Nae luck St.George

Nae luck St.George


*'Oversite"* smh


English enough for the flag, not English enough for the language. That's about the level.


I need a term that concisely describes this phenomenon whereby the people so rabidly supportive of an arbitrary thing are not also particularly capable of demonstrating the basic skills or knowledge that define that thing. It's so common that patriotic people are shit at the language and have no idea what things are actually good for the country. England has been harmed more by "patriots" than by indifferent lefties.


in my experience it's people who are proud of things they had no hand in, because fuck all of the things they have done themselves are worth being proud of


Hah, yeah that summarises it nicely!




This is depressingly accurate.


When I lived in Scotland and it was England vs. USA for a very important game in, I think, the World Cup. I rode my bike past three pubs on my way to work and all were decked out in the stars and stripes. One had a 6 foot tall foam model of the Statue of Liberty in the front window. I'd never felt so welcome.


Was that the game USA famously [won 1-1](https://d3nfwcxd527z59.cloudfront.net/content/uploads/2019/02/06105340/USA-New-York-Post.jpg)?


NY Post is such a fucking toilet of a paper


Owned by same as fox lol


Dates match up.


Roooobbb Greeeeeeen!


Excellent subtitle.


I never got why this headline became a meme or why people acted like it was an example of American stupidity or arrogance. I always thought it was just an obvious reference to USA's underdog status in the match up. Like how Rocky "wins" at the end of Rocky 1 by being an amateur who survived 15 rounds and only lost on points decision to the reigning champ. In that context it doesn't come across as stupid or arrogant because it shows self awareness of the disparity in quality between the two teams.


...not sure if genuine as an American or sarcastic as an Englishman


It does read rather well as both


He's Scottish


He's a she.


This was just a rollercoaster of a conversation


I'm unsure whether the confusion was because I was working, riding a bicycle, or posting on the internet. It's really strange to me that one of these things is enough for someone to just assign a gender. Especially when I didn't remember exactly which sport was on. That's the only part of this post for me which seems stereotypical for one gender.


Most of Scotland would have cheering for the USA that day. We cheer for whoever is playing England.


In the 2014 World Cup it was funny as fuck to see a single scottish fella celebrating inside the Uruguay crowd as they beat England in Brazil! www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-27939845.amp


Yeah, I remember that. He had our zoom lolly strip on.


It always makes me laugh as someone who has lived in both Scotland and England. If someone is playing Scotland, the English always cheer for the Scottish, but if someone is playing England, the Scottish always cheer for the opponent! Haha


Oh snap. I remember this game well. I was working at a costal bar in the states, we were the only spot on the main strip with the World Cup package. I popped into the bar early just to check on things, stepped in through the back and the poor day dude was four fucking deep because there were **three** British Navy ships in port for some training we were unaware of. Poor dude behind the bar (Irish guy, interestingly) just looked up at me with a wild eyed panic because we were so unprepared, running out of everything, no support staff. We went through so much Coors Light. Yuck.


It's because, contrary to BBC narrative, the Scots have a massive problem with being ruled by a foreign nation who conquered them many years ago. Not all Scots want Independence, but the vast majority resent English colonialism.


ABE is a popular war cry. Anyone but England.


china has entered the chat


England never conquered Scotland, it was sold to them by bankrupt “aristocrats”.


Tbf we kinda got conquered for a few years by the republican Commonwealth of England in the 1600s. Although that was less of a straight-up Scotland v England thing and more of an extremely messy civil war.


Could say Scotland took over England by James VI taking the English crown. But that misses the reality


We weren’t conquered, we won our independence from the English... then their royal line died out so they asked our king to rule them too. Then some years later the political “act of union” joined the country’s into a political union that we are still struggling to untie ourselves from today.


A union so popular it was signed in the basement of a pub in secret and the signatories fled Edinburgh immediately afterwards to avoid being lynched. Amazing what happens when you impoverish a nation with a boondoggle and then get locked out of international trade.


Indeed, arn't all healthy partnerships started in a basement?


That's what I always tell my hostages but they never seem grateful


>ruled by a foreign nation who conquered them many years ago. Didn't the King of Scotland originally choose to create a United Kingdom With England (of which he was to be the king)?


>conquered Might want review the facts there pal


Sorry, took by nefarious means. And fuck you


Thats better. I just don't want people to get it all mixed up. A lot of impressionable yanks on the subreddit


But they're 1/16 scottish and a direct descendant of both Robert the Bruce and William Wallace!


