And I thought the British were bad to us. This is a whole other level of Evil, America.

And I thought the British were bad to us. This is a whole other level of Evil, America.


Actually have no idea whats going on here


Guinness has to be poured carefully if you do it properly - it has to settle. Pour half a glass, leave for a minute and pour the rest. Pouring it out of that jug would basically ruin the drink.


What drink? It's just foam


The foam is at the top, Guinness’s cascade


The bit under the foam top is actually all the iron in the drink - that’s what has to settle. It’ll slowly turn black. Edit: it’s actually bubbles of nitrogen, not the iron in the drink, that creates the cloudy look. My mistake!


why are you drinking pure iron


Why are you not, weak human! /s


prefer the iron bound in blood


This guy phlebotomys


That sounds like something an alien would say.




From iron cometh strength! From strength cometh will! From will cometh faith! From faith cometh honour! From honour cometh iron!


Huh? All the iron in the drink? Settle? Turn black? Please explain.


I don’t get what he’s bringing up iron for but it’s just the gas bubble slowly sinking to the bottom of the drink. “…the temperature difference between the glass and the beer would then create a convection current, forcing the gas to go up through a central current, then down on the periphery of the glass, creating this stratification effect.”


Yea, my mistake sorry! It’s actually bubbles of nitrogen.


Stick a straw in the jug and go to town


Wrong. It’s not pour half and half. Guinness is on nitrogen instead of CO2, that’s why it’s so creamy but it needs to settle. You hard pour the whole thing, give it 90 seconds to settle and should be left with the perfect 2 finger head


That's not what Guinness says! >Start by ensuring that your bottle is perfectly chilled, we would recommend refrigerating it at 8 degrees Celsius for at least 24 hours before you serve. Check that you have the correct, clean glassware before you crack the cap. Tilt the glass and the bottle towards each other, starting both at an angle of 45 degrees. Pour slowly in one single go, the bottle shouldn’t touch the glass at any stage. As you reach the end of the bottle, the head comes just over the top to create a beautiful tanned head. Your perfect Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is now ready to drink. Wait yes it is, weird. I was reading about this last night and the recommended two pours. E: ah ha, that's for out of a can this is for on draught > In the pub or bar the perfect pint of Guinness Draught is served using our famous 'two-part' pour. First, start with a clean, dry glass. Pour the Guinness Draught into a glass tilted at 45 degrees, until it is three-quarters full. Allow the surge to settle before filling the glass completely to the top. Your perfect pint, complete with its creamy white head, just domed proud of the glass rim, is then ready to drink.


foreign extra stout is generally bottled and not canned, and is also not a nitro. as for the “proper draft guinness technique,” i’m not sure it matters. i’d love to do a side-by-side test of one poured hard, one poured the “right way,” and one poured like you’d pour any other non-nitro beer


Ah ha! Found what I was looking at last night https://content.kegworks.com/blog/how-to-pour-a-guinness-the-right-way-but-does-it-really-matter Tldr: two pours is 'best' but pretty marginal. Which, I've never worked as a bartender but I've pulled a few beers helping out in small kitchens and this matches my limited experience with other nitro beers.


Once when I was in Ireland, I ordered the first beer in the pub, nobody else was in yet, and the barkeep started pouring 6 glasses when I ordered 1. He filled them all to half way, let them sit for about 90 seconds and then filled just my one and let the other 5 sit. He said once the first one is ordered they get 5 more ready so they have time to settle and when someone orders the next one they don’t have to wait for 3-5 mins for a perfect pour, no waiting for it to settle, or getting a shitty one done quickly.


Makes sense, I have ordered 18 Guinnesses at once before and it took about 15 minutes


I think the bar has too many patrons that don't know this. Sure maybe the servers don't know, but they could also be used to ignorant customers that just get mad they don't have their drink fast enough.


Firstly, you’re supposed to stop closer to the top not half of the glass. Secondly, the whole 2 part pour is a marketing ploy. Thirdly, pitchers that size are usually about 5 beers. I’m guessing the original OP is just lying


How can you ruin something that's already ruined?


Stout is excellent and a pint of the black stuff will cure all. Gassy lager / beer on the other hand not so.


Such a myth. Doesn't make any difference.


That's a lot of work for a disgusting beer


Neither do I


This is fake. The bartenders just blowing out the keg. Fucking updoot whore op is ignorant or a child


I’m genuinely confused as to what I’m looking at here. Is that just a *shockingly* poured Guiness, or is a fucking root beer float, or what? I’m puzzled


Guinness has to be poured from a tap in a certain manner. It has be allowed to settle mid pour and then afterwards too. You can’t put it in a pitcher like this


And why does it have to settle?


