Nintendo Consoles and their Redesigns

Nintendo Consoles and their Redesigns


I loved the GameBoy Advance SP. It was a great design.


Backlight, ultra small, fold to protect the screen, great battery life, has amazing games. The perfect console


Shame there was no headphone jack.


It was ahead of it's time!


Imagine if it had bluetooth.


Modders have made it happen


Not surprised. But imagine Nintendo released it like that.


Such courage


Such innovation


You can get a cheap small extension that connects to the charger port, works super well


That's what I used


Not all models of the SP had a backlight. Some had the light in the front. Those ones kinda suck. If you're buying an SP on eBay or something, look for the AGS-101 model number. It has the backlight. AGS-001 has the front-light. A lot of sellers, and a lot of buyers, don't know the difference.


If it's not listed or the sticker is gone, there are two quick ways to tell. The backlight screens are block, while the frontlit models are a light gray. The front light models have an on/off button while the backlit ones only adjust brightness levels.


TIL I had a front lit model Now that I think of it, I remember the toggle light was the release model, and it wasn't until later they released a 'new and improved' backlight, which must have done away with the toggle and instead opted for a brightness slider.


I'm suddenly saddened to know my favorite childhood console is the inferior model no one wants.


Unfortunately, sellers seem to know the difference between 101 and 001, atleast in my area. So a 001 will be from £30 to £50, then a 101 is like £100+. It was actually cheaper for me to buy a mint condition Gameboy Micro.


The SP was and is by far my most favorite Nintendo console. It was perfect. Could just be nostalgia :)


I remember as a kid pretending that it was a phone and imagining that future phones would look like it. Agreed super nostalgic.


Lol I would set it on the table and pretend it was a tiny laptop


Nostalgia is always a part of it. :)


I prefer the comfort of the original GBA but damn that backlight is such a game changer


One of my favorite memories as a kid is when my mom got me and my brother GBA's, saw how much we were straining to see the dim screen and immediately took them back to exchange them for SP's. Think it cost her an additional $20 each, crazy to think they were only $100 back then


I'm surprised she was able to. I lost my new 3ds xl once while moving so thought I lost it for good and bought a new one from gamestop. I immediately regretted not getting the gamestop exclusive galaxy edition and went to return the 3ds. They said I could only trade it in for like 70 bucks at the time. I did it because I'm an idiot.




Yeah the frontlit GBA SP was great, but once they came out with the backlit one, it was just fantastic.


Don't forget about the rechargable battery. Bought an SP solely so I could have a backlight and not worry about buying battery's.


There's a bunch of cool mods out there you can do to your GBA including a backlit IPS screen. I'm waiting to see if I can snag an Analogue Pocket before I try any of them though.


Check out haihaisb on instagram. They do some of the craziest mods to handheld nintendos ive ever seen. Imagine a DS in a gameboy case, or a DS with a flip up gameboy SP screen that plays n64 games.


As a kid I was lucky enough to visit the US just in time for the release of the SP. My brother and I spent most of our spending money on them and proceeded to sit in a dark closet so we could experience the back light. Great times.


A back lit modded gba is the best


First one with a Backlight! That was a game changer for me.


I forgot about that feature. I only remembered how portable it was and how easy it was to hide on your person. But the backlight was definitely a great feature.


I played Golden Sun with an external Light. The Backlight was extremely noticeable to me when I finally upgraded.


I remember Golden Sun! Ugh. The memories. :)


Recently while moving out of my childhood home I found an unopened Gameboy SP+Donkey Kong Country in my parent’s closet which I assume was a v old bday gift they forgot to give me. Sucks cuz I always wanted one as a kid for that built in backlight and it’s ability to play both gameboy/gameboy advance games


If you didn't open that it is worth 500$


Dang I haven’t looked at what it’s worth but 500 would be nuts. Def need to chuck it on Ebay if that’s the case


Backwards compatible on any game device is always a great feature. Nice find. 👍🏻 Never too late to enjoy it.


The GameBoy Advance SP has the potential to be the ultimate GameBoy. The only thing stopping it is the lack of a headphone jack


You can get an adapter for that. I use one. You just can't charge it and use headphones at the same time.


damn they were really ahead of the curve on that


It takes courage......to remove the headphone jack


Lol epic apple slam


Same with the DS Lite. You could play for hours and hours it was so comfortable.


Never had the DS Lite. I skipped the entire DS and 3DS models. But I imagine it might have been better than the GBA because of the larger screen size.


Mostly I liked not having my hands so close to each other while playing the Lite compared to the GBA, which always felt a little cramped. Although now everyone is so used to typing on a cell phone it might not feel that way anymore.