Oh hey, you’ve met my cousins?!


This is like the other side to the people who won’t buy eggs in Tesco because it has a Union Jack on it


Kinda hen lays eggs with Union Jack's on them?


The English spent generations selectively breeding them. They're called eggson Jacks and they are deliscious.


Remarkably they taste of gammon!


"Delicious" and "English food" shouldn't be used in same sentence.




because there is a common stereotype that English food is bland, FurryVoreInflation.


Tell me apple crumble is shit. Tell me steak and ale pies are shit. Tell me fish and chips are shit. English food is simple yes, but a nice pie is hard to beat.


I'll munch oan yer pie auld shrew


Ooh yeah? Come over here and say that, you cheeky fucker you.




Most curries from an 'Indian' take away are British too.


Iirc, the Indian curry shop is actually older than the Scottish chippy. They invaded India way before the invention of the deep fryer.


>Tell me apple crumble is shit Dutch do it better >Tell me fish and chips are shit. Scots do it better I'll grudgingly agree with the pie


Whats different about scottish fish and chips?


Both shallow & deep frying are just written into our DNA somehow. On a personal level, I've been to many different chippies up and down the UK and nothing in England even makes my top 5. That includes places that have won awards or have unshakeable local reputations.


I see your Dutch apple pie and raise you a traditional Austrian apple strudel.


I see your Austrian strudel and I lower you an apple pie-thing I got for 50¢ at Walmart.


30% strike rate is good enough for me ;)


Appeltaart is really good but it's not a crumble, and I don't remember seeing any type of crumble when I lived there. Although the Dutch do make good fish and chips. There's a van on Scheveningen beach that does absolutely cracking kibbeling.


I spent most of the pandemic mastering shepherd's pie (actually cottage pie) and MAN THAT IS DELICIOUS My list: Shepherd's pie/cottage pie Bangers and mash Apple crumble with Bird's custard Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Cornish pasties Steak pies Fish and chips freshly fried + malty vinegar Not to mention nowadays they've mastered GREAT burgers


Ive been doing veg cottage pies recently. Cook the lentils, fry the onions and peppers and carrots and cabbage and peas and mushrooms and make a tomato based sauce. Attack heavily with mashed potato. Then I succumb to dairy and add a thick coat of cheese, but you can miss that for vegan. I found adding a dollop of red pesto really sexed it up.


I have a French friend that lives over here and she abso-fucking-lutely *loves* pies.


I feel like this comes from the fact that British people aren’t like prudes about it like the French. British foods give me more like “ok this shit looks gross and smells like a farm but it tastes amazing like it might take 12 hours but I swear m8 it’s heavenly my gran taught me” and French people are more like “Don’t even talk to me unless your buying this butter from the la bagette region of France! It costs 40k per pound and everything else tastes like dish water! And god it’s gonna take you 10 years to learn the proper butter cutting technique but after all of that you put the butter on the toast and viola you have the best buttered toast you’ve ever had” Both give you some of the best tasting crap you have ever had but you aren’t gonna hear the British being precious about it like other European cooking traditions. And they aren’t gonna pave the streets in delicious food like the French but you can find some delicious food in the British isles that rival any other countries Also out here in the US most British foods are just foods ya know there’s obviously a lot of weird sounding stuff you don’t see out here but like the majority of British dishes are just normal American foods you’ll see at most restaurants you don’t see British restaurants like you see French restaurants, Italian places, Chinese, etc.


I’m American and I *love* British food. I have never been so well fed as I was on my most recent trip there.


Whose gran did you visit?


Bland? Wtf?🤣 That stereotype comes from people who've never eaten British cuisine. And the UK national dish is a fucking chicken tikka masala, tell me that's bland?!


A Great Brit-hen?


Are those the ones that the English use to make Eggy bread, because they can't make French toast?


Just want to point out the French toast thing is a choice, If i wanted to start my morning with that much sugar I'd just drink American milk in my tea.




I have had it explained to me that there is no added sugar. I accept that. I certainly didn't take the time to read the ingredients or nutritional values... I just observed that it tasted sweeter than I was used to from the other side of the atlantic. Some commenters have suggested I was given lactose free which is apparently a lot sweeter. Alas I could not say, but the people I was with didn't appear to be lactose intolerant.


