Fantasy Cakes on Waterloo

Fantasy Cakes on Waterloo


Don't forget super affordable lattes as well!


They have lattes? I never even noticed! Next time!


Im hungry now. That all sounds amazing.


Completely in agreement. Not the best name, but the baking is great. Ditto on Edokko as well. Masa has been/continues to be one of the best sushi chefs in the city. Happy he is back.


Hopefully he'll expand the menu, but when I asked, I think the person at the front said something about having to change something in the kitchen before they could add more items. All of my favorites are gone (curry rice, tonkatsu, gyudon, tempura). But I did have unadon for the first time in years. I had forgotten how much I love unadon (which is usually unaju, but I quibble). I was a little worried about the location, but I was quite happy to see it was busy when I went (~5:30-ish on a Thursday).


Wow much advertising


They're a new business (i think they opened March or April?) and I'm sure would appreciate the support. I have no stake in the business or anything to gain by posting, other than some warm and fuzzies for helping get the word out. It's hard to be happy when so much cynicism keeps a person's heart hard. Best wishes to you.