i’ve been at this school for 13 years, there’s 200 people in my class and today is my last day of school. not a single person or teacher offered to sign my yearbook.

i’ve been at this school for 13 years, there’s 200 people in my class and today is my last day of school. not a single person or teacher offered to sign my yearbook.


Here, I'll give you one straight out of my sophomore yearbook (1998): Thanks 4 being so cool to me in Art and Spanish. We've become such great friends, I'm glad we are. Give me a call sometime if you wanna be chillin' like a villain. See ya next year! Amanda. I have no clue who that is.


It was Amanda. They signed their name.




My class had like 5 Amanda's. My name is even more common there were at least 10 of us.


Most of us signed our pictures in my class, which was really helpful in figuring out who TF "Amanda" was. Though I've got one that just says, "Ha ha, I signed your crack!" along the inside edge of the cover with the initials JD and I have no idea who that was. There were almost no middle names in the rosters and I still have no clue who JD was.


He probably went to become a doctor at Sacred Hearts Hospital


Long time no see!


I just flipped through mine and don’t know who 90% are. I must have asked everyone to sign it.


My favorite I got was "Roses are red, Ashes are black, why is your chest as flat as your back?" And then his phone number with an asterisk on one of the numbers. Like do you want a 13 year old stalker, because that's how you get a 13 year old stalker.


Did you ask anyone?


This was the way it went at my school. Not one person said, "Can I sign your yearbook?" We all just shoved our books at people almost shouting, "Sign my yearbook!" I've got signatures from people that I'm not sure I ever even spoke to.


That's how it was for me, no one ASKED to sign mine. You'd ask people to sign yours then they'd usually ask you to sign theirs. How many people's did you sign?


Only god knows. Seriously. There were almost 400 students in my graduating class. Sometimes I'd be passed a literal *stack* of yearbooks. I'd check the name in the front cover and if I recognized the person it'd be a personal message. If I didn't (which was about a quarter of the time) it'd be something generic like "Best wishes for the future." My class had a thing where the seniors all signed by their pictures, which helped a lot afterward so you didn't have to try to guess what that signature actually was.


When I was in middle school the thing to do was sign “HAKAS”. It stood for “Have a kick ass summer”


If you want something you gotta ask. Life lesson there. Edit: lol what? Why the down votes. This is why we teach toddlers “use your words” instead of crying.


Yeah i asked people I didnt realize there was a subset of student that expected people to be idk begging to sign your yearbook?


We never had yearbooks at school being from the UK but even then I can only imagine the only people I would actually want signatures from is probably the teachers and students I hung about with not some sort of popularity contents where you had to fill it full of everyone's signatures then again we had shirts and everyone would sign a shirt instead.


I'm canadian and we got them every year from 8-12 and it was kind of tradition each year on the last day to have a "signing day" You'd think it would be just your actual social circle but it was kind of a real neat blending of cliques that day. Everyone was your friend it was a day to branch out and maybe end some petty school BS. It wasn't about getting the most but really trying to get everyone if you could. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! I actually used to periodically read them before Facebook basically made them pointless


This is exactly how it was for me too, and then someone sees that person sign, so now they wanna sign and then so on.


This is the most important question! Who gives a fuck about yearbooks!? If you want that thing signed, ask!


A lot of kids care about yearbooks. Just cuz you’re old and realize now it doesn’t matter doesn’t mean the kids don’t still care about it. I’m a high school teacher, yearbook signing is definitely still a thing!


I've just left secondary school, starting college soon, never had anyone sign my school shirt because my perants would have had a fit , luckily no one asked anyways, I just went home with my sister and my two close freinds whom I've known before primary school and had a photo together. The ones who really mattered , you won't forget


Exactly, if she didn’t ask anyone then what the fuck is her point? “No one asks to sign anyone else’s…..but they still should have asked *me*!”


Karma pitty obviously. The title is probably totally not true, literally could of just got the book and took this picture with a sappy title, while in reality right after the picture got tons of signatures


Seriously, that's what we all did. Was even funnier when you'd ask random people to sign random shit in it.


