Son knocks out stepdad for abusing his mom

Son knocks out stepdad for abusing his mom

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Calls son a junkie. Is absolute wrecked himself.


On socially acceptable alcohol. He probably had a treasure trove of prescription drugs too.


Alcohol is a drug too, therefore alcoholics are drug addicts.


That’s the joke. Alcohol has little to no difference to a lot of illegal drugs in terms of potential to fuck your health and life, but it’s socially acceptable so people don’t care. Same with the prescription drugs.




Bullshit. How can anyone still honestly give a fuck about weed? I smoke all day now that I work from home, and my production has gone up.


Some ppl stil go to jail for years on grams of dope


in my country people who use are usually left alone by the police but they target people who sell


I don't remember where I read it out who said it but some dude said something along the lines of "now that the inside of weed shops start looking like iPhone stores- we need to let a lot of people out of prison"


i live in los angeles where weed is perfectly legal. my work would still fire me if i smoked. yet all the executives have scotch in their offices. i don’t smoke weed but that shit cracks me up.


Put big mountains of Kratom on your desk like Scarface.


My boss will give me weed if I have to work long shifts by myself. The dude fucking gets it


My production went up when I stopped drinking 6-8 beers a night. Always hiding a slight hangover. No hangover from pot. If anything a nice morning groove. It helps with pain, anxiety and typically makes you feel good. So, feeling better at work should help unless your too baked. But... if there is a dangerous element to your job, think twice. Working at home, why not?


Nah man the difference between alcohol and most street drugs is that alcohol minus the benefit of being socially acceptable, is way more physically harmful for you. It's one of the few drugs where withdrawls themselves can kill you.


Came here to say this. Numerous international studies have shown that Alcohol, despite being the most socially acceptable, is actually one of the worst drugs for your body and your community. Marijuana, ketamine, psilocybin (Shrooms), LSD, and many other “illegal narcotics” don’t do nearly the damage to your body, mind, and social experience that alcohol does. Side note: That last part is something too many people don’t understand. When you get a headache from not having coffee, that’s withdrawal. Amplify that time 100 and that’s alcohol withdrawal. It literally can kill you. That’s a major reason why liquor stores are considered “Essential” during all the lockdowns. Yet I see so many people yelling about liquor and pot store being open and churches being closed. Not going to church won’t kill you, but if you’re a hardcore alcoholic, not having booze around can.


In South Africa they closed-down both liqour and cigarette sales 7weeks ago when lockdown began. People seem chill about the alcohol but oh-man are they vocal about lack of cigarettes!


[Couple die after drinking home brew after South Africa bans alcohol - metro.com UK | May 8, 2020](https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/08/couple-die-drinking-home-brew-south-africa-bans-alcohol-12673517/) Home brew seems to be a problem


Most of society are hypocrite drug users.


Betcha the kid smokes some weed. Alcoholics love to think they’re high and mighty compared to anyone who does... anything different.




Bruh. You have to ask where your knife is? You need sleep


I would've knocked him out as soon as he said that. He showed incredible restraint.


Yea I wouldn’t have even let him get try to the knife. Granted, I also would have just put my hand on his shoulder to throw him off balance himself... I’m not very confrontational


A stiff breeze would have knocked over the old guy


My guess is that someone has already removed the knives from the kitchen. Once you've seen the story play out you read the signs and try to mitigate what you can before it comes to a head. Its a fine line... unstable people will flip out if they're raging and things aren't what they expect. Its an extremely difficult situation for a spouse who is being abused to sort out. If you're recording your drunk husband for records sake its a sure sign you need to leave. Much easier said than done. But thats really the only option


There's a knife sitting on a cutting board on the end of the counter. He's just that trashed.


I know police locally recommended keeping knives in a bit more of an out of the way place to try and reduce domestic dispute stabbings. Mostly trying to stop those holders on kitchen tops because they make it too easy to get a knife in a hurry, with even a cupboard at least slowing them down so you can escape or let them cool off on occasion before precurring one. It did help to lower the number of stabbings, as well, iirc, though obviously it didn't stop them all. But all you can really do, try and mitigate the risk as much as you can.