I had a GameBoy Micro and absolutely loved the portability as a 10 year old. it was as small as the cellphones of the time.


I bought a Micro about 6 months ago and it’s taken over as my favorite gameboy model. Fits in my pocket, screen is beautiful, buttons and triggers are the best of the 3, AND it has a headphone jack. Plus it’s so sleek it blends right in and you don’t stick out playing it in a crowd.


My kyogre SP was one of my favorite handhelds of all time


Still have my original. The battery life and screen are absolutely top notch. Mine holds a standing charge for like 3-6 months at a time. Such a great device. You just reminded me, I gotta get an EZflash cart so I can just have a permanent Gameboy handheld with all the games I could want.


It was, the only omission was the lack of a headphone jack


While it did suck that it didn't have a dedicated jack there was an adapter that allowed you to use headphones. I got mine still. Was definitely a necessary buy.


I just got one last week, it's still great! At least it's more portable than the Switch I guess lol


Yeah I do miss the portability aspect of handhelds. My 3DS XL is amazing but I can’t fit it in my pocket comfortably. And the switch I barely consider a handheld unless I’m playing in bed or something


My 3ds xl fit in my pocket comfortably but the switch lite doesn't. I need a switch micro that fits in a pocket and docks to the TV. Make ot vita sized with the same level of comfort so I don't need a grip and add bluetooth audio to it. Also add way better analog sticks like the ones on the razer kishi and gamesir x2. I want that just as much if not more than a switch pro.


You and me both. I wouldn’t kill a man for a switch micro but I would pay $200 for one.


It’s handheld but not a pocket machine


The SP was so good. Man, I put so many hours on mine.


I don't think I've ever seen a wii mini in-person. I'm inclined to believe it's a myth.


My family had one for a little while. It was kind of shitty since it didn't have support for Wi-Fi or anything GameCube (which is funny, since it came bundled with Mario Kart Wii, which supported both of those things)


The Wii Mini was the final redesign, because the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, used by the DS and Wii, was nearing the end of its life cycle. At the time, the Wii Mini sold for $99.99 in the United States. This low cost was possible, because Nintendo did not include GameCube support, nor did they include the part of the Wii responsible for Internet activity, which it wouldn't need within the next year anyway. The Wii U, which supported Wii software was released the previous year, so this really was a budget console. It paired nicely with the newly introduced "Nintendo Selects" branding for some games, whose prices were lowered to $19.99 or $29.99. These games were typically first party titles which sold well, such as Super Mario Galaxy. One game, Pikmin 2 (New Play Control!), which was a motion control version of the GameCube title, was released exclusively under the Selects banner, as it released late in North America (NTSC Region).


Cool trivia


Saw a red and black one at a pawn shop for 50 bucks. I should have picked it up.


I've seen $110-120 on original Wii's if you dont have a GameCube invest in the reverse compatability. Or dont. Just a suggestion. Or a Wii U also being a Wii...


Thinking of getting a Mini for my Grandparents with a copy of Wii Sports. It'd be perfect for them -- they can play Wii Bowling. That's what the Minis were designed for.


It’s so cool how the Wii mini was once thought unhackable. It has no internet connection and no SD card slot so all the existing Wii jailbreaks wouldn’t work. And you simply can’t use the CD drive to run anything except a game until AFTER you’ve found a way to hack it. It was locked up tight and there was no way in. Until someone figured out you could use the Bluetooth connection it uses to talk to the controllers to trigger an exploit then upload hacked firmware.


Oh well thats perfectly quaint too. ❤


When did they get so expensive? My local Game X Change was selling them with wii motion plus controllers and numchuck for $60. They were selling the controllers without the wii for $58. I got a $2 wii every time I wanted more controllers, and they encouraged this. They were always like "you sure you dont want another backup? Just $2 more! Please take them!"


I still have my original black cube. Still works.


Last year I bought an OG Wii w/ backwards compatibility for 30€ on eBay, are they really so expensive now? Though even then, Wii minis aren't worth it, they don't even support component cables and 480p...


During the height of the pandemic, a wii with the cables, wiimote and nunchuck, and wii sports was fetching easily 100+ usd. I dug mine out to sell but we ended up using it to bowl and my wife made me keep it lol.


I had one for a bit a few years ago. I wanted a cheap way to play Skyward Sword so I got one for like $25 on eBay. They are super flimsy and don't feel like a real console at all. Cool color though


To be fair you can basically cut the original Wii in half (board and all) and retain all of it's functionality lol Most of the console is just plastic and useless space. I loved mine and modded it out the wazoo


I’ve seen it once in a French supermarket of all places. Really cheap too.