Yeah, as a teacher, I only sign yearbooks of kids who want me to and actually ask. It’s weird for me to just offer myself to sign their book when they might not want that.


Yeah OPs post rubs me the wrong way. It isn’t anybody’s job to ask you to do you a solid. You got the energy to post this pity gathering post on the internet, but not enough to tell people to sign your yearbook in your life? Yeah... poor OP.


Hey don't ruin ops pitty party


I came to say that. At my school you asked them and they ask yes if you sign mine.


I gotta be honest, this person probably has some earned unpopularity given that they claimed to have asked people and was explicitly told no? Even complete loners and weirdos (i.e. yours truly in my first year of HS) got their yearbook signed by tons of people when I was in school, you just said yes to anyone who asked even if you didn't actually know them that well and put some generic message and your signature in their book.


You could ask them if you want them to sign it. Don’t feel bad onward to better and bigger things.


That's how it was done at school where I grew up. This is literally the first time I've heard that people offer to sign the yearbook.


Yeah I'm not sure why OP would think people would line up to sign it. Everyone bumps in to everyone they want to sign it


When I was in school you had to ask. No one offered. That wasn’t considered cool.


thanks! to be fair i did ask and people did the “uhm…?” and i was like yknow what nvm lol


Well the good news is you most likely never have to see any of them again. The best part of life is still ahead of you.


At my school they just wrote ‘you’re a good laugh’ if they didn’t want to sign it really. School reunion was interesting 20 years on - the ‘popular’ kids were all kind of clustered together and a bit uncomfortable but the rest of us had far more interesting stuff to talk about. You won’t remember most of these people in a few years time


Hags was the go to for people I wasn't friends with


I remember the year that a lot of the girls just wrote…. “I am the clown that comes to town to sign your yearbook upside down.” And then their name. lol


Tbh it sounds like you’re very timid. No worries! You may not have found your friend fam yet. Maybe they’ll be there in the next step of your life. Maybe the one after that. Maybe you find them thru a hobby. Stay positive and keep putting yourself out there!


I would've signed it, have a great summer KatieRoseSweet!




HAKAS if you want to be spicy


Hit em with a **HATS** and let them try to decide if you meant Terrific or Terrible.


Yearbook signings for me was always "sign my yearbook, and I'll sign yours!" The fact that people were hesitant towards you / nobody signed your yearbook tells me you weren't liked very much by *anybody*. I don't know your story obviously, but if NOBODY wanted to sign your yearbook, I'm 99% positive that it's because you yourself are not a very good person. "If everywhere you go it smells like shit, maybe it's time to check your own shoes."


Honestly. I had very few friends in middle school. I was very rude and got into a ton of fights. I was also picked on which didn’t make it easier. Yearbook is literally filled with signatures. A few from legit friends and the rest from just random people. I can’t fathom how anyone could get zero signatures


Or this is fake...


The hand in the picture looks way too small and young to be a Senior in high school.


Also likely - given the nearly instantaneous downvotes on my comment for having a bit of common sense


Normally I'm all over the itsfake express but this time I actually think it's entirely plausible that no one wanted to sign OPs yearbook after looking through their comment history.


Don’t say these cruel things to a teenager you don’t even know. What if you’re wrong?


Take comfort in the fact that after a few years you probably won't be able to remember any of these people's names anyway.


This blew my mind when I was like 30. I was talking with some people about high school and couldn’t draw on the people from then. Messed me up for a few days. Still drives me crazy to think all these people who mattered so much actually didn’t.


I actually bumped into a dude in the pub just a few years after school ended who swore he'd been in my class, and had no memory of him at all.


Or that random FB friend request " hey, how have you been?" and thinking I barely remember you and what I do remember was I didnt like you then, why would we be friends now. Edit: I can't spell


They are part of an MLM usually.


Cutco needs a competitor that sells other cutlery, so when these people pop up we can play knifey spoony for real.


I know Cutco is an MLM, but I bought three knives from them 25 years ago and they're still working great. Steel blade, full tang, epoxy handle, very easy to clean and keep sharp. I don't think I'd purchase anything else from an MLM.


