Finding my new body after baby

Finding my new body after baby


No advice but wanted to say you’re not alone! I’m feeling the same way. I just had a baby 3 months ago. I used to weigh 120 and got up to 175. Im now at 157 but feeling really terrible about myself. I used to wear a size 4 and just had to buy size 10 shorts. I feel like a whale. So you are not alone!


Yeah, I’m in about the same boat as you. I have a pelvic organ prolapse, so I can’t exercise or even walk much. I’m trying to eat healthy food, but I’m bored in the house all day and breastfeeding is making me ravenous. I don’t have the solution, just solidarity and a common experience. I will say, this is my second baby and the weight did come off (and then some) last time when my baby started eating more solids and running around the playground. I took up running around that time as well, which helped a lot.


Geez, we're basically twins right now. Pre pregnancy I was 120, capped at 173 during, and lost down to 153 a few weeks postpartum naturally. Was a size 4 and now a size I-dont-want-to-know, except I tried to buy bigger shorts last Monday and failed :( bought too small and optimistic because store's fitting room is closed due to pandemic. Now I'm 151 and counting calories, but damn it's going to be a long while of hippo-dom.


Hey. Sorry in advance that this will be long. So I’m 5’4 and most of my life I was 110-120lbs. Was very active when I was younger, played sports, etc. After moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) I gained a ton of weight and by the time we got married and subsequently got pregnant I was 180. I looked and felt fat and just hated it. While I was pregnant I gained another 50 lbs.... Became literally double my regular size. Crazy stretch marks all over my body. Clothes don’t fit. Moving is reaaaaaally hard. No energy. Immediately post partum I was diagnosed with pregnancy related heart failure and stayed in ICU for 10 days. In 10 days I lost 50lbs (literally water) and was back to 180 but I still didn’t fit into my prepregnancy clothes. My boobs, my stomach, my legs, everything was just deflated and sagging in all sorts of new ways. My stomach poked out of my shirt or my armpit fat popped out.... etc. Everyone kept telling me my body would recover and go back to more of a normal but I realized several months PP that it was just not going to happen on its own. We had a lot of family functions in those months after the birth and people took lots of pictures. I was literally grossed out by how I looked in those pictures. I was 10 years older. I didn’t recognize myself at all. I was the same size as other girls in the family that were considered fat. I started to hide from cameras. This was a big wake up call for me. I also had ongoing concerns about my health and was terrified of not being around for my daughter. I did a lot of research and chose a diet and exercise regimen. At first it was really hard because I had absolutely no energy and the extra weight I was carrying didn’t help. I then had unexpected surgery 2 months after I started my plan, so I had to kind of start over post op. I also still had a baby to take care of so I was getting very little sleep. Basically once I put baby to bed for the night I would FORCE myself to just go to the TV and press play on an exercise video no matter how I felt. The first 3 months were really hard but after that I just got into a routine, also with my eating. Baby eventually started sleeping better and so did I. I’ve been doing my plan for about a year now. I’m still far from where I want to be but I’m down 40 lbs and I FEEL great. Despite my stretch marks and still saggy belly I look better than I have in years and I actually have energy to get through my day and to remain disciplined. More than anything what I learned is that there are no shortcuts. If I really want to look and feel better I need to put in the work. Unfortunately after we’re all mommas we need to put in EVEN MORE work than before to get the same results. Not fair, maybe, but it’s just how it is now. 2 things help me through diet and exercise now - one is treating it like a literal job (no excuses)and the other is remembering why I’m doing it. I want to be with my kid, I want to be a good example, also, let’s be real, I still want to look hot :). I focus on these things especially when I’m exercising, especially when something is really hard or I really don’t want to. If you want to exercise I suggest you YouTube some fitness influencers, trainers. Seriously. Natacha Oceane. Whitney Simmons. Lucy Lismore. Megsquats. Etc. Just watch some of their workout videos, listen to what they say about their exercise, diets, stories. It will put you in the right headspace. Do it everyday for an hour for like a month. Then pick the influencer you want to look like and buy one of their fitness programs. Follow the program. No excuses, just do it. It will take a lot of the procedural thinking away so you can focus on just getting the exercises done. It’s honestly more mental than physical work. Find an inner mantra that works for you, an inner “why” and just come back each day. Some days you will only get through like 10 mins of the exercise and that’s ok. Just come back each day and press play. With time it will get easier and you will be motivated by the changes you see. Don’t really know how to end my rambling except to say you can do it and to show some solidarity 🤞🏻 Edit: Also P.S. special thanks to my husband who has never once made a negative comment about how I looked


