Don Jr. is not one for a measured response

Don Jr. is not one for a measured response


And we used the metric system to do it. 🤷


and a bunch of german nazis


Including the guy who created the V1 rockets


Wernher von Braun


True, but I read the voice communications transcript once and they apparently did measure temperature in Fahrenheit.


I thought we used imperial then after the disaster with the orbiter to mars we change to metric to simplify the process so if we work with other space agencies we wouldn’t have to worry about failed conversions


NASA always used the metric system.


Not with the Hubble that's why they fucked it up


That was subcontractor who f'd up, not NASA.


I'm sure that NASA would agree that it's ultimately their fuck up , they should have checked the subs work better


Lockheed tried to measure things in king's toes once, JPL didn't know they needed to convert and a Mars orbiter was lost.


[Relevant xkcd](https://xkcd.com/1643/)


There’s always one


I thought before the incident we use the imperial system but due to a fail conversion to metric because it was a joint mission with European space agency it missed the target Then after we just used metric to make it simple


Honestly, when do you think was the last time Donny Jr. used metric or standard, if ever?


Every time he calls his dealer for more coke, he uses the metric system


Eightballs are imperial approximations. Except he probably buys by the kilo so no rounding necessary.


metric is standard, yours is called imperial.


That's another thing that's confusing about the whole thing. A lot of people do call the US system 'imperial' but it's kind-of a misnomer. If you lookup true imperial units (and there isn't just one standard system) they lean more to old British units that we don't always align with in the US (Imperial mile vs statue mile, US gallon vs Imperial Gallon, stones vs pounds for body weight, etc.). The most correct way to label units in the US is the "United States Customary System"


Yup designer prescription drugs are always measured in metric. Also his toupees that are made from orangutan hair is also measured in cm.


"The metric system is the tool of the devil! My car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it."


Democrats put men on the moon and also won World War II. Don Junior can go fuck off back to the ignorant little shithole country club he came from.


We actually use both the Imperial system and the Metric system in the UK


What’s the system for weight in stones?


One stone is 14 lbs.


20 stone = 1 Trump?


Weird, we do the same in the US.


Yeah. I don’t know how many things I‘ve had to correct people about that.


Yeah, your speed limits are miles per kilogram or something like that, right?


Gas/Petrol is sold by the liter and then efficiency is measured in Miles per Gallon


I measure everything in leagues, fathoms and mark twains.


When rich turds can't even tell you how much a gallon of milk costs I don't trust them with anything beyond grocery prices.


Why would you trust them with grocery prices if they don't know how much a gallon of milk costs?


Yea, I don't think they used that turn of phrase correctly or as intended.


The U.S. should say, "Highest COVID deaths and infections." Or "Largest wage gap between CEOs and workers". Or "Highest number of deaths caused by gun violence". Or "Largest prison population".


Ah yes, more reason to self loath my citizenship, thank you fellow citizen or European


In a shocking turn of events, they happen to be a Nigerian Prince trying to turn his life around.


Also didn't the European Space Agency orbit a satellite around the moon for a while? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART-1 Which means all those European countries listed in that pic technically did go to the moon.


Ehhh ... Orbit is *near* the moon, if we're being technically correct here.


Maybe the US should worry more about their citizens than the moon


It is more important to have a Space Farce than to give people basic health care. /s


Legally all US imperial units are defined by metric. What annoys me is that was my joke answer when asked by non Americans and now I can’t use it.


Now do the same thing with healthcare!


The man is a coked up idiot rich kid....which means that if he's not prison quite soon that he's got a shot at being elected. America's fucked.


I imagine Don Jr on the phone with his dealer like, "I don't wanna buy three grams you idiot, I want point one ounce!"


Don't forget Soviets and China made it to the moon as well. With the metric system.