Man I dont know.. that kid is something else stopping after one shot. Fair play. I was hoping for some gratuitous harm to be done to that fucking cunt.


I hate seeing lardasses with 60" guts push up on people. I hate seeing someone being shoved by a fat fucking belly say "touch me so I can handle you" or whatever dude was saying. THE GUT IS ON YOU. THAT IS THEIR WEAPON/DEFENSE. fucking knock his ass out the second his gut touches you.


"THE GUT IS ON YOU" why did I find this oddly motivational?


I give that kid a ton of credit. What you saw there was restraint. If that guy found a knife and approached him I think this video would have ended a lot differently. That kid matched the proper level of response appropriately to avoid ever being accused of overreacting (manslaughter). But if that guy had a knife all bets are off.


It always horrifies me that people like this exist and makes me so sad that people grow up in an environment like this.


It's more horrifying to know that people like this are absolutely everywhere. My dad had to deal with an abusive step-dad during his childhood. Most of his anger came from that too. Keep in mind bad parenting reflects onto children in the worst way possible most of the time. Abusive parenting will make children grow up to be abusive parents. It's an infinite cycle that should be stopped. My dad is an exception. Others aren't so lucky.


> Keep in mind bad parenting reflects onto children in the worst way possible most of the time. Im lucky to fall into the rare exception to that rule. My dad was an abusive alcoholic, but I am pretty much the complete opposite from him because he showed me the type of person i DIDNT want to become. Because i felt the pain of his abuse, i always knew i could never make someone feel that way, i could never put someone through what i had to endure.


This is the only way to break the cycle but your kids will benefit so much from your hard work.


My dad also grew up in an abusive environment. He had a step dad because his real dad just vanished before he was born. He found him when he was 50, the real dad died 2 years after. The step dad always beat the shit out of him for everything. Even when he came to ask for help when he was abused in school because of his ethnicity. He emerged from this hell, met my mom in Sweden. Created his own company in Hungary, and he swore to himself that he will never ever going to be like his step dad or mother. He kept that promise. I can call myself lucky to have the best parents a person could ever asked for.


I agree, all jokes and compliments aside, this is a KID. He should not be in this environment or situation in the first place. The mother better get her shit together and get them somewhere better because no child should have to be there.


You got downvoted but for real preach. My mom is a hero because she took us and moved a thousand miles away from our dad so he couldn't drunkenly come find us again and beat us up. Any mother that just hangs out and deals with abuse because leaving is scary is kind of a coward. It sucks that so many women from older generations especially don't know how to just fucking leave. They're so dependent on a man for financial and emotions security that they take abuse. It's fucked


I had a friend that his mother would not leave an abuser because she thought no one would love her if he left. Crazy


I'm sorry you suffered that. Bless your mother


Holy shit, whatever that red stuff on the floor was at 2:02, I thought his head split open


Moms spaghetti


After the punch: 1. Knees weak 2. Arms are heavy


3. discombobulate


Psychological recovery time: six weeks


Ability to abuse birth mother: neutralized


Ego: completely obliterated


You were going for a Sherlock thing right?


Knees weak arms are heavy moms spaghetti was on the floor already


Spaghetti from headie


He didnt even get the dignity of a punch. His ass got knocked out by a slap


Oh, that was much more than a slap. No doubt. Guaranteed old drunk won’t know what hit him until he watches the video.


But he looked calm and ready


No more games, I'ma change what you call rage Tear this motherfuckin' roof off like two dogs caged


There's sauce on his step dad already, moms spaghetti. He's angry, but on the surface he's cool as spaghetti. yelling at mom but he keeps forgettin'. That step son is ready to go and much taller. Ready to fight waiting for step dad to holler. Hes mad now, getting ready now. Punches step dad, it's over, blaow! Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. Step dad K.O. shits his pants. Oh what a travesty.


A I haaate ma ma Stepdad




For real though, why is there what looks like blood all over the floor already?


The guy knocked a bunch of shit off the counter a minute or so before the action. I’m assuming it’s from that.


His head didn't land there so he probably didn't split his head open. It looked a bit like a red cloth covering some sort of mess.


