This might be controversial

This might be controversial


Their actors do this so I guess they're annoying fangirls


Well, just Oscar Isaac. Boyega shipped Finn and Rey pretty openly (and got attacked for it later) and Ridley anti-shipped Rey and Kylo.


Boy I bet she loved how the trilogy ended then


I don't think any of the main actors were happy with the trilogy in the end. Maybe Oscar because he seems stoked about everything generally.


Nah, being the only Latino actor to play a main role in a main series star wars film, he was pretty chapped that they decided to make his backstory that he was a “spice” smuggler...


The fuck was up with that anyway, he already had an established backstory.


I hated that so much. They had a great character who was a hot shot pilot and yet a completely different character than Han Solo and decided to Soloify him for no reason


I'm not sure JJ Abrams has watched a movie other than A New Hope and apparently Raiders of the Lost Ark. I don't mean Lucas movies, I mean *any movies*.


I am pretty sure he watched Wraith of Kahn and nothing else when working on Star Trek.


Nah he said in an interview with Jon Stewart he had *never* watched Star Trek 🥲


"So were you a fan of the Star Trek television series?" JJ: "The. What."


Well, you see, J.J. Abrams wasn’t shot in a goddamned mystery box like he deserved, and instead he was, for some reason known but to Disney, allowed back in the writer’s chair for *Star Wars*. ETA: that was *meant* to read ‘shut in a goddamned mystery box’, but I’ll take what I’ve got.


Appatently he's fine as a director. I just don't understand why he gets to continue writing things.


Because the things that he keeps getting to write are mostly fanfiction for popular franchises, so they make money


I drive on I-35 every day. Clearly I'm responsible for the popularity of that freeway and should get paid a share of the maintenance for it.


He has a solid track record of writing plot hooks that get people interested in seeing a story play out. He also has a track record of leaving series before any of his plot hooks need to be resolved, leaving other writers to pull together a semi-coherent ending from his mess, but I understand why he keeps getting work


Ah yes, and demoting their only Asian actor to an extra who was sent offscreen to do maths while wearing a Yin/Yang necklace.


>Maybe Oscar because he seems stoked about everything generally. Nah, he said he wouldn't come back and seemed disappointed with TROS when asked about his views on it.


Huh that’s odd because I thought he was like the only actor who wasn’t be open to coming back (unless they paid him a crap ton of money) Even the actor who played Finn said he would be open to it under Very specific circumstances


TBF, Oscar Issacs has a much busier career than Ridley or Boyega. He and Adam Driver are pretty well known for roles outside of starwars.


Oscar Isaac also did four episodes of an animated show for Disney (that was nominated for an Emmy every year and has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes). He's probably Star Warsed out a bit. Also... Resistance is actually GOOD? Whut...? Damn, I literally came up with the phrase "IMDb user reviews, not even once" and still fell for them...


Daisy said she was really satisfied with how it ended, in a recent interview.


Oscar Isaac said he would never play Poe again, so I'm guessing he wasn't happy.


He made a joke about laying pipe in Daisy. I enjoy Boyega, and I loved attack the block, but to tweet about fucking your coworker is a little more than "shipped".


Not even close. First, Ridley and Boyega's friendship is pretty legendary in Star Wars fandom. https://people.com/movies/daisy-ridley-star-wars-costar-john-ridley-closest-thing-to-a-brother/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2sWNHMdGe1k https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VLke5Jkflow And her name isn't even mentioned in the twitter exchange. > Fan: My boy after realizing Kylo died so he can date Rey. > John Boyega: It's not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe. You are a genius. Reylo stans invented the controversy because they got really in their feelings and decided to take it into the real world. And these folks really need to take some time and reflect on why exactly that is. Because this is them the month after Reylos freaked out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CeqGFJm79fI


> eventually lays the pipe I don't care about reylo or finnpoe or whatever. That's a skeevy thing to say even if I had the original context wrong.


Them kids and their naughty words.