It doesn't, that was a very clever marketing bit to help convince people that Guinness is special. Edit for clarity: of course it has to settle, but the pour half and then wait and pour the rest thing is just clever marketing bants.


Yeah, it’s a complete myth and it’s super annoying because people send their beer back sometimes if you don’t pour it just right


I’m confused how it’s a marketing thing.. I’ve poured hundreds of nitro infused beers. They all do this. I’m not saying you HAVE to wait for it, but they all cascade due to the nitrous, not like it’s just Guinness. The pour half then the rest is bullshit if that’s what your commenting on though, you can 100% pour a full pint, it just won’t look pretty till it fully cascades.


I think it’s about building up Guinness to be this mythical beer that takes technique to make sure you get the best flavor out of it. When in actuality it’s just a really mediocre stout.


Stouts are my favorite though, and IPAs are still such a fad, I mean they’re not bad, but 90 percent of the beer isle are ipas these days


It's fucking delicious though


I mean if you like it you like it. It’s pretty much the bud light of stouts to me. There are hundreds of better stouts out there.


Define better. Isn't the whole thing just literally arbitrary personal preference?


I love Guinness.


holy fuck some sanity, thank you This isn't "make me suffer" it's "I'm dumb and impatient"


People just get so whiny with their nitrous pours. “Well I read on the internet you’re supposed to blah blah blah” it’ll taste the same, I can promise you that.


I blame the homebrew community, lots of weird superstitions stem from there for some reason.


"It tastes good. Drink it." -My marketing strategy


This exactly!


So people can feel like they are special for ordering it


Yes you absolutely can. You just pour it in slowly at an angle to avoid the overbuilding of the head. The person who poured into the pitcher jet streamed it in like an idiot. I like Hefe Weis and it's the same deal. Pour slow as fuck or it'll be all foam and ruin the beer.


Nah dog that’s just marketing bullshit




It’s cascading…


All of these incorrect upvoted comments have me confused. Has no one had guinness before lol Only issue here is the pitcher


How people can be so ignorant on a subject and still comment is amazing. No one has ever had a Guinness or heard of a beer on nitro?


People answer with such authority then respond with: "ah I'm only wrong because I actually have no fucking clue" lol. It's interesting to say the least.


The very top is foam The middle bit is settling beer and foam. Fuck its like people have never poured a guiness themselves.


The foam in Guiness is very dense and has very little air in it (part of the reason it's so thick and creamy), so even after it the head has settled the jug is still probably over 90% full. If this was a lager however, your one fifth estimate is probably about right! Just to clarify: I am not defending this absolute travesty, I would definitely be sending those pints back and leaving after that round.


Didn't know the foam was so dense. I don't drink it often so I'm not as familiar with it.


All good! It's definitely not for everyone, and a bad Guiness is god awful. I love Guiness, but I would rather drink a bad lager than a bad Guiness. My dads rule on Guiness when you're on holiday is, that if less than half of the bar is drinking Guiness, you should probably order something else.


Where I’m at almost no one drinks Guinness so its always just me. Never experienced a “bad” guinness though whats up with that?


It took me going to Ireland to figure out what GOOD Guinness was. Man, I got addicted out there. The flavor profile was 100% different. In the states it tastes like watered down Jack Daniels.


I agree, Guinness in the states is not good. It has very little flavor and I honestly have no idea why


For whatever reason, Guiness travels poorly. I'm living in Germany and the best you can get is a mediocre Guiness. I have yet to drink a Guiness outside of Ireland that I would consider really good. However as a counter point, a lot of the Guiness within Ireland is also not great! It's hard to find a good Guiness pub, which is why Guiness drinkers tend to congregate there en masse when there is one!


He seemed pretty sure in his post up top.


I think the suffer is also the fact that the glasses are stained brown.


That is not all foam lmfao. It’s a nitro beer, the head is that inch up top. The rest will settle and turn black as it’s supposed to


It’s not foam. The very top is the foam. Guinness pours like that and then kind of settles into the black color. I don’t really know why the make me suffer. Maybe because they gave pitchers instead of individual glasses?


Look at the comments below yours it explains why


That's actually disgusting. I would have refused to pay out of principle. Sorry barman, I ordered 6 Guinness not two fucking coke floats so take that foamy ass shit back to the bar, stare at it until it settles and take a long hard think about what you've done wrong today.


the famine got nothing on this


I'm fortunate there is a pub near me that actually knows how to pour a Guinness properly. I love Guinness and would have refused it if brought to me like that. There is also another pub near me that was on bar rescue and had a couple of their bar tenders sent to Guinness in Ireland to be certified on how to pour Guinness.


