if Apple has acquired all the SACD and DVD-A records that were remixed into surround....


There were rumors of Dolby Atmos music a while back, still holding my breath for that to become a reality!


Well, before that they had 5.1 DTS Audio CDs...


Would totally listen to Live After Death in spatial. SCREAM FOR ME LONG BEACH!






Up the irons, brother!


When I was a teenager I had the Rock in Rio DVR set and a 5.1 system in my computer. Each speaker would play a single guitar and I kept listening to it over and over just hearing each of them playing.


Bit rate bump honestly wouldn’t be noticeable to at least 85% of all listeners. There are listening tests out there you can try where you can listen to music as low as 8 bits and as long as the dynamic range is squashed, you might not even be able to tell. 24bit is effectively over 100dB of dynamic range and almost no sound system can produce better than CD quality (96dB) so I don’t see how this will be revolutionary. People love their hyperbole in audiophile circles. I’d be fine with uncompressed 24/96 or even DSD streaming and be done with it.


> But rate bump honestly wouldn’t be noticeable to at least 85% of all listeners. 99.9% including most audiophiles


It’s probably the compression really. Listening to a song from a YouTube “lyric video” and from a FLAC is clearly different.


Dithering algorithms yield higher dynamic range, e.g. you are getting effectively more than 96 dB from 16 bits, and going beyond 48 kHz sampling is just pointless. I'd be cool with lossless streaming, though, because BT headphones are re-compressing compressed audio (AAC streams get decoded then encoded again even if headphones support AAC).


Ok maybe. But would that “change music forever”? Probably not, right?


There is already spatial audio on music videos on AM


I didn’t even know spatial audio was something I needed when it comes to music.


Seems like it’ll be more than just a bitrate bump for them to claim it’ll “change music forever” considering they’d be like the 3rd music service to offer it. I think spatial audio and Dolby atmos will also be incorporated.


They’ll offer lossless and “hi-res” lossless. The latter is snake oil for anyone but dogs but people seem to like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Lossless is something they should have done in 2009, 2021 is just hilariously late.


I still have my ALAC files from about that era. Or whenever Apple first allowed you to rip them from CDs. I also converted lots of FLAC to ALAC and then uploaded it to iTunes library. It would be nice to be able to access lossless again (from the cloud) and not Apple's 256 AAC copy.


Everybody gets U2 preinstalled on their phone! Wooo!


It’s their entire catalogue and we think you’re gonna love it




I remember that I never really told my parents about my music tastes so when they found it downloaded they thought it was me, then they proceeded to tell all my relatives that I loved U2. Good old times


What a nightmare it must have been.


What a nightmare that was.


I love U2, but Apple should have known better.


U2 also convinced Steve to release a U2 iPod. He almost backs off minutes before the announcement. Bono has his ways to convince Apple.


Would you consider them mysterious ways?




Weirdest marketing stunt I’ve ever seen So annoying that whenever I pressed a play button in the car U2 started playing


The M1 has been living a secret double life. It's the first SoC hat has an album embedded on a hardware level. It is capable of playing back U2's latest album with no operating system running which results in unprecedented low latency playback and exceptional battery life.


Fun fact: The artist icon Apple uses is actually Bono from U2. [source](https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/09/16/bono-iphone-artists-icon_n_5827484.html)


I really hope this is included with Apple One and not an additional charge


I would be very surprised if it wasn’t, they’re probably going to include this with all of the tiers, that’s my guess, they wouldn’t be advertising it so hard unless that was the case


You're a very hopeful person.


Turns out op was right to be hopeful.




Sure… but don’t expect it in the individual $15 tier.


I wish they introduced something like Spotify connect. It is the only thing preventing me from switching. It is very annoying that I am casting something using airplay from my MacBook Pro but then I cannot keep controlling the session if I stop using the computer and get my iPhone.


Spotify Connect is revolutionary. I use it all the time and when I use other services without it, it's just an inferior experience.