Tomato soup is my best guess. What a waste.


If that much blood came out of his head that quickly he woulda been dead


No doubt at all


Probably something he slid off the counter, probably like a jar of sauce or something


Or a jar of brains. In the form of a head.


He was abusing the mom so I was scared that’s what that was too.


It's there at the beginning of the video too... I was just praying it wasn't mom's blood


Dude deserved to “Go To Sleep”!


Nite nite....


Pieces of shit like that deserve a hell of a lot more


EDIT: He got off lightly. abusers should get their shit kicked in more than what this prick got.


Anyone who abuses anyone regardless of age gender etc deserves to be knocked the fuck out


The sound of the fist connecting and the sound of the body hitting the floor...magnifique Edit: it was indeed a slap and I am that much more satisfied by the disrespect of a le bitchslap knockout.


Honestly thought it was a slap


Prob took some major self control to not kick the shit of him once hit the ground.


Honestly it would’ve taken me some insane amount of self control, nobody messes with my mama


I lived in a home just like this. Drunken sociopath “stepdad” who kept everyone in fear under his thumb. Beating his ass was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Fuck you chris. Hope you’re asphyxiating from covid you garbage waste of cell structure. This cunt got less than he deserved.


I also had an abusive stepdad named chris holy shit. He was verbally and sexually abusive. So glad he's finally gone from our lives.


Note to self, don't name baby Chris




rihanna has entered the chat


Dang. My friend Chris is in town for the weekend, i was gonna go hang out with him later. Here I thought he was a good guy...




But if you don't beat yourself up about it a Chris will


My name is Chris and this whole comment thread had me laughing loud as hell, roommate probably thinks I’m crazy haha


Laughing at the beat down you are about to bestow upon them?


Yeah, let Chris do that for you.


God damn it take your r/angryupvote and gtfo


My names Chris :(


We just got shit on brother.


And here I am, I thought I was a pretty ok guy :/


Fuck you chris! /s


Pls don't hit me




I need to start going by my middle name I guess.


Whoa. Hey now. Don't go calling all of them out


Everybody hates Chris


I should also note that my boyfriend of almost 3 years is also named Chris, but he's amazing. My mother's name is Cris as well. I'M SURROUNDED. Not all Chris's are bad :-)


How about Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris pratt and....


All abusers. Hadn't you heard?


My name is chris


Is this why they made the show Everybody Hates Chris?


As a stepdad named Chris, I hope I can balance the universe by being nothing but great to my wife and stepdaughter. Bio-dad was a junkie and abuser. Luckily, daughter is young and has forgotten most of what it was like with him.


You're a good man. Keep that shit up.


Keep it going man. It means more than you can ever know to them.


Yup, this video brought back some terrible memories growing up. Hope things are better for you now.


Now strip him and put him outside. They can get him for indecent exposure.. You can say he got drunk and ran out. Lol but stick a banana in his ass first.




Ain't nothing odd about it. Only the fact that they chose a banana and not a durian.


Oh... You are a special kind of evil...




Even the devil himself is scared.


Ohhhhh durian. I ate one a few weeks ago. tasted good.




Again, r/oddlyspecific...


Jamaal: Lee Harvey, what's the diameter of a durian? Lee Harvey: 4.08 centimeters. Jamaal: No what's that in inches? Lee Harvey: 1.61, what the f*** you gettin' at? Jamaal: I got ten bucks saying I can squeeze a durian up his ass without it breaking. Shonte Jr.: You can't put no durian up his ass, Man, look at him, he a tightass. Jamaal: No, it can be done. Lee Harvey: I'll take that bet.


Have you had first hand experience doing this?


In my case it was a plate.. Been shitting pan cakes ever sense.


"I was playing ping pong in Ding Dang. Real high stakes game. Turns out these were the kind of guys who didn't like to lose. They worked me over pretttty good. Shoved a ping pong paddle up my ass...." "I don't know what I'd do if someone shoved a paddle handle up my ass!" "Wasn't the handle... I've been shitting pancakes ever since."