Clearly what is implied here is human spaceflight, because if you count robots as "made it to" the voyager spacecraft is about out of the solar system, but people seem to forget how the Hubble got fucked up because of a mix of imperial/metric calculations. Regardless it's funny to see people on this thread brag as if they were working for NASA during the apollo era busting out slide rule calculations


Ah, yes. because reminding Americans who had the first * artificial satellite * lunar probe * dog in space * human in space * space walk * orbital station hurt the little snowflakes


Again, this is a stupid argument as it is very unlikely that either of us contributed to any of these accomplishments but, you missed a few, only successful mission on surface of Venus, first human artifact on Mars, first black person in space, most reliable spacecraft (Soyuz is legendary) forever Russia has it's place in history. The question here is will they stay as history? A scary proportion of their missions fail especially when compared to China who knocked it out of the park the first time on Mars. SpaceX launches more rockets right now than all other governments combined. India sends successful probes to Mars at a tiny fraction of the cost that every one else does. The rest of the world is innovating and Russia is still doing victory laps from their grandparents' achievements, with massive space related infrastructure outside of their own country in Kazakhstan. America needs Russia to innovate and do cool shit, now and in the future, otherwise we go stagnant because we need competition. Russia needs to make the US scared it's gonna do the cool thing first and make us look bad. We need Russia as a viable partner so we can rely on each other to keep space exploration going. Putin said he would get potable water in schools and establish a moon base, I hope these things happen.


Side note this was originally posted by Donald Trump Jr, fuck him and everything he stands for


Yeah and that's how we fucked up the Hubble, that's why NASA does metric , also NASA decreed years ago specifically that moon related endeavors will be in netric


Netric? Is that how you measure by how many shows you’ve binged on Netflix?


It's actually the numbers of nets tricked into going on to basketball rims


NASA used the metric system. In fact, my grandpa, a machinist for NASA, complained daily (even 20yrs after he retired) how "goddamn stupid the English system is."


Does anyone else find jingoist American's shouting "well, we've been to the moon!" kinda like a 45 year old, 250 lbs dude with a big ol' beer gut saying "I was a running back in high school!"


I'd rather have affordable healthcare than "someone from my country has been to the moon once."


Chrysler, GM, Ford and every other US auto maker uses the metric system.


A 10mm socket wrench has entered the chat.


Wait, where did it go? I think I lost it.


Metric wrenches are clearly superior. I need a spanner to loosen this bolt. A 5/16" is too small, a 3/8" is too big. What size spanner should I go find? Like, fuck this shit, I'm trying to loosen a bolt, not win the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.


I use an adjustable crescent wrench for everything because numbers scare me.


Standards are all traceable to national standards, which are for the most part measured in metric, from what I understand. I guess it's still more convenient to use the imperial measurements commercially.


Been thinking about the original image just the other day


How TF is this political? Whatever I appreciate the effort


The UK does use metric for pretty much everything except for transportation and hasn't changed that due to the logistics of converting their entire road and rail network to accommodate it.


And other nations have been to the moon too...


The imperial system crashed a probe.


little cokehead junior uses metric when buying kilos


The Soviets and the Chinese also put things around and on the moon and they use metric.


When you’ve absolutely and truly have run out of things to divide Americans from Americans.


I’m an engineer in the space industry. I use exactly 1 is customary unit and immediately gets converted to metric. Like it rides really even get stored as a variable.


Donny Jr. is about as sharp as a mashed potato.


Yeah, but NASA mostly used imperial back when they were doing the Apollo missions. If you listen to the audio recordings, you can even hear them saying that one measure of distance is in nautical miles and the next is in statute miles. "We shall do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard," and imperial does make everything harder.


NASA used metric for all the calculations, and for example the apollo computers did everything in metric, and did translations before showing the result to astronauts. Apollo was completely metric where it mattered, but where humans where in the loop, they used imperial for ease of understanding the scale, since the astronauts had used imperial for most of their life.


It is more amazing that we went to the moon and the guidance computers had 4k of memory.


It’s honestly crazy to think about. Nowadays the average calculator has more memory.


Britain also uses the Imperial system. Heck we created it.


These 3 grams of weed and a 9mm in my pocket look pretty damn metric to me.


Actually the nasa uses primarily imperial and will very rarely use matric.


Tesla is metric. Mars is metric. The future is metric