Yeah right? It is very convenient. I hope Apple is working towards introducing something related to it. I think I understand that AirPlay casts directly from the device, e.g., iPhone or MacBook Pro. Whereas Spotify connect seems to connect the receiver directly to their servers, the streaming is nondependent on the device that becomes a mere controller. Let’s hope they figure out an implementation for this. It is needed.


You're exactly right. With Spotify your device becomes the controller, but it feels almost magical. It's such a pleasure to use.


Spotify connect is so Apple-like it’s surprising Apple hasn’t copied it already.


My bet is on spatial. The German translation of the original announcement from the screenshot should be "Mach' Dich bereit - Musik wird sich für immer verändern" but in the German version the announcement says "Mach Dich bereit für eine komplett neue Dimension von Musik!" which literally translates to "Get ready for a completely new **dimension** of music!". Sounds promising!


I’m guessing it will be increased quality and spatial, and they’ll claim that the pairing of the two enables a new dimension of music


Good thought! Bumping up the bitrate additionally would be a consequent thing to do. Especially if you really want to generate a big "Wow"-Effect on great HiFi Equipment. I'd really welcome that!


I would kill for spatial audio on the Apple TV. I really love the idea since I’m in an apartment where I can never ever have 5.1 due to the noise :(


Sound like normal marketing speak. I don’t think that message necessarily has a hidden meaning.


Commenters on that page seem to lean toward spatial audio being added to Apple Music. Can anyone tell me why that would be beneficial? Music is mixed in two channels. Spatial Audio, if I'm not mistaken, simulates 5.1 surround sound while watching movies and TV shows, but those are mixed that way. Music is a left/right/center kind of thing. I'd much prefer a music stream with a higher dynamic range, but this is still not going to work if the source material is mastered poorly. Most records from before 2000, and definitely before 1990, would benefit from a higher resolution treatment, but if the recording is already brickwalled, what's the point?


I would settle for a Music app that was good.


Let’s not ask for too much


Yeah, thats a pretty high bar.


The MacOS one is so bad. I have to restart it constantly for basic functionality.


*cries in iTunes on Windows*


if you use it for apple music, you can use browser version that works pretty well, compared to iTunes. i believe its http://beta.music.apple.com


I mean iTunes works better and a lot faster than the website ever seems to go, especially when you get to very large libraries and playlists. The web interface can't even show a playlist with 2000 songs in it, it just breaks in all kinds of ways. On Linux I have to use the web interface but damn, it's really no good.


Glad to know it’s not just me.


And "play later" is broken. And "show in Apple music" keeps breaking until restart in the last weeks.


Did your network change? Turn your VPN off/on? Time to restart the app. Search also breaks when your network changed, but interestingly it also returns your previous cached search results, so always hit search twice. _Play next_ is only available for songs you’ve added to your library. Why?! And albums are sometimes randomly assigned to artists who share the same name but are definitely completely different entities. Come on Apple, you can do better than this mess.


I’ve been dealing with apple music only because i’m invested in the ecosystem and it’s stock on all my apple devices, but damn it they need to improve many things


Seriously. I’ve done an Apple Music trial TWICE now, and both times I just keep going back to Spotify. I’d love to jump ship to AM, but Spotify just does so much better. I don’t care about a lossless mode, and in fact, whatever Apple does, Spotify will just respond in kind anyway. Might as well use the one with the better features/interface.


Can I ask what you don’t like about Apple Music? I’m the opposite and tried Spotify premium but couldn’t get used to how the app works or looks. I know that Spotify has a better discover/playlist feature but what else?


Honestly the biggest thing for me is the fact that Spotify works on all of my Alexa/Google devices and I can seamlessly handoff playback between devices. If I come home listening to an album on my headphones, I can hit a button and it will pick up on my home stereo or on the smart speaker in my kitchen. Last I checked, AM doesn’t work on as many devices and doesn’t handoff playback as smoothly.