> I was playing ping pong in Ding Dang Man, Broken Lizard is an amazing group. And I know that's a Beerfest quote, but I'm gonna take this opportunity to say Club Dread is underrated


Puddle Cruiser as well.


Mr. Badrinath . . . we are not so different, you and I. I’ve had all kinds of things shoved up my ass. I got over it. You will, too. . . . You will, too.


You put a plate in a persons ass? I have so many questions.


I believe he was the recipient of said plate.


Not in one piece.


“Yeah Frank got drunk and passed out, so we like stuck a carrot in his ass”


He's not gonna fall for a banana in the tailpipe.


Fuck carrots!


Oh God this reminds me of a vigilante act that I wasn't part of, but some of the older, tougher kids did in a situation like this. No one was charged, but boy was the dad shamed, especially with a rumour campaign perfectly timed...


in the parking lot of a school. sexual predator registry.


ooooooo that punch was satisfying!


Mate it looked like a slap


Whatever it was, it got the job done.


Idk I thought it connected pretty well


He’s fucking snoring 😂😂




That was a heavy weight boxer named Butterbean who had some insane knock out power. I don't know if he's still an active fighter, but his highlight reels are pretty entertaining.


At the end of the scene Knoxville says "Is Butterbean OK?", and god damn it I don't know why but I've always thought that's one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life. https://youtu.be/d-Gea137VRU


Same dude. He's fucking out of it like just regaining consciousness and he still comes out with that shit. Such a funny dude


Definitely a top 10 line


Is that Philadelphia Collins?


Didnt belch when punched tho...


The Mustard Tiger himself!








Very considerate of him to knock him out directly into the recovery position.


Right at the end of the video I found the knife!


"crazy bitch" whilst trying to find a knife to gut his stepson... riiiiiiiight


Watch how this went from talking shit to drunk dude (who couldn’t stand up without support) looking for a knife. This shit escalates fast and that’s not at all uncommon. Don’t wait. As soon as you hear “gut you” or knife, call 911 and just leave, please. In this case, without the video, the son would go to jail for assault. With the video I’m taking drunk asshole to jail and suggesting everyone leave while he’s in the lockup. I understand that’s often easier said than done, but you have a guy here that seemed very willing to take a blade to a family member. Signed, me - the PoPo.


Actually, none of that matters. I had video recording of my dad saying he’s gonna kill us all and we called the cops multiple times and showed them the multiple times he has said it. But every time they said they couldn’t do anything cause he was drunk. 🤷🏽‍♂️




Well, that sucks. That’s a terroristic threat in my state.


You would think it would by in NY, but I guess not


Unfortunately thats pretty common. I worked at a law firm that specialized in family law for a while and the amount of cases we saw like yours was unbelievable. The police normally don't give a shit unless something happens (physical fight, stabbing etc.) and that's because they want an easy open and shut case. Yes the could technically hold him with terroristic threats but the charges wouldn't stick as long as they had hired a half decent lawyer. If you're genuinely concerned about the safety of your loved one/family you need to start the BS paperwork trail. Basically you need to start documenting what happened when (violent outburst, verbal threats, odd behavior etc.) , and get a restraining order if possible. I wish I could tell you that would be enough and if they're a sensible person it probably would be, but those type of people normally aren't. Best of luck and I hope it gets better for you.


When I still lived in Detroit, I got home from work one day and saw one middle-aged man chasing a tall, lanky old man down the street. The old man was nimble as fuck, like he'd been doing cracky, shady shit his whole life. The middle-aged man was trying very hard to catch him, while shouting "I told you last time what would happen if you come near my kids!" and "I'm gonna cut your fucking balls off if I catch you." As they ran across my lawn, I saw that dude was indeed wielding a utility knife of some sort. Anyway, I called 911 and told them it appeared that a man was trying to cut up a pedophile and they're chasing each other all over the street. This bored, uninterested Detroit 911 operator sighed, "Has anyone actually been stabbed yet, sir?" I said, "No I don't think so." "Call back if there's an actual emergency. *click*" I don't know the story. Maybe this guy deserves to get his balls cut off. I don't fucking know. But I have two cracky-looking psychos running around my lawn with a razor blade, including one alleged pedophile. Seems like a good time for the police. Not in Detroit.


