And that’s one reason why I love storms

And that’s one reason why I love storms


Storms are great, but have you ever been on a dead planet? It's like a storm the whole time, but no hazard protection is needed. And you fall slow.(probably not the best idea to have my base on a dead planet with sentinels)


Dead planets are awesome! It's also a lot of fun to ride with an exocraft on dead planets.


Except if you‘re playing in VR R.I.P. boost button


That’s the one thing I wish I could do in vr, it really makes having a mech pet worth while.


Is it just completely gone in VR? I figured I just couldn't find it and/or couldn't tell.


You can still boost in VR, at least on steam with a rift s. I do not recall the button off-hand, but I spend a lot of time in an exocraft and I absolutely boost all over.


PSVR here, we can’t at least as I know


I'm also using the Rift S, and for me, the boost button is Y Edit: NVM, I've got custom bindings


How optimized is VR in NMS? Will a 1660Ti and an i5 10600K be sufficient? I can play made for VR games like HL: Alyx with no issues on mid to high settings for reference.


I have an RTX2080 and a 2700X and play over Quest Link on my Quest 2. It’s…finicky. I had to turn down SteamVR’s rendering resolution to 100% from 150%. This sounds okay, but it makes things in the distance shimmery and blurry. All the settings are on Standard though I could afford better textures and DLSS. I have to turn multiplayer off if I go to the nexus as the game hogs both your CPU and GPU so you can’t afford to deal with animating and rendering other players. Also on occasion things will get stuttery and it takes a reboot to get it back to normal. That said, I started a new game and that first take off in the ship into space…glorious. (Aside from the stutter every time you leave the atmosphere.) That said, I have great VR legs and play with smooth turning and walking. It’s very immersive. I use the Clean HUD VR Mod to clean up some things. It moves a lot of the “stuck on your face” hud elements into your visor and makes the holo menus and screens transparent and positioned better. It’s definitely worth trying if you have gear for it already. I’d never tell someone to buy VR just for No Mans sky tho lol.


I have a 3070 and didn’t have to tweak much, but i played nms for a long time in ps4 then ps5. When i built my pc i started playing on steamvr using quest link and it just isn’t the same fun. Maybe i got so used to the flat version, i can’t get into the vr version.


You should be fine. I have a 1070 and can (sortof) play it. But my bottleneck is my 2014 Intel i5 CPU


Yeah, it hilarous how high you can jump in the roamer exocraft on dead planets, its great. lol


Ok so hear me out… what if you could have a flying mount? Because you can. With the newest update


I can't agree more


I’ve got my main base on a dead/low gravity planet. It’s a giant laboratory overlooking a crater. I call it centaur low gravity test site and have spent more time than I’d like to admit setting up exocraft races in the caves underneath the crater. So fun with the low gravity!


Low grav. Blasting around in the Roamer is fun too if the terrain is right.


i have one in my spawn system, its one of 2 planets there.


I'm relatively new to the game, so what are these "dead planets?"


They are low gravity planets with no fauna and little flora


Toxic world storm crystals hit different early game 😩


could you leave the planet with this method


It’s not actually unlimited


Still I once got to my freighter from a low gravity planet. Had to refill midair a lot of times by eating bread but I made it took about 15 minutes.




How do you refill your jetpack midair mine recharges but slowly


Eat bread.


*Jetpacks after you touch a deuterium plant*


*zoom zoom*


do jetpacks actually gain strength during storms? i never noticed it


Starting with Origins, there's a different effect depending on what kind of storm is active: * Fire: Jetpack depletes less quickly * Snow: Mining laser heats up less quickly * Toxic: Sprint gauge depletes less quickly * Radiation: Can mine additional substances This was originally a fan suggestion as part of their fictional "No Man's Sky Infinity" update, so it's nice to see HG implement it.


oh wow! haven't heard of it


I knew i saw those exact features somewhere on this reddit. Sean be a reddit lurker


Yeah firestorms make your jetpack last substantially longer, not unlimited though unfortunately


Fire storm: "POWER!" Eating a weird blue flower: "Uuuunn-lim-ited POWER!"


I wish they’d left the jetpack glitch in. That was freaking great, ripping thru the air during a storm.


I felt like a god


Ikr I was playing expedition back when it was a thing so I would just fly to random peoples bases which were like half way across the planet


Yep, it was faster to jet pack than it was to summon your ship and fly in a lot of cases. Collecting storm crystals felt like sonic the hedgehog.


Best combo: Firestorm + Tornadoes = YEEEEEET SUPREME


But what about my hellscape tornado valley which has walls too high on all sides to climb out, has a 10-minute storm every 5 minutes, and those storms have so many tornadoes that not only can you not use this jetpack boost, but cannot walk? It’s 10 minutes of being passed from one vortex to another.


Too bad my main base is gonna be aquatic once I've finished building it up


Mine works better during Scalding Hot Rain.


Excellent crossover meme lmao


Can anybody explain me this meme? I haven't played NMS in like a year and a half, what have I missed? Or was this feature always there? Pls help




Thanks m8


And then you figure out how to punch-jet


High level upgrade stacks for jetpack are like a full ten seconds of thrust tho, then a 5 second recharge some of which happens in the air


My jetpack with s tier or x tier mods in: ALMOST UNLIMITED POWER


Free storm crystals too


Would be nice to get and upgrade so you cab charge backpack with storm crystals and get the same buff everywhere


Storm look cool


I pity those who do not know the joy of a fully kitted out X6 S class jetpack with all the extra little built parts.... The times I'm not flying on planets are the few times I need to recharge for two seconds or cram down another jetpack boosting doughnut.


I encountered my first fire planet last night and it was terrifying. We had to burrow through the planet to get to what I needed.


Redacted planets are fun two lol


Funny! Made me smile! 🤣😂🤣