Because everyone in Normandy was American

Because everyone in Normandy was American


I enjoy the spelling mistake about “raiding” a generation. A lot of truth there.


Freudian slip. “We need more dead from the younger generation so that people like me can profiteer from the wars!!!”


We love them cannon fodder!


The worst part is - this is probably linkedin and every one employee can see what kind of bullshit you are posting, this is why I don't post anything via mine.


As much as I love Saving Private Ryan, it really did cement the false perception that it was just Americans at the Normandy beach landings.




It's similar to how they treat Canada in Argo. But what else would you expect from a propaganda film about the US military?


I think it's similar to how they treat Canada in most retellings of military-type stories. A Canadian movie about Juno Beach would be wild, or a movie about Canadians in the Scheldt. What I really want to see, though, is a movie about the Canadians at Ortona.


> or a movie about Canadians in the Scheldt. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10521092/


This looks like it would be good, thanks!


There is a WW1 movie [Passchendaele](https://youtu.be/I6WYHagWdeE) which is focused on the Canadians.


That one is fairly well known in Canada I would say, and a WWI movie makes sense since a good portion of Canada's national identity comes from our participation in WWI (though I'm surprised there isn't a movie yet about Vimy Ridge)


It's a Canadian film


> it's similar to how they treat Canada in Argo. Same with NZ. They through both countries under the bus.


As a Canadian I was kinda furious when I found out how they erased Canada from that story


Canadians had one of the roughest beach landings. They varied quite a bit. Apparently some places it was little more than a quiet stroll up the sands, while others were literal bullet hell.


Then they had to sail back and do it again at Normandy.


> Canadians had one of the roughest beach landings. Casualties by beach landing. Omaha: between 2,000-5,000 Gold: between 1,000-1,100 Juno: 961 (Canadian beach) Sword: 683 Utah: 129 I'm not including the troops who supported the Utah Beach landings, but came in on gliders-- that would bump the casualties up to about 3,000


interesting. They all have my respect. not somewhere Id ever like to be.


I found this old time radio broadcast to be superior to saving private ryan despite being only audio. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Ss0XKDGiE


The Longest Day is a much more better Normandy movie, despite being filmed in 1962. They actually had French playing the French, Germans playing the Germans etc.


Except for Sean Connery being the least Irish Irishman ever But its a good film overall, highly recommended


It's a Hollywood movie about the US military, what would you expect? They did the same shit with Canada in Argo.


And don't even mention that pile of fetid dingo kidneys that is U-571.


I mean they didn't literally fight side by side, they had different sectors and the movie shows an American sector


Oh I know, I’m not trying to portray the movie as biased, more so an unfortunate consequence of the movie only having American protagonists.


Though what do you expect from hollywood? Most of the times they're incapable of properly presenting different cultures. They don't even border to get real natives for the roles, even for foreign language scenes.


Though what do you expect from hollywood? Most of the times they're incapable of properly presenting different cultures. They don't even border to get real natives for the roles, even for foreign language scenes.


Afaik all of the landing boat operators were all British. I think it came up on that famous movie mistake YouTube channel


Didn't Charles de Gaulle participate on D-Day? Now I'm no expert on Murica, but I'm pretty sure a former French president who pronounces his name like "Sharles" might... Not be American? I'm just spitballing here, but I'm pretty sure he's French


Charles de Gaulle is indeed french. He wouldn’t be the leader of the french resistance otherwise. But he didn’t participate in d-day, (we’re taught that it’s because the british / the american didn’t told him but it’s maybe wrong), though De Lattre de Tassigny (one of his comrades) took Paris after the d-day before the american. That was on of the arguments of the French: because it were french who liberated Paris, France didn’t loose and can be considered one of the allies. And about the name Charles… Well, first De Gaulle is a very french surname, and Charles is just basically a french name (coming from the german Karl).


I didn't realise he never participated in d day. But yes, the rest about him I already knew, I was just dumbing it down to make a point and to try and be funny. Thanks for the info about Dr Lattre though, that's really interesting and I had no idea until now


Why the fuck would you post this on LinkedIn?


Also: > Why the fuck would you post ~~this~~ on LinkedIn?


I work in advertising. My LinkedIn feed is the most insufferable non-stop collection of creatives and agencies bragging about winning awards.


The brag posts are ENDLESS. Omg so excited about my new internship in xyz! I don't care lol


What, you want me to move my ass to do some networking now? Don't be silly now!


The classic “‘Murica saved Europe on Normandy! Yes, some others were also there but we were the actual ones who took Normandy” along with just pretending that the Eastern Front never existed is never unexpected, sadly enough.


What do you mean the USSR won the war?? It was America who took all Nazis at once and won the war clearly while everyone else watched


>It was America who took all Nazis at once Now half of the population idolises them...


Half of Nazis idolize Americans?


Yeah people forget Hitler was a big fan of america and even took some of his ideas from the good ol’ US of A


Nothing good or old about it!


I'm sure most Americans who see this comment will believe it! Stappppp


This is america in ww2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0VMVkWoFgw


You have to admire the pervasiveness of this misinformation. Doesn't help that films and other media reinforce it. The way people effectively pretend that British and Commonwealth, as well as Soviet, troops, among others, didn't exist is just sad.