Yeah a good example of the Spotify handoff working was playing a playlist in the car on the way home > jumped on my (Windows) laptop at home which showed what I was just listening to on my mobile > and I could then cast from my laptop to my sound bar and it just kept playing from there.


Spotify allows you to continue listening on another device. Apple Music can’t even tell me what the last song was I listened to on my pc as soon as I hop on my phone


With Apple making a big push for Continuity features a few years ago I figured this would be an obvious gap that would be filled. How naive of me.


It's honestly the one thing that made me choose Spotify Family over AM


It’s getting there. It’s still clunky as hell if you’re not using a HomePod mini, but I think it’ll continue to improve.


Mainly the music discovery functionality just feels better in Spotify. I don’t care about live radio very much, so that doesn’t appeal to me in AM. I also listen to a lot of lesser known Indie stuff, and Spotify just seems to have a lot more and more diverse kinds of that stuff than AM. I also don’t like the interface nearly as much. It’s a personal thing, and I’m sure you’re not the only one who prefers AM to Spotify.


I gave it a couple tries too and you're on the money. It's so fun to go on a rabbit hole session on Spotify, hopping from bands you love to similar bands is so much more intuitive in Spotify. I've found so many of my new favorite artist this way. Also Apple Music had next to no synthwave last time I trialled it and that was a killer for me at the time. They had some pretty big holes in their genre catalog, not sure how it is now.


They have “What’s Popular” and trying to find new Music in Playlists is next to impossible. I love EDM and what they put out as their EDM playlist is stuff from like 2010 that was on the Radio. You can search for specific stuff but then you’re just kinda stuck unless you just want to hear what you already know. Spotify you can search Synthwave & even find other people’s playlists full of stuff or start a Radio off a favorite song or playlist you’ve created.


This. I’ve was on AM for just about a year and it’s good, but I found that I wasn’t finding new music nearly as often as when I was on Spotify. I would love a hifi option but the algorithm is most important to me. It felt like every “station” based off songs I like would eventually bias to rap/hip hop. Don’t get me wrong, I like everything but eventually it seemed to average into the same group of songs. I’m happy back on Spotify.


Talk about lesser known stuff. it’s like Spotify has recordings of basement shows of bands that existed for three days in Columbus Ohio in 1997.


This reminds me of seeing a punk band outside at a house party, but the neighbors complained about the noise, so the band moved into the kitchen. The drummer sat in the empty spot where the dishwasher was supposed to go and the singer stood on the counters.


100% agree. I primarily listen to playlists, artist radios, etc and Spotify is on a completely different level than AM. Both are great if you know exactly what you want to listen to, i.e. a specific artist or album. But Spotify is excellent at playing music that’s similar to what you like. And I love that you can have it auto-play a radio station based on whatever you’re listening to once it’s over. Meanwhile, AM has the same songs repeated everywhere. And in my experience, AM always skews towards “mainstream” stuff, like well-known artists and songs. Spotify doesn’t do that. It’ll suggest a song to me that has <1,000 streams just because it’s musically similar.




Thank you! This makes so much sense to me. I’ve also gone back and forth over the years and had things I really liked about both of them but recently I find myself pretty exclusively using AM. You’re comment explains why. I still have the stacks of CDs that I started collecting in elementary school when I began learning guitar. Those CDs kicked off an iTunes library which I’m still building upon today (in AM) ~15 years later. I very frequently revisit the depths of my music collection, jump across many genres, and get a nostalgic kick out of listening to old music with fresh ears. I’ve found that since the era of AM and Spotify I sometimes become overwhelmed with the amount of new music I’m exposed to and become less “attached” to artists in my Recently Added section. AM is getting a lot better but Spotify was definitely the winner in throwing a constant stream of compatible artists at me. People use music in very different ways, people have different listening habits. Im beginning to see that each service caters to a different type of user. I just don’t understand the rivalry people have. Use what works for you.