Already saw a few ones and they look even cheaper than on photos.


My girlfriend has one, and until I saw this post I thought it was a bootleg kinda thing.


I have never seen or even heard of the New-Style NES and SNES. Were these available everywhere?


I grew up the the new style SNES and didn't realize it was not the regular one for a long time.


Same with me and the Genesis redesign. I grew up with the second model and had no idea it wasn't the original. The second model looks more like a console IMO. The first looks like a computer or something


Hey me too! I guess I kind of never thought about the fact that I had the redesign of both. Pretty sure I got them both second hand as a kid.


There was a model 3 afterwards too!


I saw the new NES in stores in Canada when it came out.


I’m in Europe myself, so that might explain it.


I had the same thought - never seen them. Looked up wikipedia, seems they were only NA/JP/AU markets: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New-Style\_NES](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New-Style_NES)




A friend had one when I was a kid and I thought it was just a bootleg version. Definitely sleeker design but it lacked the button action for the 90s (non-Famicon) one.


The new NES is the toploader. It was available in NA, Australia and Japan. It's ugly as sin, but god damn, the frontloading NES "toaster" cartridge slot is so poorly designed, compared to the toploader (and ofc the Famicom), that the toploader is just so much nicer to use.... The normal NES was designed by NOA to be frontloading to feel more like VHS systems and the cartridges along with it (making them twice the size, but half empty just for design reasons - the PCBs inside are pretty much the same as in famicom cartridges), but didn't really account for the fact that the technology is very different from magnetic tapes, so the cartridge needs to be gripped in the slot firmly, so they couldn't have an automatic ejection system for them, making it a pain in the butt (imo) to put in properly and again remove them. I guess by the time of the New-Style NES, they realized it was not the way to go. I'm surprised the toploader is not more common with retro gamers/collectors nowadays. The first revision of it apparently had pretty bad video quality, so you'd need to be careful to get one of the fixed revisions (or have it modded) and of course the NES visual design is iconic in the West, but it is way more convenient for when you actually use it and swap out cartridges at least somewhat frequently...


The redesigned NES controllers were *so* much more comfortable, though the redesigned NES base was kinda silly looking.


Yeah they look way better! Ergonomics wasn’t really big in the 80’s ;)


I grew up in Colorado and we got a top load NES. Kaybee toys had a huge mountain of them on clearance and my Mom impulse bought one, even though our original NES was fine. It came with Dr. Mario. I love the top loader, still works great. Only problem was the game genie didn't fit in it. Game Genie sold an adapter for a minute but those are almost impossible to find. They usually go for $500+ on ebay. I wish I had bought a couple of the top load NES since they were on clearance.


I own both NES and the New Style and it's always fun to describe it and have someone correct me that it's an SNES when I mention the top loading aspect. Edit; don't take my comment as a "akshully" I've just been in conversations about oddball game things and get weird looks like I've never seen a SNES.


No wonder I am confused about the 3DS / 2DS line... there is so many iterations!


Honestly that was the inspiration to putting this together haha


To add to the confusion, the "New" 3DS systems were actually different consoles from the previous iterations, not just redesigns of the same platform. They had a few exclusive titles that could only be played on the "New" versions.


Yup, nothing made me more mad to see super metroid only came out for the ”new” 3ds lol


🙃 and fire emblem warriors


To be honest, if it was anything like Hyrule Warriors Legends, it's for the best. I was so excited to get this game I've sunk hundreds of hours to on my "regular" 3DS (with Tetra!!!!!!) only for it to run like absolute shit. In a game where you need to kill more than a thousand enemies in a stage to get an achievement, it doesn't really work when the console can only render like 10 at a time...


They weren't marketed as a new console. Kind of like how the DSi had some exclusive software and isn't considered a new console.


You missed the semi recent releases of NES and SNES


And trying to buy them now is even more confusing because you have people selling used 3DS, new 3DS, used "new" 3DS, and new "new" 3DS with the XL and 2DS variants on top of that lmao


The " New 3ds" has a little joy stick on the right, that's how you tell the difference


I hate how often Nintendo adds “New” to their product names


Anyone else love New Super Mario Bros? No not the new New one, I mean the old New one.


Don’t forget about the New U 2ds SP DS


>New U 2ds SP DS lol I actually looked it up just in case


My favourite was the New 23DS [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4MHRcPLr38](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4MHRcPLr38)


This is also a bar graph showing how well each console sold. GameCube, one design. Wii U, one design. DS, 30 redesigns.