Again, not the naughty words, it's the implication. *As any woman knows it's whoever gets to lay pipe that wins their heart.* Can you see why someone might have an issue with that? Not only that, Daisy (who thinks of john as a close brother, as you pointed out) had to read that dumb shit. It's some lowkey incel thinking, separate from anything having to do with the movies narratives. *Fan: Ok great, Ben is dead, nows your chance to win her over!* *John: Yeah she's gonna fall in love with my character when he lays pipe*


>As any woman knows it's whoever gets to lay pipe that wins their heart. If you're going to make up a new quote to express your derived implication, at least go with the far more obvious: *A one time kiss on the lips has less meaning than who she wants laying the pipe.* Which I don't necessarily agree with, but 1) it actually makes sense as paraphrasing and 2) it actually expresses the crude sentiment in the tweet. And "Now's your chance?" That fan was not trying to say John Boyega wanted to sleep with Rey, that's still really bizarre phrasing for you to put in their mouth. And it's a bit more like: *Fan: Kylo is dead, so Finn can date Rey.* *John: She kissed that guy the third movie paired her with once, but she can go back to developing her deeply intimate physical and emotional relationship with this other character they wrote out of the third movie. Good thinking.* Things Daisy Ridley loves: John Boyega's sense of humor. Things Daisy Ridley hates: Reylo > “I don’t know how I feel about it because everyone is talking about the toxic thing of the relationship, it’s essentially emotional … it’s a tricky road. I do feel like deep down Kylo feels like what he is doing is right and he doesn’t think he’s wrong, but he’s also killed so many people. So I can’t really get behind it, no. In a personal way, you know? Well maybe there’s redemption, who knows?”


That isn't what he said. He joked that Ben's death meant he wouldn't be the one to "lay the pipe" in a fictional character. You lot turned it into a controversy claiming he joked about raping his friend.


It's not like there's anything in the movies to support a relationship between them. It's more of a inclusion desire from the actors them an actual written narrative.


But they hugged once in TFA and Poe gave Finn his jacket, that must mean they’re totally in love! (/s)


Interestingly, it's actually not very progressive to assume that any fond friendship should turn into a relationship, people should be able to show affection without second intentions.


That’s what I thought too. For all the pushing I see online (or at least on Reddit) for guy friends to be more intimate, physically caring, willing to give compliments, etc, it’s interesting how the smallest instance of that makes people think they must be in love. Apparently guy friends can’t share a bro hug and compliment each other’s clothing without going to the bedroom soon after. To be clear, I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to ship them, I just don’t like when that one scene is used to somehow prove they’re in love.


I do agree but I think it's more of a desire to see a gay character is SW/Disney. that kiss at the end of IX didn't cut it.


It's literally that one frame that got turned into a meme


I mean, for Star Wars, it’s pretty great.


Actually in Last Jedi, there is a shot that is deliberately directed to be like Han and Leia's arguement in Empire that is given to Finn and Poe. It's deliberate as well because a soldier runs in between the two. The shot is also shown in Rebels between Kanan and Hera as well.


Not every interaction that serves as visual reference to previous movies carries the same intention, Hoth and Crait are similar in a visual perspective but they are not equals to the narrative objective. I'm sure there's thousands of key moments that have been used in a similar fashion in Star Wars series/comics/games and movies , but just like the "Kubrick Stare" they don't necessarily mean the same thing.


There isn't anything in them to support any other relationship either tho so might as well


Calling Oscar Isaac an annoying fangirl is disrespectful


i wish i could find someone that looks me like Oscar Isaac looks at Finn


Poe Dameron looks at Finn. Oscar Isaac looks at John Boyega.


or in your case just looks at you edit - I'm sorry the joke was there.


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“Quality meme” lol


This is how I felt with the actual films with Rose and Finn.


So did Finn for that matter.


THANK YOU. I swear, people act like they became a couple or something, but it was very obviously a one way thing


Right that was just so outa place


I didn't realise the actors of those characters were annoying fangirls? Better chemistry that literally any other couple in any of the movies


Not the movies but Hera & Kanan in Rebels >>>




Obi-Wan and Satine.




>Better chemistry that literally any other couple in any of the movies That’s a very low bar, unless you’re including Han/ Leia. And if you are, you’re our of your mind.


Haha fair enough


Definitely would have been an improvement rather than the thing with Rose


This so much.


Uh.. Annoying fangay here. I was convinced we would see them kiss. I am still disappointed.


and during PRIDE MONTH


Posting this in June? You're braver than I thought


Hard to call it brave when it’s anonymous


brave but foolish my old straight friend


1. Not every relationship has to be either familial or romantic. Friendship is a valid expression of love and affection, and consigning it to children's cartoons alone does everyone a disservice. Two characters enjoying each other's company does NOT mean that those two characters want to get it on! 2. However, there are vanishingly few homosexual characters in the entire Star Wars canon, so maybe it's ok to just let the shippers have this one, ok?


How many homosexual characters are there in Star Wars? I didn't think there were any


Oh, didn't you notice? Two female rebels kissed for 0.4 seconds in Rise of Skywalker. They were disney's 6th first openly gay characters, and it was a yuuge moment for gay representation /s ​ No shade to those who made it happen though, they probably did what they could.


