StarTribune: Don't let him rattle you - 6/15/2021

StarTribune: Don't let him rattle you - 6/15/2021


I have this one last hope that this initial meeting between Biden and Trump's dad goes something like this: Biden: You really fucked us good Vladimir, gotta hand it to you. Putin: Dah comrade. Biden: Well look you old pony soldier, I want your orange sock puppet in jail. Putin: You want to Epstein him? Biden: I do, I really really do, but no, jail is enough. Putin: You want my novicheck guy? He's wery wery good. Biden: Thanks Vlad, but I think we'd be satisfied if you'd just turn off the 48 million fake Facebook accounts and let our justice system do its job. Putin: You want to use my suicide window? It's wery good too. Biden: Tempting, but no, I want him to spend the rest of his miserable life in a prison. Putin: Siberian prison? Biden: Dammit Vlad, you really are good at this. Okay... Siberian prison it is. The Donald, Junior, Eric... well shit, can you just take them all? Putin: I keep the wife? For my troubles. Biden: That's gross, but sure, whatever. How long will it take? Putin: It's already done Joe, operation orange trashman has concluded, also... here is that puppy I stole from your granddaughter. No hard feelings, right? I keep Ukraine, yes? *And scene...


Thanks for a good chuckle.




When Trump took over, all he could talk about was Clinton and Obama, he brought them up at every opportunity. Has Biden even mentioned Trump's name since taking office? I honestly haven't heard him mention Trump by name one time. I'm sure he has...


He said this a few days ago. *“The leadership of the Republican Party is fractured and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it makes up a significant minority of the American people.”* It's the first time I've heard him say "Trump" and it was still just a reference to the "Trump wing of the party", but it's definitely a departure from his usual tendency to ignore him completely.


I like it that way, it avoids giving attention to that clown.


Because the Trump brand of politics is reactive. It doesn’t stand for any particular philosophy other than “dems bad”. There was no platform for 2020, other than “dems bad”. What did Trump want to accomplish, other than a wall? (Itself based on lies) Where’s that healthcare plan? Where’s that infrastructure week? I thought balancing our nation debt was easy? None of these things transpired. They weren’t even put forth. Vaporware politics.


Biden has come out repeatedly about holding Russia accountable for their actions in public, Trump met alone with him and essentially said -hey, he said he’s the good guy and that’s good enough for me- as well as defending him in the press. I’m not sure who is rattled


trump took steps to hide the subject of his meetings with Putin. He groveled before him in public during the Helsinki briefer. He is his plaything.


Definitely Putin as he doesn’t have his asskissing buddy anymore.


If I was Biden I would have leaned in close and told him I ordered the CIA to bring me his head on a pike, then lean back pull out my phone and scroll through reddit ignoring him until the meeting was over