Man I live in LA and I learned the trick. Usually when I have to call the cops when I'm threatened I let them know they better get here before I'm finished defending myself they get there in less then 10 with me being in South central la. You calling to let them know you are in danger and ready to defend yourself by hurting a muthafucker really lights a fire under their ass


While living in Detroit, just south of Canfield on Second, I witnessed a legit gunfight from my front window. I called 911, but no one ever showed up. Bless your heart Detroit.


Similar thing with me. And we made many reports. No one did shit.


Yup. I have multiple videos of my dad threatening to kill my mom and whenever the cops got called they said the most they could do was ask him to leave for the night. One time the cops actually shined a flashlight right on her neck cause they could tell he tried to strangle her but they still didnt arrest him.


I don't know where you live. But in the U.S. it is normally considered a major threat and they would at least haul him off on domestic violence charges.


They said the best they could do was take him to a holding cell until he sobers up or take him to the hospital until he sobers up, either way he ends up back here the next day. Also I live in NY, I do appreciate the advice


I am not a lawyer, but it sounds like the police didn't want to do the paperwork. That sounds bad, but I have worked around some very lazy LEO's in the past. This person was looking for a knife to cause harm. That in it's self is assault, even if it's just a misdemeanor. And while he is in jail, they should have gotten an emergency protection order to prevent him from returning. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Your mother should have done the same while he was locked away in the drunk tank. But, unfortunately, many women won't do this because of several reasons; fear, love and financial necessity being the top 3. I hope your family is free of him.


You don’t understand how cops works with domestic violence don’t you ? They dismiss it.


As a survivor of an abusive ex husband and a crazy threatening uncle I completely agree. My uncle Threatened to kill me by injecting saline in my brain stem, in writing and the best they could do was to send him a letter advising him to stop contacting me because it was harassment ( not because he laid out a very specific way he wanted to kill me). My neighbors and a locksmith were more helpful than the police with my ex-husband. I actually work in corrections and have a lot of respect for law enforcement but the system is completely Broken when it comes to domestic violence. Part of the broken system is officers who don’t care, and those who do have little they are able to do legally.


If the whole family all gave the same story as shown here on the video would that be enough for you to decide not to arrest the kid? I'm not a cop but I feel like if I were, finding him knocked out and snoring but otherwise unharmed would indicate self defense without excessive use of force. Combined with the son being honest about his actions and his wife saying her son was defending her I think that would be all I would need to decide not to charge the son.




In my state if there’s domestic violence SOMEONE is going - and it’s the state pressing charges, not a family member - we have no choice. Sadly that law was enacted as victims would often refuse to press charges. Yes - all those people saying he was the aggressor would be enough - at least for me. Him being hammered would be a factor too. 110% chance this wasn’t the first time this has gone down in this house. Ask any PoPo - domestic calls are sometimes the scariest. Shit goes bad in a heartbeat. It’s all emotion and all bets are off. I’ve made an arrest of an abuser and got cracked in the head with a chair by the woman he just beat up. I was taking “her man” to jail so now I’m the target. Is what it is.


Had a drunk neighbor in a quad blame me (15) for something ridiculous, came after me with a claw hammer. Cops came to get him. His wife attacked the cops. Took 4 of them to restrain this old hippie chick. They both went to jail.


Yup. Not uncommon at all. It can be a completely fucked up environment, but it’s their environment. It’s what they know.


They should’ve fucking buried his ass in the yard. Fucking popo ain’t doin shit about this. That drunk idiot would be in that house a few days later


Yeah this is where I call the cops and zip tie his wrists.


This brings back memories. My mother was in an abusive relationship when I was a teen. I spent a lot of time playing video games in my room because the guy would just get drunk and scream at her. I realized at the time that my mom wouldnt be financially stable enough to support us without him so I couldn't do anything. It was either deal with him doing this shit or be homeless. One day I'm leaving my room during one of his screaming matches so I could get a glass of water and I see him backhand my mother and threaten to kill her. She goes into the garage and closes the door behind her so I go out to the kitchen and try to have a reasonable conversation with him, holding back my frustration after seeing him just hit my mom. The dude pulls a knife out of a drawer and points it at my face threatening to cut me, my little sister, and my mom up into little pieces. Apparently I lost my shit on him and blacked out because the next thing I knew I was standing over his limp body covered in blood while he lay on the floor struggling to breathe. He had 5 holes in his chest, a collapsed lung and 2 broken ribs. I spent a year in juvie.


