Not having kids ever!

Not having kids ever!

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At least he picked up the trash


Road to redemption


beyond redemption


At least he has a good heart 💓


beyond heart


Exactly,unlike many adults


Red dead redemption


He was trying to hide the evidence for sure. Probably said he didn’t know what happened too. Smart kid


he wanted to be a hero but caused damage and will get scolded for it. he's gonna associate heroes with pain and shame. we just witnessed a super villain's origin story.


He will learn a lesson about collateral damage


He’ll learn a lesson about the difference between having good intentions and being one of the good guys.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions


Its funny cuz that is different in onther religions, in my religion all that matters are the intentions. And any good deeds done by accident are aslo important.


Ok I get the part where what really matters are the intentions, that makes complete sense. But I don't get the accidental good still counting. Seems like that contradicts the good intentions clause.


Its more like happenstance. Less so about having bad intentions and happening to do good. Does that make sense?


If u did a good cause by not meaning any harm like having nuetral intentions, its good like lets say u plant a tree in a desert for no reason, but a desert traveler eats from its fruit and takes shelter from the sun underneath it, you get rewarded for helping him.


I don’t think good intentions makes *complete* sense. If you aren’t using feedback to keep your intentions grounded in reality you can do a hell of a lot of damage.


That kid is *maybe* 2 years old. They won't learn a single thing or ever remember it.




Okay I'm gonna get a plasma tv if I have kids


Get a projector.


Yea man.


Seriously. I just have a dog and he bumps so many things that I'm super glad we have a projector


My cat climbs up and sits punching birds on the tv, my parents find it endearing, can’t blame the cat when he finally manages to break the screen 😂


is [this plasma tv](https://imgur.com/a/llSWh27)


You can,just hang it on the wall lol. I don’t understand how people have their tv’s that low knowing they have a toddler lol


Hang on the wall? The toddler or the tv?




Truth. Hell even if there is no toddlers, any unsecured TV that low to the ground gives me anxiety.


Same lol imagine the dad’s reaction when he came in and saw that 😂


Oh man, totally soul crushed! "Welp, probably should have seen that one coming a mile away" haha


He was pro ably like "damn she was right I can't leave him for more than a minute."


Idk, my gf managed to chair our TV that's hanging off the wall


I think the solution here is to stop dating a toddler


Get an old glass covered TV. It will literally be the only way. Kids will find away. Any way. Every way. My sisters kids broke their 4ktv (they got it before the kids) then the replacement TV. Then my moms backroom TV. And then scored marks into the main room TV. Kids are TV wrecking machines.


So you really think that every household with a kid is doomed to have their TVs destroyed?


If the TV is the baby sitter, then probably yes.


We have these things in our house called rules. For instance, you never touch the tv or let anything else touch the tv.


Kids are well known for never breaking rules


Not if you like, watch them


What else do you think they were doing with the TVs?


Ain't nobody got time fo' that! On a more serious note, I think it's unfair to pretend everyone who has a kid should know exactly what to do and how to do it without ever failing, time management included.


I just had my first kid almost 2 months ago now. There is so much people don't tell you. There was so much the doctors didn't tell us.


Fair, first guy made it seem like kids breaking TVs was par for the course, when it is not the case


I made a lighthearted comment about being a shit TV because kids break everything and reddit is out here telling me my family is bad at watching their kids. Kids breaking stuff is 100% absolutely guaranteed to happen. Drawing on walls. Breaking glasses. Spilling their drinks on something expensive. Knocking stuff over.


For 18 years straight, 24/7? No thank you


Do you frequently have to worry about your 17 year old breaking the TV? I'm clearly talking about a kid in the age range of this child, where they're known to immediately get into shit the moment you take your eyes off. But go on about that whole 24/7 thing. It was really funny.


As a stupid kid i learned that CRTs are not water resistant.


Or just yah know watch them and don't leave them alone


Good luck finding one. They don't make new plasma sets anymore.


I love kids but I think id rather just be an involved uncle


U remind me of the gay uncle theory: Basically a study on ancient family found out that some relatives dont have kids and help take care of their nieces and nephews to increase survival chance and increase the amount of available resources to each child since their are less kids. So the next time someone say ur unnatural for not having kids just hit them with " im a gay uncle" *might result in death in some countries*


Always better to be the uncle. You get to be cool and there’s no responsibility!


1. Hang the tv up on the wall out of reach of the kids. 2. Don’t leave little kids unattended, that’s just asking for shit to happen!