If it was just in your coffee it could have also been some kind of coffee creamer that includes sugar and other flavorings like this https://www.goodnes.com/coffeemate/


Do you normally drink skim or some other reduced milk? Going to full fat milk after only drink skim or 2% can really mess with your tastebuds.


Blue top full fat normally. Never liked the way green and red tasted watered down


Am American - is our milk really more sugary?


I don't know if it's true everywhere but it certainly was in Maine and New York. Think it was the cheap stuff, not organic or from wholefoods.


Well, we certainly don't add sugar. You sure it wasn't the cheap lactose-free milk? That stuff tastes sweeter due to the lactose being broken down


I wish that were more surprising. Sugar everywhere.


You can't legally add sugar to milk and still sell it as milk. I've been to Europe a bunch of times and their milk tasted the same to me. I have no idea what that guy's going on about. Edit: maybe he got lactose-free milk? That does taste sweeter than regular milk because the lactose is broken down into simpler sugars.


That's what I was thinking too. Sounds like Lactaid or one of those lactose free milks


Well that's encouraging! I did not know that.




I thought it was a joke about you guys, but I went there, and got some white sliced bread to make a sandwich and it was sweeter than a fucking cake!


Yes, that’s true about the bread. However, our milk is just milk. There’s no extra sugar in it. That guy’s just smelling his upper lip.


Thanks for clarifying, I did not try the milk... Or a South Carolina barbecue for that matter, something I was looking forward to remedying when covid hit.


French toast is bread, and eggs is it not? why the sugar???


That moment when you realise (by googling a recipe to link) that your American girlfriend adds totally unnecessary amounts of sugar to it... Asked her apparently it's not true of all french toast that it gets topped with cinnamon sugar... that's just how she likes it. Now i'm worried she's trying to give me diabetes so she can have my stuff.


hahahaha, have you seen the ingredients of most peanut butters lately?


I only buy the one with only peanuts in it. Why does it need to have sugar.


Have this discussion with my wife so the time. Little bit of salt, no sugar. Perfect.


Sorry, We usually put cinnamon in the egg and top it with maple syrup . But I live in Canada not the U.K.


As a Brit every time I see french toast I get a little sad... those eggs and bread could have joined bacon and saus in a passable fry up. That said sign me up for anything with maple syrup on it!


Be a lot quicker just to poison you.


I am British pakistani and I didn't know eggy bread was a thing until I went camping with my husband and they made it and started putting ketchup on it. I was horrified. We make it with sugar in my family.


Ketchup on eggy bread is gods gift to this world and I won’t be convinced otherwise. And now I know what I’m having for breakfast


Exactly, he seems to be confused with American French toast, not British French toast. God knows what French French toast tastes like.


It’s just eggs, bread and goose liver pâté.


American milk is just milk by law. Any difference you sensed is likely psychological.


Mad American law milk man. Bunch eh mad lawyers aw standin aroond getting pure milked man. Intae big milk pails fae mad pumps oan thur nipples... too far?


The extra sugar in our milk is the je ne sais quoi in our plastic cheese 🙄


Isn't French toast is just eggy bread with a cigarette?


and a mistress


Hon hon hon


Tesco have went off their nuts with the union jacks. I'm surprised they don't stamp one on you on the way in. It's a bit much when you can't buy a fuckin scotch egg that doesn't look like Tommy Robinson's pyjamas.


Or English Tesco shoppers who were outraged at the products with a Saltire on the packaging


I'll buy them, I just won't wear a union jack


They do have one (on the gents floor).


seems like poor planning to encourage your patrons to piss on the floor.


They should put it on a roll in the stall.


Better with broon or red sauce?


If you're in the loo and your roll comes away wi red sauce, you need to go to a doctor.


Studies have shown that giving guys something to aim at in the urinal does wonders to keep the floor clean.


Piss poor planning


Piss floor planning.


It’s Scotland. You’re lucky if there isn’t piss on the roof.


I mean, the point of flags in bars is to indicate that people from around the world should feel welcome. Has the English flag ever had that effect?


Historically, seeing the English flag meant they’re about to welcome themselves.


**Pip**: *"Let's settle this the way my ancestors did!"* **Taj**: *"You want to exploit me economically?"*


'You could've put her in the hospital, man!'


Nice bar you've got here. Sorry, I mean, *we've* got here.


