In The Conjuring (2013), Ed’s tie matches Lorraine’s skirt

In The Conjuring (2013), Ed’s tie matches Lorraine’s skirt


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Oh wow! Not once but fournce.


I love you for this comment


Well that was easy


It’s probably a haunted tie! Who knows


Or ties match skirts


This is actually so cute to me. Say what you will about the Warrens in real life, Ed and Lorraine in the films are visibly in love with one another and thats honestly what sells the movies for me.


Their scenes are always my fav part of these movies. I love how the conjuring movies usually end with a "love will save the day" kind of vibe and the last scenes are usually something real sweet with the warrens. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are just lovely as these two.


Patrick Wilson is so gosh darn charming in this role


When he sang in the second one it was just so dang cute!


yeah i ain't gay but i would ride his dick 24/7


...you might be gay. ...not that there's anything wrong with that


Have you seen the phantom of the opera?


I actually teared up a little


The clothesline towel scene is one of the most shocking and scary things I’ve ever seen.


They showed that bit in the original trailers and that’s what sold me. This movie scared the bejeezus out of me but I loved it.


the first conjuring was definitely the best out of the 3


Which 3 should I watch? Or as someone who’s only seen the first should I just watch em all anyway?


There are 3 Conjuring movies, 3 Annabelle movies, The Nun, and La Llarona. The third Annabelle is basically Conjuring 2.5 and I would personally say watch the first 2 Conjurings, Annabelle 2 and 3, and then Conjuring 3. That's all that is really any good.


Conjuring Cinematic Universe


Essentially, yeah!


They want to be, but I feel like they don't exactly know what the "big bad" really is. And the fact that La Llorona has Cloverfield sequel energy.


I think they've said it pretty clearly especially in the new one. The big bad is *Evil* as an overarching concept. What I'd love to see them do would be to remind people during the ends of the movies that while good will triumph in the battles, the war will never end. Evil is out there. It has no bounds and no end of resources. The "good" has the Warrens as their champions. The evil sends a new one to face them every movie. They'll win, but there's always another battle coming. And at least imo, that's the scariest big bad of all. As the big purple boy said, evil "is inevitable". Whether it's a demon or a human or a doll or a nun, evil is out there and you never know when you'll be the next "I didn't think it could happen to me".


I feel like it could’ve been the nun, but they botched that movie so… Spoilers for the 3rd Conjuring movie that just released, but what I think they might explore is >!The Disciples of the Ram, which is where the main antagonist comes from, and appears in the Annabelle films as well (i.e. the daughter of the neighbors who are murdered by her at the beginning of the first Annabelle film was part of that cult).!<


> La Llarona. I watched it recently and I'm not sure how's that connected the others. Did I miss something? Edit: Okay, I checked it and the priest from Annabelle appears in the movie. It's been a good few years since I watched Anabelle so I didn't remember, lol. But that seems to be the only connection as far as I can tell.


It is the only connection yeah, they probably just wanted to tie it to the other movies to get people to watch it.


I wanna see the warrens in a from dusk till dawn kinda situation. Where they think they are dealing with demons and ghosts but its actually narcos who are about to put em in burning tires.


What about insidious? Is that in the realm?


No, I've always kind of had it related in my own head canon, but officially Insidious isn't related to The Conjuring.


Ah ok. Just makes it confusing when they use the same actor in the same type of role right?


The second is almost as good the third is kind of meh, different director, but if you like the movies for Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga it's still worth watching because they're the best part again.


I haven’t seen The Devil Made Me Do It, but Conjuring 1 and 2 are great imo, the first more than the second. I haven’t liked any of the spin offs though, they’re all predictable and lean too much into jump scares rather than atmosphere. Not that the Conjuring 1 or 2 doesn’t rely on jumpscares to be scary, but they just have a more tense atmosphere than any of the spin offs


I like the Insidious series better.


They're all worthwhile imo, most people agree the first is the best, but even the middling movies in the Conjuring-verse are fun watches if only for the spooky vibes and art direction. It's not like some other horror franchises where after the first one it absolutely nosedives into unwatchable territory.


In my opinion the recent one was bad, and the one with the nun was HOT GARBAGE. Potentially the worst high budget horror movie I've ever seen. Annabelle 1 and 2 and conjuring 1 are very good Watch in order of release.


1000% agree. I like The Conjuring movies but The Nun was hot garbage.