Pouring Guinness is a zen practice. One wrong Pour and you'll be witnessing the slow and painful shame of a "coke float" Guinness lol


Wow, someone really fell for the marketing. You pour it like any other nitro. I guess you have to do something to make a mediocre stout appealing.


As an American, pouring this heresy, never mind serving it, should get you curb stomped in a back alley.


It's a Nitro beer, it will settle just fine. The only foam is the small band at the very top, the rest is just the nitro cascade that will go away in less than a minute. If this were a regular carbonated beer then I'm with you on the foam. The true crime is that it was poured into a pitcher instead of individual glasses.


Yeah seriously that's literally how a Guinness is supposed to look after being poured.


I like to astonish the unknowing by taking a Boddingtons and just dumping and crushing the can to fill a pint glass in a couple seconds. They think it is going to foam all over the place and nothing happens. Solubility of gases in liquid thing.


You sure? Nitro is usually only in cans, with the little ping pong capsules.


Yep, I've seen it in glass bottles too. No idea how it works but they don't have the nitro widget like the cans do. Look up Left Hand's Nitro Milk Stout for an example. Plus at the pub you can always tell the Nitro Taps from the others as they have an elongated nozzle.


Huh that is really interesting! I'm studying zythology, but being Belgian it's mostly focused here, genuenly interesting thing to learn!


That sounds awesome! Glad I could share something and good luck with your studies!


Lets also point out that Guinness in the states is DISGUSTING. Guinness in Ireland? Absolutely delicious.


Been hearing this my whole guiness-drinking life and have yet to taste non-american. Someday.


I think it was Bill Burr who told this story but basically he said when he went to Ireland expecting the guiness to be amazing he had a pint and was like 'I don't get it I can't tell the difference' it was only when he got back to America and had guiness again he was like 'wtf is this shit?!'


It's literally night and day difference man. The manufacturing requirements are way different and produce a much much higher quality beer in Ireland. The other big one I can compare is Smithwhicks. It tastes okay here in the states, but when I was in Dublin it was wayyyy better.


Oh man I quite like Smithwicks. Should I hit up Ireland and get the good stuff, or should I not hit up Ireland and ruin the American stuff for myself for the rest of my life?


Did the Guinness tour in Ireland. Amazing!!!


Maybe your local bar in the states just doesn't clean their tap lines. Having had Guinness in both places, I can say that there wasn't a noticeable flavor difference.


Never been to Ireland but I have had it in an Irish owned/ran bar and the taste is far better than a random local place or just an Irish themed place. I've seen the Irish guy replace an entire keg, flush the lines and clean the tap once after a few people said something was off. Was heavenly after. On a side note..Call me crazy but the cans of Guinness with the widget in them taste really good as well.


Line cleanliness is the #1 reason tap beer tastes bad. I've worked at places that cleaned them twice a month, and places that clean them between every keg. The places that were fastidious about tap cleanliness had beer that tasted far better. As with any beer the temperature makes a huge difference in flavor, and with Guinness the nitrogen pressure can drastically change the flavor too. I think this guy just visits a bar that doesn't know what they're doing.


Had the canned stuff. I think the nitro widget gets it as close to tap as possible so it works if you’re having a grill out with the boys.


I visited the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and their pours tasted exactly the same as every (draught) Guinness I've had in the States.


Corona is the same way. To me? It smells like catpiss water and doesn’t taste much better in the states. In Mexico, it’s much better and they have flavors 1-4. #2 and 4 are my favorites.


Wait, there are different flavors of corona in mx? What are they?


I used to go every year, but haven’t been since covid. Hard to remember now, but I do remember the cans being labeled 1-4. Can’t find anything on google about them either.


The head was definitely the ruiner for me


It’s actually kind of impressive. I’ve had many a Guinness and they never get head like that.


You're right, that over yonder picture is very Heady Drink.


Because if you pour properly it should only get half an inch of head on a pint


That’s a very specific number.


Well when you know the specifics involved, you can get the specific result. Its not like skimming a stone it could do a million different things, a pint is. Set amount, a Guinness is a set material... So you can figure out the set result.


Just like i used to give my girlfriend


Took me two fucking days to notice this joke, very glad I did


I don't get it, is this something like the irish version of "breaking the spaghetti" for italians?