See? Knifey for you. Now we need that spoon based MLM.


It’s because the product was made 25 years ago. Even mlm stuff was of higher quality or cancerous content then.


Can confirm, my parents have Cutco knives from over a decade ago and they still work extremely well, no sharpening required


I reconnected and became friends with someone who I know went to my high school but I have no memory of her at all. She remembers a few things we were involved with together but I’d never thought of her again.


>I barley remember you Well he really hops that you do


This kinda happened to me last month. I remembered the girl after the awkward Instagram conversation because my dad told me she was the granddaughter of the guy who sold popcorn in front of the school when I was 6 or 7 y.o. Oddly enough I remember the security guard and the popcorn guy from that time but not the girl I told we would be best friends forever.


I told a guy to fuck right off after he sent me an invite about "them high schools days". Bitch, I hated your guts then, I still hate your guts now. High school was the lowest for me, then college was a total 180 where I actually get some of the fondest memories of my life.


I get a lot of impossibly-hot women sending me friend requests. No one I went to high school turned into these women.


That is called "spam"


Shit I did that with someone from college. "Do you remember from chem class?" No I don't not at all!


"In fairness, I was *super high* when I was handling all those dangerous chemicals!"


Aw you must have been when the leak happened and the TA insisted there was no gas leak.


Oh yeah, the gas leak year. Wasn't that when that Troy dude left?


Yup, I heard behind the scenes it was nuts.


And surprisingly racist, until that one student died.


I asked a classmate for directions and didn’t recognize him. He knew my first and last name. When I got home I looked up his photo in a yearbook and still didn’t remember him.


I went to a reunion and this guy kept insisting we were friends and I could not name him at all. Once he said his name, I said, "Sure of course I remember the name," which was true, but I don't remember being particularly close. It happens after 40 years.


Sometimes you make an impact on someone's life more than you think. You may have just been an overall nice person to everyone. Maybe they didn't have high self-esteem or a lot of friends and your friendliness meant a lot to them.


In grammar school, I really did float between friend groups. It was a small school and I knew everyone. We actually still get together periodically and those gatherings are absolute highlights! We are always in touch on social media as well.


I went to university in a city about 3 hours away from my hometown. In my first semester of college, one day I was in an H&M store, and I saw a group of girls that looked strangely familiar. Couldn't remember where I knew them from or if they were from my college. Then I saw one girl I actually remembered and it hit me that I had gone to school with all of the girls going back to elementary. Felt just a little bad lol Couldn't remember any of their names.


I remember at my grad ceremony. ~350 grads, the school was grades 8-12 so most of us had been there the entire time. A few people got called up and we were all like ’who tf is that? Must be new this year I’ve never seen that person in my life’. Then someone else would turn around and say ‘they’ve been here the entire time, I’ve had them in lots of classes’. WTF.


i went to the same high school as my wife but i can only remember seeing her dads car (chevy big dooley, not really common here in norway)


Meanwhile my husband can remember the names of all his teachers.


> This blew my mind when I was like 30. I was talking with some people about high school and couldn’t draw on the people from then. There was a thread a couple weeks back about what are some harsh realities that people need to come to terms with (or something along those lines). The top comment was: Most friendships are ones of convivence. Work and school for example. You're all friends because of those common connections. However, once you leave school or find a new job, those 'friends' will slowly slip away as you all realize you never really had anything in common other than school or work. I'm almost 40. I stopped talking / seeing most of my high school friends almost 15-20 years ago. We just never had anything in common outside of school sadly. Even when you have really good, best / life long friends. Life will still get in the way. Work, kids, family... etc. However, it's those friends where you can go months to years without seeing each other, but when you gather the next time, it's like no time has passed at all. And yes, it is hard to find new friends as an adult.


I was at work and a patient came in. The name was familiar but I shrugged it off. I introduced myself to the patient and they said, "Yeah I know we sat next to each other in Algebra." I was like, "Oh yeah thatcwas like 10 years ago, how are you doing?" Pretty awkward because I had no idea who they were and couldn't recall who they were either even after they said we sat next to each other.