We? Nice bar *I've* got here.


Get out of my bar you ruffian!


We could still go there, out of spite.


As an Irishman living in the north of Ireland... Seeing English flags is the complete opposite of a welcome for me and anybody with my accent/name/car registration plate Just to clarify - fear is the emotion it elicits, not anger or hatred


For the sake of parity, I have English friends who live in Northern Ireland who have been hit purely for having an English accent


The upside is you know instantly which areas to steer the fuck clear of. I see French flags painted on kerbs, I'm not stopping for anything.


arrete. nous avons une bagette pour vous


God the school system in Canada failed me when I can only read half of this. Stop, bread time. Is how I choose to interpret


>avons What do cosmetics have to do with baguettes??


Quebecois French doesn't use vous or nous frequently, they use tu and on instead. On a bagguette pour tu


I see someone waving or hanging an English flag, it's either the World Cup, Memorial Day, or an indication that these are the sort of people best avoided.


The Scottish love this to defer blame, the it wasn't the English empire, it was the British, you sent troups to prop up that flag around the world and became rich off its abuse


I'm from Croatia, and my dad loves telling the story of his business trip to Edinburgh. It was December 2007, Croatia had just won at Wembley to knock England of Euros qualification, and as soon as someone overheard they're from Croatia free pints started appearing


I love the part where the OP says remember this "oversite" (sic) if you're looking for a bar. For one thing, I don't think it was an oversight. The OP may actually cause business to increase from all the media attention to this post. Streisand effect at it's best.


It is incredibly english to downplay the insult while taking great offense.


I'm pretty sure the bar also wants all English tourists to keep it in mind when chosing a place to go.




As a dude from London with an actual life, I cannot for the life of me understand why somebody would be upset about not putting up a England flag, even if it's specifically omitted lol. And with how (mostly older) English people tend act in other countries, can't say I'd be surprised. I get the feeling the kind of people to be upset over stuff like this couldn't identify more than 3 of the other countries flags too lmao


It's not the British flag that's left out. Its Englands. That's kind of a big chunk of the whole issue for people is that Britain and England are seen as synonyms.


Shittt, I meant to write English flag. A genuine mistake on my part, I can see the issue you mentioned though.


I appreciate what you are saying, and I really wasn't trying to have a go, but your little slip was too good a chance to illustrate the issue to pass up. Thanks for taking it in good spirit.


Hah! Absolutely no problem my dude/dudette, you exposed the issue beautifully using my own statement and I firmly believe that to be the best way to wake people up to their own misconceptions. You were completely correct too, when I think of Britain I tend to immediately think of England, so I'm gonna work on that!


Now kith


It's always been friendly banter between the English and Scottish like this. I fear we're slowly turning into America when people start getting overly touchy about this.


I don't blame them tbh. The St. George flag is ugly as fuck and has been heavily co-opted by thugs. The Union Jack and the Saltire are far more attractive flags. Though Wales wins obviously, as it has a dragon.


Dragons truly do make everything better!


Discussions like this remind me that the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. 🦄 Also, the royal banner of Scotland isn't bad.


> Though Wales wins obviously, as it has a dragon. Not against St. George, he kills 'em.


As an English fella I would be disappointed if a bar in Glasgow had an English flag up that would be weird and disturbing. It's the oldest international footballing rivalry. Can't fucking wait to play them.


Doesn't want his windows smashed. After all, we live in a country in which the roads agency has to put up grills over green lights so sectarian fannies don't smash them.


Larkhall lol


Haha, now there's a place I don't see mentioned much on reddit!


They're still afraid of green light bulbs, might take them a while to master phones in Larkhall


I remember growing up there. The parks' railings were all painted red blue and white


Nobody wants to admit to knowing what Larkhall is


But we all do…


A wretched hive of scum and villainy


Where subway had blue instead of green hoardings!


I was in a relationship with a girl from Larkhall and visited a few times. It seemed real nice in the day. Got an Iceland shop here, quaint church there, some weird arch thingy... real farmfolk history - but in the night wheelie bins were set alight and a litter of jags mysteriously appeared at the sportsbarn. I was told that Larkhall just became a dumping ground for Glaswegian jakies. Place's best feature was being end of the line, so you could never overshoot your stop. Had my first taste of Buckfast there. Aye anyway, storytime over. Hope to go again.