Its more like "terminally ruining a beer" Its like if you shook the fuck out of a soda before you poured it into a glass


My gf does shakes sodas and it makes me want to choke her. Too bad she's into that shit


What? Why? Who in her lifw told her that was a step to drinking soda? That’s literally the one thing you dont do to soda


Your girlfriend is just drinking bad kool-aid at that point, there's no carbonation left in there


Treasure that woman. I consider carbonated drinks to be tainted by satans gaseous ass.


More like using ketchup in your tomato sauce


Looks like fuckin hot chocolate with whipped cream on top


That's what I thought at first too. I had to re-read the title.


I don’t understand please don’t hurt me..


Problem number 1: Guinness is not in a pint glass Problem number 2: Guinness should be a black colour, if it’s light brown then it hasn’t been poured right Problem number 3: too much foam on the top


US pint measures are also smaller than UK and Irish pints, 473ml vs 568ml.


Volume measurements are for sure my least favorite thing about the US Customary and Imperial systems for this reason.


Wait what? I thought a pint was a defined measurement.. like an inch is the same distance everywhere wether it's the system they use or not... Your telling me a pint can be a different amount of liquid???


Neither does a gallon or a ton mean the same everywhere, there is the metric ton and the imperial ton, which are off by like 10 kg Edit: more like off by 100 kg


Problem number 4: They ordered Guinness instead of an actually good beer.


I detest Guiness, and even I know this is wrong on so many levels.


I'm not even Irish, I hate Guinness... And this hurts to look at.


It really isn't wrong other than being poured into a pitcher. 30 seconds after this pic was taken all the bubbles settled and the drink turned black leaving a half inch head on top


That bartender should know better than that bullshit man...


There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery


Ah, yes, chocolate milk


Ugh I recently asked for a Guinness while sitting in a bar at my hometown and the bartender poured the fucker up all the way and slammed it down in front of me. They were confused when i asked "what the fuck is this!?" Had to get the other bartender to explain there's a method for pouring Guinness.


Isn't the method just a marketing ploy? I think it really isn't needed at all


I mean pouring it at the 45 deg angle vs just holding the glass and letting it fall all the way into the liquid will give two totally different pours.


Hmm. So all it does is give a more consistent pour, not necessarily better. Right?


It gives a strictly better pour. Pouring a Pepsi without tilting the glass makes it foam up like crazy similar to this, it makes the drink lose a lot of CO2, making it flatter.


What’s the method?


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The amount of people who don’t get it is fucking sickening.


I can imagine the bartender saying "mission accomplished"




Arizona has an absolutely enormous craft beer scene. Arizona is also a fucking huge state (roughly 3.5x the land area of Ireland, for reference), so there’s pockets of just about every type of culture you can possibly imagine, ranging all the way from hippie communes to militant Mormon strongholds. So, *Arizona* might not be known for her beer culture, but some cities or towns in Arizona absolutely are.


As a native Arizonan, Beer is beer /s


I don’t drink so I have no idea what a Guinness even is.


It’s a Irish stout beer, very dark in colour. This image is of a very badly poured one, with most of it being foam


Nope only the white at the top is foam, rest of it is all Guinness, it cascades... So a few moments after this photo was taken the whole thing excluding the white at the top would of been black.


The crime is that it's a thick, malty beer that isn't supposed to be served via pitcher


Guinness is the pride and joy of the Irish. This is one the bartender managed to fuck up


I don’t drink lmao


I don't drink, so idk what's wrong. I know Guinness is supposed to be black, but idk what the thing in the glass is.


not everyone is an alcoholic the sick feeling is just your liver failing


That'll settle.


i just see 2 extra large guiness here


As an Arizonan, I am so sorry they did this to you


Guinness also is a mix of nitrogen and CO2. When nitrogen is mixed in a beer (most notably in stouts) it has a neat reverse cascading effect. You can see at the top of the pitchers there is a layer about an inch thick, that is the actual foam. The rest of the discoloration is the nitrogen settling and will turn black relatively quickly and is all beer. Also a pitcher is about 3.75 pints of beer so as long as the bar is charging just for six pints these people are making out better getting the pitchers. Though it can be annoying to pour your own I guess.


Ok hipster. Get these guys some Indian pale ales.


I thnk you ordered a pitcher of guiness. If your ordered 6 drinks you would get 6 glasses. Stop lying


It legit took me 15 minutes to realize there was only 2 guiness.


The number isnt the issue. It's how they served it in a fucking jug all foamy among other things. This is illegal in ireland


Not just Ireland if you didn't this in England your you'd get your lights knocked out


Ohh, I didn't know that. Probably because I am not Irish, but that's pretty useful to know.