Yeah, the kid isn’t the dumb one in this scenario. Very poor parenting to leave a kid that age unattended - this is just the kind of stuff they do.


"very poor parenting" is a bit harsh. There could be a good reason to why the parent isn't in the room. Like using the restroom for example


I take my kid in there, look at dads big poop, Wanna flush it? Flush byebye poopoo


This reminds of that scene in South Park where Randy takes a record breaking shit, and he first tries to show it to Sharon (his wife), who is disgusted, but Stan (his son) thinks it's awesome.






> to the stool (and his log)


Is stool here a chair? Is stool the toilet? Stool, where I'm from, refers to the actual poop. Is he hugging his actual poop...I don't think so because you call the poop itself the log. I'm struggling to get a sense of this picture


Teach them the poo song while you're at it; 'Come on poo; out you come! No more hiding in my bum!'


We don’t know anything and it’s stupid to jump to conclusions. I’d say if your kid is that excitable when watching something, maybe don’t use the TV as a babysitter when going to the bathroom. The counter to that is there are always emergencies and maybe the kid normally doesn’t get that excited.


You hit the nail on the head, sometimes it doesn't occur to you that a situation could lead to damage because you've been lulled into a false sense of security by nothing happening the previous dozen times. Like when I left a watermelon on the table directly next to my 13 month olds high chair. Then I learned that he was strong enough to grab it onto his tray and shove it halfway across the kitchen before it exploded into a thousand chunks all over the floor. With kids there's always a first time before it gets established as a pattern and we have zero context here.






That’s true-they could be in the other room having a nooner




Gotta fucking love redditors instantly casting judgment, I guess your parent never left you for 30 seconds to go the bathroom or something.


I guess you could say, kids are fucking stupid


Well, kid was still stupid, it's just that the parents didn't consider it


3. Don’t have kids.


A kid this age will eventually be left alone for short periods of time, are you stupid? It’s a 30 second clip, the parents might have stepped away for less than minute. If you had kids you’d understand you can’t literally watch them every second. Don’t be a Reddit dummy


TV still shouldn't be down like that. Parenting is all about being preventative. If they kid can do, they will. No matter how much you watch them. Keep a tv within reach of a kid like that, they WILL destroy. So get that shit mounted and make it impossible for them.


My TV was mounted. I was around the corner making breakfast. Toddler had a small toy. TV still broke.


Sign him up for baseball cause hes got good aim then.


The hot takes one reads on reddit! My humble dad opinion: \- You cannot NOT leave the kids unattended. At some point you have to cook, take a shit, whatever. \- Kids will \*\*NOT\*\* destroy shit. I have several of those at home right now. I have my TV just fixed to the wall so they can't be harmed, but they have NEVER tried to destroy the TV. They've put their sticky hands all over the thing more times than I can count, but the TV doesn't even have a scratch, and it was bought before they were born. \- This kid has just thrown stuff at the TV. Not even hanging the TV on the wall will save it from him. \- Maybe, and just maybe, the power rangers or whatever show that is is not appropriate content for a 2? year old. I don't see this kid throwing stuff at the TV as a response to daddy pig jumping in muddy puddles. Generally speaking be less worried about what your kids break and more about how inappropriate content may break the kids.


My philosophy is if the can can reach it or break it, then they will. No matter how closely you watch them. So you have to take preventative steps to make it harder or impossible. Simply mounting the tv 4 or 5 feet higher would make it extremely hard for the kid to break, giving you ample time to catch him and stop him.


For real these cunts without kids make people that do have kids feel like shit for not achieving an unrealistic standard. If you are worried about being a good parent you are probably already being a good parent.


Redditors say some especially dumb things when it comes to kids. They love to talk with confidence when it's so painfully clear to anyone that's had to look after a child that they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.


And this is an example of what can happen when parents leave small children unattended. Even if it is "just for a minute."


Yes it is and shit happens that’s life


Yes it's a risk parents accept because sometimes shit just needs to get done.


My issue is with thinking that "shit that needs to get done" is more important to parents than preventing potential opportunities for their children to get injured or die. It doesn't take a lot of time and there are people out there that regret just popping into the bathroom or cooking or whatever, and now their kid is dead because "it'll just be a sec."


The thing is, no parent *can* prevent all potential opportunities for their kids to get injured or die. There's basic preventative actions to take, and assuming that TV is strapped to the wall I don't see anything particularly dangerous in that room. But short of tethering your child to your body and watching them every waking and sleeping moment, there's no way to avert all risk (not to mention that would *severely* hamper the kid's mental and emotional development).