It's so fucking weird, i get recognized constantly and I'm like who are you? My wife is the same but she was one of the school newscasters. Tv shows lied about class reunions.


A family friend married a classmate ten years after graduation. I’ve spoken to the pair a few times and we’ve hung out once or twice. She swears up and down we met and we’re friends. I don’t know this woman at all.


I graduated 2 years ago and go to a college 2 hours from home. I rarely come home except for summer and winter breaks, and when I'm home I usually don't leave the house except to go to work or to house sit. I've seen tons of people I used to know from both middle and high school but I cannot remember their names for the life of me.


This. I can’t remember or care for anyone I went to high school with.


I'm 34 now, I have one friend left from those days, and we hang out every weekend. Other than that, I couldn't pick any of them out of a police line-up.


Unless you live in a small(er) town apparently! My SO knows all his classmates’ names, and he even knows where they all live, what they do for a living, is friends with them on FB etc. Baffles me! Meanwhile I haven’t spoken to 98% of my former classmates ever since I graduated years ago and I don’t know (and frankly don’t care) where they are now lmao


Or you'll just lose the yearbook. I wasted so much of my parent's money, only to lose each yearbook.


I graduated 11 years ago with a class of 12 people (6 guys and 6 girls) and I can only remember 9 of my classmates names. They only mattered to you in high school because you were forced to be around them 7 hours a day but in a few years all of you will be completely different people than you are right now.


I've kept contact with exactly 2 people from high school. One I'm engaged to, and the other one is my brother in every way except blood. Can't remember almost anyone else's name, and I'm totally fine with that.


Hell I cant remember most of my classmates names and it's only been two years!


Came here to say this. Fuck those jerks.


The point of GETTING your yearbook signed is for you to ASK. No one remembers signing people's yearbook.


"Good luck in your future endeavours" Signed - analgourmetchefkiss


Can you chef kiss me? I'll sign it as well if you do


*Mwah* "Perfection!"


Ah, the warmth of a loving father, thank you


Oh god no


Usernames check out


“Stay safe” Signed - analmangler


Another connoisseur. *Mwah*


Hags. (Have a great summer)


Did you make efforts to connect with anyone before today? Honest question. Friendships don't just happen, they have to be created with effort.


I'll sign it! "Have a great summer"




thank you 😂


Did you ask anyone to sign it?


2 cool + 2 be = 4 forgotten


Your supposed to ask them. Am I wrong in thinking this?


Nope, that’s standard


Yeah you usually ask someone and you "trade" yearbooks, I don't think I ever had people come up and literally ask "hey can I sign yours?"


Yes, I didn’t have many friends in school but I knew people in class so I asked them anyway and they would always say yes.


It was a weird year. No one signed either of my children’s yearbooks. The school just put them in the backpacks with no fanfare…


I think you’re supposed to ask people to sign it. That’s how it was when I was in school anyway.


I am sorry for you but...why didn't you just ask them to sign you yearbook? I would never offer someone to sign his yearbook but if he/she would ask me then sure. Also how do you have 200 people in your class?


i’ll virtually sign your yearbook in my heart and mind “it’s invisible, but it’s here” - Phillip


I’m so sorry! For me, personally, the best years of my life came after high school. I never talked to any of those people again and made real, true friends. Look at this as just a speed bump in the road of life and drive on.




thank you so much 🥰


You will also come to find that in the years to follow, the people still worried about measuring up to high school acquaintances are the most pathetic ones. You’ll be a different person every 5 years or less, and you’ve got a staggering majority of your life remaining, with high school being nothing but an incubation stage before the awesomely meaningful life you get to discover, create and own. Keep being nice to people, keep learning, take good notes along the way, and you’ll do great.


Waaayyyyy back when I got my yearbook you had to ask people to sign it, people who offered " Want me to sign your yearbook" were said to be strange..I could have cared less..sure ..go ahead..sign my yearbook. It was 40ish years ago and I still have it. Cant believe some of the stuff :-) "may all your courses be inter" "may all of your ups and downs be in bed" My mom was not impressed .


