Wizard's Tower - Book Three starts on Monday - Free on Royal Road

Wizard's Tower - Book Three starts on Monday - Free on Royal Road


Congratulations. I presume the hermit life doesn’t actually go as planned


Lol - Read and find out!


I'm enjoying this story. I like how the MC has a more old-fashioned personality with a sense of propriety. He's not just another transplated 15-year-old white American like in every other RR narrative.


Not just that, I have to say I find it completely realistic. It is exactly how some half-elf battle-heartened and battle-mage trained now lone crazy researcher high level mage actually *would* behave. Not to forget that he lived several human lifetimes, and when comparing with a normal human lifetime you have to keep in mind that he only had to go through one childhood, so 80 years for somebody else include 25% overhead compared to the half-elf MC. He also spent all that time actively researching and creating a famous academy, so naturally his knowledge *must* be far ahead of every other human. Caring more about breakfast and where to get couches (which for some reason are incredibly hard to get in that kingdom) than about the inconsequential little armies at his door. (But there is a much larger threat in the story too, too much even for this MC, it's just that among humans he does not need to care about anyone even if they come in numbers.) So, while I found myself quite irritated by the MC quite a few times I had to acknowledge that the description of his behavior had to be accurate.


That's great news. I literally finished binging book 1 and 2 yesterday and was feeling sad there wasn't any more


I really love this story! Its becoming part of my weekly routine to check it every couple chapters ^^.


I love this story! Here's hoping for many more books!


This is an amazing story! On of my favorites on RR. Great job, mate :)


Congrats on the success, Allanther! It's well-deserved.


Awesome story, glad to see it chugging along!


Loving the vibes of the cover :)


I enjoyed the beginning of the story and the character and the premise but I had 1 or 2 pet peeves about it. I can't figure out how to tag spoilers on mobile. That pet peeve was enough to make me not continue, but otherwise I thought the writing was very good. I can just be odd about my pet peeves. Maybe I will give it another try bc it still seems very popular and maybe I can look past this.....Trying not to spoil anything. Given how old the MC is I dont really understand and don't really buy the reason given for him not being stronger at the start of the story - talking about his tier level...I skipped ahead to see when he would finally reach the next one and it seemed pretty far into book 1. That's really the only thing that made me drop it.... It bothered me that it took him so long to get to the next tier...I think he should have started at a higher tier...especially given the pretext in the blurb of the story.


So it's explained that he didn't take any shortcuts like most other tier 5 classes and was focusing on quality rather than speed. In fact he's kind of forced into tier 5 earlier than he wanted to be. The series implies to me that even when Nemon was tier 4 he would have no problems with most tier 5 class users in a confrontation. It also shows that not all tier 5 classes are created equal and the more you do before ascension the better your chance of getting a better tier 5 class.


I was also bothered by it at first, but there's what sadly said. And then there's also the compounding issue of it having an unreliable narrator. Dumpstering people that are on or above his level is about as important to him as what he's having for lunch. So it's not immediately obvious how overwhelmingly powerful he is. And that it's more about his struggles with his own nature than it is about progressing through power levels. Power levels are more another tool to unpack his internal conflicts than they are a crutch to power the story. The duality of his nature propagates through the story and even reflects in the lore. I'm dangerously close to spoilers though... so that's enough out of me.


I liked that part. There are suggestions he *did* rush his fifth tier class, but i'm hoping the naming within the class and descriptions of bits he has only just worked out means he can make it up. Again, vague because spoilers but it is addressed and I think addressed reall well.


Agreed, and that he rushed is important because it's part of his duality. Despite all his foresight, he still rushes, just at a slower pace.