Not having them is the cheaper easier solution


Also that's not the right content for a toddler


How would hanging it up have helped? Kid would have thrown that shit against it. But yes, agree with second point. Also that movie is likely not age appropriate.


Bruh. That's like some fucking power rangers or ultraman or something lmao. All they do is shout, have explosions in the background and fight


It is clearly Power Rangers or super sentai lmao. Reddit hates parents so much.


Pretty much, these people have no clue what parenting is like. Just some back seat drivers lmao


Why don't you just leave your small child unattended and hope they don't get hurt or die. It's so much easier then realizing you made a choice to have a kid and they come first always now. I mean you can always make another if you need to poop and your kid hurts themselves right. Seriously reddits obsession with acting superior to people with kids is disturbing. It isn't just an opinion it's something you should believe too or you're an idiot who's wasting their time and money. Very strange. Watching over a toddler or infant 24/7 while they grow into adolescence is truly easy as fuck and you have try to be lazy to just leave them unattended because you didn't want to bring them and a toy to play with along


A lot of reddit consists of young people. Myself included, that might be a factor


Hanging it up with [this](https://www.thetvshield.com/enclosures/) would be sufficient maybe.


I’m not here to argue with anyone, because I see where both sides are coming from. Felt the need to let others know that anything can happen in such a short amount of time. It can even happen to some of the best parents. Children are scary and need to be supervised closely at a such a young age, however, we can’t judge a parent for turning their back for a minute or two. Again, this can happen to anyone. I was 2 1/2 years old when my dad and brother(he was 5) were in the kitchen grabbing a snack. The kitchen is right where the living room is , so you wouldn’t be too hesitant to think you can grab a snack in less than five minutes. From what I was told , I was watching TV and the cartoon in the show asked for a hug. I went to go hug the TV and it fell right on top of me. (I climbed onto where the TV was)This was 2000/2001. so the TV was huge and bulky. My dad heard the fall and rushed out to see me unconscious. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I had brain surgery and surgery on my right ear, was in a coma for two days, half my face was paralyzed and throughout the years, I lost half my hearing in my right ear. The doctors did not think I was going to survive. Fortunately, I made it. My face is no longer paralyzed and I’m able to live like a normal person aside from losing half my hearing in one ear. My dad was devastated while him and my mom were waiting for me to come out of surgery and come out of the coma. My mom had rushed out of work the moment she found out I was in an ambulance being rushed to a hospital. My point is , we have no idea what the parent was doing in this video. I agree a kid that young shouldn’t be left alone, but I also understand that something big could’ve been happening. We can only hope that was the extent of the issue. [TV fell on me when I was 2 1/2yrs old (2000)](https://imgur.com/a/Pc1b1Dd)


Funny, my sister did the same! She was watching Barbie i think, and she had a plastic wand. While Barbie was saying a spell, my sister jumped of the sofa, grabbed her Wand and repeated the spell, just to slam her wand with the power of love and friendship into the flatscreen. The only thing what happened next was her saying "Oh Oh" and running in her room upstairs. But hey, the baddie was nowhere in sight at least Edit: fixed my poor spelling


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Since the 1980s, televisions have advanced in every way except durability.


Their made to break so that you have to spend more to fix or replace. Theirs no money to be made if it lasts 30 years.


I haven't replaced my TV in like 8 years, but also I don't throw shit at it ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ Damn TV manufacturers and their refusal to make indestructible screen technology, the market is massive!!1!


Yes they certainly haven't advanced in any way since the 1950's, but the 80's, that's a different story


I'm going by where my memory of television begins.


I was just talking to my wife about how glad I am that we don’t have kids to break our stuff like this lol. At least flatscreens are getting cheaper and cheaper


>At least flatscreens are getting cheaper and cheaper. Yeah, but the old tube TVs were indestructible.


They really were. There's a video of some grown adult trying to smash a screen with a hammer and he couldn't do it.


Hell, I've shot them with several calibers. A .22 just bounces off the glass, .38's and .40's put chips in them . . . sometimes, but a .30-06 sure puts a nice hole in the glass.


What kind of monster TVs have you had I don't remember CRTs being that tough


I mean, I never broke one or shot one to try it out either. Dropping them fucked them up pretty good because they were so heavy though.


The strong part is the glass, not the components tho


I'll second him for a second piece of anecdotal evidence. We definitely shot at old CRTs, can confirm what he said about 22s and 40s at least, and now I really really want to try with a 30-06.