Eh, not really. Like, GBC alone had as many sales as SNES, Wii had more sales than anything except DS, but fewer models. Going by "sales / versions", we have 3DS at the low end with about 13 (76m/6 versions), and GBC at the high end with 48 (48m/1 version).


gbc is a game boy redesign. We don't even have a gbc sales number.


Not far off tbh. Nintendo typically doesn’t redesign their relatively unsuccessful consoles (N64, GameCube, Wii U)


Where's the virtual boy?


Debated for a while whether or not to include it honestly. But since it sold less than 1 million units, decided to go against it... maybe I should've titled it "Major Nintendo Consoles and their Redesigns"


That's so weird to me. Isn't it the *only* console you left out? It's not like if you have an unsuccessful son you disown him lol (I'm half joking, don't take me too seriously).


Fair point. Wii U was pretty much a failure too, and it made this list.


True although I think you can argue there's varying degrees of failure. The Wii U is considered a commercial failure and yet it still sold 1700% better than the Virtual Boy. Although with that said, I still think it should be added (heck, I even own one) .


Yeah the Wii U was a perfectly fine console. I only regret buying one because Nintendo just completely fucked up the marketing, forcing themselves to abandon it and move on ASAP. If the marketing had been better it would have sold better and been given actual support. Now it's just sitting in a big drawer with all my classic systems.


I bought the Wii U specifically as an 8-player Smash Bros Machine and it served its purpose. Also got Botw on it. Literally only two games for an entire console.


also, it never got a redesign




Would be cool if Nintendo released a VR headset and called it Virtual Boy. Although it would be more like Virtual Man by now.


Virtual Young Adult


Don't you get my hopes up!


Neither did the Wii u though right?


Or GameCube* or N64 for that matter. *Technically there is a revision for the GameCube, but it just removes the digital out port.


both of them got a TON of color variations tho...


Same with N64. Some Funtastic Switch consoles would be badass.


Yeah, bring back translucent electronics!


Also, would the virtual boy enter in handheld.or console category? It sure was a weird experiment


same could be said about a lot of their products. I'd just put it in the middle somewhere


As a virtual boy owner, I can confidentiality answer yes to this.


"Can't redesign perfection." -Gamecube


is game. is cube. you have problem?


The Panasonic Q tried. I still wouldn't mind putting that abomination on my shelf...


Make it a Gamesphere!




No way! The gamesphere doesn't come out for another 3 months.


true but also, real legends like you know that silver gamecube was elite godtier and people would forfeit smash tournies in middle school just upon seeing that silver controlla because i know you kept that mfing thang on ya like you wuz strapped


Silver lol you plebs. We, the true anointed, know it was called the "Platinum" edition.


Metroid Prime bundle with that Echoes demo disc 👌


I have a silver and kinda wish I had gotten purple or black


I'm in love with my indigo cube.


Indigo for life!


Black gang black gang


It's a shame we never got the Gametesseract


Well they removed the digital A/V port so they did manage to make it worse.


Going to be that guy: Super Famicom design was the same as SNES in PAL-regions.


Thank you, I was looking for this comment. My SNES looks like the Famicom due to being from the UK. So glad it looks as though it does because the other one looks like shit compared to it.


For real, the non-US ones look so much more fun to me!


I was a bit disappointed when we got the more boring design in North America after seeing all the Super Famicom promo stuff in game magazines before it released.


Idk how many people remember the Gameboy Micro but that thing was amazing. Used to take mine everywhere but it sadly got "lost" with all of my games during a move (ahem. Pretty shure my dad got rid of it)


It was pretty dope. I still have mine to this day :)


I thought there was also some kind of Gamecube model that could play DVD, wasn't it from Panasonic?


The Panasonic Q


There is, but technically it's not a nintendo console, it's a panasonic console that can play game cube games


The wii family edition looks so weird


It's almost identical, the biggest difference is no GameCube controller and memory card support


>family edition >no gamecube controllers >no smash with gcn controllers Madness. Utter madness!


It looks like a cable box.


Panasonic Q GameCube?


And the AV Famicom is missing too. And the add on disk systems for the Famicom and N64, etc. Twin famicom... Definitely not comprehensive by any stretch.


I think it's fair to bundle the AV Famicom with the New Style NES, since they look pretty much identical - same as the Super Famicom and PAL SNES. Definitely wouldn't call them "redesigns", since they have the same design. The addon systems aren't consoles on their own, they're peripherials. The Twin Famicom is not from Nintendo (same as the Panasonic Q), but from Sharp. Hell, they even removed all of the Nintendo branding. So I'd say the list fits the "Nintendo consoles and their redesigns" title (except for the Virtual Boy).