Same same. Discovery is worst on Apple, by far. Pandora is still king on that dimension, but Spotify definitely has a better UI, and crossfade, and handoff — but it sucks on WatchOS, where Pandora also excels. I’m so undecided that I’m paying for THREE family plans. And yet none of them are Apple. That’s how bad they are.


I might be in the minority but beside the discovery/personalized playlist, Spotify’s interface is better in my opinion. New albums/songs from artists you *actually* listen to are at the top of your home page, there aren’t useless tabs like the composer or radio one on AM. When you click on a genre you have playlists and songs, and not other types of content like video interviews bothering you. It’s almost as if AM wants to show you how many playlists and contents they have, but it’s all mashed together with no room to breathe, there are images everywhere, it’s overwhelming.


I definitely prefer Spotify's mobile UI, but AM's CarPlay interface is the better of the two IMO. Spotify's is much more cluttered.


I'm not the one you replied to, but I'd like to add my opinion. I use Apple Music on the phone and Spotify on my PC because iTunes is awful. What's bad with Spotify's app is the bugs that can stay for years without being fixed. What it does better than the Apple Music apps is quite a few things. The Add To Queue gesture is great, but even more important to me is Spotify's queue system. It's an actual queue. Apple Music's "queue" system is like making a temporary playlist, and it sucks for so many reasons. Especially at parties when many people wanna queue, as the most recently queued gets played first. No idea why it is like this. Being able to sort playlists by date added and reversed date added is another thing I miss. The newest songs in my playlists are the ones I listen to the most right now, I want those on top. I know there's a workaround in iTunes where I can flip the playlist, but I can't power on my PC, flip the playlist back, add a song and then re-flip it everytime I wanna add a song. As for discovery features, I don't really care about those. It's all the QOL features thst Spotify has that Apple could easily add, but refuse to.


Since everyone is answering and I haven’t seen this in the replies yet… The big killer for me was Apple Music’s requirement that it usurp control over files that you own. It wanted full control over my library. Okay, I take a full backup and flip it on. Things go right to hell as swaths of my library start getting flagged as unplayable and I have to go to my desktop PC and delete/readd files. Not so great when I’m on the road. It also replaces original albums with revised versions (like *Stripped* from Depeche Mode’s *Black Celebration* was replaced with a different version with some changes) and I’m not sure I care for that either. Apple Music took a library that I had been building since 2002 and absolutely ruined that. My music library is my precious and you NEVER fuck with it. Apple Music did exactly that. And I will never touch it so long as it does.


Spotify's interface definitely takes some getting used to, but once you do, it's pretty good at what it does. The library is fantastic, and the queueing is easy, and "this artist/song radio" playlist creation feature is great. I also like the "release radar" and the "made for you" playlists.


The thing I hate about Spotify’s interface is that they put podcasts at the top of the Home Screen - where music recommendations used to be. No, Spotify, I don’t want to listen some shitty podcast.


Agreed. If I wanted podcasts I would use Overcast. Not Spotify.


Apple Music app super slow on my Mac. On my phone, it’s also more buggy than the Spotify app, which is weird considering that apple literally makes the os.




I’d settle for Apple Music letting me download my entire library instead of forcing me to download every fucking song individually. 14.5 updated how you can download music, it used to be 1 tap to download a song, now it takes 2 fucking taps… per song.


You can download by album or playlist.


It’s annoying but you have to just go on a computer, select all songs, add to a playlist, then download the playlist. Then turn on automatic downloads and you’re good forever.


#BRING BACK FULL SCREEN ALBUM ART ON THE iOS LOCK SCREEN I still want my iPhone to also be an iPod, I don’t just want a handheld computer whose audio playback status is just another notification


also an album cover art watch face would be sweet




If they found a way to meaningfully introduce spatial audio into music then I'm going to drop Spotify. It would be amazing to sit back and feel like I'm surrounded by a band. Edit: perhaps simply through giving individual parts of a master track a different ‘location’? Combining this with those trad gimmicky presets like ‘concert hall’ which basically just change reverb and turning it into legitimate concert sounding experiences? Or just straight up actually having concerts? Lots of potential.


