I was on the same boat. Ordered 7 seater with hitch in September 2021 with expected delivery date February March 2022 . On 1/2/22 changed to June then 10 days later went back to original delivery date. In Pasadena, Ca.


I ordered 9/15, 7 seat, hitch and I saw June for one day. For the longest time it was Jan - Feb. Now it’s March 1-29.


9/27, 7 seat, Blue.. Was Jan14-Feb14 for a month and just last week moved to Feb17-March17


Ordered August 2021, 7 seater, EDD was jan-feb when we ordered then pushed to March and now June. Called Tesla and they said there’s a bug where some folks have their EDD showing as what it would be if you currently ordered rather than what it actually is. Dunno if I believe that but they said it should be the jan-feb date so fingers crossed.


Ordered 7 seater in july and still haven’t got it. Edd now Jan 17-30 but it’s really bounced around


7 seat option seems to be delayed. I’ve been waiting since 8/1, my EDD is about the same as yours.


I heard Tesla manufacturers and delivers cars quicker that have options in them. Hopefully your vin comes soon!


MYLR7 MSM W/B 20" No Tow No FSD OD 10/4/2021 1st EDD Mar-Apr 2nd EDD June | updated on Nov 7 3rd EDD Dec 18-31 | updated on Dec 17 4th EDD June | updated on Dec 21 5th EDD Mar 21-31 | updated on Jan 1


I've learend that with Tesla the estimated delivery is a big stretch and extremely optimistic. Most get pushed back. Some get lucky someone cancels and they get theirs early. If they wre honest with customers they fear losing them due to the lead times, so they give us a timeline that is unlikely.


I also ordered MYLR on 8/29 in Nashville. Picking it up in 2 weeks. Try calling the Brentwood location for an update.


Ordered mid Oct, MYLR midnight silver, induction wheels. EDD Mar3-Mar31. Baltimore


Minus the wheels, I ordered the same time as you and I live in Maryland. EDD started in May bounced a few times (early as March) and this morning it extended back out to April 4 - May 2. At least greater chance of any hardware changes.


Exactly the same thing happened to me. Ordered in august 2121. Delivery date switched to June 2022. But 4 days later I had my car. Got it on Christmas Eve


I ordered September 18 and am pretty much on your identical EDD. Switched from February to June about a month ago. No movement at all since.


Where are you located?


Ontario Canada


Ordered 7/13/21. Still do not have three row, 20inch rims.


I ordered MYLR, 20 inch wheels, hitch, 5 seats in September with original delivery date in December then moved to Jan-Feb and now shows June. Getting ridiculous might just cancel and keep my M3.


share the same frustration here about the waiting time. my car is way too old to keep (17 year old rav4), but I am lucky to book Rav4 Prime and should get it in next 2 weeks (finger crossed). I am not sure how I deal with this Tesla order once I have the Rav4 prime, canceling it seems like losing money since the Model Y price increase 4k. Keeping it will make our family having two new cars, LOL ...