40 lbs is 18.16 kg


Solidarity sister! I have 2 living children, youngest almost 11 months. Before her brother was born we had back to back losses, so I have been pregnant 4 times in 3 years. That takes a toll on a body. So does the depression. I am currently 30 pounds heavier than when I got married 5 years ago and only 10 pounds less than what I weighed at my 6 week appointment. Every ounce is a monumental amount of effort to lose and I am not even breastfeeding. I do think my age (39 this year) isn't helping, or genetics. I am trying noom right now for the accountability but it honestly hasn't taught me a lot I didn't already know. The accountability is helping me at least stay honest. I have zero activity right now because my time is all taken up by kids and job and keeping life sustained. So I try to be conscious of food and water and just accept this is a marathon, not a sprint. I just wished I didn't look 200 pounds in photos when its more like 155 pounds.


I feel this. I'm only 5 lbs over pre baby weight (I gained 50, sheesh) but my body is so different...I went from a 6 to a 12 in pants. I pick stuff up and think "these will be huge on me!" And still have to squeeze into them. 10 months postpartum and I have yet to come to terms that my literal bone structure has changed. Between taking care of the LO, work, my MBA, and running the household there is no opportunity for me to workout...nor am I motivated to at this point due to the depression. I won't have sex with a shirt off, I prefer my husband's clothes, and I have yet to get in the pool. Oh and I was the matron of honor in my best friends wedding last weekend... can't wait to see those horrible pictures Just here in solidarity, sister!


Similar story, I added about 15 pounds during my pregnancy despite eating healthy but large quantities. 3 weeks after a c section I weighed less than I did pre baby and felt amazing. I didn’t breastfeed so I can’t say that was the reason. I kept the weight off despite not doing any exercise for the first 5 months due to lack of sleep or eating and just being lost in that newborn stage. Since then the weight has slowly been creeping on, especially through 2020, and now I have a 20 month old and the last month I have finally decided to take charge of the situation. I part time work from home, part time in the office. When I’m home I take my dog for runs at lunchtime. When I’m in the office I try to walk more instead of take public transport. I also use MyFitnessPal to track calories so I can re-remind myself how many calories certain foods have since it’s been years since I have tracked it. The last major change I did was water! I started drinking a lot of water and not only does it keep you feeling full, but it gives you more energy! A combination of this seems to be working. I have lost 1.7-2.6 pounds a week since I started. Give yourself time, I couldn’t mentally focus on myself the first 14-15 months of her life between taking care of a baby, lockdowns, working full time it was intense. Now she’s a toddler things are definitely brightening up and I can prioritise my own health now like I should have done a while ago.


One thing that has helped with my body acceptance after baby is following women’s /mother’s empowerment accounts on Instagram. They post a lot of stuff about embracing your beautiful .. stretch marks sags and all. It helps me to see it a little differently when I’m reminded how amazing this body is to have brought my littles into my life and this world. Hope this helps! 😌


Motherhoodrising is one


Gosh this is not easy! I feel for you. Before my first I weighed about 150, got up to 200. When I got pregnant with my 2nd I was normally 175ish. I'm not about 180. My body has changed so much though. Having rolls in places I never did. It's hard to get used to. Half the time I try to remind myself of how amazing my body is for creating and burnishing 2 humans, and the other half of the time it's hard to look at myself because I don't recognize myself. Ugh. Trying to learn to love myself. It's hard.


I’m dealing with the same. I have a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old and while I’m at my post baby weight of three years ago my body is shot. 140 lb before and after a baby, a c-section and a VBAC look totally different and it feels terrible. I’m so out of touch with my body I don’t even feel like it belongs to me. I joined Orange Theory Fitness recently and so far I’m really liking it. I still look the same but I feel way better. But I’m lucky enough that my MIL will watch my girls while I take the time I need to work out and shower afterward. I don’t know what I’d do without her honestly. If you can manage to fit working out in your schedule, just doing something active with your body feels so good. I wish I could give better advice but that’s all I have.


I am currently 20 pounds lighter than my pre pregnancy weight and things are still just so different. My hips are wider and I have a pouch one huge thing was to surround myself on social media with things that made me feel good and do things that make me feel happy rather than how I physically look.