Fallout from Tim Scott’s comments

Fallout from Tim Scott’s comments

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Never leave off the /s


Poe's Law. yup


Go to a kkk gathering and ask how many are democrats.


Arkansas is where KKK headquarters is. Give them a ring to own the libs today toll free at 1-800-MAGA-LUV


Yup Harrison Arkansas. I saw a video of a guy holding up a BLM sign over there and it was crazy. Those people over there are nutjobs


It's so easy to debunk that line, but it doesn't matter how effective or often you do it. The argument will rise again. And again. They love how it sounds and don't care that it's ignorant.


Here's how Scott [voted](https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/11940/tim-scott)