There are some in the books and comics, there’s a couple in Resistance, but in the movies, it’s just background cameos that last like two seconds.


Man, that's crazy. It's almost like any media looking for international success is pretty much never going to showcase homosexual relationships. It's almost like in Russia it's illegal to tell a child that homosexuals exist, in China any hint of homosexuality is brutally suppressed, and homosexuals are routinely thrown from roofs in the middle east. Wild.


Yeah, and media that capitulates to despotic regimes against the wishes of the people making said media should be criticized for that, same with the media company responsible for making that call. Particularly if that media company is selling their movie partially on having that representation, and it's some limp garbage that is just removed or covered up by a CG alien in other regions where it's banned. Similar to how they should be criticized for removing a major minority character from their poster in countries where his presence would, they assume reduce sales. Similar to how corporations that change their Twitter icon to a rainbow flag in June for most of their accounts, but they don't for their Russian, Chinese, and ME accounts, should be criticized for not actually caring about LGBT people, especially in regions where they are the most oppressed.


Just about every book I’ve read in canon introduces a new LGB character, but very rarely are those characters of much consequence. I didn’t leave off TQ+ by accident or maliciously. To my knowledge there aren’t any characters representing TQ+.


Hutts *used* to be genderfluid as a species (as well as physically hermaphroditic like real gastropods), but Disney had to be cowards and decanonize that.


Terec and Ceret in the High Republic comics use 'they' pronouns and the author has said they're non-binary so they count as TQ+ but they also have a kind of weird alien twin bond thing where they refer to both of them as one person and experience the feelings the other feels so it's not massively representative of a real non-binary human.


Not very many, but lemme get my pointing gloves on 1. Juhani from KOTOR1 (and even revan!) 2. One of the characters from squadron, cant remember his name 3. Merrin from jfo is wlw 4. Cant remember that one girl's name from the ahsoka novel, but her as well. Wasnt it Rae or something? Idk cant remember 5. The pig and the chicken from star wars resistence. 6. Possibly ahsoka herself 7. Kallus and zeb from rebels are heavily gay-coded and the voice actor for Zeb has said he wanted them to be in a relationship (and that's why they retired together) 8. And more from comics n books and stuff.


Gray is the name of the Imp And Keo from Squadrons is nonbinary. It's weird that in a universe full of nonhumans, there aren't more nonbinary sentients. The Kallus/Zeb thing seems weird, seeing as how he orchestrated the genocide of the Lasat, but then again, I don't remember the later seasons of rebels that well


In later seasons we find out that imperial higher ups ordered the Lassat genocide and Kallus was just forced to carry it out. He told Zeb it was him to mess with his head and throw him off in their fight. It’s a bit of a retcon, but it turns Kallus from a generic villain to a complex and engaging character with an actual arc, so I’m all for it.


Kallus is a really good character and I do love his arc in the show but "I was just following orders" was dismissed as a bullshit excuse 70 years ago and bringing it back to sympathize the space-Nazi as a person isn't the most effective plot point imo


It’s not a justifiable excuse, but frighteningly accurate to how many people would respond. Just look at the Stanford prison experiment or that experiment where they gave out fake shocks.


Oh of course. It's important to remember that every Nazi was a regular human being. Not because "uwu let's humanize the bad guys pwease" but because it's frightfully easy to push regular people into allowing or committing horrific atrocities. And because of how slippery that slope really is, we all need to be vigilant in ensuring we don't start sliding down it.


Where'd you get that info on merrin? I havent played the game in a while so I may just be forgetting




Thanks for the link. On the topic of merrin I like the idea of her being the playable character in fo2 and Cal training her


I would kinda like a jfo prequel that focuses on her backstory. Or perhaps just a jfo2 that's like jfo1 where instead of cal flashbacks we get merrin flashbacks. But yeah definetly atleast hope shes in the sequel


I was about to ask the same thing. I've played the game twice and never saw a thing to suggest this.


I know Aphra, Sana, and Magna are wlw but where or when is Merrin shown or revealed to be wlw?


She had a girlfriend that died when the massacre happened. Her name was ilyana, if you look her up you'll probably get the video of merrin talking abt her


ah I never got that dialogue or didn’t pay enough attention to it in my play through. that would explain it


Found the video for ya if youre still curious https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jaX6YPN6No0 I didnt get it in my playthroughs either tbh, I just found out abt it because of a r/fallenorder post


Found the adult is what we found.