This is because they included a steel band around the tube, which put pressure on the front of the tube. This was to counteract the inward pressure of the atmosphere due to the vacuum inside the tube. This steel tube made the whole thing pretty much indestructible. But if you cut that steel band, the tube will implode when you even slightly tap it with a hammer. Very fun to do! The band is called: Shrink fit implosion protection band. Which is a pretty cool name if you ask me.


That is true. That stuff would’ve bounced right back at me if I threw something at the TV when I was growing up lol.


My brother used to headbutt them and throw his controllers at them when he got pissed off at the games. I lost count after 20 controllers were replaced.


Why did your parents keep buying your idiot brother controllers?


Right? I *may* have bought the first replacement but after that, sorry kid. You wanna play your games you'll have to buy your own controller.


Well, you know. When sharing a house with a kid who managed to break 20 controllers just by throwing them at the tv, you better make sure he doesn't run out of fresh controllers. \^\^This logic probably


jesus... someone really needs therapy


better than that, if a kid fucked with them, the TV could fall and kill them o.O




Lotta people put their tvs on tall easy to shake/wobble furniture very easy for a kid to get crushed.


When I was younger we where on vacation, rented a cabin and they had an old tv on a cabinet. I had to open the cabinets doors, looked up and out of nowhere, the tv who was standing fine fell off the cabinet directly into my direction. I grabbed it middflight, kinda hugged it and tried stopping it. But I wasn't strong enough, it still fell onto my big toe. My toe burst open on one side and started bleeding. Took all my strength to get the tv back up on the cabinet and was scared it's broken. Nope, worked like a charm. Toe bleeding and it hurt for a few days. Glad my parents where shopping when this happened, cause I would've gotten shit for destroying a tv that wasn't even yours.


> my toe burst open Thanks, I hate it.




They also weighed 700 pounds.


And if you ever had to move a tube tv you'd understand that flat screens are way better regardless of if they break easier.


You can teach your kids not to throw shit at the TV you know. It isn’t that hard.


I ain’t got kids and I fuckin dropped my tv the other day. Rip


*cries in TV R&D*


If thats your first thing to think of then yeah, stay glad and childless. The child here is not the issue. Parents leaving him alone with TV on the floor is the problem.


These people live blaming kids for "being dumb" it's hilarious. Yea no shit he's barely learned anything he's like 3


To fair I seen grown men throw things at the t.v. when they are upset and like babies they are wearing diapers as well.


I dunno guys, all the comments about missing parents and leaving the kid alone...I can imagine that sometimes you have to for example go to the bathroom and just cannot watch the kid nonstop. The kiddo managed to break the tv in 26 seconds.


Great condom ad


Good thing TVs are cheaper than the table it's sitting on


it’s a child can’t help it, id say it’s the caretakers fault for leaving it alone


Parent could have stepped away for 2 seconds to pee...


Fucking hate how much reddit rides the "everything is the parents fault 100% of the time" bullshit train. this could have easily happened at anypoint during the day and any number of factors could be at play. Should the toddler be blamed? its a freaking kid he doesn't know better the kid could barely walk. Should the parents be blamed? no they aren't machines that can watch kids 100% of the time all the time. More than likely they threw on the TV to keep the kid distracted while they made lunch or dinner or something. literally every single one of our parents did this at some point (assuming you lived with your parents.) no one could have preedicted this.


Right? Everyone immediately gets in their high horse to blame parents. TONS of different factors could be at play but everyone always blames the parent(s).


My exes 2 year old understood that throwing things at the tv is a no no. Just saying.


not all kids understand easy sure some do but not all, caretaker should be around


I'm surprised some people are mad at the toddler. It's a toddler. You need to keep watch or at least make sure it cant harm itself or destroy things by mistake.




He. The kid is a he.


I didnt know his gender, but thank you for letting me know.


"they" is usually better for a person whose gender you don't know, since "it" is for objects.


How do you know? Looks like either. Silly to get worked up for something like this.


Did you just assume the toddler's gender?


I think k they're mad that they called them "it".


It's pretty dehumanizing for that thing to be called "it", I agree


I mean you can still be mad. Toddlers do stupid fucking shit all the time. It's very much understandable but you can still be mad. Apparently the caretaker should take all the blame, but if a kid does a stupid thing, why can't you be mad at him?


