Looks like Cory Lockwood is not included. I wonder what's next for him.


I’m also curious, given this is obviously Sufferer 2.0 except without Cory. I know that side projects are a total meme in this genre, but I would be curious to learn why the rebrand was necessary. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Cory decided not to participate of his own volition, or if he has decided to take a step back and just be one of the “contributing artists” mentioned in the press release. He’s talented as fuck and I’ve never heard a single person ever say a bad thing about him, but maybe ALLB’s breakup followed by his book falling through has hit him really hard. Or maybe he’s had his fill but is totally okay. In either case I wish Cory the best and hope he makes more music because I adore him. With or without him though this is cool news!


The other vocalist, Forrest, doesn’t seem involved at his point either. The rebrand may have been part of the EVR deal, and if so it’s possible EVR set up the deal so they could ensure their own artists get vocal spots. This may or may not rule out an appearance from Cory. The track announced for next week features the singer of Kaonashi (EVR).


I really hope he’s doing okay. I haven’t heard much from or about him since his book was cancelled.