They have better romantic chemistry than Anakin and Padmé. Who stitches their own jacket back up just to give to their “friend”?


But they didn't talk about sand


Padme and Anakin's relationship was built on lust, not trust


It was built on sand that’s why he killed her.


Oddly enough the deleted scenes have some okay love scenes of Padmé introducing Anakin to her family (the people shown following her body at her funeral). I personally think they cut the wrong scenes.


Maybe but those scenes kinda drag out. I don’t really remember them being all that romantic


It at least shows more chemistry and more of a connection between them than ranting about sand or about how mad Obi-Wan would be if he saw them.


This. That embrace in Rise was the most romantic thing to happen in the film saga.


There's a deleted scene of Finn giving Rey his jacket in TFA. You can see the footage of her wearing it. https://youtu.be/ibL6tjVq8jw


Yeah and that’s why there was so much merch of the FO Snow speeders. But Finn didn’t stitch it up and gift it to her


You need better friends.


Very true


I mean who cares! As long as you just ship the characters and leave the actors alone it doesn't hurt anybody. In the words of Mark Hamill "If you think he's gay of course he's gay"


Let people enjoy things.


I think Finn and Poe are the only two with actual chemistry. Rey and Kylo had it but it’s pretty abusive so I’ll pass on that for some General on General gay love


Finn and Rey though. https://youtu.be/XPGs99gz-TE https://youtu.be/SKYRzF7qD0Y https://youtu.be/3ZtTPficlWI Finn. And. Rey. Tho. FinnandReytho. I also add the scene where Rey begs Finn not to leave her at Maz's palace, but good luck finding a clip of that.


I'm a fangirl now?


shit im a dude and an average fan and i do this. woulda been a hell of a lot better than what we got


Bad take.


If annoying fangirl is Oscar Isaac sure




>literally everybody


The two have buckets of chemistry. That's one of those relationships is easy to get on board with, and not just because it's a gay one. Now, Reylo is a different story.


Im pretty sure their actors wanted this to happen. I guess they’re annoying fan girls too?


Hi. I'm an annoying fangirl


I mean... They acted like they were supposed to be together


I always thought of them as best friends, I can see Poe being in love with him, but Finn is clearly more into Rey


By annoying fangirl you mean Oscar Isaac? Lol


as a mid 30s dad from suburbia I had no idea I was a fan girl


If this just said "fans" i would upvote but the annoying and girl are a problem imo


Way to celebrate pride month. Fuck off.


Damn, people cant enjoy things? Btw, the actors themselves said they liked that ship.


It beats the hell out of the sudden Reylo kiss that actually happened. Ugh.


Ah yes, wanting gay representation in the biggest series on the planet run by an extremely homophobic company is being an "annoying fangirl" Do you guys really have that little of an understanding of other people


Finn was far too interested in Rey for me to believe this outcome but I was rooting for Poe to be gay for *someone* instead of space-Elizabeth Jennings showing up to be like “he’s totally straight, if you want any gay representation can I point you towards the 3 seconds of two ladies you’ve never met before kissing?”


Are we still using fangirl as a catch all insult? Let people ship what they want


They definitely should have been gay, but Disney said no cause they were to scared of losing their profits in China and Russia


US version: I love you! China: We are very good comrades! Well done. Taiwan is definitely not a country!


Hey I'm an annoying fanboy. Also they really did have chemistry though, I'm not really into shipping and I know that it never would've happened but I would've liked to have seen it happen.


Guess I'm an annoying fangirl. Literally anything would've been better than Rey and Kylo.


It’s me


This is NOT a quality meme, change the flair to bad take


I ship it


How dare some fans want two characters to be together? The horror?


get this repost outta here, man


They have 10x better chemistry then Reylo and yet that abusive relationship became canon


Calling Reylo abusive is a stretch, but I agree stormpilot had the most chemistry


Your meme sucks.


Misogynistic take that also comes across as homophobic.


Then I am a proud fangirl


We need more bromances in movies. Not necessarily less gay romances, but just more bros who would do anything for each other, from sewing a cool jacket to taking a bullet, to talking about their feelings, just because they're bros. Show role models of men who can be vulnerable without being in love. *decends from soapbox*


Stay up there king and continue to PREACH


Thank you for saying this! I completely agree. I never got a romantic vibe from Finn and Poe, more of a bromance vibe like you said. There’s nothing wrong with showcasing a platonic male friendship in a film. Shipping them as a romantic couple has always seemed forced to me, especially considering Finn is obviously attracted to Rey in TFA.