I hope they do 3D audio too! Tidal’s is pretty good, but without head tracking, it doesn’t feel like 5.1 with the AirPods.


Do AirPods Pro handle spatial or just AirPods max?


Pros do spatial as well


Pros do. I feel like the Center channel is very compressed. Which is understandable given what it’s doing


The AirPods Pro do it well, but the AirPods Max do it substantially better.


AirPods Pro do too.


This is what high quality headphones and well mastered tracks get you and have been doing for literally decades.


Imagine if they actually fixed the Windows version of iTunes?


Please make HiFi the standard. Make streaming sound better.


10 bucks says you can't reliably hear the difference: http://abx.digitalfeed.net/itunes.html


How did we go from CD-quality down to streaming music with our phones, what sure streaming gives you more choices but CDs had way better quality, the bit rate were like five times better


I bought an expensive SACD changer back in the day. I’ve got a handful of discs that sound extraordinary……and then 128 rez became “acceptable” due to portability. I still buy CDs when possible. My rally cry is: “Give me ALL THE BITS!!!”


Streaming sounds amazing compared to when people were cramming 128kb/s MP3s onto tiny 10GB ipods or those ridiculous MP3 players with 10MB of flash storage


I want them to bring back the coverflow artwork


If Apple can control the Hardware (AirPods) and the Software (Music.app) to somehow enhance the quality in a way that it is noticeable, then I am impressed. Kinda how the software on macOS made a 720p camera more usable. But we will see.


I would shit on the floor if they popped up with a HiRes iPod Classic (click wheel) with AM compatibility. There’s literally no chance but one could dream.


Hopefully a free upgrade for AppleOne subscribers


this [article](https://www.macrumors.com/2021/05/14/airpods-hifi-apple-music-launch-may-18/amp/) suggests itll be the same price. fingers crossed though


AppleOne is meant to be the "everything" bundle, I'm sure if you have the Premium tier it will be included.


Can confirm it’s showing here https://imgur.com/a/Lp6hjkL Also something that’s interesting is the video shows the logo spinning around… spatial audio 🤔


Or they’re releasing everything on vinyl.


>Apple Vinyl. 1000 songs on your turntable.


We think you’re gonna love it.


yep thats what im thinking too.. sort of like we might a 3d spatial audio feature


I personally cannot wait too see all the people on this sub praise the superior audio quality while listening on their consumer grade ear buds that in no way output improved audio.


As someone who is audiophile illiterate I can absolutely admit that I was a COMPLETE dumbass who tried the Tidal HiFi tier when it came out and really tried to point out the differences between tidal and Spotify with my Gen 2 airpods thinking I was getting the absolute BEST sound quality from tidal on an iPhone XR lmao nope sounds the exact same.


I grew up on AM radio. If I can hear a beat I’m happy.


There’s plenty of us that want it knowing full well it will do nothing for our averages buds/speakers/ears purely to end the discussions about whether 256 AAC or 320 Ogg is better and why.




Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Accommodations > Tune Audio For You can select one of three options or customize it through a training program. I found out about it from an audiophile review of the AirPods Max that initially gave the AirPods a mediocre to poor review, but amended it to good after finding this setting. Fair warning if you’re a big fan of bass this will be disappointing and takes some getting used to regardless, but now if I switch this off the music sounds muffled and muddy.


Probably a silly question, but if we do get higher bitrate, will AirPods be able to differentiate the sound difference?


AirPods max: Probably, Regular AirPods: absolutely not


Aren't they both limited by the bluetooth standard anyways?


Yes, Bluetooth is lossy, and even the better Bluetooth codecs (aptX HD and LDAC) do not have the bandwidth to losslessly stream CD Quality (16/44.1) music. In addition, to my knowledge none of Apple’s devices support these codecs, and iDevices and Airpods use 256kbps AAC instead, which is the same quality that Apple Music currently streams. Regular Airpods don’t really sound good enough to be limited too much by this, but Airpods Pro and Airpods Max could benefit from better source quality. An Apple Music upgrade to CD-quality or higher would mainly benefit users listening to music on non-Apple non-Bluetooth audio equipment, or Airplaying to a speaker system. Users using Airpods would also benefit due to the placebo effect.