No prob [here](https://youtu.be/x6pgAcU8DBA) here is a tutorial on how to pour


I enjoyed every second of that and now I want a Guinness


Tighten up a time a wee bit and that's a commercial. I want a Guinness now too!


Geez that was erotic as fuck. Now I want a pint. What a great ad


You’ve fallen for a marketing gimmick.


I don't understand pls explain


This is a crime against humanity in Ireland. You have to drink Guinness a certain way and this is anything but. take a look at orignal thred https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/p951ij/ordered\_6\_guinness\_at\_a\_pub\_in\_arizona\_and/?utm\_medium=android\_app&utm\_source=share EDIT: [Here](https://youtu.be/x6pgAcU8DBA) is a tutorial on how to pour it you uncultured yanks


The true /r/MakeMeSuffer is that this thread is full of people who don't know anything about nitro beers


This should be the top comment.


It looks like a poor mix of coffee and milk, can't imagine the taste of a guiness like this, ew


I didn't read either of the titles and thought "oh shit, that's a big ass iced coffee" when I saw the picture, then I read the title 😩😩


Oh thats a nice cappucino you got there! Jokes aside, sorry for your loss


As a Czech, I am highly repulsed and I am sipping my Pilsner in disgust.


ITT: people who don’t know the difference between foam and a cascading effect.


Are those lattes? I'm confused. Edit: Holy shit. After reading comments I became unconfused. I can't believe they poured it like that.....


Where’s the other four?


What pub is this? I wanna make sure I never ever go there


It’s the nitrous in the drinks, it pours differently than normal drafts. You usually have to let nitro drink set for a minute


Which bar in Arizona? i'm going


It’s a nitro pour. See the clearly white head at the top? The rest of that cloudiness is going to settle up to that line. That’s actually an appropriate pour. Picture was just taken before it settled. I’ve been tending bar for 15 years.


Idk really get this as I don't drink but what the fuck is this portion?? That glass looks massive to me, I wouldn't drink that much of anything let alone Guinness


What's wrong with this picture?


This is fuckin criminal here in Ireland. Take a look at the comments to understand the level of evil this is https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/p951ij/ordered_6_guinness_at_a_pub_in_arizona_and/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Oh yeah, makes sense now.


The famine got nothing on this


I always thought Guinness was okay... until. I've always been an adventurous eater and person in general, so when I went on a school trip for a few weeks overseas, I took it upon myself to plan a little alternate itinerary for whenever we were allowed to explore. One of our chaperones/teachers knows that for me this trip is really about the food and I ask if I could go check something out on my own. They say it's fine (with a knowing wink) but to be back by the scheduled meetup time. So I slip away and take an egregiously short tour of the Guinness Storehouse. I'll tell you now, all those "jokes" of Guinness being bogwater and chocolate syrup are only existent due to how unbelievably fricken garbage American Guinness is, because that fresh pour of stout was the highlight of that entire two week trip.


This post is complete BS - Guinness from a tap will always look like this when first poured. Give it 60 seconds and the entire area you see at tan will be a settle into the deep brown with the top inch you see of creamy foam. This picture was just taken before it was allowed to settle.


Well yes, but Guinness should never be served in a pitcher because even when it settles you then have to pour it into a glass which fucks it all up again.


Guinness tastes like fucking soy sauce.


What sort of Guinness have you been drinking 🤔


Soy sauce


The kind they make with fermented soy beans and MSG I guess...


I make beer for a living. Beer served on nitrogen pours like this, and then cascades upwards as the gas leaves the liquid. This is exactly how this beer should look. A few minutes later those were totally normal pitchers of beer.


Thought I was alone


Look how they massacred my boy


The bottle of Jameson. Dead giveaway this a yank "Irish" pub...


I went to 1 once, god, just got alot of americans impersonating my accent. Also they kept calling me "Ireland".


Which accent is that? Culchie? South Dublin? Lol. 😉


Clare, but far from a culchie. My accent is closer to limerick since i went to school there


They never try the good ones...lol. Cork, North dubb (Finglas is a nice one), Derry...etc 😆


I'm from Derry and if there's one thing I've learned it's that no one can do a derry accent


not even people from Derry, its a real puzzle as to why.


I like the accent but it not one anyone can replicate..lol


Ohhhh fuck WETHERSPOONS pours it better than this. God damn. That's not okay. I bet it was somehow warm too. Oosh. Hey, the Brits and the Irish may not have gotten on great historically, but I'll be damned if this doesn't unite us more than a little.


You picked the wrong day to say that mate. Look what was posted earlier https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/po77ly/have_just_been_served_this_in_england_i_dont_know/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share