Conjuring 1, Conjuring 2, Annabelle 2 (Creation) are the best. Good writing and scares. If you like Annabelle 2 the sequel is not bad. La Llorona, The Nun, Annabelle 1, and Conjuring 3 are garbage.


Two was my favorite! One of the top Christmas movies of all time.


The witch on top of the wardrobe got me shookt


I nearly hit the fucking roof.




I'm terrified of horror movies but morbidly curious, what happens in this scene?


So one of the characters is hanging laundry on a clothesline outside, then a gust of wind comes and blows off a sheet that covers the demon’s outline standing behind the character. The sheet then blows to the houses window and when the sheet falls it shows the demon in the window. It’s unexpected because it’s during the day and shot incredibly well. Edit:[link to scene](https://youtu.be/hLDkbzIO8KA)


Can I ask you how you are scared of these? I love supernatural horror and when it's done well (Hereditary, Paranormal activity) it can be extremely chilling. But the Counjouring movies just feel like comic books to me. The formula just seems to be Exposition, silence... Jump scare, exposition, silence..... Jump scare.


Everything about that scene is the opposite of most horror. The scenes in daylight with everything clearly visible, the scare is quick and extremely confronting, a figure outlined by the blowing sheet then quickly flys away to land up against the child’s window before blowing away as if it was only the wind that took it. It’s horrifying to think the entity was there the whole time but also as the viewer we are lulled by the openness and bright scenes. Most scenes are in dark small rooms to project a trapped feeling.


I read an article about how Patrick Wilson is perfect for these and now want to watch even though I haven't watched a horror movie in decades and will probably have a stroke.


He’s in Insidious as well and does just as good a job. For some reason he was made for the horror genre


Which is the best but least scary? I'm literally just in it for my Nite Owl.


If you want lots of Patrick Wilson he has the most to do in the Conjuring 2.


Bruh Watchmen was the first movie I ever saw him in. Apparently unpopular opinion but I love that movie


The Conjuring movies are horror movie roller coasters. Lots of momentum, lots of scares, right from the beginning. They're quite different from the classic horror films that slowly built up to their biggest moments. There are also a lot of modern artsy horror films that are more patient and more atmospheric. I think they're good fun in the same way that Marvel movies are fun.


There's a podcast that describes the Conjuring series as "Christian Superhero Movies".


I didn't feel preached at while watching the three. Yes it's there but it isn't hitting you over the head with hokey christian themes. It doesn't seem to push you to going to church it's almost like Keanu Reeves Constantine-esque. I feel the real Warrens are shysters but Farmiga and Wilson sell their characters.


The first one is honestly really scary. It's a great movie but it fucked me up for a couple days.


Thanks. Probably pass.


Exactly, that's why I love those movies.


So true Vera Farminga and Patrick Wilson have amazing chemistry! I could watch them in films forever! On a different note, another reason why I like the conjuring universe is that it’s a way for me to connect to my parents generation. I kind of like the retro-vibe of these films as a whole since it’s set during the time period where my parents were young.


oh absolutely, that’s a fantastic point.


Did you say in real life? Are those movies based on true stories or something? I have only ever seen trailers and previews, those were hard enough to stomach


I diddly did- Ed and Lorraine Warren are absolutely real people, as is Annabelle the Doll, the Collection of "Haunted" Items in the Warren Museum, and the haunting described in the movies. Based on real testimony from themselves and the people they helped. You can actually visit their Museum and meet Annabelle for yourself if you're interested!


They are also infamously successful grifters and despicable people


They’re more well known for their story telling than their supposed exploits. It’s pretty widely shown that they were complete frauds and also very likely they stole the Annabelle story from a Twilight Zone episode.


Just an FYI from someone from r/Connecticut the museum is currently closed due to operating in an area not zoned for commercial use. They are trying to get that corrected


They’re total charlatans. The “real events” that these movies were based on are the equivalent of hat tricks in a medicine show.


Nah those movies are purely for entertainment they are known as frauds and grifters.


They are such a charming on-screen couple. Such warmth in horror movies is unexpected, but appreciated.


It probably helps that the movies don’t talk about how Ed groomed and raped a 15 year old girl and later they made her have an abortion. Lorraine had contacts written that are *oddly* specific about how their relationship was to be portrayed in the films.


The 15 year old girl who was raped also claims that she would witness Ed backhand Lorraine so hard she lost consciousness. The man was a sexual predator and a physically abusive husband.


But Lorraine loved the money so she let it slide. She’s as bad as he was. Really awful people.