Did you ask anyone to sign it though? If these signatures were that important to you... Don't wait for them to come to you, go get them :)


Hey! katierosesweet! Thank God that fucking thing is over! On to the next fucking thing! It's gonna be better! I promise!! -lukeloveslakes, class of 1994


That’s not something people offer, it’s something you ask for. Not too late.


Eh. After a year 80% of those people will move on and never even think about you again. High school was a drab experience for me, and looking back I stressed a lot about shit that didn't matter at all. I wouldn't worry about it bud, you'll find real life long friends after school. I think I talk to like two people from HS, and that is hardly never. Good luck, and keep your chin up.


Did you ask???


Sounds like my high school experience 27 years ago. You will one day look back at how badly this makes you feel and think, “why did I care?” I’ve learned that most of the people I was “friends” with in high school weren’t true friends. The only reason we hung out is because we had to see each other every day. We didn’t necessarily have much in common. And the ones you do have something in common with aren’t necessarily good friend material. It’s really rare to find a true, good friend in high school because people are still learning who they are. You’re going to make way better friends as you go through life, and eventually these people will practically disappear from your memory. These are all the same things my dad told me when I was in high school, and I didn’t believe him. But I remembered, and hoped he would turn out to be correct. So if you don’t believe me now, at least remember what I said, and what he said to me.


I haven’t had contact with anyone I went to elementary/middle/high school with since I was about 20 and couldn’t care less.


How does that compare to your previous yearbooks?


Same thing happened to me. College is where I hit my stride. It gets better.


It's a different kind of year this time. With the plague people have gotten used to avoiding others. This might not be quite as personal as it feels.


My senior year the yearbook team forgot to put my photo in. I paid a whole bunch of money for my graduation yearbook and I wasn't even in it ! Then I went to college and I don't even talk to any of my highschool "friends" anymore. Most never made it out of the town we grew up in and some still haven't moved out from their parents basements. Almost everyone I know who is/was in a relationship with someone they met in High School is miserable. In a lot of ways I'm happy to have moved on and I've been able to experience more of the world and meet new and interesting people.


Yeah idk about you, but usually people ask others to sign their yearbooks. This seems like someone making their own problems.


I've been lugging my box of yearbooks around for the last 10 years. I haven't looked at them since the last day of school each year. I know it seems like it sucks but in reality, those people suck. Upwards and onwards!


Mail it to me I'll sign it... To be fair most people expect you to force them to sign it, no one really volunteered to sign mine either but it's still full of the people I made do it. Still, I'm 34 now and like some of the folks below, I can barely remember any of my 500 classmates. With exception of my closest friends and a few random people. I've had people tell me we went to school together and I can't even remember ever meeting or seeing them. I'm also much more well off now than most of them because I'm not clinging to the "good ol days" like thy are.


Well, if I could do it through the internet, I'd sign it


You're supposed to ask people to sign your yearbook.


So ask if any one wants to sign it... geeeez


Am I out of the loop? When I was in highschool, you ASKED people to sign your yearbook. I never once went up to someone and said, "let me sign your yearbook!". Kids these days get depressed over pretty much anything.


you have to ask people to sign it!!


That's not how it works you are the one that asks people to sign.


I never offered to sign anyone’s, they always shoved it at me and asked me to sign it.


You have to ask, people don't just offer out of the blue.


Pretty sure you're supposed to ask them to sign it.


You have to go ask them to sign it.


What's the greatest common denominator in this situation?


I’m sorry but in a 200 class, that’s not possible that 199 were wrong Check your own attitude


Friends from school are nice, but will VERY LIKELY not play a significant role in the rest of your life. Chill :-).


well you did have 13 years to make friends


Don't blame other people for your lack of social connections. But what other people have said is true...you'll never hear from 199 of them for the rest of your life.


Did you ask anyone? This smells like a fake post for attention. Seems like you just took a picture of your yearbook before it was signed lmao


It’s ok, you definitely don’t want to peak in high school anyway. The best is yet to come


Hold onto it for about a decade and then put it on ebay as "mint" condition. Then charge one of those assholes a crazy amount for book. I assure you, at some point in time you will completely forget most of them anyway.


did you ask?