...you realize bisexuality *is* a thing, right?


I don't see how we could have any less gay romances in mainstream movies, it's basically zero already lmao. But as to bromances or romances - Both? Both. Both is good.


The thing is that there’s already a lot of “bromances” they’re just queer coded relationships. There should be more openly queer relationships then it will make room for actual platonic bromances, rather than “these characters are so obviously in love but we just don’t want to say gay”


I couldn't have said it better myself


You mean more bromances other than Luke and Han, Luke and Wedge, Han and Chewie, Anakin and Obi Wan, Rex and Anakin, Cody and Obi Wan, the entire Bad Batch...


I do, because just like romances, bromances are incredibly nuanced. Han and Chewie are the classic bromance, just guys being dudes. Luke and Han have a developed bromance based on respect for each other. Anakin and Obi Wan have a sort of foster father/son dynamic. The bad batch have a sense of brotherhood by being "different" from the rest. They're all great in their own way, and I'm not devaluing them. I just think in recent years, bromances have been downplayed.


So basically: six or seven high quality bromances from movies and TV zero gay couples, or even just gay characters And we should instead make *more* bromances instead.


They literally played it gay, cry more


I was down for this to be a thing but they kept throwing love interests at them.


Let's be honest we all know Oscar Isaac just wanted an an excuse to kiss John Bodega and can you really blame him?


i am not a girl, i am not particularly a fan of the sequels, but i totally ship it. the actors even said they were acting it out that way.


I mean it had a lot more chemistry and less abuse than Rey and Solo


The only Solo in these movies is Han. Do you mean torturing, mass murdering narcissist Kylo? *reinforces the walls and prepares for the siege*


I would've preferred a romance than just completely tossing aside their characters.


Exactly! Poe should be with me


It's better than Raylo and that's [ugh] canon.


OOTL. Can someone explain?


Lots of people waned Finn/Poe relationship to happen, including the actors themselves. A few people in the fandom (like in any) got problematic + now op is generalizing that only the annoying people wanted their relationship. Which sucks because so many more people are pushing a relationship that doesn't have chemistry (Rey/Kylo) than two individuals who had a lot of on-screen chemistry (here buddy lemme stitch up this jacket that you gave me because it "suited me" after only having known you for like a few hours max).


AFAIK, Oscar Isaac played Poe as gay. John Boyega shipped Rey and Finn. Daisy Ridley anti-shipped Reylo and called it "toxic."


Yep! Even Kelly Marie Tran openly was not keen on the Rose/Finn + said that she preferred Finn/Poe


lmao it's almost like they purposely wrote a script where none of the actors got their wishes fulfilled. No wonder the canon relationships all lack chemistry.


OP is saying that people who wanted Fin and Poe to be together are annoying.


I would have been ok with that if it led to some proper exploring of Finn's story. He was arguably one of the most interesting characters (having been kidnapped, raised, indoctrinated bybthe FO which he later deserted) and they just.... made him invisible by the end.


Finn and Poe is at least better than Rey and Kylo.


Still better than Reylo.


Instead of “Annoying fangirl” it should say “the literal fucking actors that played them”.


also this is 100% repost


Better chemistry than any canon couple in the trilogy.


Then you will die Braver than most


Ohhhh boy you really stirred up the hive with this one LOL


they had a better connection than anyone else in the trilogy it would have been nice to see let people enjoy things


Better than Reylo. They're cousins that's gross.


Still better than Reylo


To be fair, they had more chemistry together than any of the rest of the sequel characters.


they had better chemistry than basically anyone in the entire trilogy


I don't think I have ever been this upset about not getting a ship ever... I mean, not other two characters in the sequels had that level of chemestry... the naughty poe look at Finn with his Jacket... uff


Also works with Sam and Bucky in the falcon and the winter soldier


But it was right




And fan man, like me. They do more than kiss too.


TIL I'm an annoying fangirl




Found the fangirls in the comments 😳😳


And they ARE annoying!


I was kinda hoping that too


Honestly I feel like this was kind of being set up too. But Disney got scared and instead threw random female love interests at both of them after TFA lol


shippers are a fucking plague


Well maybe if we could get some actual good fucking relationships in canon, we wouldn't need to ship them


What do you mean? Lando and L3-37 was the best couple, so why would there be a need to ship anyone? Plus we also got some Luke and Leia shipping in Canon, so I think we all got what we needed.




I have autocorrect






Finally someone addressed this issue like it is.


How's it an issue?