Its like standing in a river and being mad you get wet. Kids break things, it's an unfortunate reality. You buy straps to attach you tv to the wall when you have a toddler becuase this could happen. My toddler saw pokemon once over summer holidays and now his favourite thing is running into me and shouting 'bubble blast' or 'body slam'. Recreating what they see is how they learn. The fact that this is recorded mean the parents probably have a pretty fancy monitoring system for those saying they aren't vigilant enough.


You can be mad at him, but at the end of the day it's like a 4 yr old kid. He doesnt know what hes doing and he probably didnt understand what he did was wrong. You shouldnt yell and stamp your feet at a child for being a child.


>You shouldnt yell and stamp your feet at a child for being a child. Agreed 100%. I'm just saying you can still have emotions.


Why this child is alone?


2 idiots posting below who definitely don't have kids. This child is either 2 or 3. Plenty old to be left unsupervised watching tv for short periods of time.


100% he’s about 3. And definitely old enough to be left in front of the TV while you go do a quick shit, or make him some lunch whatever it is you might need to do. Shit in his lunch because he ruined your TV. Whatever. Point is, kids old enough to be alone for a bit.


Apparently not if he’s throwing shit at the TV…


It's a 30 second clip.


With a toddler, 30 seconds is more than enough time for a lot of shit to go down. It's unlikely that in such a short period a time when you turn away to do something else, bad shit will happen, but you honestly can't be surprised.


Plenty old enough to destroy the TV in a short period of time too.


My kid destroyed my 75" LG with a broomstick when he was 3. Shit happens, kids are fucking stupid, you get used to it/over it pretty quickly. This is how kids learn.


Good thing there are more important things in this world than your precious things.


Yes, like children...some of which are being neglected.


Maybe the parent had to piss or grab the mail. It’s a 30 second fkn clip and you are asking why he’s alone. Such a stupid question.


Because the parents are fucking, stupid. There I fixed it.


because 3 year olds need to be supervised all the time every day, or else you are stupid. yeah, you obviously don't have kids


No they don’t. I remember being three years old and chilling by myself and not getting into death-defying situations. Of course, this was the 1980s. A lot less helicopter-y back then.


Because parents are fucking stupid.


Calm down satan


We should be thankful that ankle biter didn't bite the TV




I hope he got him


I was really shocked and surprised when the kid reached for the second object.


A CRT TV would have lived though this


I don't think he's trying to help anyone, he's just pumped by the action and just throwing shit around. To future parents : Always treat your child like a very small drunkard. Monitor what they put in their mouths, and just assume that they will destroy stuff either from clumsiness or random bursts of emotion.


I really hate the post that are like, I hate children all children are bad!! I'm not saying you have to have children but at this young the parents should get most the blame. Not all children suck, a child is typically only as bad as their parent allows it.


Honestly, as a parent myself, I'm gonna pin this one partially on the kids parents. If you have small children, always always ALWAYS use a wall mount thats out of reach of the children. It is known.


And since then little Timmy moved to a adoption center


We need to equip TVs with boxer hands. So that they can defend themselves from this kind of monstrosity. They'll be like deflecting all kinds of ranged attack and countering the melee ones. But you gotta be careful. You don't want the rage meter to hit red cause when it does the TVdude will get access the improved M249 and you don't want that. Cause we know that A strong offense is the best defense.


Should be parents are fucking stupid... 1. This toddler is too young to watch tv 2. Even more too young for this kind of movies 3. No body's around to keep an eye on a toddler ?


He’s at least 2, probably 3- a little bit of TV is probably fine. Agree with the other two though.


Why is there a camera watching him instead of a person who can logically tell him the difference between reality and imagination?


Behind the camera is a vast intelligence that wills the boy to know what he must know. His every action is scrutinized by the silent elaboration of cold circuitry.


Always in focus, you can’t feel my stare I zoom into you, but you don’t know I’m there I take a pride in probing all your secret moves My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove


This is wholly an entirely the person taking care of the child’s fault. By not stopping him from hitting things wether or not they can cause damage is reinforcing in the child that it’s ok to throw things. Maybe put the down an babysit


And this is wholly on whoever taught you to proofread.


Best Advertisement for birth control.


God kids are annoying


Abortion isn’t too late


nope neverevrever having kids


So cute.


Somebody please ban him


One problem. Do they count on the ban?




Sorry, I don't support this post type (hosted:video) right now. Feel free to check back in the future!


I mean, be a parent and keep an eye on your kid and this shit don’t happen.


Why is a kid this age alone with the TV on? Absolute parents fault.