if the app is offering me a huge coupon...

if the app is offering me a huge coupon...


Not sure why someone above is saying not to use it. UE takes the hit on it. They make enough money and chances are you'll order when you weren't planning to just to use the coupon. They win. Driver still gets paid, just make sure you tip on the original amount and not the discounted amount just as you would at a restaurant.


The driver always gets paid the base pay (starts at $2 and increases based on distance) plus tip and occasionally a surge. The only thing that you can do to change the driver pay is increase or decrease your tip.


oh cool, thanks guys maybe I'll rip off uber and give the driver a tenner


UE isn't concerned with making a profit.


Ubereats writes it off their taxes as a promotional loss. That’s why they haven’t paid a penny in taxes in 8 years. Driver will get paid no differently and merchant will be paid full amount minus the Uber 30% fees on merchants.


Dont use it. UberEats sends those out and they are so misleading. It wont apply. Your bank will be charged. I recommend another service that has customer service. I had a major issue with an order and zero response over 24 hrs from uber


okay, thanks for the warning