There was a clip on the BBC where they put a white car with the England flag painted on it during Euro 96 I think. They left the car unattended in Glasgow and it was destroyed in seconds. Clip is probably still on YouTube.


I don’t think the England flag was required tbh, it would have been destroyed in seconds anyway


Probably, unless you've paid a pound to the wee wideo who asks for a pound to look after your car.


Grills are put over traffic lights when there are multiple sets of lights close by so that drivers only see the lights relevant to them.


No in larkhall


Nah this is definitely a different kind of grill. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/30333757133


oh my god i thought people were taking the piss, because that sounds like such good satire. thats both hilarious and shocking


The Subway there has gone for a black rather than their usual green background to their shop sign


That's an unforseen benefit


They are Scottish England fans though. Windows will probably be put in for not bending the knee


Can we acknowledge that there are sound english cunts out there lol


I always thought the whole ABE thing was a bit of friendly banter taking the piss out of the English but reading a lot of comments on here there seems to be some genuine disdain towards the English. The English side has had some absolute cunts over the years. Rooney and John Terry etc etc but I look at the current England squad. I find it difficult to have any sort of disdain for the likes of Rashford. Hes sound as fuck and fed a bunch of poor kids. Gareth Southgate seems like a genuinely decent guy and everything around the team taking a knee recently you cant fault them. I hope Scotland beat them but realistically thats not going to happen.


No that doesn’t fit the narrative


Aye we all acknowledge it. It's a footba thing that rules everyone up the most cos of the "we're coming home" pish. If you're gloating in your God complex, no cunt will like you. Act like a normal person and you'll be fine. Dunno why folk can't understand it and see it as a carpet hatred for English. There's a reason why people hate Rangers fans and it's in the same vein.


This week I was in Scotland for the first time in my life, and yesterday I visited Glasgow and I actually pointed this out to my friend. Every single pub we went past that had Euro flags up did not have an English flag. Every single one. North fucking Macedonia were represented in Glasgow everywhere. England? No chance.


As a Welshman this warms my heart.


As a Paddy... chuirfeadh sé ardú croí is meanman orm.


Bless you!


As an Englishman it warms mine too!


The English: Oh, well done lads, hope Robbo has a good one The Scots: Ah hope ye fail miserably


I remember back in 2016 when Scotland managed to qualify, I was playing football with my lad in the garden. He was about 6 at the time and he's half English, half Scottish. I suggested that we play Euro 2016 and when he asked what I meant I said "I'll be England, you be Scotland, yeah?" "Ok" he said "Now, you go inside and watch, and in five minutes I'll come join you"


Isn’t it up behind the bar as someone else told me? Not been in since the flags went up and I’m not going out tonight to check.


Yeah its actually on the wall just inside the window that has the Germany flag in it (first picture). Obvs haven't put it in the window cos it might get smashed but it's up there all the same


What a fragile person that is.


The pub owner? It’s somewhat tradition to dislike the English when it comes to sport. Scottish fans will travel all over the world to support whoever England is playing against


It’s weird. Apart from next Friday I hope Scotland do well. Same with the last euros. After England went out I was buzzing for Wales and their run


Probably just don’t want their windows broken.


Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many English pubs have saltires and the welsh dragon on display.




Well where I live I can't see none at all, just England flags and maybe bunting with other nations as well, but no Scottish or Welsh.


When I worked in a bar around euro 2016. We were told to decorate the pub. We put some bunting up of all the clubs involved but there was way to many English flags on there. So we as a Welsh pub decide to remove all the English flags. Top notch pettiness.


For anyone not from Scotland, there’s an important nuance you should know about. This pub is in Glasgow, a city with two deadly fierce football rivals - Rangers and Celtic. Celtic have strong ties to Ireland, and a fairly large proportion of Rangers fans fly Union Jacks and England flags at the club’s matches. Any pub in Glasgow that displays a Union flag or an England (St George’s) flag would be considered a ‘Rangers pub.’ This pub is not a Rangers pub, it’s fairly neutral as far as I remember. So any English prick demanding they fly a St George’s flag can fuck right off.


Well, aye - one flag for Scotland and the other for [Second Scotland](https://imgur.com/z95GrZw.jpg).


What kind of twit has the time on their hands to get gacked because their flag isn't on a store ?


It's not even *his* flag, it's a Scottish cunt complaining that the English flag isn't being displayed in a Scottish pub. damnscots.gif