Damn that thing was cool as fuck.


I'm not complaining I'm just curious but why isn't the Virtual Boy here?


We don't talk about that one


SNES and gamecube are among the gods when it comes to design.


There was also a GBA SP+ model that was backlit instead of frontlit.


Ags-101 instead of ags-001.


If this chart includes minor updates like that there would be like five Switches alone.


New style NES and New Style SNES both ugly.


Yeah, I never knew these existed. Apparently they were marketed as budget consoles for people not wanting to splurge on the n64/Genesis/Saturn


the Wii Mini is infuriating. 1. No SD slot 2. 1 USB port 3. No Internet 4. No progressive video out. 5. Not released in japan. 😒😒


its for holiday cabins, no need for features that you couldn't use anyway.


Finally a list where Color is treated as its own generation. People like to pile it together with the predecessor, dismissing the many new games as "exclusives of the New 3DS sort" - but really, despite all their limitations and abridgements, titles like Grand Theft Auto, Heroes of Might & Magic and arguably even Simba's Mighty Adventure feel *way too far beyond Game Boy's capability league* to come across as mere "MidGen Pro" upgrade benefactors.


Kinda feel like putting the switch lite in "home consoles" isn't that accurate


Yeah, specially because the first redesign is literally a handheld


GBA sp was the best design Nintendo ever made and don’t even get me started on the satisfying noise when you closed the sp.


Proof that the GameCube was perfect.


Why is the Gameboy Color considered its own console but the DSi and DSi XL are grouped in with the DS?


was a tough call, and a lot of people are on either side, I'll just copy what I replied to someone else: Couple things threw me over the fence though: first, how drastically different it is with the color. Usually all the other redesigns didn't add such a huge leap in feature that I can think of. Second while doing my research I very often saw the separate sales numbers b/w the GB and GBC (though I did see them combined as well). Whereas usually when the DS or 3DS show sales numbers it's almost exclusively always combined. Finally the GB Color logo is too pretty not to include on its own. But yes the debate rages on ha..


Also, the Game Boy was almost 10 years old when the GBC came out. It felt like a really big deal that they were finally replacing the Game Boy.


Think there was another Wii u? A white one maybe?


They were the same device, just the deluxe one which was more expensive came with more storage and the unit was black instead of white. They discontinued the white one soon after, and gave a price cut to the black one. It would be like calling the redbox switch or a different colored n64 a different revision, as they are pretty much the same thing


Redbox should probably be it's own thing since it has a new SoC and noticeably better battery life. Wii family edition is technically similar in scope of change from the original.


The black one is the "pro" edition, more of a different "pack" no real technical difference, only 32Gb storage and a few more accessory in the box ( stand for the console and the gamepad, sensor bar for wiimote use and a game) the white one was 8Gb and no accessories/game.


I would consider the gb color is more of a gameboy redesign but thats my opinion


I think there were games that only played on color, not original. Similarly, the DSi should be separate as I think there were games that need DSi or better to run


But that's the same issue with the *New* 3DS where there were a dozen or so games that would only play on it and not the older 3DS.


Yeah it's kind of the equivalent of the *New* 3DS


Anyone else remember their game genie ending up being welded inside of the new style nes 1993?


I can still feel my hands aching from all the hours of gaming on the the Game Boy Micro. That thing is tiny!


The GameCube is still one of the coolest console designs ever. Damn them new-style consoles are ugly!


I don’t know if it’s the coolest or not but I’d say it holds the title for most unique and also only console that can bludgeon someone to death and still function afterwards.


Shouldn't switch lite be in the handheld section?


The Game Boy Pocket's screen was crisp af. Even though it wasn't backlit it still looked damn fine. Also, the original DS was a very chunky boi. Now to be a belligerent old man: the Super Nintendo looks way better than the Super Famicom. The original with the eject button and purple sliders, I mean. The NA revision is blech.


Technically uh the Switch Lite is not in any way a home console.


No virtual boy????


wow i totally forgot the Wii Mini was a thing. also, Gamecube never had any redesigns cause it was perfect how it is lol


Switch lite in the home console category, lol. ​ Surprised to see 3DS still outdoes everything else, though.


I still think the 3DS is lowkey one of the most astonishing, and incredible advances in gaming hardware. I’m in my 40’s and I grew up infatuated with 3D and seeing movies with blue/red lenses then, later the clear ones we have now. But, to have a system with graphics superior to the PS1/2 and in 3D without any needed glasses? Utterly thrilling and mind blowing. I know 3D isn’t for everyone. It’s a shame so many people didn’t praise it for what it did and, did well.