I actually wasn't aware of that. I make a point to actively remove my support from anything that involves child abuse- its a pity that they chose someone like that to be played in a positive light. God, thats what frustrates me so much with the movie industry, everyone glosses over the bad shit like its nothing because as long as it sells they don't care.


It makes for a good story portraying them as heroes, but a quick google search shows just how garbage they were as people. The studios obviously know that but the conjuring universe has made them a fuck load of money so obviously they choose to brush it under the rug


Watched the 3rd last night and totally agree. At the end where >!she pulls out the pill to save him, I just turned to my wife and said "this is us". Felt like a very real moment of love, and it's the sort of shit my wife has to do for my stupid ass on a daily basis.!<


I watched the first one of these movies, but i refuse to watch the others because i find the real-life couple to be such odious, despicable charlatans that i don't even want to see a fictionalized version of them shown in a remotely positive light. Particularly because Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are so charismatic and likeable that it's impossible not to root for them. And i realize that part of the fiction is that this real-life couple are being imagined as existing in a reality in which the things they pretended were real actually *are* real, which means the movie characters aren't phonies, but it still makes me queasy. In the same way that a good exorcism movie can be incredibly entertaining, fun and scary, but while i'm watching all i can really think about is that this is how the Catholic Church used to torture mentally ill people, queer people, disobedient women and their own abuse victims into insanity or death. I have to tune all that out and pretend demons are really a thing in order to enjoy the ride.


Ah yeah, mental health awareness and paranatural research/etc have never mixed well- not to mention women's advocacy. If its any consolation, theres quite a few movies out now that say "Fuck that shit" and turn the tables on the old plotlines. A good example off the top of my head would be Purity on Hulu or the Haunting series on Netflix.


Yeah. Sad that they had to make the Conjuring series based on real people. The fact that it these are based on real people and purported real events isn't what makes them scary or good supernatural thrillers/horror movies.


“Say what you will” they were disgusting scam artists, nothing cute about it


They have some absolutely wonderful on-screen chemistry. It’s well acted for any film, let alone a horror film


Man the first Conjuring was scary as fuck to me! My brother was actually visiting me in college and we went to see it together. He was too scared to drive home that night alone so we had an impromptu slumber party. I haven’t seen any of the other sequels, sounds like 2 might be worth my while though?


The first Conjuring is rated R. Not for gore (there is none). Not for profanity (No Fs given). Not for sexual content (not even butt stuff). The first Conjuring is rated R because it was deemed too scary.


The last 45-60 minutes are intense


I don’t like scary movies, but I will always recommend this one. I wish the ending was done a little differently, mostly because it takes away from the movie imo. Just seems too ...comical? Not sure the best way, but throws me off! Edit: oh no. I commented this in the middle of the night - I was thinking of Insidious, not The Conjuring 🤦‍♀️ thanks for everyone who agreed though! Lol


In the 90s, there was an urban myth about a movie so scary that people who watched it died in the theater so they banned it and confiscated all the tapes.


Sinister was equally scary. If not, a little bit creepier.


I dunno, I thought sinister wasn't that scary. I feel like it was way more focused on killing and gore as opposed to the psychological horror that the conjuring was. Insidious though, shit fucked with me for a while. Especially because I have lucid dreams


Insidious 1 was really scary, until you see the demon thing in the house at the end and then everything seems à lot more comical, less scary and less "possible" imo. When you don't exactly see what's the evil after them, it is way scarier.


It was deemed too scary (for kids) The first Annabel was really well done too I thought. They made you eat your jump scare expectations throughout the movie


The Annabel scene at the beginning of this one was one of the scariest parts. Fuuuuuuck that loud banging on the door. One of these days I’ll get the courage to watch the Annabel movie.


The Annabelle movie wasn’t really that scary tbh, it was more so that it wasn’t overly cliche. I mean, it still had the cliche as fuck priest who always has a South American accent, and the whitest couple of all time. With that said, I’m probably too much of a lil bitch to watch it by myself at night


Southern American or South American?


This is an important question. One which I never would’ve asked on my own, but one which I now need the answer to.


I too would like to know the distinction. I read it as Southern South American. Though for a moment I considered it might be South Southern American.


South American haha. They always seem to try to tie Latin American Catholicism to demon fighting


Yeah I hate it when a horror movie uses the old cliche Bolivian priest.


I agree I think the 10 minute segment at the start of conjuring was scarier than the Annabelle movie was as a whole.


