David Paulides is a fraud

David Paulides is a fraud


I agree with a comment in the Unresolved Mysteries sub, that 411 is the new Bermuda Triangle yarn. I recall the boys did a really good Plus+ show on how you can get easily disoriented on leaving marked paths and trails when hiking and how quickly people get completely lost. I'll have a hunt for it in the morning and post the episode details here.


It's Plus+ episode 21.24 - starts from the 31 minutes mark.


I agree and I'm not sure what Paulides intentions are with this. At best he is keeping missing persons cases alive and offering help to the families. At worse he is manufacturing a phenomenon for personal gain and attention. For me that is the real question because there is nothing peculiar with the 411 itself. They are a collection of tragedies, mostly people going missing or dying in remote, wild areas for a number of obvious reasons sprinkled in with the odd murder and kidnapping. Attempting to connect to them to a mysterious umbrella phenomenon is stretching credibility. Someone compared it to the Bermuda Triangle and it definitely feels like this is the modern successor to that.


You obviously havent read any of the ten books in the series if you think none of the cases are peculiar 😂 none of the cases are murders or kidnapping since those cases are not investigated further by paulides when hes profiling cases. Missing 411 cases have to meet certain profile points to qualify. Suicide and possible murder cases are thrown out. You would know this if you did your own research instead of going by what you have heard from other sites and people etc. The cases in th4 are sourced directly from foia obtained police reports, coroner reports and SAR reports so everything is fact and paulides is known for never stating his personal opinion. Read the books and do some research before posting your ignorance on the subject


I remember him talking about a young child who went missing and his body was later found somewhere high up, through crazy difficult terrain, simply impossible for the kid to have climbed there themselves and it was all sooo mysterious, he talked it up so much that in my head I was literally picturing some Free Solo type climb to get to this place, and then I saw the location of this same story in his documentary and....it was like up a bit of a hill and through some shrubs and over a log. I think he has no understanding of how fit and healthy and capable most young kids, and people in general, are in the wilderness.


I wouldn't say he's a fraud. He's compiling a database of missing persons cases, some more mysterious than others. IIRC he doesn't try to pin these cases on anything in particular (aliens, bigfoot, etc).


Eh. He’s had a story where a hairy man carried a kid up a hill. Then there’s the one with the lady who saw a shimmering in the trees and there were lights in the sky nearby. He’s still one of the better researchers though because he tells the stories of the people and doesn’t interject too much. He tells it how it is and gives the information.


Maybe because there was a hairy man and a shimmering?


Yeah that is an overstatement. At the very most someone in his position may get caught up in the media attention, but I don’t doubt his authenticity from the interviews I have heard. Just the fact that the large number of occurrences have so many uncanny commonalities makes it more than mistaken detective work. Like UFO’s, the videos we are seeing now may largely be misleading because they are in infrared, but that doesn’t discount the huge number of much more direct experiences so many have had.


Well, actually he was arrested for fraud and subsequently fired from the police force. So… technically he is a fraud. But I would never hold that against him! He is doing great work! I am sure someday he will solve something or find one of these people he bravely makes videos about.


I've talked with him about a couple cases. This was over emails I think, or messaging. Basically one case with a fireman who ran off shoeless from his. Camp that was on the side of a mountain. He said it was strange behavior because he ran off shoeless, chasing his dog . He was found later up above his camp on the mountain. But he was also found later to have meth in his system, which means his strange behavior isn't that strange, but he would never admit that. So, I believe his work is for the most part interesting. But he also Is very firm in his stance on how he feels about cases. If you find a case of his that's interesting, keep looking for information on it. You might find something that makes it less of a strange case.


This critique has come up before. https://www.reddit.com/r/Missing411/comments/4gfb58/are_there_any_facts_or_evidence_that_disprove/d2kyl7z/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Uhh, you're on the wrong sub if you're afraid of high strangeness. Good luck.


Dude, look at /u/TheOldUnknown's profile. They've been debunking multiple 411 cases and have found examples of Paulides straight-up lying to sound more spooky. I'm all for high strangeness, but obvious flimflam men like Paulides muddy the waters.


Thank you for the link!


This user has Personal issues with paulides and frequently plagsrizes other people's work. They havent read any of the books and constantly brings up cases and criticisms that paulides has addressed and explained multiple times.


I used to be fully into 411. Then when Twitter started suspending accounts he posted a really long video about white guilt accompanied with a rant about censorship. I respectfully replied asking what the connection was between the two and he blocked me immediately. I wasn’t the only one. All comments asking for clarification were deleted. Kinda soured 411 for me and I have rethought the validity of his connections. If he’s gonna censor reasonable people while ranting about censorship, I question his judgement.


fuck outta here op.


I mean, nearly every single author in the remotely paranormal field can be labeled "a fraud" because the vast majority of the stuff is tall tales either directly from them or from whoever they interviewed.


Is this really all that different from the rest of the topics in the show? I lovvvve the show and get real into everything, but it's all silly and about as equally plausible. I bought that before the flood book because I just love the idea of giants, but there's a reason people won't touch this shit. My soft brain says "fuck yeah there's giants!" And my reasonable brain says "man come the fuck on we would have bones. You can't have a worldwide giant conspiracy to explain why there's no bones"