Yessir - Bluetooth CANNOT transmit lossless music - pipe ain’t big enough…aptx / ldap put in a good effort - but it still has to compress & strip it down. (Apple doesn’t support aptx / ldap anyway) Maybe Apple found another way?? To wirelessly transmit lossless music without compression / striping away some detail??


Even with Airpods Max. Hell even with a high end HiFi setup. People simply cannot hear an actual difference between modern streaming compression and lossless music.


No because Bluetooth is lossy


You will need higher end equipment to feel any difference honestly. Something like a pair of HD650s and a decent amp to go with it. And even then, past 320kbps most people can't tell the difference even with good equipment. Basically, nothing on Apple's whole lineup would benefit from higher bit rate, so it's mostly marketing unless you are an audiophile.


Well I for one hope it's not spatial audio or anything like that, but instead just a giant sized homepod. Like bigger than a man. Let's give everyone a *real* surprise for once.


Phil Schiller voice: The new HomePod! That’s right, it’s 6 feet tall! *Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!*


It’ll be the cost of an entire 5.1 setup, but who cares when you can shatter your windows and crack the foundation of your home with that **bass**.


If the HIFI price is actually the current $10 price that’ll pull me to Apple Music. Had tidal hifi for a bit but cancelled as soon as Spotify announced their hifi plan since I like Spotify more but I also expect it to be like $17 a month.


I really hope they drop a new gen of AirPods Pro while they’re at it


I just hope they revamp the entire Apple Music UI. It's so archaic, boring and a chore to use compared to Spotify. Navigating around is clunky n fiddly. The social aspect is non existent. The 'recommended' algorithm is average. As if it's designed by a bunch of boomers holding on to iTunes for dear life.... or how a jukebox works instead of a music app. I hope because Apple pay artists far better and would prefer to use it. And it'd be nice to see Apple return to their music-focus from the iPod era now that they've finally got their 'pro' products back on track.


I really don’t mind Apple Music UI but mainly… do you REALLY need a social aspect in your music listening app?


Not social media. Social as in being able to follow artists, users and playlists. Not just limited to Apples internal curators.


Spotify social features are excellent and are exactly why I use it over other apps. * Group sessions (everyone can queue/control the music) * Collab playlists * Always seeing what your friends are listening to (a great way to find new music) This isn't like google "Let's add a chat and call it a day". These features are actually very nice to have, and are a massive source of new music for me. I'm constantly sharing songs/lists with people I know and spotify makes it all extremely easy. Especially with their QR-like system.


I wanna be able to swipe to go next or previous song


Who else clicked the video and looked like a freak trying to hear something


Does your face change much when going from listening to listening a like harder? Am I listening wrong?!


Wonder if it's going to be like that "Announcement" that was going to "make history" that turned out to be some new U2 album that nobody wanted.


The Playlist will continue where you left off instead of restarting?


Sounds like a threat.


from the video that plays, seems like we might a 3d spatial audio feature! hopefully we see this apple music hifi rumour that has been floating about for a while too. lets see what tomorrow brings


Well I'm excited about this long awaited day! With my 6 HomePods I desire the highest quality music ever! Viva la Apple Music


Calling it now 5.1/7.1 Albums + Lossless Streaming, of course, with Airpods 3


Introducing... the entire U2 discography preinstalled on your iPhone. We think you're going to love it.


Seeing as everyone is speculating. My guess is they are going to use an AI model to analyze every song and generate a clear backing vocal of Yoko Ono.


Is this like country restricted? I can’t find it


So are we getting this announcement tomorrow or are we still looking at a launch date of 5/18?


Watch out cause Music 2 is coming!


No it's not.