The second one is ok but there's some truly horrific cockney accents in it and as a Brit I struggled to appreciate the film properly as it was so grating. I did enjoy the aspect of them trying to debunk the haunting though. The only other one definitely worth watching is Annabelle Creation which I thought was genuinely good. I also liked The Nun. The other two Annabelle films are pretty poor and the latest Conjuring was alright but definitely nowhere near as good as the first. Basically, the first film is by far the best. Edit: just checked and apparently The Nun has the lowest rating on RT so maybe I need to rewatch that and check if I still have the same opinion on it :/


Yeah I'm *shocked* anyone liked the nun. It was so by-the-book by then. I think if it cam out in isolation maybe, but by that point they were all so formulaic IMO


It started to not even be by the book at the end. It used the same fucking scare legit about 20 times. But to me the real issue with the entire serious is the complete lack of a threat. Thwarting the demons is really easy most of the time and there tends to be zero consequences.


I couldn't agree with you more. The Nun was a very cliché by the number horror flick that's only saving grace at all was the fact that the Nun character itself was pretty creepy looking and overall a great horror movie villain aesthetically and backstory wise as well.


This entire series of movies works much better if you stop thinking of them as horror movies, and instead think of them as creature features. The first conjuring is horror full stop, but every spin off and sequel that came after just hits differently


One thing I never understood about this film is that it was an important plot point that they needed the blood of christ from that reliquary to expel the demon. But like, this is a monastery of a Catholic order that most definitely would have believed in the doctrine of transubstantiation, right?? So they could have just... made more?


That’s kind of the charm for me. I don’t watch horror films like the Nun or the annabelle films to see them reinvent the wheel. It’s like watching Shakespeare to me, I’ve seen it dozens of times, but I’ll watch this group do it with this flair, a few years down the line, I’ll watch a new one: probably with a blunt or beer (maybe both!). I’ve seen some people compare the Conjuring films to The Exorcist, The Shining, or Rosemary’s Baby. I think it’s unfair because those films were actively trying to push boundaries. You might as well compare them to The Godfather or Citizen Kane while you are at it.


I liken these kinds of movies to covers of songs. Not necessarily remakes, but taking existing ideas interpret through the lens of another artist.


I really liked it but I saw it in the theaters last October when it was re-released, and everything is better in the theater.


I watched Anabelle Creation earlier and I'm puting off going to bed.. I quite enjoyed the Nun, Anabelle OG was pretty weak overall. The Conjuring was fantastic, 2 less so for me but I watched them back to back a few days before 3 came out, and I was reasonably drunk throughout, a few memorable parts though.


To hell with what Rotten Tomatoes thinks, I liked The Nun, and that's that.


The character/creature design for the Nun is top-notch.




They’re good in their own way. None of them don’t live up to the first but they’re both incredibly well crafted horror films.


I love the first one and like all of them but, my favorite is the second one. So I'd say worth watching.


I honestly don't get the big deal with 2. The villain provides the way to kill itself for some reason. It's also absurdly fucking long because they really wen out of their way to shoehorn in a side plot of how much the two love each other and how they're fantastic people.


Just watched it this weekend. The fact that the demon gave its own name knowing it was it's only weakness was hilarious to me. I watch these movies as comedies. Also "SHUT UP YOU COW" by bill the ghost was amazing


You see the name pop up a few times in the background throughout the movie. Kinda killed the reveal at the end.


Yup. Just watched it last night and it shows up 3 different times in the background. Two of those times are in the same room in the same scene. What a stupid ass demon




Yes, it was indeed Rumpelstiltskin.


The first one was scary. None of the other ones have been scary at all lol but I've still really enjoyed them as supernatural detective movies.


The first Conjuring movie I almost walked out on in theaters because it was so fucking scary and I love horror movies. The second one wasn’t as horribly scary but it has its moment. Annabelle Homecoming was the closest the scariness ever got to the first.


The first one made me blurt out "Oh hell no," in the theater. I've never done that before or since lol. Saw the second one on my tablet while working late at night in a dark university lab alone. Big mistake


The first movie when Lorraine falls through the floor into the basement and is hiding from the ghost, I wanted to leave so badly but I was so terrified I couldn’t move. I’ve never walked out in a horror movie before or even considered it. I love being scared in horror movies but that movie had such an intense atmosphere.


I found that the only thing the cinematic Warrens were ever truly scared of was losing each other.


The only thing the real Warrens were scared of was people no longer falling for their scam.


