Is there a way to use Steam Controller on Nintendo Switch?

Is there a way to use Steam Controller on Nintendo Switch?


Surprisingly, yes: the [OpenSteamController](https://github.com/greggersaurus/OpenSteamController/tree/master/Firmware/WipExplorations/FauxControllers) project includes a custom SC firmware that imitates a Switch Pro Controller over USB. However, it is far from a perfect solution, and there are several caveats to note: - You need to be comfortable with flashing custom firmware onto your SC, which could run a slim chance of bricking it - There's no wireless support; you need to use USB with the dock/an adapter and turn on wired Pro Controller support in the Switch's settings - The touchpads don't calibrate properly, so the right pad might detect your thumb from a few cm away and trigger right stick inputs - You can't use your Steam mappings at all So yes, it's technically an option, but it's suboptimal right now (and doesn't look like much progress is happening either).


Sounds like a better option would be to emulate the switch.


Hi, this proyect is wonderful but sadly it seems it is halted. (I have tried to contact the author and no news on moths). Anyway it work very well (you only need to calibrate the analogs). About the flashing, they are no problem with it, fortunately Steam was smart and create a fast and secure way which let us flash it whatever be the issue the controller has). I hopethe author go on with it soon


If you have your switch jailbreak, they are a great proyect for support other controllers. Steam Controller is still no supported, but it will be. https://gbatemp.net/threads/missioncontrol-use-controllers-from-other-consoles-natively-via-bluetooth.572645/


I don't, but I'm thinking about doing it but I have no clue how to do it (I've homebrewed new 2ds xl using special cartridge, that's my only experience xD). Do you have any guides for jailbreaking the switch? Edit: I have an old switch, so I'm sure it can be jailbroken


Search the site linked, there'll be all the info you need.


I’m gonna take a guess to answer this as a hard no, and i’d be surprised to hear anything otherwise


It works and it's called OpenSteamController


Highly doubtful, although I have thought about it myself and if I were to get a switch I would have to be forced to use the joycons ot get a pro controller, even tho I'm so used to the steam controller already


Nintendo puts a lot of money and effort into controlling how you experience and enjoy their product. 1st gen Switches that have been hacked/rooted are more likely to work. Without doing research I'm VERY confident nintendo would never officially support steam controller, or allow steam controller to easily be used with their stuff. They are control freaks.


On the topic of "nintendo is such a control freak", #freemelee


I wonder if [8bitdo](https://www.reddit.com/r/8bitdo/comments/kqbs9j/steam_controller_dongle_or_right_touchpad_8bitdo/) would be willing to produce a dongle to allow a Steam Controller to work with Switch (and other consoles)? They have similar dongles for older controllers like SNES or GameCube controllers.


The steam controller works as an xinput device and only through steam will it work as a game pad. You’ll have to figure out how to flash a modified firmware or whatnot


Steam Controller is seen as a keyboard/track pad HID afaik in Windows (with the USB dongle specifically). It uses software emulation to map inputs to xinput. (It's entirely possible that I'm wrong though, totally admit that...) I'm curious if there's a way to simply do that translation work on a dongle. I'm thinking similar to how the 8bitdo GBros wireless adapter must work: [https://www.8bitdo.com/gbros/](https://www.8bitdo.com/gbros/) Maybe this would be possible with a Raspberry Pi, and this software: [https://github.com/kozec/sc-controller](https://github.com/kozec/sc-controller)


I hope in the future someone figures out how to make it all on the controller. I want to be able to use my controller with my phone because I hate normal analog sticks.


I'm pretty sure the Chronus (and likely any competitor to it) supports sending inputs from a pc to it. Parsec had an article about using it for switch games and they used one to send the inputs from the other person to the Switch. If it can work for that, then it should also work for a Steam Controller mapped to controller inputs.