When I was in school it was customary to ask people to sign it?


i thought you were supposed to ask other people to sign it


Usually your supposed to ask..


You could have asked people to a sign it right??


How many offers to sign books did you make?


Ask? No pity party from me


Normally you would ask people to sign it. Come out of your shell a little bit.


You have to ask. Waiting for people to just give you things is a great way to have nothing.


I legit don’t get how this happens. I didn’t have many friends in middle school. Got picked on sometimes. Got into way too many fights. Was the resident Harry Potter kid and by the end of 8th grade I’d burned most of my bridges with friends. I still have my yearbook signed because I asked others. You go up. You mingle. Some don’t. Vast majority do. I didn’t just sit there hoping to be asked. If you still have time then go mingle. Otherwise, I think this is on you. Although it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t even interact for this I don’t think you have many friends. In which case, why does it matter? It’s all ending soon


I got a pen somewhere.... *You fucking made it! Good luck out there, we're rooting for you!* -anon


If it's any comfort, a lot of people signed my uniform shirt in school and 5 years later I'm not in touch with anyone from school. You'll make better connections in college dw.


I bought one year book from my freshman year and tons of people signed it. That was 1987, I threw it in the trash last year. It won’t matter and you’re better off.


when i was in high school we asked people to sign it, not offer. also, nobody wanted the teachers to sign them.


You ask




Don’t you usually ask people to sign your yearbook, idk I feel like it’s kinda weird to just go up to a teacher and be like, hey can I sign your yearbook


You have to ask people.


In a couple of years you’ll look back at this and laugh at how little it matters. Trust me.


You’re supposed to ask people


Did you ask?… .. or just expect people to intuitively know you wanted your year book signed


Did you ask?


You must be a real douche


you have to ask people to sign your book


Who offers to sign something of yours? You ask.


Offered? I thought you were supposed to ask people to sign it? I don't think I'd ever go up to somebody and be like "do you want me to sign that?"


Here’s that attention you’re craving


You didn't ask anyone to sign it? There is a chance that you are unapproachable. You make the bed you sleep in.


Did you offer to sign anybody else's yearbook? Do you socialize with other people at all?


Fat girl with an attitude problem. I’m surprised people weren’t lining up to be your friend!


This is a valuable life lesson.


I’ll sign it. Giver here!


Nice meeting you katierosesweet! :) -LordRandomord


Here I'll sign: "A toast to your next quest in this life! To conquering the future, may nothing and no one stand in your way. Don't let anyone get you down. Sparkle like the star you are. All the best for the future :D" - Enchantrix


I had a lot of people sign mine. I think I never opened it again and lost it. Talk to only one currently.


Fuck 'em. I'll sign yours


Pretty much everyone that I've ever run into from my graduating class in high school was also getting booked into jail at the time. The hierarchy will crumble pretty fast around you. Still smile about the first time I got to make one of my bullies from high school bag up my groceries and walk them out to my car for me. Real life is the great equalizer, go out there and enjoy it! Last time I popped open my yearbook to look at I had to look people's pictures up to match a face with signatures. Good luck!


Man stay strong, high school is the worst and I promise it gets better. All the people I know who look back fondly on high school are human garbage. Keep your standards high and keep working hard at life I profit pays off.


Allow me: What a long strange trip is been, have a great summer, stay golden


it also ended for me today, normally it would end tomorrow but something weird happened so I said goodbye to my school for 3 months.


I know it sucks, but that doesn't determine who you are or what you're worth. The best people in your life will come, that's for sure


Schools overrated focus on yourself and what you want out of life. I hated school and leaving was the best part. Fuck the people that don't have time for you.


My class did a morning show thing where they showed before and after pictures of the seniors and their freshman photos, they skipped mine. Probably because I'm an ugly mother and I didn't smile for either photo. I didn't bother buying a yearbook and I don't remember a single person other than my immediate friend group that I still talk with.