Really? I don’t know anything about them. Tell me more about their scams.




This really is an underrated cinematic couple


Arnt they the only thing making these movies watchable?


Haha no. Have you seen the second one where the coppers nope the fuck out of that haunted house. That shit is just genius writing


The only part of the 3rd conjuring I enjoyed was when they were talking to lawyer. She’s not buying the whole devil made me do it thing so Ed recommends that she come to their house for proof they’re real. She says that if she’s convinced, the next time they’ll see her is in the court room. The scene after that is her in the court room


specifically, im pretty sure he said "introduce you to annabelle" lol


And the lawyer is looking unwell


Yeah, positively shooketh


thats kind of fucked up. Annabelle is powerless in that box. They must've took the lawyer and let Annabelle loose, shoved them both in a room and let her have her way.


That was hilarious loll


Not in my opinion I only watched them a few years ago and it was one of the best Horror movies I've seen in a long time. This is only talking about Conjuring 1 and 2 not any of the spin offs.


>This is only talking about Conjuring 1 and 2 not any of the spin offs. And this is why you have that opinion.


I have avoided watching the spin off movies as well. They look horrible. I actually liked the first 2 Conjuring movies. This new one wasn't all that great. I do enjoy them as an on screen couple though. I think they work well.


Yeah newest one wasn't the best but I would say wasn't bad either.


Not going to lie I loved The Nun. Cheesy jumpscares and hard to follow plot. But damn something about the nun and the abondoned castle vibe made it so spooky. I know a lot of people didn't like it but it's my favorite out of every single conjuring movie except the first of course


I really enjoyed the setting of the Nun, I'm just developing my taste for horror so it doesn't take much to get me on edge so far.


The only others I've seen are Anneabelle Comes Home and I think Creation? The one with the origins of the doll which wasn't bad wasn't the best but serviceable. Annabelle Comes Home was awful though. >!As for the newest Conjuring movie it was easily the weakest of the main titled Conjuring movies!<


Totally not trying to sound like a pain but why put that last part in in "spoiler" tags? It's not really a spoiler, just an opinion, a correct one but still


People get uppity about new stuff so I just saved myself some trouble.


Disagreed imo. I liked the Annabelle movies as well as The Conjuring 1&2. Only really shitty one imo was The Nun, which was complete garbage lol.


Creation scared the living shit out of me


The first two were really good imo, most of the spin offs suck entirely (except Annabele creation, ill actually defend that movie) the newest one just didn’t feel like a sequel and made the most boring movie possible with the source material.


For me, it’s a huge reason why I like the Conjuring movies so much. I didn’t watch any of the Annabelle movies or The Nun because they weren’t in them.


they're in annabelle 1 and the nun, not sure about annabelle 3 though, i haven't seen that one, but pretty sure it's set inside their house


Even the worst of the conjuring universe movies are better than 90% of other blockbuster horror IMO, but I’m also not a huge horror fan. The new one is the weakest of the main titles for sure, but I wouldn’t say it was terrible. I don’t know if this is the right word, but I like their pacing. The plot is consistently moving forward, never meanders too deep into side stories, and I think they’re better for it. The first Conjuring movie is just a flat out good movie though. That and Insidious were incredible to me.


And yet irl they’re a couple of crooked hucksters. Am I the only one bothered by this?


it does seem unethical to make movies and profit off of what seems to be the plight and suffering of confused families that were taken advantage of by obvious charlatans. but I suppose it comes down to whether you believe in ghosts/spirits/demons and all that. if you don’t, a lot of what they’ve done with these real life cases seems like religious propaganda. if you do, it probably seems fine.


I wouldn’t be so bothered by it if I thought Ed and Loraine actually believed their own BS. But as it is it’s an obvious conscious deception that they’re using to make massive profits at the expense of naive, gullible people. They’re liars, plain and simple.


I genuinely think that Vera Farmiga buys a lot of the real life stuff. I’ve seen her talk about it in interviews and she def marches to her own beat.


Made from the same curtain


Same cloth, yes. [Simplicity patterns](https://www.rustyzipper.com/shop.cfm?viewpartnum=92267) for self-sown clothes were also a big thing back in the 1970s. What do you do with left over material after making a skirt? You make a tie of course. Great detail.


Any time I see a Conjuring screenshot I have to remind myself that’s *not* Will Arnett


And now I want to see a remake with Will Arnett playing Ed as Gob


What is demonology if not an illusion by another name?