It's not like it's an easy mistake either if you have even a basic exposure to military history, the Brits have a very distinct uniform, but I suppose if you've never even seen a British soldier as their American media only shows their own, then you could make the mistake.


I was watching the show Impractical Jokers a while ago and found out that Murr thinks the Americans were in the Battle of Berlin lol


Murr is an idiot though. (I love the Jokers but Murr is their Cringe Content)


We had the Eagle squadron of American volunteer pilots in the RAF, but then we had Poles and Chezchs and Free French and Canadians and even one Russian (iirc) as well as others from other nations. Although the [Eagle Squadron March](https://youtu.be/zVrM4tt5KBM) is a very fine piece of music which is still popular today.


!AMERICAN.... FUCK YEAH!......wait?


It’s also sad that we don’t acknowledge how the Russians the next month after D-Day kept their promise of a large attack. Operation Bagration was the largest operation taken by the Russians: 2.4 millions men, tens of thousands of tanks and SPGs, with tens of thousands more support vehicles and planes. They utterly destroyed Army Group Center and trapped Army North for the rest of the war. 500,000 Germans were killed or captured and 300,000 were trapped in Courland. Combine this with the West finally breaking out in Overlord, the Germans were reeling from all the losses.


What I want to know is who the fuck posts shit like this on LinkedIn? How is it even remotely job search related. Fucking boomers man, ruining social media.


They try to poison every social media outlet with this crap.


Implying one can ruin linkedin and wasn't a shitshow from the beginning Also, it's mostly buzzword peddlers who do that - and there's no lack of younger ones.


It is sad but at the same time infuriating that the American responder is so devoid of investigative skills to blindly assume that the picture contains US paratroopers. Yet, over time, I have come to realize that Americans consider that they won the war single-handedly. Apparently history is not a priority at school.


The number of times I've heard Americans unironically refer to themselves as back to back world War Champs is wild. Like, bro, even if true, that was like 80 fucking years ago. Since then you've also lost wars to rice farmers and goat herders, get over yourselves


When I learned about WW2 in school, they really did make it seem like we bailed the Europeans out when we joined the war. It's like, there's this perception over here that we and we alone defeated the Nazis. What's truly insane is the fact that, at least around where I live, Americans have been riding this WW2 high for 80 goddamn years! WW2 is so heavily romanticized in this country that I'm still seeing memes like [this](https://i.imgflip.com/4raeee.jpg) and [this](https://preview.redd.it/wjvcpahmbh331.jpg?auto=webp&s=f01cd856dca2125dbfbc2e8f41b4001f7c903d20) and [this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4b/63/43/4b634312c0f377c3179ef4529c387d2c.jpg)


these look like the most British guys I've ever seen lol


In both pictures.


Just learnt this: ["Wahai Mohammed!"](https://tothesoundoftheguns.wordpress.com/2018/10/11/wahai-mohammed-the-red-devils-cry/) >The British Paratroopers, also known as the Red Devils, have the strange battle cry of “Wahai Mohammed!” The Arabic phrase seems odd to many. How did the Paras get it? The cry originated with the 3rd Parachute Battalion during WWII during the raid on Bone, Tunisia. Allegedly, the Paras had seen an Arab man yelling to his donkey “Wahai Mohammed” to get the animal moving. The Brits took a liking to the phrase and began using it as a rallying cry.


Memes - the early days.


I'm done with that subject anyway, on this very reddit I read on a regular basis how France didn't prepare for the war. It's almost like +40 years of propaganda don't sink that much even with Internet.


More commonwealth soldiers landed on Normandy than US troops. Pretty sure most Americans have heard about Utah and Omaha. Doubt they know or care about Gold, Juno and Sword. There were also about twice as many commonwealth and other allied ships than US ships in the armada. It's not like the US did all the heavy lifting with a token effort from other allies.


Fun fact - the British beaches were all originally named after fish (hence goldfish, swordfish) but the Canadians objected to being given jellyfish beach so they changed it to Juno, so then the British dropped the fish part.


I never knew that, I really enjoy little facts like that!


If there's a picture of allied soldiers dated 1940 they'll still say it's American


This is a reason I will always hate pop history movies from Hollywood Canada literally had an entire sector @ Normandy called Juno Beach and landed at the 2nd heavily defended beach. The only reason Omaha was such a shit show was because the American were swept south with the current past their actual landing zone and landed without Sherman support because they launched them to far out at sea and most of them got swamped.


gonna be honest ignoring the america signs its pretty cool


Ah the Narrative of America And Only America Won the War


Idiot Americans who believe we are the saviors of every war we have been involved in. (Yup. American here) There are way too many of those people who think that way. On another note, that picture is amazing.


This is just disrespectful


Linkedin turning Facebook


How can you think of such picture as cool? To me it's horrifying


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I love when SAS comes to SAS. This sub produces it's own organic content! Have you always been mentally deficient or is today just a bad day for you?














It's been proven that it's not the same men and not the same plane. But thanks for playing.


That’s not the point of why this was posted to SAS




This actually seems like a simple mistake. . . they didn’t imply that Americans were the only soldiers in Normandy. They just mistook these men for Americans.


The automatic assumption that they are American is what makes this SAS.


Well, at the end of the day, they were all working under the leadership of Ike, y’know, the Supreme Allied Commander who was above British command and won the war? Smh