Woah. This might be insensitive because that seems quite traumatic but was it worth it?


After spending a year in juvie: Because of my "violent behavior", I was expelled from the school I had attended before the incident. For some reason they lost record and couldn't transfer my credits to my new school. I had to redo my first two years, so I was a freshman when I should have been a senior. Luckily after moving states, the secondary school managed to get ahold of my record and I got all my credits back. Unfortunately for me, a girl got me suspended from school in the final semester of my final year. A suicide attempt dropped me in a hospital for a month, and when all was said and done I was too fucking tired of all the bullshit to try to finish out my highschool education. That one night kinda fucked me up for a few years but... my little sister is being raised in a safe environment, and no one is threatening to chop her into tiny pieces so... Yeah it was worth it. If I could do it all over again, I would have finished the job to be honest. Fucking bastard is still alive.


How would you say your year in juvie affected your future? We’re you educated in there? There’s not much info on juvie so I’m always trying to get first-game experiences. Thanks!


I'm not sure you could call it "education" Everyone takes the same classes. I had already received my calculus credit at the time so the first 2 months of classes were useless for me.


Ah. Do you think individualized education would help reduce the rate of return? Apparently 75% of death row inmates are former juvie inmates, so there seems to be a connection. Thanks for the reply!


I would say in my place I would have done it. Your record is somewhat erased when you turn 18 depending on what country you live, there is still going to be news coverage to an extent depending on circumstances obviously. But it's better a year in jail than a lifetime without your family knowing you could have done something to save them.


Our criminal justice system is fucked up. You acted in defense of yourself, your mother and your sister. That should be applauded not punished.


Even if you're innocent, the prosecution will do whatever they can to convict you. My lawyer wanted me to take a plea deal that would put me in prison for 10 years, so I fired her. By the time I had actually gone to trial, I had become such good friends with the people running the detention center that they had petitioned the court for my release and wrote a bunch of positive letters about me to the judge. In the end, I was given 3 months of probation and 30 hours community service. Yes the justice system is fucked, the only reason I didn't get fucked over was because I'm good at manipulating people.


Yep. Cops get all the hate when it comes to corruption of the justice system but fucking prosecutors and DAs are just as bad if not worse when it comes to just pushing people through a system and keeping them there to profit from them and get court fines to pay all their cushy salaries.


It baffles me how abusers will get like 3 months in prison sometimes even a suspended sentence. Whilst victims who finally defended themselves will get a harsher sentence. What kind of judge would sentences a child who was defending themselves, their mother and sister against a man who just threatened to kill them


Fucked up they put you in juvie when they should’ve put you in therapy. Read your other comment, too, that really just messed up the flow of your life it seems.


dude caught some zzz’s


Drunk piece of shit deserved it.


best sleeping pill out there


"HURRRRRRRRR" - infamous last words.


"Night night"


Bout time that asshole got what was coming. I hate people like this, like we get it, you’re a piece of shit that likes to get his rocks off with power, but why stoop so low as to hit your wife man? She fucking did nothing wrong, so I guess he deserved it from the son. Step or not, I’m cheering him on.


Just a little nap... Right here.... On the comfy floor.....


Kid probably smokes weed and gets called a junkie


He skipped the toss and turn phase and went straight to snoring.


I love how he’s hurling insult like ‘I’m ganna gut you, motherfucker’ but he has to hold onto the countertop so he doesn’t fall over. Hysterical.


What is this? A video for ants?


No one deserves to live like this (clearly) If you’re in this environment, please do your best to seek a safe place. Docs or Police first port of call. The statistics are just horrendous 💔


that was so good, what a great son, i hope he made him pack up and leave.


Seeing some fat fuck piece of shit lay on the floor and wheeze like a piggy, makes my loins happy