Young Bob Odenkirk


Equally fair. I used to joke that BCS Odenkirk and Arnett ran headlong into each other and got mashed into Patrick Wilson


If you like The Conjuring movies, you owe it to yourself to check out some Mike Flanagan films. His movies have the same kind of creepy vibe, without a lot of explicit gore. His characters are amazing. Particularly: Oculus, Ouija Origin of Evil, Absentia, Before I Wake. Hush is pretty good too, as is Doctor Sleep. I did not like Gerald's Game, though, as the premise was just nasty, not scary. His Netflix series Haunting of Hill House is outstanding. Haunting of Bly Manor is creepy as well, but I enjoyed Hill House more.


Haunting of Hill House has the best jump scare I've ever seen


Haunting of Hill House is an INCREDIBLE show about trauma and healing. It was obviously scary, but more than that I thought it was genuinely heartfelt.


That storm/funeral episode should be put into textbooks about phenomenal storytelling. I still get chills thinking of how perfectly crafted that episode was.


Can I ask why you thought Gerald’s Game was nasty more than scary? I thought it was terrifying to imagine if I were in that situation!


The Flanagan Cinematic Universe is so good! I enjoy all of the films and how he uses the same actors. Hill House was my favorite. Followed by Doctor Sleep and Oculus. Ouija Origin of Evil surprised the hell out of me how scary it was when the first film was such a train wreck.


I am actually a fan of the Conjuring films, and some of the spinoffs. I like the twist that these two are paranormal investigators, and that they know what they are doing. Compared to other similar films where the victims are often defenseless.


Well the victims are technically defenseless right? And then they call the Warrens to help them. Or at least in the first one. That’s the only one I’ve seen.


I am saying that the Warrens have experience with the demons. Whereas other horror films that rely on the paranormal, the characters have to figure it out on their own.


This like the most tender loving marriage I’ve seen in film.


I'd challenge with Gomez and Morticia Addams, but it'd be close


*¡cara mia!*


I think these movies are eh BUT I think how the actors play these two is so damn cute


My favorite horror franchise by far. The 1st one is amazing, 2nd one wasn't bad (but still scary), and the 3rd wasn't as scary but had a decent story. Annabelle Creation to me is the scariest movie I've ever seen. These two knock it out of the park every time though. Their chemistry is top notch.


I keep seeing in this thread that Annabelle Creation is good. Do I need to watch the original Annabelle first?


Technically this is the original Annabelle since it's "creation" I'd definitely say give it a shot if you're a fan of horror or this franchise.


Oh ok. I wasn't sure because it was made after. But I love the Conjurings so I'll give it a go!


Annabelle creations is also the scariest movie I've beer seen. Even rewatching I get scared and I never do for any movie pretty much except the conjuring franchise. UGH that movie fucked me up but in such a good way


Seriously! I watched it in theater and that was the only time I was so scared I wanted to leave. LOL.


Her riding down the damn stair well and the bunk bed scenes fucked me up. Plus the crazy wheel chair pushing scene. AY YI YI


It definitely was the movie where I felt the most dread if that makes any sense. The tension. The suspense.


I don’t remember him in a wheelchair in the first one. Good catch!


It's from the new one actually haha


Haha well that makes more sense now.


I love the way this dude embraces his receeding hairline


He still manages to be a handsome and charming fella, if I do say so myself! Dunno quite what it is about him, but his gentle charisma definitely does something for me, that I don't care that he has a receding hairline lol.


I quite enjoyed the first Conjuring movie, and enjoyed the second. Wow are the rest of them not good. James Wan has a modest gift for making better-than-average movies.


The last picture is couple goals. I want to match with someone like that


That’s cute


Ed’s ties match Lorraine’s skirts*


Costume designed saving them pennies


Aww makes me wonder if they did this irl


I'd say no, but all the pictures I could find where he's wearing a tie are in black and white and I can't tell if they match.


This post is hilarious because I watched that last night for the first time and pointed that out to the wife.




I don’t believe in ghosts and I can’t stand the real life couple, but here I am always excited for when new Conjuring movies come out because these two actors are absolutely amazing with such natural chemistry.


Vera Farmiga is such a Fox!


Patrick Wilson too tho


Her younger sister in The Nun ain’t too shabby either.


Makes me think of the latest movie when Lorain said “she thinks love is our weakness”.


Given the time period, it's quite possible some of the clothes were handmade and the ties were made with leftover material. This is definitely something my family had done at the time.