Soulknife rogue in Wildemount

Soulknife rogue in Wildemount


So,what are you looking for?how it would work?advice on build?


Looking for foundation for my characters backstory and how to ground a soul knife into wildemount.


They’re a spy network so legit you could have them be any race you want. Just make them recruited as they’re great in their particular part of the world where they blend in well and have good contacts with the populace already. What race sounds fun to you? Maybe narrow it down to 2-3 and try to come up with an outline for a backstory for each, go with whichever backstory idea you decide you like the most.


A soulknife with the Augent Trust background Your character could be a family of assassins with the innate abilities using their power of the mind and they like to secluded themselves, maybe one of your ancestors are Giths or been infected by a mindflayar parasite that gives your psionic powers that passes down to their generation. They are highly sought out after sign they can make pretty good spies and assassins killing their target without a trace. for the custom lineage i would make this person a half gith or some sort of psionic touched humanoid. Taking inspiration from Jean Gray or a Jedi or whatever creatures with a innate psionic ability


CR has the standard DnD races, although there are Exandrian specific builds on Orcs that modify the curse IIRC. If your character is working for the Augen Trust, the dwendalian Empire is not the friendliest place. Your character would be human, half-elf or elf. Halfling works as well. Can you be more specific?


The Empire might not be friendly if his identity as a spy is common knowledge But if the character is in the Empire there could be plenty of good hooks to explore


That’s kind of where I was going. Really trying to find a backstory hook that explains the soul knife. From my reading, I was thinking of “defective Volstrucker now working for the trust/empire while on the run.” My main premise for the character was likeable/sensitive/remorseful killer for hire but am trying to use wildemount flavors to make it compelling or at least better ingrained in the world.


I expounded upon it below. I’ll be talking with my GM today to get more info but wanted to try and get as grounded into the wildemount setting as I could as well as find some lore reasoning for my psionics/soul knife training.


It's always best to consult your DM, but I'd say if working for the Augen trust you would typically be one of the stereotypical 'good' humanoid races, humans, gnomes, dwarves, half-elves, elves, halflings.


I have a soul knife in my Wildemount Campaign! He's an orphan tiefling from Shadycreek Run who has always been mildly psychic (he has a high insight). He used his abilities to survive on the streets and eventually to climb ranks into the Uttolot family, becoming an informant and spy for them. Long story short he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessed a murder, had it blamed on him (Mercer made a thousand away comment once about tieflings not being liked in Shadycreek) and barely escaped into the Empire with his life. That's basically where he met the party. His soulknife powers were a total surprise (we started at lvl 1) and manifested after a series of horrible migraines. He has recently learned (we are lvl 6 now) that his father was possibly a poweful tiefling soulknife trained in Limbo by the Githzerai (he actually got to meet one of his "father's" trainers) and he is now eager to track the guy down both to figure out more about his abilities and to get answers as to why he'd been abandoned in Shadycreek. Hopefully some of that might be inspirational for ya! :D


Hey! A fellow Soul Knife ShadyCreek Run tiefling! Small world


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I'm an idiot. I forgot to add the Augen Trust connection. Oliver what's his name, the leader of the Trust is also a soul knife and was trained by the githzerai as well. He hates my character for unknown reasons, likely something to do with his dad. Lol!